More Fun Than a Girl Should Be Allowed to Have - Part III   added 7 years ago    

  By: born2fck

Maybe I should change the title of this?  How Turn a Suburban Housewife In a Sex Crazed Slave in Three Easy Steps... yeah that would work.


There was no point hiding from the five hundred pound gorilla in the room, Sarah was moving in and would be with us for a while - we needed to lay down some ground rules.  We agreed from the first revelation of my kinky relationship with Sarah and her brothers that there’d be no sexual interaction between us, much as we desired it, which might cause disruption or trouble to existing family relationships. 


That now meant my husband couldn’t be banging my hot, sort of a sister when I wasn’t around, at least not yet. Sarah’s life was pretty disrupted and the last thing she needed was more hair from the dog that bit her so to speak, that and Dave, my husband, didn’t want to exploit her need to rely on us.   So Sarah moved in and we agreed, hands off for both of us for the time being.


Sarah was true to her word and for the first six months.  She swore off a social-life, pitched in around the house and started looking for work.  Problem was she had a very common college degree, no job experience what so ever and entry level jobs of the type she might be able to get were few and far between in the suburbs of south western Pennsylvania where we lived.


  Eventually we decided to let Sarah work with us in our business we ran from our home, learn the billing, field client calls, initial customer service contact, typing up contracts; most of the stuff I was doing.  We wouldn’t be able to pay her a regular salary, but she’d be acquiring some useful skills and contributing to the household through her efforts.


It wasn’t long before I was feeling pretty good about the situation.  My household chores and business responsibilities were cut in half, at least.  I had more free time, was feeling more relaxed and between our efforts we were managing to help push the business ahead. 


“You know, it’s pretty great” I said to Dave while we lay in bed watching TV one night.


“What’s great?”  He asked.


“Having Sarah around,” I responded “It’s like there’s two of me.  I could get used to this.”


“Sure it’s great,” he said wryly “it’s like two wives, twice the hormones, twice the nagging and half the sex.  Greeeeat!”


I knew he was joking, we all got along wonderfully, but I knew what he was hinting at; time to consider making the arrangement more permanent, more fulfilling for all.  I started thinking about how to approach Sarah with my thoughts on the matter. 


She already knew Dave was aware of our past, that we enjoyed talking about it as part or our fantasy sex-life and that he expressed a desire join us in a “family reunion” someday.   She also became aware after moving in that for a brief time we dabbled in swinging as a way to satisfy those desires, but soon realized that while the sex was good the most thrilling aspect of our fantasies were the result of the forbidden nature of our relationship.


  There’s nothing someone we’d met online could do that would ever be as hot as the thought of me on my hands and knees getting fucked by Sarah’s brother while I lapped at her pussy or any of the other perversions we shared with her brothers.


For the next couple of weeks I began dropping hints in the course of regular conversations.  She wasn’t picking up on them it seemed or maybe she had and was just being cautious or worse, maybe she had no interest.  Sarah, not interested, what was I thinking, it was always her and Scott who were the ring leaders of our little family sexual circus, Sarah was always up for a kinky romp and I just needed to find the right opening. It would present itself soon enough.


  Dave had driven to central Ohio to meet with clients one day when an early February snowstorm snuck up on the region and made driving back impossible, so he settled into a hotel for the night.  Sarah and I got a fire going, mixed a couple cosmos, put on a cheesy chick-flick and hunkered down in our flannel PJs as the snow piled up and the temperatures dropped outside.


Half way through my second drink I’d completely lost interest in the movies and found myself studying Sarah as we sat curled up in the opposite corners of our large leather sofa.  I was always aware, as it was extremely obvious at a glance, just how polar opposite Sarah and I were physically and I found myself focusing on every detail. 


I was a very petite, five feet tall, weighing in the low to mid nineties, small breasts, narrow hips, long curly auburn hair and a slightly olive completion inherited from my the Sicilians on my father’s side of the family – Sarah was closer to a Scandinavian goddess.  Above average height, long natural blonde hair, pure almost porcelain complexion, she was soft, busty and curvy where a woman should be.  Had she been born a few decades earlier she could given Marilyn Monroe for her money.  


