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  By: bikerjohnny


“Hi, Remember me?” An innocent enough line in my inbox, but when I saw the name of the sender my heart

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skipped a beat. Remember her, I still dreamt about her years later and about what things might have been like

if she hadn’t had to move away. I was not to know at that point but I was about to find out the very disturbing

answer to that question. The move from bored (and to be frank, quite boring) husband through sex addict to

devoted sex slave was not even a very long process, but this definitely was the point it started.


My sex life at that moment was almost non existent, the years of constantly trying, unsuccessfully, for a baby

had knocked any sense of romance out of the act and we didn’t seem to have the heart left to resurrect what

we had before. For the last few years sex could be counted by the number of months in that year,

and the number of positions tried on one finger of my left hand.


Lisa had always been different though. Sexually active from an early age, she had taken me from shy innocent

teenager to manhood in but a few short weeks, before her parents had taken her with them when they moved

away for their jobs. Mostly I remember her exhibitionism, we were always doing it in public places, starting with

hand jobs in the cinema working through sex in the park in full daylight to one night bent over a car in the

local railway car park as the rush hour trains came in. The owner of that car was not much amused, though

I am betting his wife probably got an extra hard seeing to that night.


I opened her email with bated breath, would it really be her or just a coincidence in the name and just an

advert for some Russian bride complete with virus, which would take over my computer and cost fortunes to fix.

Who cared, I was just happy to be reminded of my previous life and yes it was her, having tracked me down

through some schools reunited site.

I read her email avidly, she had been married, two children, now divorced

and working again down south and was getting in touch with everyone she had known when she lived here.

What was my news and hoped we could get in touch and reminisce about old times.


I was unsure what to write, so I left it until the next day when I would have had time to think over what to say

and get over the shock of hearing from her after all this time.


Needless to say I had almost no sleep that night. Images of Lisa next to me in the cinema casually unzipping

my fly even before the adverts, as if we were alone in her lounge, flashed through my mind and gave me no


I could see her undoing my jeans, pushing her hand inside to release my erect and by now throbbing cock,

covering it with my coat before stroking it, teasing it, wanking me off bit by slow bit. I was totally in her power then,

she would nibble my ear, pushing her tongue inside, softly whispering her plans for me later on when we were alone.


She would tease me like that continually for fully half the film before taking pity on me and finishing me off

with quicker harder strokes forcing me to spunk my load all over myself.


She would not let me put him away even then, forcing me to pleasure her in the dark, taking my hand and pushing

it between her open thighs, riding her skirt up, finding her naked down there, her hot pussy lips soaked already,

my fingers sliding inside her, one, two, three even, causing her to gasp out loud.

My hand bent at that angle

stopped me from moving too much but I could feel her riding my fingers, rubbing herself off on my palm,

her wetness drenching my hand. “Now, spread me wide and frig my clit” she whispered, breathing hard into my ear,

and the second I complied she started to buck her hips forward, not caring where we were. I continued to rub her clit,

round and round, up and down, dipping my fingers into her sopping wet fanny until she finished climaxing and sank

back down in her chair finally spent.


By now I was rock hard again and almost forgot to do my jeans up as Lisa dragged me out of the film and through

the by now deserted foyer straight into the male toilets.

Not even waiting to see if anyone was in there, she popped up onto the sink unit yanked her skirt up and pulled

me into her.

My dick was now so hard that I didn’t care who came in but shrugged my jeans open again and pulled

her legs up round my shoulders and thrust hard inside her. Holding her bum in my hands I continued to thrust

faster and faster, both of us losing control until I shot my second load in twenty minutes right up her juicy fanny,

feeling her grip me tighter and tighter as she orgasmed around my pumping cock.


“Now, lick me out and make it quick, I don’t want to stain my skirt” and I was pushed down on my knees and

made to lick out my own spunk from her still quivering cunt, pulled into her by hands on my head, forced to

bring her yet again to another orgasm. Devoted to her as I was, I could only do as she told me, and continued

to tease her clit with my tongue, pull her lips wide apart as instructed, and finally delve deeper and deeper inside

her with my tongue to finish her off.


All this and more was going through my restless mind that night, denying me any rest, though to be fair I was

happy for that. For the first time in years my cock was throbbing hard, aching with lust and I must admit I spent

most of the night wanking myself off ever so gently so as not to wake my comatose wife beside me.

Not just once but twice that night, coming over myself as Lisa had made me do all those years ago.


