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  By: mikesuf

Today was the best day of my life. I was on the way to a house I am doing some interior work to prepare it to be sold. I was on the highway when I saw these to two hot looking school girls hitch hiking.


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Now don't get the wrong idead, i checked their driver's license's and they were both 18 but was not out of high school yet. I asked why they were'nt in school and they said they were bored and wanted to find some fun. That was my cue to pitch an idea for fun and let them make some money two. How would you two like to get paid for some fun and make me a happy old man. What do we have to do they asked, exactly what I tell you to do i replied. The more you obey the more money you make.

They talked quietly to each other and then answered ok if you promise not to hurt us. I won't hurt you unless your both virgins. No we are not the answer I got in return.

I pulled the van into the garage of the house I was working on knowin I was to be alone that day and grabbed a sleeping bag from the van and escorted the ladies inside. They told me their names was Jordan and Jennifer as I set up a video camera. Ok girls I told them as I spread the sleeping bag open on the floor. I want you two to start out making love to each other. Huh!! was the answer I got, Kneel on the bag and start kissing each other slowly the get more hotter. The got on their knees and and slowly started kissing each other. Now that ain't so bad is it, no its not was the answe I got as their kissing got hotter and hotter.

Now grope each other asses and tits which they did. Now slowly undress each other. Iwas with an eager hardon as the two girls slowly took each others clothes off until they was naked. Suck each others titties I told them and they did. Now Jordan you lay on your back and Jennifer you kneel over her with your pussy over her face. They did as they were told and then i told to lick each other pussy. We are not lesbian they told me, I told them you don't have to be lesbians to eat pussy. Just ry it or we can finish right now and you can leave with a $50.00 instead of a couple of hundred. Thegirls look at each other and slowly lowered their heads into each others pussies.

I saw two little pink tongues come and lick their first pussy and then some more. So the girls were eating each others pussies and loving it. I watched as they orgasmed together and did'nt stop licking pussy. Now Jennifer I'm going to play the part of your step father and I come home and find you two playing with each other. Just go with the flow as you hear me say Jennifer!! loudly. Ok she said.

Jennifer!! what are you doing with Jordan. You nasty girls, wait til your mother comes home and I tell her what you girls were doing. Please don't daddy she answered. Good I whispered and gave her a wink. Why should'nt I tell her I answered and Jordan said beacause of this and both girls knock me unto the couch and climbed into my lap. Please Jennifer, what would your mother say if she caught us. Mom won't be home til late so she'll never have to know

They opened my pants and pulled my cock out and began licking and sucking on it. Two hot little tongues on my cock got me hard real fast. I positioned them so I could finger each of their pussies while they sucked on my hard cock. After a bit I pick Jennifer and Jordan up and we went over to the sleeping bag. I laid on the floor and sat Jennifer on my hard cock and watched side her pussy down my cock. I had Jordan sit on my face facing Jennifer so they could continuing kissing and fondling each other.

Jennifer soon came and traded places with Jordan. Of course I had a rubber on so we continued fucking and sucking for a while longer when I knew Iwas going to shoot my load I had the girls put their faces down at my cock and filled their mouths and faces and tits with cum. The girls and I laid there a bit then I turned the camera off. We sat and talked while still naked then the girls attacked my cock again and round two started. When we finall finished I gave them a ride to the mall and gave each of them $400.00 dollars and got their phone numbers. We are palnning to make another movie soon

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unknown    (2009-06-12 08:53:33)    Flag as inappropiate
I liked it too, especially the facial at the end ;-)
shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-20 14:08:36)    Flag as inappropiate
your a dirty boy, and I like it!

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