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  By: mikesuf

It was a cool spring evening in March, when she sat there in the bar. She was there to relax from her hectic life of kids and studies. Dressed in black jeans and a black sweater with her hair up revealing her delicate neck, she watched a drop of moisture run down her glass onto the table as she chatted with a person at the table beside her.

He spotted her instantly as he entered the bar. He ordered a drink not taking his eyes off of her. After several minutes, he approached her and introduced himself. She smiled as she introduced herself. He asked if he could join her and she told him that would be fine.

They hit it off right away and sat there talking for a while. Until finally, he suggested that they go for a walk outside.

As they were walking along, he told her about himself. Things every woman wanted too know. He outlined his hopes and dreams as they walked along. He was very considerate and didn't try anything with her.

Eventually they stopped in an area that wasn't very well lit. He told her how beautiful he thought she was and that he'd really like to kiss her. When he asked if he could, she flushed with shock and excitement before she nodded silently. Leaning her against the building, he leaned down and pressed his soft lips to hers, gently, but firmly. Slowly, his arms wrapped around her waist, holding her close. After a few minutes, they broke the kiss. She was breathless.

When she opened her eyes, he smiled down at her. Desperately wanting to kiss her again, He searched her face for some kind of clue. When he didn't see any indication that she was gonna pull away, he bent forward to kiss her again. This time applying just a little more pressure. She still didn't pull away. He gently thrust his tongue forward, hoping that her lips would part and he would get to savor the taste and feel of her tongue on his. To his delight, they did. Their tongues danced together, not hungrily, but just touching.

The heat between them was obvious. He wanted her badly but he also didn't want it to feel like he was rushing her into something that she didn't want to do. His cock throbbed inside his jeans, begging to be released. He whispered in her ear that he wanted to go somewhere and be alone with her as he nibbled gently on her lobe. She nodded mutely.

Barely talking, they walked over to his car both feeling the pressure and anticipation of what could happen. They rode silently to his place, silently stealing glances at each other.

When they arrived, He came around and let her out, taking her in his arms as he shut the door. His mouth found hers and they kissed deeply but gently, the weight of his body pressed her against the side of the car. The bulge in his pants was completely obvious now.

Both of their hearts were racing. She told him she had never done anything like this before. He told her he'd be gentle with her and kissed her gently on the lips. He led her to his apartment and fumbled with the keys for a minute, laughing nervously as he mentioned that he hadn't done this much either.

Once inside the apartment, he pulled her to him again, searching for her tongue. Their mouths met and they kissed passionately. He told her that he really wanted to touch her. She didn't know what to say. Slowly, he brought one of his hands up from her waist and caressed her breast. He felt the hard nipple underneath the clothing and his cock twitched. Without even realizing it, they made their way to the sofa. He helped her to sit down and then began kissing her again. By this time, their breaths were coming mostly in short gasps.

For her part, the girl could not believe how turned on she was. There was a small part of her that was afraid of what she was doing but the rest of her loved it. It had been so long since she had felt truly wanted. This man was making her feel young again. She loved that he didn't do anything without asking her first. It was like he wanted to make sure she was ok with it, whatever it was he wanted to do.

Her heart started pounding in her chest when his mouth left hers and ventured, across to her earlobe and then down her neck to the little indent in her throat. Her panties were soaked already and he hadn't done any thing below her clothing.

Slowly, he lifted her sweater, watching her face for her reaction. Her eyes went wide for a moment and he hesitated. She just kept looking at him, not trying to stop him or get away, so he continued lifting her sweater. His breath caught in his throat when he saw what the black sweater concealed.

Her breasts were large and barely contained in the black bra. Her Abdomen wasn't flat, but he didn't care. He still thought she was beautiful. Her black jeans were still fastened, but he hoped to remedy that before the night was over. He bent over, kissed her abdomen, and then worked his way back up. He rubbed his lips over the material covering her nipples, now swelling inside the bra. They kissed for a while and his hands worked their way around to her back.

