More Fun than a Girl Should Be Allowed to Have - Part II   added 7 years ago    

  By: born2fck

It had been about ten years since my husband and I graduated high school and got married, about seven since I revealed my history to him and we'd begun to incorporate those events into the fantasy part of our sex life when Sarah called late one night.  Sarah, the girl I'd grown up with and always thought of as my sister, the other girl who along with her three brothers plunged the depths of sexual experimentation starting when I was about thirteen, Sarah who'd stirred my husband's curiosity when after a few to many drinks she joked about a different kind of a "family reunion" at Thanksgiving dinner 1984.  She asked to come over as she had some news for me and needed a big favor, which we both knew I'd say yes to before she'd even asked.

In the years after we each left school each us and the boys had put our sexual past behind us and never spoken openly to each other about it as we went on to lead relatively normal lives, or so I thought.  Scott, the oldest had joined the military and made a career of it; he'd had two brief marriages that ended because of his desire to forego family life and possesions that would complicate his preferred lifestyle of traveling and living overseas.  Mark and David both went the Ozzie and Harriet route, college, wives and kids and eventually jobs that took them to other parts of the country.  Sarah and I had stayed close to home however close to each other, or so I’d thought

"It's over" she said as she clasped her hands around the cup of tea I'd made for her and began to sob. "Eric and I are getting a divorce."

She'd met and married Eric about five years ago, a really nice guy everyone liked and jokingly called the last real Boy Scout.  A handsome, successful business owner and slightly older guy, who always talked about his desire to someday have a large family. The perfect guy to settle down with, or maybe not.

"What happened?" I asked as I sat down next to her, put my arm around her and tried to console her. 

"He found out," she stammered as she fought back the tears... my heart skipped a beat, oh no he'd found out about us and unlike my husband had taken it very badly – it was my first thought… but she continued...  "He found out I've been cheating on him."

"Oh, honey," I sympathetically said as I pulled her closer "maybe it’s not over, Eric is a wonderful, generous guy it might take some time, but he might forgive you."

"No, no, you don't understand" she said shaking her head... and as she began filling me in on the details it became clear I really didn't understand.  Sarah hadn't just been caught cheating, she'd been living a double life years, a truly wild and shocking double life that I was completely unaware of.  As she told it; when Sarah had met Eric she thought she was ready to put the single party girl lifestyle behind her and settle down with this great guy, but the truth was she'd been bitten by the kink bug as a teenager and was never able to find a cure.  For the first few months everything was fine then the old Sarah started to take over. 

First it was internet porn a couple of times a week during the day while Eric was at work, then chat rooms, web cams, all the usual, but none of it quelled her desires for long.  Soon she began to wonder if she was cut out to be a homemaker or prepared to be with one guy the rest of her life, but she didn't want to hurt the guy who'd been so great to her and cared deeply for.  She knew she couldn't talk to him about her feelings and he would never be able to handle the truth about our past, he was just too straight laced and not very adventurous in matters of sex.  So she tried to find other outlets and make due.

About a year and a half into their marriage one early morning Sarah found herself at a roadside porn shop, the kind that sells sex toys and has private video viewing booths, one far out of town that she thought sure she'd never run into anyone she or Eric knew.  She'd been dropping quarters in the slot of her regular out of the way corner booth and working her own slot with a dildo that she'd recently purchased, for awhile that day, but it just wasn't getting the job done.  She wanted, she needed, more and decided to go home. 

As she exited her booth she froze in her tracks – damn it there he was!  He was about to enter the booth opposite hers... she couldn't remember his name, she’d only met him and his wife once at a dinner party of a mutual friend, too late, he'd seen her.  He panicked, hung his head hoping she hadn't recognized him and quickly turned to walk away.  Her heart was racing, her first instinct - make a run for the parking lot, but she stopped. 

Why run - they were there for the same reasons, for the same thing, why pretend now?  She stared at him as he ambled around casually looking over the selections, hoping she would leave so he could enter one of the booths and accomplish his mission.  He jangled the quarters in his pocket nervously and glanced over to see if she was still there – she was.  She gave him a devilish smirk and he turned away again, walking toward the exit this time.  Had she intimidated him, or was he thinking the same thing she was?  Either way she was going to follow him out, to awkwardly apologize and assure him his secret was safe with her or stamp out the smoldering fire in her belly, she didn't know. 

