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Four months Mikes father had been trying to get Jill Pregnant but had aparently been shooting blanks, they put the pregnancy thing on hold for a month as Mike's father had to leave for a month, Mike always lusted after Jill even though she was about eighteen when he was born he like her full perky natural double d chest firm lips and Her natural tan from her Costa Rican background.


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  All month Mike who is now eighteen, ashamed of it, had been drugging Jill with fertilly drugs and these pills that His friend said Would "maximize her climax".

  Mike was laying on his bench Just finished lifting he found his shorts yanked off snd thos full lips of jill's wrapped arpund his raginig hard on she had to be sucking for thirty to forty minutes regardless of the fact that she had him tossing and moaning, she then stood up so he could she her staring at him.

   "thats the biggest thing i ever sucked, you gotta be about 6 inches longer than your father at least four incjes round" Mike just smiled at her , stood up naked as her picked her up and through her on her and his dads bed then tore off her clothes he went in for a kiss she told him "i want that entire thing in my pussy now, we only got 4 hours before i have to pick you dad up from the airport" she wrapped her legs around his waist as he fed it into her pussy, she told him his dad was actually her first, that explained why she was so damn tight, he was thrusting and thrusting and finaly was making it fit when she got all of it she started riding him she felt her self fill with his semen she started to kiss him lightly she wispered into his ear "i love your cock."

she then looked up to see her husband staring at her cumm filled body he said "i will get the divorce papers in the morning if this is what you want she chased him down to tell him she loved him then after mike left for work his father tried to make love to her but it wasnt the same she was kinda loose he got no feeling from her pussy, but he never said anything as he loved her still.

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