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Last night my current fuck-buddy came round to see me. We met on the Net a couple of months ago and try to get together once a week for sex. I'm in my late thirties and she just eighteen. She's into the whole "dominant older man£ thing and, although it's not really what turns me on sexually, I'm happy to oblige her.


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As soon as she arrived I asked her if she'd brought a toy to play with. She rummaged in her bag and pull out a purple double-ended dildo, a bit like a short rope. It was thinner at one end, with the other being slightly less thick than my own cock. I told her to put it in her mouth and suck it - which she did.

She was wearing a skirt with no nylons and told her turn away from me. When she did, I smacked her hard on both ass cheeks, before pulling the skirt up over her amply ass. Using the larger head of the dildo I slowly massaged her cunt through the fabric of her panties. I slipped a finger into her hole and discovered she was already soaking wet.

"I think you need to get fucked," I told her and she nodded in agreement. "But first," I said, "get on your knees and suck this cock."

I pulled my shorts down and she dropped to her knees before me. I could feel my own lust starting to build and I squeezed a large pearl of pre-cum out of my cock and onto my thumb. I stuck it in her mouth and she sucked if off. Next I rubbed my prick all over her young face and told her to suck it like the little slut she is. Her technique is quite fabulous and soon she had the tip of my cock jammed in the back of her throat while I gently moved my hips and fucked her mouth.

"Come on," I told her, "let's take it to the bedroom."

When we were both naked on the bed we lay and kissed for a while, me fondling her small tits roughly. She told me she wanted to rim me so I let her stick her tongue in asshole. It turned me on and I told her suck my prick again and she postioned herself so her mouth was on my cock and her ass up near my face. While she deep-throated me, I reached over and grabbed a bottle of massage oil, which I squirted on her ass cheeks.

The oil ran down into her cleft and down into her asshole. First, I massaged the oil into her cheeks before giving her some very hard smacks that soon had her flesh looking red and sore. Sliding two fingers into her cunt I fingered her for a while, amazed at how wet she was. Next I slipped my middle finger into her tight ass and began to ease it open.

"You want me to fuck you with the toy, you little anal slut?" I asked. She grunted in affirmation, her mouth full of my hard cock.

I reached for the toy with my oily fingers and slipped the smaller of the two ends into her ass. I fucked her for a while, getting turned on watching the dildo in her tight hole and knowing how it was affecting her. I bent the toy in two and slipped the fatter end into her cunt and fucked her hard in both holes. Her juice was running freely from her cunt down her thighs by this time and she told me she wanted my cock and not the toy.

I told her to get on her knees and slipped my cock into her dripping pussy. At the same I pushed the fat end of the toy up her ass and had her filled in both holes. The more I fucked her, the wetter she became and I longed for the tightness of her ass. 

I got her on her side in a kind of foetal postion, pulled my wet cock out of her cunt and pushed it into her asshole. I fucked her like this steadily while she lay there gasing with pleasure. I put two fingers deep into her pussy and couldn't believe how wet my cock in her ass was making her.

"Talk to me," I told her.
"Fuck my teenage ass," she replied. "Fuck me like the dirty slut I am."

That was enough for me. My balls erupted and I pumped a full load of warm cum into her ass, my cock continued to kick inside her for a while after I'd given her the last of my cream. 

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easypeasy    (2009-01-31 17:11:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Mmmm, hot, thank you. :)
curvybecky    (2009-01-26 08:36:27)    Flag as inappropiate
curvybecky Hot story :)

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