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  By: bogli_ako

This was my long fantasy I have been keeping for some time now. I am married for 5 years now and I have married my husband not for his looks but for safety.
He has a decent job but to tell you the truth he is not handsome but not that ugly also. He is okay but having sex with him for five long years
I have never felt orgasm during penetration.


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So one day, he was lying in bed I took the courage to tell him this watching a movie where the theme is the wife having an affair with another guy.

Hey honey, what will you do to me if I try to taste other men?

"What?" did I hear it right?

Yes, just asking you know?

"Oh well, that's okay with me..."

My husband agreed? What the fuck is this?

"Honey are you serious? I would like to find a handsome men that could fuck me and bring me to orgasm."

"Yeah I have no problem with that."

Agreeable husband. ... Hmmm something is not right.

"You will not divorce me even after I taste other men?"

"No. I will not. You can do whatever you want!"

"Oh so I have your permission to fuck other men?"

"Hell yes if that's what you want.!"

Honey I am just joking.... You know that I love you very much and I wont do this or even try to do this.

Weeks past after the conversation and I was coming from the bank when I arrived at home.

I saw four guests sitting at the couch watching the news.

"Hey honey, this is Robert, Jim, Jack and Dex".

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Ah they are my friends at the golf club. I invited them for dinner with us"

These men are well built. Jack was exceptionally handsome. Jim was also handsome and I can tell that he has a huge dick you can tell from the pants he is wearing

Oh so we need to prepare dinner for them then.

"No don't worry, I ordered pizza and drinks already. They should be arriving anytime soon." my husband replied.

I went to change my dress and prepare the table.

While waiting my husband opened bottle of drinks. We chatted about our lives make jokes.

The pizza arrived and I started preparing them on the table.

While having dinner, I can see that Jim and Dex keep staring at me while my husband is busy talking with Jack and Rudy.

Dex wisphered in my ear. "Jessica, I would love to fuck you here in front of your husband and my three friends"

I blushed while my husband was so busy chatting with other friends.

I wisphered back. "Well, you liked but my husband will kill you!".

My husband excuses himself to grab more drinks as we are running out. He ordered for delivery but the guy on the other side said there is no delivery
anymore since everyone left somewhere and if we wanted, we could pick it up.

So we arranged Jim to pick it up so the four of us can finish the remaining bottles.

All of us were so drunk already but we need more drinks.

Dex said, I will fuck you and your husband will not object.

He started kissing me on the neck. I was stunned. I felt some electricity went on me.

I was looking at my husband and he is laughing with the stories the other men were discussing.

I allowed Dex to continue. It pleases me more ...

He grabbed my arm and lead me hands to his pants. He started caressing my breasts.

"What the fuck Dex? Have you got many drinks and you have the courage to fuck my wife?" my husband screamed.

"Well, she's so hot. What can I do. I know you wont agree but it's too late, I already started"

"Honey? And you promised not to do this?"my husband said.

Well, they are here and you brought them here. So this opportunity will not pass.

My husband continue his drinks while Jack joined in the fun.

They undress me slowly. They started fondling my breasts and my cunt while my husband sits there watching  between me and the TV.

Jack ordered me to suck his dick. I obeyed without hesitation. Dex slips his toungue into my wet cunt. He sucks my clits. Ooooh this is so nice.

We were interrupted briefly when Jim came back with the supply.

He joined the party.

I was having three cocks at the same time.

He dude, why don't you join us and make your wife happy tonight?" Asks Dex.

Mother fuckers, fuck my wife and make her happy.

I could hear from my husbands voice a tone of encouragement.

We continued to fuck and all my holes are filled with cocks.

They even tried to put one in mouth, one in my arse, and one in my pussy.

They are all busy caressing, riding me.

It felt so good when Dex starting to pull up and down his dick on my pussy.

They alternately fuck me and I reached orgasm for the first time in history.

I reached orgasm many times that night.

Everyone was so damn tired when we finished. I was so sleepy when my husband told me to wake up.

Doorbell rang and six tall handsome men came in. They fetch me and brought me to the bedroom.

I was too tired to feel anything.

When I woke up in the morning I saw my husband watching a porn movie.

Fuck, you filmed me while this guys are fucking me?

"Yes honey!" You just starred in a new movie "Gangbang My Wife".

Honey, will there be part II?

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hotbody2    (2009-06-13 03:10:40)    Flag as inappropiate
I hope she said sure, there will be part two and I hope you tell us about it.

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