As she exited the store and turned the corner she saw him making his way to a minivan in the furthest corner of the parking lot.  She began to walk faster, the clicking of her heels on the pavement echoing in her ears, but barely audible over the buzzing in her head. 

Just as he was about to put the key in the driver’s door he looked back to see who was following him and saw her coming towards him… he was stunned.  In the dimly lit rows of the booths he could she was attractive, but in the full, early morning light he realized how gorgeous she was.

 The routine she’d developed for her now regular smut shop road trips spawned a uniform of sorts; one of her least confining short sun dress, the highest, slutiest fuck me heels she had, a spacious shoulder bag with her toy du' jour and a bottle of lube, no bra, no panties. It served two purpose; maximum freedom and access to her naughty parts in the confined spaces of the video booths and feeding her fantasy of whore on the prowl - it worked for her, especially today.    Her long shapely legs flowed out of the bottom of her flimsy dress, her more than ample breast bounced with each step, her long blonde hair trailing gently behind her in the breeze created by her brisk pace.   Could he really be this lucky he wondered, as an adrenaline stoked fever overtook him, the bulge in his crotch growing as he decide to rolled the dice.

The moisture began to drizzle out of Sarah’s steaming pussy and trickle on to insides of her upper thighs as she saw him go to the back of the minivan open the door and flip up the back seat, they were on the same page now and nothing needed to be said.  She walked up to him, pressed right up against him, closed her eyes and slipped her silky tongue between his parting lips, unzipped his pants and reached in to grab hold of the days catch.

She was on fire! 

They broke their deep, lustful kiss as he took one last look around to make sure nobody was watching and they climbed into the back of the vehicle.

There would be no foreplay, it wasn't necessary her fuck-hole was sopping wet and his cock was hard as a rock.  No more kissing, they wouldn't even bother shedding their clothes, she wanted him to fuck her fast, fuck her hard and nothing more.  He was more than willing to oblige. 

She dropped the two strings that held up her dress off her shoulders letting it fall slowly below her luscious breasts then lay back on the floor of the van.  She hiked up the bottom of her dress to expose her beautiful, naked tummy before grabbing her milky white thighs.  She put her high heels high in the air, pulled her knees toward to her shoulders near the sides of her magnificent firm tits and spread herself as far open as she could. 

On his knees in front of her now he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to the floor.  Her breathing grew rough and coarse; her mouth became dry as she gazed down at the tremendous piece of manhood hanging above her pouting slit.  Large and thick, rippled with bulging veins and gloriously crowned with a blood gorged bulbous head, a glimmer of moisture oozing out of the slightly opened hole.

One awkward moment now, as he reached into the pocket of his windbreaker, pulled out a gold and black condom with the words Magnum XL printed on it and began to tear it open.

"No, no condom, please." she pleaded in a whorish growl she almost didn't recognize as her own, the only words spoken between them that day. 

She wanted it hot, she wanted nasty and she wanted it dangerous that was the point she thought to herself.  He was happy to toss it aside and moved in between her welcoming thighs.  He slid a probing finger into her creamy hole, then a second, sliding them around the contours of her hungry cunt testing to see how slowly he needed to start.  She let out deep, satisfying moan, pulled her legs back, rocking her hips back just a bit further to signal her desire for him to plunge right in.

He took the hint, aimed his raging cock with his hand at her puffy, yearning lips and forced the tip and first inch in roughly. She let out a delightful squeal as their flesh joined.  Her tight body offered some resistance, but her juices were flowing and eased his entry, her sticky hot walls parting as he pushed further and deeper into her.  As he slipped into her welcoming body she let out a howl that stretched until he'd buried himself in her to the hilt.  He paused at the end and pressed up against her as she panted heavily, her satin smooth belly and shimmering, sweat coated breasts heaving erratically as she struggled to catch her breath and moaned like a good little whore.  She hadn't experienced this feeling of complete fullness since high school and reveled in it, cuming almost instantly, violently as he ground his pelvis into her throbbing clit.  The rhythmic convulsions of her pussy were just subsiding and he was sure she could take him as he began to fuck her in earnest.

