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I mowed the grass for a lady about two miles up the road (lived in the country). She was a widow, her husband died in a boating accident


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She was not especially good looking, skinny, small breasts, just plain. I mowed the grass, every couple of weeks. One day my mom told me she had called and asked if I could help her move boxes in the garage for a few days.  My mom told me to make sure I understood, that Mrs. Thomas was going through her husbands things for the first time, and that this could be a difficult thing for her to do.

I showed up a little nervous about what my mom had said, and crying while I helped her move boxes. We walked out to the garage and she showed me a large stack of boxes in the corner of the garage.  “Harold (husband) built a shed out back and he had boxed up all of these to move back there.  Let’s go through each either keep, donate or throw out. Just show what is in there and I will tell you what to do with it.”   

She opened a box and began looking through it and I did the same.  My worst fear came true as she quietly began to cry.  Her husbands fishing tackle was in the box she was looking at, and it obviously made her sad.  She looked at me and smiled, “I’m sorry” she said.  I was a nervous 18 year old and all I could spit out was “it’s OK”.  

“ I am sorry, this is harder than I thought, I know it will take longer, but I am going to have you go through these.  I am going to work in the house.  “Donate the fishing gear, and his tools to the church, they are having a sale” “Bring in anything else and show it to me, and I will decide what to do with it.”  

I moved all the boxes with tools ( a lot of tools) and fishing gear to a separate pile.  I went to the next box and was shocked when I opened it.  Magazines, everything from playboy and penthouse to some hardcore mags showing penetration, sucking everything.  I nervously flipped through a few, terrified hse would walk out.  My cock instantly got hard

.  I decided I would go and tell her I found some magazines, Hope she would say throw them out, and then take them for myself.  I walked in the house.  Mrs. Thomas had paint sample spread out over the table and she was holding them up to the wall.  “Mrs. Thomas, there is a box of magazines out here, what should I do with them.  “what kind of magazines are they?”  “I uh, well”  my head was down and I just didn’t know what to say.  She kind of frowned at me, “bring the box in here, and I will look at it later.   I was terrified, but I did as she said, put it on the kitchen table and quickly walked back into the garage. 

I moved and sorted several other boxes but I barely remember what was in them.  About 10 minutes later she came out into the garage, “please come see me in the kitchen.”  

I really thought about running out of the garage and going home.  But explaining to my mom would be worse.  I walked in and she was looking into the box.  “did you look through any of these magazines?”  my head began to shake “don’t lie to me, your pants tell me you did”  I looked down my cock was more like semi hard now, but there was a small wet spot on the front.  I wanted to die.  “it is OK, nothing to be ashamed of, had you ever seen a naked women before.  I said no, and she took a magazine out of the box.  “your mom certainly would not understand would she.” She said smiling at me.  “I wish my body looked like this.  There was a large breasted brunette on her knees sucking a guys cock.

  My cock got really hard again, despite my wishes that it wouldn’t.    I stared at the magazine and Mrs. Thomas unbuttoned her shirt, and took her bra off.  I was so scared, and so excited.  “this has to be our secret, you can never tell anyone.”  I will do what they are doing in the magazine with you but if you tell anyone I will tell everyone you are a horny little lier.  She pulled my shorts and undwear down and I just stood there, almost in shock.  “oh, you have a nice cock, I haven’t had a cock in almost a year.”  She simply dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked it into her mouth.  I came in seconds.  She took my hand and put it on her breasts, they felt wonderful. 

After I came we went and layed in her bed with maybe 10 of the magazines and began to look through them.  “do you want to fuck me?”  I again said nothing, my cock was certainly hard again, and Mrs. Thomas stood up removed her pants and showed me her pussy, opened her lips and showed me how it looked like the magazine.  “I will get on top of you and show you how, just push your hips up and down, I will do the rest.  She straddled me, but didn’t put my cock in right away.  She leaned forward and put her breasts by my mouth.  I began to lick and suck them and she moaned.  She reached down and guided herself onto my cock, and slowly began to pump me.  I closed my eyes and tried to thrust, but I really think I just layed there,  I came again.  “why don’t we call it a day, I think you have worked hard enough for today”  Remember this is our secret, no one will believe you if you tell”  We can do it more tomorrow”….

 It went on for about 3 months, (she sold the house and moved)  I licked her pussy, and fucked her ass.  Came in her mouth.  Learned everything I could possibly learn.

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cristy    (2009-01-29 05:37:19)    Flag as inappropiate
you are easy to learn.. good jod, can you apply to me what you are learning?

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