So what was I to reply? Still excited by the nights imaginings I started to write back. Keeping it casual I caught

her up with events to date, adding at the end that I had had a very disturbed sleep the previous night caused by

memories of our time together. This I thought would sound innocent enough if she had forgotten those times as

I was sure that a girl like her would have had plenty of more exciting experiences to fog her memories of me,

but if not, would let her know that I too remembered those times.


Her reply came back almost immediately, saying that she too has had disturbed dreams last night having sent me

that email, and wondered exactly what I had been dreaming of. That was all the excuse I needed.

My cock was already hard just from receiving her simple email, I needed to get it all out there and see what

response I got.

I gave her a full reconstruction of the night’s meanderings (including my response to those thoughts) and sent it

off, heart racing nineteen to the dozen, wondering what on earth I was doing. Minutes passed and nothing,

what had I done, had I blown this, gone over the top, when finally up it popped, a message back finally.

“meet me now on msn lisabailey on hotmail.”

I had only ever used msn once or twice before but I knew I had the program running every time my computer

started, so I clicked on it added her to my friends list and there she was waiting on line for me.

“oh my god, you have been a busy boy last night, do you do that often?”

“never before, it is just that thinking of you just gets me hugely excited”

“obviously, and are you hugely excited right now”

“oh boy yes I think you could say that”

“and by excited, we are talking huge erection aren’t we?”

“definitely, he is pulsating like mad, just dying to be taken out and wanked silly”

“well, go on then do it”

“I can’t I am in the office, and my secretary is in the office right next door”

“well get up close the door, put your phone on hold, and do it right now. You know you really want to, and I will

tell you what I have been doing since receiving your mail”

And she was right, I wanted nothing more at that moment than to do just that,

so like an obedient boy I got up closed the door and put the phone on hold.

Going back to my desk I unzipped my trousers and got out a very grateful, very hard, throbbing cock.

“Ok my cock's out and in my hand, tell me what you have done”

“well…I am in the office as well but I share mine with several other secretaries.

Luckily they are all busy at the moment so no-one noticed me sliding further under my desk,

which allowed me to pull my skirt up and expose the tops of my stockings. I don’t normally dress like this

but I had a feeling I might be needing to today. My hand reached my silky black knickers and

I slowly traced my slit with my fingers through the material. How are you doing now by the way,

not blown your load yet I hope, you must let me know before you come”

“not yet but I am right on the edge and typing one handed is not easy you know”

“ok I understand hunny bunny, so I pulled my knickers to one side and I am dripping wet,

just like you remembered, my clit is throbbing and I can’t resist any longer,

I touch it so lightly with the tip of my finger I almost can’t feel it, then gradually I circle round it,

and god I am so wet. Two fingers in my cunt then back out and frigging myself like mad until I can feel my orgasm

filling my whole body working out from my cunt, down my legs and ”

“oh god I think I am going to shoot right now”

“NO… not yet ...I will tell you when you can come”

Just then a knock comes on the door… my secretary… a moment to compose myself, then in she comes.

“There’s a Ms. Bailey on the phone for you, says it’s urgent and that you won’t mind being interrupted.”

“Okay,” I croak, “put her through, I’ll take her call if necessary”

“What the hell…”

“Sorry hunny bunny I couldn’t resist and your number was on your email along with your company logo.

Anyway I desperately wanted to hear you come, I am so turned on that I have my hand down there again

and if you hurry you can come with me at the same time.”

My sudden fright forgotten momentarily, I was once again aware how easily she gets me still to do her bidding

but my cock demanded release and here she was on the other end of the phone to give it to me.

“Come now my darling quickly, I want you to spurt on your stomach so you will be forced to think of me all day

like I am thinking of you, do it NOW”

And so I did, my cock swelled to huge proportions and I could no longer stop myself than I could all those

years before.

“Oh yessssss,” I groaned, as I pumped warm sticky jizz all over myself,

“Oh God yessssss,” she whispered as she too came with me.

So started my slide down the slippery slope towards sex slave, which would see me give up any notion I thought

I knew about myself and end with me forced to watch my wife take on a bar full of strangers,

but that’s a story for later on I think.



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thor-axe    (2011-08-07 14:45:28)    Flag as inappropiate
thor-axe Very hot. Quite turned on after reading this.
bikerjohnny    (2009-03-05 08:08:34)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Thanks Christina, You're my very first comment, nice to know,and agree with your comment on your personal page, addictive stuff this fantasy lark.
christina09    (2009-02-13 05:22:59)    Flag as inappropiate
christina09 very good i really enjoyed this very horny.x

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