As I sat and marveled at Sarah’s beauty I began to think about our times together and how to begin.  I started very slowly, innocently; sliding off my slippers as I stretched out in Sarah’s direction until our feet met.  “oh my god, footsie” I thought “how lame.”   But she didn’t react so I continued.  I curled my toes and slid them along her foot and up her ankle as I sipped my cocktail.   Just sensual enough to convey my intentions, I thought, but not so brazen as to cause upset if she weren’t into it.  


I peered over the rim of my glass looking for a reaction, she glanced over, tipped her glass to her lips seductively and adjusted herself on the couch so I could stroke calves with my toes with out straining.   

A good beginning I thought, but what next?  I’d never been sexually attracted to women per say, having shared all my experiences with them, with Sarah, as part of groups.  My heart began to flutter as a warmth grew in my belly, it suddenly dawned on me as I tried to recall what Sarah enjoyed most during our times together and plot how best to proceed that I’d always been the submissive one, a sort of fuck toy that for Sarah and Scott’s carnal games.  I never had to think about what to do, they just told me and I did it without question like a good little slut.


Sarah turned to face me and with her drink in one hand began unbuttoning the top of her pajamas the other.  I held my breath, my heart pounding in my head, as the flannel parted and her creamy white breasts were revealed.  As the last button was undone her stomach was exposed and she began to play with the piercing in her belly button, flicking and rolling it between her thumb and index finger.


I gulped down the last of my drink and my breathing became heavier.  I scramble to my hands and knees across the couch to her as she untied the draw string of her pants, slid them off and tossed them to the floor beside her.  As I knelt above her she took over as she always had, guiding my mouth where it needed to be as she moaned.


When Dave returned home the next night, he knew something was up immediately.  Sarah and I exchanged knowing glances and smirks over the dinner table and I told him I wanted to go to bed early as I had a surprise for him. 


That night we fucked with reckless abandon as I told him what had happened.  How I sucked and licked ever delicious part of Sarah’s body making her cum again and again.  How she had me retrieve our favorite dildo with a base, put in on the living room floor and squat on it while she stood above me and grabbed fistful of my hair as she pulled my face into her sticky sweet mound and enjoyed the pleasure of my mouth.  I told him how after all these years Sarah still had power over me to command me as she pleased.


It wasn’t long before the three of us taking every chance we had to fuck and I found myself in the familiar and very satisfying role of sexual puppet to Sarah and my husband.  To the outside world and our families nothing changed, I was the woman of the house, Sarah the girl most everyone thought was my sister lived with us out of need and everything appeared quite normal.  In the bedroom however things couldn’t have been less conventional.


  As time passed I became more submissive to Sarah as we introduced new games into our play, things we hadn’t even considered when we were younger.  Bondage, spanking, nipple torture, games with hot wax, you name it we tried it. 


One of my favorite endings to a night of play was to be hogtied naked on the floor and pretend to squirm and protest as my husband fucked Sarah while standing over me and after cumming he’d withdraw, Sarah would part her lips and let their juices spill out on to me as I tried to catch it with my mouth.


 Sarah wanted me to pierce the hood of my clit, I got two.  The dirtier and nastier it got the more I craved it.  We even built a room in the basement with a heavy door and triple locks to some hide some rather exotic mechanical hardware and devices we’d obtained.  


Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more extreme, we found out we were wrong.


It had been nearly two years nice Scott had been back to the states to visit, that last time he’d been with his sister and their imprudent photo session and careless handling of the photos unmasked Sarah’s sordid double life.   His duties had kept him busy and unable to travel home but he was at the point where he was being ordered to take time off, a month that represented a small fraction of the time he’d accumulated.


Of course his destination was where ever his beautiful sister was.  I shivered in anticipation of the possibilities; I wondered how my husband would react to no longer being the only stud under our roof.







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biscuit    (2010-08-25 10:48:24)    Flag as inappropiate
biscuit my favorite part was when you said she parted her lips and let their juices drip onto you and you tried to catch them in your mouth. i woulda done the same if i was in your position.
yesplease    (2009-12-23 16:38:50)    Flag as inappropiate
what a night, you could'nt ask for more....or could you
Soohard08    (2009-01-26 21:33:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 soo great, you lycky slut.
CanadianCasanova    (2009-01-25 13:43:16)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Awesome! I can't wait for the next part!

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