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My wife and I have been happily married for 8 years and have enjoyed a good sex life.  She loves her vibrator, and we have tried anal a couple of times, once it was really hot, once we had to stop half way through.  


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Naughty level to be set later

We have talked about fantasies and I shared one of mine with her, while she was giving me a blow job.  "I would love to watch a guy behind you right now, holding your hips, sliding his cock into you from behind...”  She looked up at me and continued to suck; she seemed surprised but started sucking more enthusiastically.  I continued, "He falls into rhythm with your sucking, you slide down the shaft of my cock and then as you slide backwards he fills you up, his cock is huge, the biggest you have ever had."  She began to finger her clit while sucking me, her eyes were closed and she was taking every inch of me, her sucking power was really intense and I was not sure how much longer I would last.  "He is gently sliding his finger in your ass, and really pumping you now, he is getting ready to cum, you are going to get a load in your mouth and in your pussy."

 She was now rocking on her fingers and sucking me, I was massages her nipples, she moaned harder and harder, and it put me over the edge, I came in her mouth and she continue to suck and rock on her hand.  I quickly got up, and entered her from behind.  She pushed back at me harder than she ever had in her life, and moaned and came.  What a great experience. 

Another time we were laying in bed, she was using her vibe and I was stroking my cock she told me she fantasized about being controlled, told what to do, not hurt, not true S&M, but she thought it was hot to have to obey.

Our sex life really returned to normal after that, although I thought about it a lot.  I told her one day I would really like to have a repeat of our fantasy day.  My wife sat there with a smile on her face,

"it really got me hot, thinking about two cocks in me, I came big time, I am just not sure I could ever do it."  She laughed and said “I wish you could have a guy ready, and as you are eating me out, sucking my clit and right before I am ready to cum, you ask me, I would say yes to anything at that moment."  She laughed and began to undress.  Thinking about it certainly got her hot.  I undressed and we had a major 69 session, she was on top of me, grinding her clit into me, and I said”right about now, you would fuck him now?” she moaned and said yes, and told me to keep working on her clit.

 I made me so hot thinking about her getting fucked I decided to put a plan in action.  I went to an adult book store and purchased a 3 inch penis extention.  You just roll it onto your cock and the last 3 inches are fake penis.
I talked to a guy from work and told him about my plan.  Not surprisingly the chance to fuck my wife was something he could “help me with.” I had known him for about three years, and once at a conference we shared a room.  He had to be 7 inches soft.  We talked about exactly what to do.  He could make no noise, he needed to keep himself propped up, not laying on her, (he was 5 inches taller and outweighed me by 40 pounds). I gave him a key and he went to my house after we left for dinner, and when he heard us coming in the house, he hid in our bedroom closet.
I took her out to dinner, with plenty of wine, and we enjoyed another glass at home that night.  We were kissing and caressing each others bodies.  “I want to take you up stairs and strip you, tie you up spread eagle, blind fold you and lick every inch of your body.”  “Oh yea?” she said, Right now, I gently but firmly grabbed her wrist and led her upstairs.  I told her to undress, and lay herself spread eagle on the bed.  She was smiling and played along, laying down on the bed and said “now what”  I was so excited, knowing that my buddy was in the closet looking at her spread out on the bed, and she had no idea. 

Having removed my clothes I took 4 scarves out of her dresser and climbed onto the bed I began to tie her left arm up and she seemed to have a little uncertainty on her face.  I literally sat on her upper chest and stuck my cock in her mouth, and began to tie up her right arm.  She seemed shocked that I was being this aggressive, I thought the night was going to hell, as she turned her head so my cock fell out of her mouth, but she gave me the answer I had hoped for when she turned her head back and began licking my balls.  I moved up slightly and she actually started tonguing my ass, and I almost came right there.
I got off her, and grabbed the blind fold and put it around her head.  I was so excited.  I let my buddy out of the closet, and he stood in front of her.  I was waiting to see her reaction, I knew she couldn’t see through the thick blindfold, but I just had to be sure.  He went into my bathroom and put on two squirts of my cologne. He started stroking his cock, and I lay down between her legs and started licking her.

  I started by sliding my tongue in as far as I could, fucking her with my tongue.  I turned my head and sucked her left pussy lip between my lips, gently sucking on it, and slid up near the top flicking her clit with my tongue, then turning my head the other way I took her right pussy lip between mine and sucked on it, sliding all the down, flicking my tongue around her ass.  She was lifting her ass off the bed, rubbing her nipples and moaning.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  I got off the bed and with great anticipation motioned for my buddy to mount my wife.

He got on the bed and in no time at all lined his massive cock head up to her pussy.  I knelt on the floor so that I could see his cock open her up.  He slowly entered her and she was moaning more than she ever had.  “holy shit, you feel huge” she moaned, he thrust his hips forward and entered her completely.  She gasped, I think partly with pleasure shock and maybe a little pain.  I couldn’t believe I was watching his cock slide in and out of her.  I could’t help myself and I slid my hand up to her pussy so that I could feel his cock sliding in and out.  I stroked her ass a little and “accidently” let my hand slide across his balls.  They were huge.

  He pumped her with nice even stroked and she gasped everytime he slid into her, in less than 2 minutes she was cuming, over and overand continued to pumped but I knew he was close.  As agreed he pull out and came all over her tits, the first load squirted onto her face and neck and the rest all over her chest.  He got off the bed, sweating, smiling.  He grabbed his clothes and went down stairs, dressed and quietly left.  
I climbed on the bed and entered my wife and stroked her for a while.  “take the blindfold off, please?  She said.  I did, what the hell did you fuck me with?  I held up the 3 Inch cock extention.  “that is the greatest invention ever, It felt so real.  I can’t believe you shot such a  big load. “  She thanked me for fulfilling her fantasy of being tied up and then surprised the hell out of me.  “I had another fantasy”, I looked at her wondering if she new the entire time?  “ I have always wanted to watch you lick you cum off me.” Do it for me right now, suck your cum off my tits.”  I was shocked, that certainly had not been part of my plan.  “Lick your cum up and you can fuck me in the ass”  I had not actually cum tonight and her ass sounded really good, so I bent down and started licking my buddies cum off her.  It was very interesting, and is for another story on another day.

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shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-28 08:59:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Great................another story please!

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