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  By: orphic


It all became senseless and depraved quite quickly with Mika. I’m not sure where or when to really describe that singular moment when the beast in me was let out of the cage and attacked the core of her soul until she was huddled in the middle of my bed curled up in a ball; her pussy twitching as juice stained the sheets.



We met at work in a senseless chat invitation that seemed to be business related, but given a previous co-workers email joke she caught my eye by blurting out the hook which had everyone laughing from one side of the building to the other in that chat. I guess her sense of humor is what had me message her privately and from there our conversations flourished. Numbers were exchanged on the second day but the beast inside of me didn’t stir from its slumber just yet.



New Years I remember vividly because that was when our conversation made a turn towards something else. I had joked about drunk calling her and when it came time I was hardly drunk and hornier than anything. We had conversation, innocent with small teasing flirts until she had told me at the talk of Hentai her hand had crept into her panties and she’d gotten herself off. It was like a long stick poking inside the cage of my animal and as it groggily awoke I’d slipped into depravity and gotten her off again over the phone with talk of turning her around and having her sit on my face so I could slide my wet tongue inside her ass and rim her until I choked on her cum.



We’d decided to put safety nets up to make sure it didn’t become physical but as we met in person it soon turned into moments of random chance as I’d lean over to look at an account and brush her wide hip or the inside of her thigh which was hot as fire. We were playing with fire alright and that environment at work and doing what we were seemed to stoke it increasingly so to the point where I was squeezing her plush 38DD breasts for seconds before pulling away.




She is a black girl and the polar opposite to me ethnically and in some form it only helped to add to the sense of excitement that coursed through us as I sat in her car one night biting her warm chocolate flesh while she rubbed my cock through my slacks. Soon her pants were undone and my large hand forcefully pushed through to bring them down around her hips until my middle finger stroked back and forth against her wet lips. I teased her as she moaned for me until my middle finger slid deep inside of her and hooked upward to brush against her gspot. The way her thighs tightened and then relaxed had the beast inside me pacing left and right as the wet sound of her body dripping around my fingers came to my ears.



I didn’t make her cum, her orgasm wasn’t the point then, the point became her dive into carnal lust that I was after. The human side of me could have done anything to her but the beast inside me that feeds off the words and saliva dripping from a woman’s mouth as she begs for me is what needed to be fed. I invited her to my home and on the staircase leading up her thong had been ripped off and left to drape across the banister like a trail of blood from prey trying to get away. The scent of her aroused pussy filling my nostrils and making the slacks almost impossible to wear before I lifted her up and threw her onto my bed.



I whispered down to her she’d have to wear one of my old shirts which confused her for a second until the buttons on her blue blouse were ripped off to expose a sheer black bra. I tugged it up at the center to lift her upper body off the jersey cotton sheets, my mouth meeting her on in a salacious dance. The curve of her nails met my collar specifically until the beast inside her was let out and my black dress shirt was ripped off and tossed to the side.  



All I can remember before things went black and I was looking back down at her curled up was whispering into her ear.


“I’m gonna teach you tricks that’ll blow your mongrel mind.”

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christina09 very horny.x

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