The Carpet Rub - He didn   added 7 years ago    

  By: naida

The Carpet Rub - He didn't want to be unfaithful to his girlfriend.

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I was working as a temp in westfield shopping centre during the christmas it was so busy and as i was getting paid by the hour there were a lot of work which carried me on till midnight.

There was no transport for me to get to Hemel and i was waiting for our boss to authorize the cabs for us. Just then this cute guy who was also working in another shop came to me and we started talking, I knew he was eyeing me for the whole day and he was cute.

Instead of the cab, we all were given £60 each i was hoping not to spend it so i asked him if he live near my place so we could share a cab? but he said why dont you come to my place and you dont have to pay for the cab? so i could save the money and as the place was very close to westfield i could lie in longer next day.

I smiled.. oke... and i said ok. When we got home he told me that he already has a girl and he cant be unfaitful to her but if i like we could have some fun here.

I liked his integrity and for a moment wanted to test it so i agreed. He put the lights down and put on some slow music.

He said that as we are tired lets take a shower.. oh it was so nice. I knew that he dont want to have sex so first i went in the bath room and took my cloths off, I left the door open half way and got in the shower.

He followed suit soon and we were both carassing each other and putting shower gel on. It was wonderful, his dick was so hard that i started rubbing against it slowly.

He was rubbing my brests which felt so soft and warm. I nipples were quite erect and kind of reddish. Just then he kissed me on the lips which lasted an eternity. Then he looked at me with naughty eyes and said ok are you ready to play? Oh i was ready thats for sure.. I said "yes"

We came in to his bedroom and he asked me to laydown on the carpet. It was a red carpet, almost the colour of by nipples.. he asked me to start rubbing my nipples on the carpet.. the carpet was rough and i almost instantly felt a ripple going accross by body, I had agreed so i said ok and went in a cow style and started rubbing my nipples to his carpet.. I never imagined how sexy it could be. He started kissing my feet.. well ok i was not in to it but it was another new sensation he kept putting each of my thumb in his mouth and licked it then moved slowly to my ankles and thights while i was rubbing my erect nipples to his carpet.

ok, i have to confess, I had already come by then and was quite wet. I started riding towards the second wave of orgasm when he put his fingers in my pussy and ass.. oh another new sensation, he kept on, kept on going deeper and deeper until i came again.

My nipples were raw and i could not do it anymore.. it was almost as if he knew what i was thinking becuause he told me to laydown on my back on the bed.

I was quite tired after working all day and two orgasams but I was tingling all over I wanted to play with that hard shaft of his and again it was as if he knew what i was thinking. He presented his dick to me and I smiled, I started nibbling on to it and soon I was on another wave of orgasam. We both came at the same time and he did not take it out of my mouth until i had sollowed it all in and milked it all that i could till the last drop.

So no we didnt have sex, but I am not complaining hehe..oh i felt so naughty.

The night was magical, we both went to sleep and next day as I was working on the shop floor he intentionally press his shoulder and rubbed against me, instinctively I made a sound "ah..." and he looked at me and smiled, oh i had a wave of shiver run accross my body.

What does he have in mind tonight... i wondered.

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CanadianCasanova    (2009-01-15 15:42:44)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Good story!

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