Skillfully, he unclipped her bra. She breathed in sharply, now that her breasts were released from their confines. He looked into her eyes then and brushed a piece of hair out of her face. Her face was all flushed and he guessed that his was too. Then he leaned down to kiss her again. This time he worked his way down to her breasts. He moaned softly as he took one of her firm nipples into his mouth and gently sucked at it. She squirmed beneath his touch. The thoughts were racing through her mind. She didn't know what to think or what to do. She reached up and touched his body through his shirt. God, he was so warm! She wanted to feel his body. She was confused, but she finally made up her mind. She started pulling at his shirt. She told him to take it off. He didn't know what to do at first, but then he pulled away and removed the shirt. A small moan escaped from her throat. He grinned.

Things became a blur after that. She touched his chest and ran her hands over it. He tingled at her touch. He pulled her sweater and bra off and threw them aside. His lips went again to her delicious breasts and he took the nipple in his mouth and played with it with his tongue. Then he moved back to her mouth and their tongues fenced. His hands played over her body, over her breasts, her ass. Finally, when he could stand it no more he began tugging at her pants. She didn't push him away. He unsnapped the button of her jeans and the zipper slid down. She was wearing silky panties underneath and that excited him. His cock ached inside his own jeans, but he didn't want to rush this. He wanted to make it last.

He leaned down and kissed her navel. She squirmed and moaned under his ministrations. Gently, he peeled her jeans off her body. She lay there in just her panties, breathless. He gazed over her body, not believing his luck.

She lay there, watching him standing over her. She was naked except for the soaked panties that covered her crotch. He leaned towards her and kissed her. He worked his way down, pausing at each breast to suck deeply. He nibbled down her stomach and then down past her panties. He buried his nose in her crotch and breathed her scent in. He shivered. As he moved away from her crotch, she reached out and stroked his head. He looked up at her and grinned.

She was so wet and hot that she couldn't stand it anymore. She wanted release, but he just teased her more. Finally, she pushed him back and reached for the button on his jeans. She tugged at it. He laughed and asked her if she wanted him to take them off. She nodded

. He stood up and removed the jeans. His cock sprang to attention instantly, as he was not wearing any underpants. She made a moaning sound deep in her throat. He laughed again. Then he bent down, kissed her again, and worked his way down to her panties again. She was panting now in anticipation. He pressed his mouth against her panties and ate her pussy through her panties. She bucked uncontrollably against his face. He pulled her panties down, but not off her hips and flicked his tongue across her clit. She shrieked with delight. He dove deeper in then, since he knew she was enjoying it. She was pulling at his hair now. Her pussy was so wet that it was hard for him to tell if she had had an orgasm at first. Finally, when she could stand it no longer, she started pulling and pushing at her panties, until he pulled away and pulled them off. He leaned up and kissed her and she held on to him and let her tongue fence with his for a few moments.

He worked his way back down to her sopping pussy and dove right back in licking, sucking, and tongue fucking her little hole. Suddenly, she went stiff and exploded; her body jerking. She cried out at the relief, but she pulled at his face and his body. He sat up and so did she. Without any warning, she took his entire cock into her mouth. One of her hands caressed his full ball sack. He couldn't believe this. He didn't want the sensations to stop. One of his hands reached down and played with her still-wet pussy. She moaned.

Suddenly, he couldn't stand it anymore. He looked at her and asked if she wanted him inside of her. He leaned down and kissed her. She reached for his cock and pulled him towards her. Their hearts were pounding so loud.

He stopped momentarily to put a condom on and then he returned to her arms. He kissed her and looked into her eyes. Then he started rubbing the head of his cock along the slit of her hole. She started lifting her hips to meet him. He slipped the head in and then out again. Her breathing became quite rapid and her muscles tightened. She was ready! With that, he plunged his cock all the way into her. They moved together, but not for long. They were both too heated up to last long. Within a short time, he exploded and she came right after him. They lay there for a few minutes. Then he kissed her gently and said thank you. They got dressed again and he drove her back to her car. They promised to try to meet up again soon.

She drove home tingling and hoping that it wasn't a dream. --


The End


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