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  By: Mirror_Crackd

I watched her as she sat in the corner of the bar, the look on her face displaying the fact that someone had definitely had better days than this one... she was kind of tiny, early thirties, kinda cute, and the ring on her left hand said she had a husband at home... the shirt and formal blouse indicated maybe a businesswoman traveling on business. I noticed as the waitress delivered her fifth drink since I had arrived, an hour and a half ago. I could tell from her body’s reactions and her facial expressions that the booze was taking its toll on her.


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I noted her slim build, imagining the small breasts, and tiny hips that lay concealed under her clothes. I ordered a round when her glass was half empty and took it over to her table, sitting down across from her ... she needed a moment for her eyes to focus as she turned towards me, her words slurring slightly as she thanked me for the drinks. I could tell from the mascara trail that she had been crying, and offered her a handkerchief as I asked if there was anything I could do ... she smiled sadly, and in a slurred voice said "... not unless you have a job for a thirty three year old saleswoman, mother of two, with a huge mortgage and a husband that thinks I’m in town to get a promotion, not a pink slip" ...


I asked her where she’s from, and found out that she was from Vancouver, and was only in Toronto until her flight leaves late tomorrow morning. I put on your best "game face" and tell her that I'm in logistics and thought that our Victoria office was looking for someone to promote their new software ... I knew it sounded lame, but she was drunk enough, and desperate enough in wanting to believe that there was a way out of the hopeless situation that she seemed to believe it...


As she explained the events of her day that led to her apparently successful attempt to "drink herself to oblivion," my eyes are drawn to the open neck of her blouse, and the tantalizing view it afforded of her lacy, but loose camisole and as expected, the two very small breasts concealed under it. Every time she reached for her drink, the top of the camisole would sag and fall forward, allowed me to peek inside of it, exposing the soft, creamy skin of her breasts. As she explained that she had been downsized, and now had to go home and tell hubby that she was unemployed and they wouldn't be able to make the bills this month, I could see the tears well again, and she reached to down the remainder of her drink and motioned for another.


As she leaned down to get her wallet out of her purse, I got the view I was waiting for, the camisole and blouse falling open and her small breasts were clearly visible... I felt an instant erection as I noticed the puffy nipples that capped her small AA breasts. As she sat up, the drink arrived, and I began to explain that our BC office might have an opening that would work, and asked if she had a pen to write her number and address on... she didn't but said she would write it down before she left for me. This seemed to brighten her spirits and she seemed more content as she threw back her seventh drink. You could tell she was extremely drunk now, and figured a couple more drinks and she would be out cold.


I got up to get myself a beer, and got a double for her, setting it in front of her as she finished her drink. She protested, claiming that she had had enough, she couldn't drink anymore. I look hurt, then relax as she sits back down and resumes drinking and telling you about her day.

I feign interest as she drinks, her coordination terrible now and the words slurring so badly I couldn't understand her even if I cared ... As she finishes the drink, she starts to rise, unsteady on her feet as she gathers her purse. I offer to help her to her room, and she accepts the offer, realizing how drunk she really is. She mumbles that it’s a good thing her husband can't see her, as he is really jealous and worries when she travels. She shakes her head at the thought, explaining that its not like she's a child, she's can look after herself and its not like she's going to do anything, he's the only guy that has ever even seen her naked ... I smile following her, my arm around her steadying her as I enter the elevator ... that's about to change, and change in more ways than one.


As she gets off the elevator, her legs buckle, forcing me to catch her weight and get her back walking again. She struggles to find the lock card for the door, and is unable to find the slot when I arrive at the door. I offer to help her in, and to get the address from her for the job. She smiles, remembering the job, and allows me to help her into the room. She leans against the wall, stumbling slightly as she kicks off her shoes, and then weaves to the end of the bed, where she sits clumsily on the end of it, head on her chest, almost unconscious as mumbles to herself.


I stand there silently, watching as she weaves back and forth for a moment, before laying back on the bed, out like a light ... I notice her wallet, so I take a moment to note the name and address writing it down for use later. I take a moment and scan the room, noticing a samples case that sales reps often carry. Opening it I find various cosmetic samples, lipsticks, mascaras etc, and a Polaroid camera, loaded with film? As I continue to look, I find pictures of young women, before and after the makeovers that she apparently did for them. Taking the camera, I get an idea ... I wait a few moments, admiring her as she lay there. Her skirt has risen on her thin thighs; exposing her legs and giving a hint of the treasure that lay beneath it ... I move to the bed and slowly start to unbutton the blouse.


