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Since Lucy had seduced me a month before, we’d spent a lot of time together. I’d quickly matured from a 19 year old virgin to a 19 year old lover, confident as a result of her expert tutoring. The ten years gap in our ages made a lot of difference. She’d been so sensitive in helping me gain that confidence, and so patient helping me live out my naïve fantasies. Not to say she hadn’t enjoyed it. And during that month, and with a few hints from her, our lovemaking had become a little more sophisticated and I got the impression that I might almost be satisfying her.


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We’d just finished a slow and sensual session when she said she wanted to try something different. “I told you before that when I eventually play out my fantasy, I’d have a friend over”. Her tone held authority and there wasn’t going to be any discussion on this one; her voice had thickened, and wasn’t quite steady. I could tell her mind was already somewhere else. She told me to come over the next day around noon.


So when I arrived, I wasn’t surprised to see a second car in the drive. I felt a little apprehensive, not sure how to start a conversation with a stranger when I was pretty sure something special was about to happen. I was still 19. Do you say “How do you do?” and shake hands with someone you’re about to fuck.


I needn’t have worried. Lucy opened the door as I was about to open it, and led me by the hand into the large airy open plan kitchen sitting room. The windows were all open and there was lunch on the table, salad, fruit, beers, fresh bread, fruit. It smelled and looked good and I was hungry and not just for lunch.


“This is my new man” she laughed, introducing me to Linda. Linda was taller and slimmer than Lucy, dark hair, and she seemed quieter, more pensive, more serious. Her smile was hesitant but in no way unfriendly, and her eyes were warm. She was a little older than Lucy, maybe early 30s, but her mini was shorter than Lucy’s normal mid thigh skirt; her legs and ass were drop-dead gorgeous. It was September and both women were suntanned and lean and fit from a good summer, lots of outdoor living. They smelled of summer and fresh fruit. “Hi” I said and yes, we shook hands!


Linda held my hand firmly and her eyes twinkled when she said hello. “I’ve heard a lot about you” she said. Her voice was lower than Lucy’s, and very even. She looked at Lucy and raised her eyebrows in question. They had it all worked out between them. Lucy nodded and before I really had time to understand what was passing between them, Linda said “will you take your shirt off and lie down over there”. She pointed to the other side of the dining table where I hadn’t noticed a big pile of cushions spread around on the floor. I hadn’t expected things to move so fast and looked questioningly at Lucy for her confirmation. “Do it” she said, her face flushed, “but not just your shirt. Take everything off.”


I did as they asked, and the women brought heaped plates of salad across to the cushions. They put the ham and salad straight onto my stomach and crotch, and Linda poured on some dressing. When you toss a salad in a bowl, you use salad servers. When you toss a salad on a teenager’s stomach, you use your hands, in this case four of them. The sensation was gorgeous and even better when they started to eat straight from my skin. Baby tomatoes and seedless grapes slid down my thighs beside my balls. The feeling of two tongues was too good. Lucy alternated between kissing me and eating from me. Linda looked a little shyer, a bit uncertain. “Okay” said Lucy, “it’s my fantasy, and I lead, okay?”. Linda seemed to be reassured by that, and I was happy for sure.

“Kiss him” said Lucy, and Linda positioned herself above me, and kissed me for the first time. She started lightly and our tongues met. The kiss went on and on. I slid the tip of my tongue over her perfect white teeth. “Mmmm, he’s good” she said. “Very tasty. I want more” and with that, she took a small tomato with her teeth from my stomach and kissed it into my mouth. I chewed at it but before I could swallow, she pushed her tongue into my mouth, and delved deep.

“Fuck his face” said Lucy, and Linda stiffened, looking nervously into my eyes for a reaction. I smiled, and she smiled back. She got up and put a large cushion under my head, then undressed quickly and my hard-on got harder - she was pure perfection. Facing Lucy and my throbbing cock straining through the salad, she knelt over my head, her thighs against my cheeks. She started gently rubbing her cunt against my hair, my forehead, and I felt the warm smooth wetness. Lucy was watching, her lips parted, smiling. From the table, she took a big carrot and dipped it into the french dressing; she slipped off her French knickers, raised her skirt and delicately at first, started to fuck herself.

“Here” she said looking at me, “have a taste of this”. And she put the end of the carrot into my mouth. “Let me too” said Linda, and taking the carrot, she did the same. She was pretty turned on and the carrot went more deeply into her cunt each time, and the carrot glistened and when she offered it to me, I slurped it hungrily. Linda was getting really carried away, and slid her cunt over my eyes and nose. And then Lucy put her tongue to work on my prick.


Linda was watching Lucy’s head moving to the slow rhythm of my thrusts. Lucy looked up into her friend’s face and smiled, then lay down next to me, on her back, head on cushions. “Give me that carrot” she said and put it between her teeth, pointed upwards to the ceiling. I guess this wasn’t the first time, because Linda knew what to do.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Moving away from me, and then kneeling over Lucy’s face, she fingered the carrot into herself and gently slid herself up and down. After a couple of minutes, Linda broke the carrot in two, and put the smaller piece back between Lucy's teeth, and continued fucking on it, her juices dribbling down the carrot. Lucy’s fingers stroked Linda’s gorgeous ass, her middle finger lightly circling and entering her anus. Linda’s thrusting got a little harder and feeling a bit left out, I started to get up. “Just wait” mumbled Lucy, her mouth almost full of carrot and Linda’s juices, “I might need you soon. But then if you’re bored, see if you can get some of those little tomatoes into Linda’s arse; she really likes that.”

With the olive oil, it should have been easy, but Linda was close to a massive cum on that carrot, still held firmly between Lucy’s teeth, and she was starting to buck harder. I did them both a favour, and gently removed the carrot, and with one hand under Lucy’s head, and the other pressuring gently down on Linda’s shoulder, it was a real delight to watch as Lucy lips welcomed Linda’s labia. With one hand resting on Linda’s back, I rimmed her oiled ass with my fingers while Lucy’s tongue continued to pleasure her. While oiling Linda from ass to cunt, I let my fingers trail into Lucy’s mouth, feeling her tongue encircle them.


This was beyond anything I’d done, and I was at a loss; I needed to fuck something or I was going to just waste a massive orgasm. I stood up, and with feet wide either side of Lucy’s head, I held my engorged cock touching Linda’s lips. She opened her eyes wide, and then opened her lips wider. She licked and sucked and we came together, she into Lucy’s mouth. Linda swallowed well, but some of my cum dribbled down onto Lucy’s forehead. And Linda squirted at the same time, so poor Lucy was a bit of a mess. Linda and I went down on our knees and licked her face clean, which was a waste of time, because moments later, Linda went down on Lucy, 69. They moved a lot and having just cum, I relaxed simply watching their pleasure, my passion spent for the moment. I went back to leisurely oiling Linda’s ass, and teased her with a small cucumber. The way her ass strained upwards towards my hand made it clear this was a bit of a favourite with her. I fingered her oiled anus, and by now, fully excited again, with my knees on either side of Lucy’s head, I started slowly to fuck Linda’s sweet ass. Our moans were reminiscent of three Prokofiev cellos, and our orgasms were worthy of a truly grand finale.


Tired, a little sore, but all very happy, we lay together, the two women each half over me, and we started discussing what we could do with the ice cream and raspberries.






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very hot story!

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