He grabbed hold of her thighs spread them apart pushing them back as far as they would go and began to pound her overwhelmed pussy furiously with his throbbing, aching cock.  Her body hadn't even fully settled from the first waves of pleasure when another orgasm, every bit as intense as the first slammed against her.  Tears of ecstasy began streaming down her face as every part of her body shook uncontrollably and she wailed like a wounded animal between scattered, raspy breaths. 

The sounds of the assault taking place on the most delicate part of her body, the sloshing of her gushing womb engulfing every fiber of his fuck stick filled her ears and the smell of her juices and their sweat mixed in her nostrils.  Her legs dangle in the air like a rag dolls as the deepest parts of her trembled and she surrendered her body completely.  She slipped into a trance as the filthiness of what she was doing swirled in her clouded mind, she embraced the rapture of an orgasm that had no beginning or end and increased in intensity with each of his long strokes into her reaching parts inside of her never before explored.

"Oh god here it comes!" She thought to herself as she felt his body tensing, heard his breaths become deeper, was certain sure she felt his heartbeat being transmitted into her body through the pulsing in his cock and held her breath as he delivered a last few brutal pumps into her.

Her body lit up from the inside out as the rigid hunk of man flesh pushed into her and exploded deep inside her.  She shrieked loudly enough that she was sure the whole world could hear and struggled to keep from passing out as a seemingly endless stream of steaming hot cum spewed out of his pulsating tool, splashing against her insides and filling her with a warmth that made all the danger worth while.

He pressed hard against her grunting as the last drops of his seed emptied out of him, the swollen lips of her pussy straining to keep it all inside until it couldn't any longer and their delicious mixture of body fluids seeped out of the space that separated their tightly connected bodies and coated her tender inner thighs.  Her porn shop pick up was a real stud it seemed as even after expending himself into her his dick remained hard enough to drive nails.  There was a faint but audible plopping sound like a seal being broken as he withdrew from her and flood of hot goo rushed out of her and down the crack of her ass.

There was no post-fucking pleasantries, no words spoken, no exchanging of information.  Just as slightly awkward moment of silence as she piled her sumptuous bosom back into the little dress that was crumpled in a band around her ribs, pulled the hem down to cover her cum soaked crotch and stumbled out of the back of his mini van and to her car on the other side of the parking lot. 

As she drove home she rehashed the encounter in her mind, twirling her index finger a few times through the matted wisps’ of hair between her legs an flicking her finger tip in the puddle of sticky mess that was forming under her as the last droplets of him drained out of her and onto the leather seats.  She pulled into the garage and parked the car, laid her head back on the seat letting out a deep sigh only now realizing how deeply satisfied her body was, but already thinking about where and when another such encounter would take place.

And so the floodgate was opened and Sarah would spend the next few years traveling the area porn shops, adult theaters and truck stops picking up men for anonymous encounters during the day and playing the perfect trophy wife in the evenings. 

It could have gone on like that indefinitely except she became careless.  The internet was the perfect place to arrange no strings attached encounters at local hotels and motels.  First with one man at a time, then two and before long she'd become somewhat notorious in certain groups for the no limits gangbangs she setup for herself from time to time.  As the hook ups became more frequent and extreme she decided she wanted keepsakes to look at for those times when she couldn't get way.  Pictures were taken and she had been collecting them on her laptop and of course by shear accident Eric found them.

Up until now I was trying to be sympathetic of her predicament, but the reality was I was growing aroused as she recounted the events of the past few years yet Sarah had one more bomb to drop.  Some of the pictures Eric found of were encounters with her older brother Scott during holiday visits. 

Sure I the grown up in me knew it was wrong what she'd done to Eric, but these were the very kinds of escapades my husband and I fantasized and talked about together and having been with Sarah during similar romps as teenagers, knowing the sweetness of her body personally, I felt a deep connection to it all and liked what I was hearing, but that would have to wait for a more appropriate time.

Sarah had no intentions of adding insult to the injuries she'd already inflicted on her soon to be ex-husband and wouldn't take his money or the things he'd worked for before they met.  With no way to support herself, Sarah needed a place to stay, maybe for a while as she started over. 

Where else would she go?



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well i dont see any dirtyness, no scat no piss no nothing..bummer..seen better stuff
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CanadianCasanova Your stories are extremely hot!

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