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  By: Jacepk

I was never really all that great in English class plus it was the last class of the day so i was already rather tired of everything else. I was the one who sat in the front who didn't try that hard at anything. I always had a thing for the teacher so of course I sat in the front. The teacher liked wearing revealing clothing something simple like a black dress and some pink panties that usually showed when she bent over as well as soft black nylon stalkings. Her name was Miss Katti, yes she was a miss. A very pretty miss.


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I always though of her as I had my hands propped up looking at her backside. I dreamed of her nude while she talked on about English. I was not particularly always called on so I figured id shut my eyes and then it turned to sleeping. You always noticed that and took down notes. One day you got really annoyed with me as I started chatting with a friend next to me. You over heard something about my interest in ball busting and control with bdsm and reinforcement. The class was over and you told me to stay behind."Jason, please stay behind I have something to discuss with you hon."You say as you sit there on the top of the desk. You cross your legs then clear your throat. "Sit down it might be a while, but before you do please shut the door."

I give a heavy gulp. "y..yes Miss K" i say as I do as I'm told. I sit down on the stairs that reach to the other desks. There are a few rows because it was a small class. I then look at your face and give a uneasy smile.You uncross your legs. "Come here boy...right under me."you tell me as you point with finger right to the floor, good thing it was carpeted. I kneel before you in awe. I thought i was in trouble for something else, from what i could tell anyway. I clear my throat but before i could say anything you lean down and take my chin delicately at first. "I over heard some interests of yours dear, is this true that you enjoy being a submissive toy?" I give you a nod and you give me the oddest smirk id never seen in your expressions. You grip my chin slightly rougher and pull me closer to your legs. "well dear, I'm here to make a dream come true." I give a gasp then you grab my hair and pull me up to your chest. I breath heavy as you hold me by my hair close to your breasts.

Yours and my own heart beating heavy as you held me in place a bit longer. I dare not struggle because why would i in this situation id always wanted this to happen. My mind races with thoughts as you said my dream shall come true. I feel your warm hands grabbing my ass cheeks. You squeeze tightly and i stand up a bit and you push me back down on the floor. You stand up with your high heels close to my crotch. You tell me in a soft yet stern voice "Play time has just begun." You kneel down and your knee presses against my jeans. My cock slightly harder showing a buldge now. You knead my cock with your knee some more as your hands played with my t-shirt. You pulled my t-shirt off and took your hands slowly down my body over my stomach to my pants. You unbutton them and smirk. I shake about but you hold me still as you pulled my pants right off at that point.

You laugh seeing that im wearing frilly pink panties. You laugh a bit more then grin at me. "ooh boy, i have such great plans for you after school at my place. Lets just say it involves some interesting attire." You feel my hard cock between my frilly pink panties. With your warm hands you rub my hard and slightly wet cock from excitement. You quickly get up and grab some lube from your desk and rub it along my hard cock. I panted heavily as you applied the lube generiously between my legs and up my ass. I moan loudly and with your lubbed hands you hold my mouth shut. I can taste a bit of my own pre from your hands. I calm down briefly before you pinch my nose and hold my mouth. Your mouth licks my ball sack then against the hard shaft. You pull back my foreskin and lick the head roughly. I give a light whine but you bite down on the head and i then let out soft moans.

You release my mouth and nose and spread my legs wide. You drag your nails down my legs leaving light scratch marks. You nuzzle into me roughly then get up and grab something from the desk. The object off the table was a Vibrating dildo. You push it infront of my lips and yell at me to lick it nice and slick. After i have thoroughly licked and slurped it you lube it up with actual lube then roughly shove it up my ass. I let out a loud cry and you give me a slap to my face saying." BAD BOY Take it and like it!"

You tsk tsk with your fingers then then push it in and out making my ass hole bigger with each thrust. You pull upward and insert a finger hooking upward toward my prostate. You wiggle that finger as your other hand held the Vibrator. You release the hand holding it and tell me and demand that i not stress and release it or else. You hold onto my hard cock and stroke it repeatedly. You stroke it till i cry out from the rough pressure on the tender meat. You ask me politely and sternly when and if i was about to come. Of course your intention was not to let me cum even after you learned when i was close to it. You gripped my balls and squeezed till i squeeled. "OWW" i cried out.


I release the vibrator and you give me a dirty look. You slap my cock around then you stand up and step on the head. You do it over and over till its purple and swollen. You smile. "ooh no it looks like my pet needs to see the nurse... You grab a soaked rag and put it over my mouth. I pass out from the gasses in the rag.

I feel a sharp pain in my groin as i wake up in the nurses office. You are standing above me with a CBT collar. Its fitted around my cock tightly also with holes supporting my balls. You were now wearing a Nurse outfit it was a dark black and red color. You set a tray next to the table with some covered tools/toys. You smirk and trace your nails along my collared cock. "so how far are you enjoying this my little pet?"You tap my hard cock with the tip of your black nails. You grab a pair of purple latex gloves and put them on one by one making them snap and each snap my cock twitchs. I pant heavy wondering what you have planned...

You had a needle that appeared rather empty. Apparently i just woke up just after you injected me with something. I felt rather hot and feverish. You patted my forehead and sighed. "my my dear..you seem to be coming down with something.."You would say as you pulled out a thermometer. I figured i had a idea of where that was going to go and to my surprise i was wrong. You pushed that thing deftly into my tight hard cock which was now burning. She laugh and smirk. "that little drug in you should make you rather horny. You grab my balls tightly between your gloved hands and lean down to lick them a bit. I give a long drawn out shudder. It felt like you had bit into my balls but the only thing you really did was lick them. I cried out and you shook your head letting your long hair fall onto my chest. You swished your hair abit then took a hand and swished it around your shoulder. I felt the thermometer against my stomach which could only mean you had just taped it in place. Sure enough i had my suspicions right. I groaned as you played with the thermometer pushing and pulling it in and out. "uuhhh.."i whined weakly. You pulled it out and shook your head.

 You checked the thermometer and said "tsk tsk tsk" you my dear have a very heavy fever. I gave a frown and wiggled about. You take the thermometer and then abrubtly shove it into my ass. I give a loud whimper and she put your hands over my mouth and nose. I gave heavy pants as i couldnt breath. You held it there till i "tapped out" so to speak. You watch me in my bonds as i breath heavy trying to get air. You release your grip and hold onto my obviously hard cock. You grab a catheter lead and feed it into my very hard and horny cock. I twitched as it was fed til as far as possible. I gave a cry as it dripped fluid from one end of the tube to a container on the floor. I shut my eyes and tears dripped. You saw my distress and only laughed at my misfortune.


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