As I undo the last button, I look up for any reaction, but there is none ... her breathing is deep and slow, her eyes not closed tightly, allowing me to see the passed out state that she is in. I slide the material off of her shoulders and gently ease it down over her shoulders and down her arms. I get up, entering the bathroom and look for the cosmetic bag I know will be there ... I take it back into the hotel room, setting it down on the bed beside me, removing the small grooming scissors first. I gently clip the open jaws under the edge of the camisole, and start cutting upwards, slitting the thin material open ... as I cut, the material falls away, exposing her bellybutton, a thin trail of hair edging downward under her skirts waistband.


As I cut further, I see the slight curve of her breast, and feel the continually hardening cock in my jeans as I cut further, soon cutting through the top of the lace, and watch as the camisole falls open exposing two of the smallest, most perfect breasts I have ever seen. Each one is topped by a pink, puffy nipple, the colour barely different from the flesh of her breast that surrounds the nipple, and aureole rising slightly from her almost flat chest, forming two little cones. I reach down and undo the 3 buttons that lead down from the waistband, and start to pull the skirt down over her long, slim legs, exposing the blue silk panties that lay beneath them.


As the skirt slides down over her knees, and off onto the floor, I pause, again waiting for some reaction from her ... I allow my finger to trace across her soft stomach, following the thin line of hair down to her panties, my fingers tracing over the silky material and down over her thighs ... nothing ... I smile as I take the scissors and cut through the thin elastic waistband of her panties, and then pull them down and out from under her buttocks ... I can’t contain myself as the thick bush appears, the nest of blonde pubic hair barely concealing the outer lips of her vagina, marking the entrance to her hot tunnel.


I rise and return to the bed and note that she had not even moved, grabbing one leg and lifting it and spreading it open wide ... I then repeated the action with the other leg, exposing her smooth slit, her legs open obscenely ... I reach for her hand, and placed it down on her lower stomach with her fingers brushing against the top of her gash ... I begin to take the first of many pictures stopping only to remove my  clothes, my erection springing free and bobbing as I move onto the bed, kneeling beside her face ... I ease my cock towards her mouth, allowing the knob to part her lipstick covered lips, pushing her mouth open slightly ... I take another picture, the flash not even causing a stir ... reaching down, taking her other hand and placing it around my shaft, making it look like she was actually guiding it into her mouth as she sucked it, and again the room was filled with the flash of the Polaroid ... Pulling out of her mouth, I can see the string of precum trailing from the end of my cock to her wet, red lips ... as I lay beside her, inches from her small breasts, I decide to give her some "body art" in the form of a circle of hickies around each of her nipples ... I start slowly, again watching for any movement, but the alcohol has rendered her totally unconscious.


I start with the right breasts, spending a couple of minutes on each small area, then move on an inch further, repeating. After about 10-12 minutes I look at your handiwork ... her right breast is covered with a circle of deep red, angry looking welts about the size of a dime, so close together they almost touch, framing her nipple. I repeat the process on her left breast, the idea causing me to moan from the pressure in my hard cock, which I constantly rub against her smooth thigh and hip as I suck the breasts violently. I move down her body, repeating the same activity on the insides of her thighs, leaving a half dozen welts on the inside of each one.


Her smell is intoxicating, and I cannot resist licking the hairy slit, my saliva wetting its length and causing her body to tense, but nothing more. I smile, an idea coming to me ... I rise, and walk to the bathroom, searching through her stuff for what I need ... returning to the bedroom, I stare at her vulnerable position, then kneeling in front of her crotch, start cutting off her pubic hair with the scissors, as close as I can to her soft skin. I quickly reduce her once thick patch of hair, to a small area of stubble ... using her hair gel, I lather the stubble, then using her own razor, carefully scrape away all of the rough hairs. She is so drunk that she does not even know she is being violated this way, barely moving as I scrape away at her most sensitive area.


As I wipe away the gel and stubble with the washcloth I brought back into the room with me, I am rewarded with the sight of a clean shaven, bare pussy, the skin around it pink with the recent activity, and making her look younger and more innocent somehow

Her little clit is visible at the top of the cleft, aroused by the motion of the cloth as I wiped her clean. I settle in between her legs again, my tongue moving back to taste her, the slight musky smell driving me wild, and I watch as her small hips twitch and lift as I let my tongue slip inside of her for a moment ... I can almost taste a salty liquid, not placing it for a moment, then another drop, then realizing that she drank constantly for 2 1/2 hrs and did not go to the washroom realize what is about to happen ... I move back slightly just as a stream of pee shoots out of her bare slit, the stream arcing upward and leaving a trail on the foot of the bed, and the carpet behind me ... I watch as it slows, and leaves a few drops on her thighs as it ends.


