Losing my anal virginity   added 7 years ago    

  By: curvybecky

Well, my first time getting ass fucked was when I was 18 and my boyfriend really wanted to try it. I was scared to do it because of how much it would hurt. My bf said it would be ok and so I let him go really slow. I first made him lick my asshole and play with my pussy until I got super wet. Then he face fucked me and told me "see how I'm fucking your mouth? This is what I'm going to do to your ass once I get it all the way in" It turned me on a lot when he said that.

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He then flipped me over, made me kneel on the ground and put my chest over the bed so my ass stuck out towards the middle of the room. I could feel him applying cool thick layers of vasoline on my tight asshole, then sliding a finger in and out... slowly. He pleased my pussy at the same time with his other hand.... eventually he started getting more fingers in my asshole, it started to hurt but because he was rubbing my clit and g-spot it took my mind off the pain of my virgin hole stretching out. My bf then put on a condom and slid it into asshole, I bit down on my pillow and yelled loudly into it. He pulled it out and I said "its ok, put it back in again". It felt soo good when he slid it all the way in and left it there.

I could feel every inch of his cock slide past my inner walls. He then told me to suck his dick, but I couldn't because the smell of my shit was on his cock, so instead i ripped off his condom and started choking myself on his shaft, putting it as far as I could down my throat. I could tell he was getting close to ejaculating so I stopped, looked at him, grabbed his dick with my hand and said "You need to fuck my ass like you fucked my face earlier". He said "hold on I need another rubber" but before he could grab one I yelled "Just stick it in my ass and fuck me like a man. I want to know what it feels like to make a dick cum inside my asshole"

. I knew that would set him off... He pushed me over and slammed me so hard...he pulled my hair, slapped my ass and called me degrading things... it hurt, but it made me feel like such a slut. I came 2 times before he unleashed a massive pool of warm semen into my tight ass. I fell over exhausted and tired from the pain and sensation, however I felt really really satisfied and went right to sleep. :)

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Transporter    (2009-02-22 09:28:19)    Flag as inappropiate
Transporter sounds so hot :)
easypeasy    (2009-01-31 17:09:16)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, that got me really wet. Super hot story, thank you! I'd love to read more from you. :)
Graeme16    (2009-01-27 14:50:12)    Flag as inappropiate
Super-hot story!
Soohard08    (2009-01-26 18:05:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Thank you for this nasty story, i just love nasty girl like you.
Soohard08    (2009-01-26 18:04:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Thank you for this nasty story, i just love nasty girl like you.
celticcharms77    (2009-01-23 15:21:28)    Flag as inappropiate
celticcharms77 seems as though you are now a believer

very nice ty
celticcharms77    (2009-01-23 15:21:22)    Flag as inappropiate
celticcharms77 seems as though you are now a believer

very nice ty

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