I'm now even more horny than I was before and reach for the KY, pouring some in my hand and stroking up and down the length of my throbbing cock, and pouring some onto the slit, the clear liquid running into the slightly open slit and down over her asshole and onto the bed ... I climb up and guide my cock against the slit, leaning forward slightly, allowing the knob to start to part those thick, slick lips ... moving gently to avoid rousing her, I slowly allow my cock to slide deeper and deeper inside of her until my fat, hairy balls are resting up against the smooth round cheeks of her firm ass.


As I lean into her, burying it length into her, I hold there, feeling her body respond involuntarily and start squeezing and relaxing its grip, then squeezing again on my cock, milking it. I feel her thigh muscles as her cunt seemingly performs a silent workout on my cock ... I ease back, hearing her breath catch as I do, holding the thick knob at the entrance, before easing back in again ... reaching back, I grab the Polaroid and again snap a picture of my cock in her now bare cunt, making sure to catch her face, seemingly locked in orgasmic concentration ... only I know she was out cold when I took it! ... I watch her face, small involuntary reactions under her closed eyelids, small sounds escaping her as she slowly rocks back and forth, pressing against your hips with hers ... I feel the orgasm building inside of me as I feel her quicken her movements, still passed out, but reacting to the stimulation.


As I start to cum, I hear her quiet moans and feel her squeeze as she orgasms herself, the movement and sight causing me to start to pump my hot, slimy cum deep into her womb, filling her with my potent juices ... I slow and wait until I feel her relax and note her breathing return to normal, before pulling my still erect cock from her ... I wait a few moments, then gently roll her over onto her stomach, her breathing indicating she is still sound asleep ... I'm amazed at how small her ass is, her buttocks small globes of round flesh, perfect handfuls awaiting exploration.


I kneel with my knees on either sides of her thighs, now closed and tight together, my hands grabbing soft ass cheeks, pulling them apart gently to expose the dark, pink little circle of muscle that marks the entrance to her tight ass ... somehow I know her hubby never got a piece of what I'm about to fuck, and smile even more ... I guide my cock, still slick with her juices and mine, forward, until the end of my cock is pressed insistently against the small circle ... the camera flashes again as I pause at the entrance, then start to push forward ... I move slowly, feeling her resistance, waiting until the muscles relax before pushing forward again ... again the camera flashes as my knob slips into her ass, then I start to ease down on her back, allowing my weight to fall down onto her, my cock now sliding deep inside of her ass ...

I feel the muscles start to tighten and feel her start to move around, trying to free herself of the painful shaft that has impaled her on its length, I hear her moan and start to protest as I start to lever deeper inside of her ... the drunken stupor keeps her from realizing what is happening totally, and keeps the resistance quiet, I feel the orgasm rising within me, and with a final shove, bury my cock all the way into her, a small scream is heard from under me, my juices flooding her anus ... I stop moving, allowing my cock to start to shrink inside of her, feeling her struggling slow as the violation becomes less severe, then noticing as she starts to again mumble and slip back into unconsciousness.


I lie there, your cock deep inside of her, smelling the sweat and musk of my sex on her skin ... I stay there, aware of the increasing need to get rid of a beer or two myself, as she had earlier ... smiling I figure, why get up?, and instead concentrate on relaxing and then sigh as I feel the first release of urine, flooding her bowels with my hot piss, I feel the hot liquid filling the tight tunnel Iam packed into, the liquid hot against my skin ... she again struggles mildly at the sensation, then relaxes and goes back to sleep ... I pull back, watching the liquid spurt out slightly as I remove my cock from her ass ... I again take a picture and sorting through them, select one of the best ones, her hand holding my cock in her mouth, her face clearly visible ... I roll her over onto her back, opening her legs and taking her hairbrush from the cosmetics bag, place it handle first deep in her still dripping cunt, placing her hand on the other end, more pictures.


Stepping back I survey your handiwork ... her lipstick smeared from my cock being in her mouth, her breasts horribly marked with over a dozen painful looking areas of broken blood vessels from the hickies I had given her, similar marks on her thighs, and a clean shaven pussy where there was hair before ... she would have a hell of a time explaining any of this to her husband ... I decide to leave a couple of the pictures on the bed beside her to let her realize that she had looked to be a willing participant and that if she spoke of tonight, her husband may get the rest... losing her job would be the least of her worries wouldn't it...

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