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Train Ride


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The Naughty Meter

Your second evening on the train starts off very frustrating. Your first evening was amazing. You had a private coach room. You had found the movement and rhythm of the train very erotic. In the darkness with the countryside flashing before your eyes you had indulged in fantasy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Carefully locking the door you had loosened your clothing and started touching yourself. Closing your eyes and feeling the movement of the train you had pictured a lover in the coach with you. Your hands wandered over your body touching and caressing. You had removed your bra under your shirt and taken some time to caress your breasts, feeling the hard nub of your nipple. You had stripped your panties off under your skirt and allowed your hand to run up your thighs, ever so slowly. When your fingers finally touched your pussy it was wet and open. You had spent some time coming close to climax and then backing off. Your fantasies played across your mind like the scenery playing across the windows. Finally the movement of the train, the fantasies and your naughty fingers were too much and you climaxed like you never had before.

Tonight you were looking forward to another erotic solo performance. You had even stopped during the day at a seedy little shop and bought a vibrator to pleasure yourself with, only to be sadly disappointed when darkness fell. You had already removed your panties and inserted the batteries in the vibrator. You had already thought of the fantasy you were going to indulge in when the conductor knocked at the door. Very apologetically he informed you that you had to share the room this night. The train was overbooked and your room was to be a double.

I walk into the small room. I look around the small compartment with the narrow beds. My eyes travel across your body. I notice the beauty of your face, the swell of your breasts under your shirt and your legs ending in a short skirt. I find myself extremely turned on and my mind starts fantasizing about my hands on your body. I notice your frustration so quietly I take off my jacket and lay down on the bed giving myself up to the movement of the train.

Some time passes and my breathing becomes regular. After some time you take this to mean that I have fallen asleep. You have decided that it would be a huge turn on to finger yourself with someone else in the room. Slowly your hand travels between your legs to your wet cunt. You start slowly fingering yourself, inserting your finder deep inside and then slowly touching every inch of your wet slit. In no time at all you are finding yourself moaning ever so softly as the train rocks forward.

I hear you moans and understand what you are doing. I can feel my cock hardening. After a while I decide that I have to make a move. I clear my throat and listen to your soft gasp. I offer my assistance, telling you that I have always found that a tongue can du much better than a finger.                                                                                                                                            You are s hocked and offended but a part of you longs for such an encounter. Hardly believing that you are doing this you spread your legs across the small cot and pull your skirt up over your hips exposing your wet pussy. You can’t even speak you are so nervous. I kneel in front of the cot and start kissing your thighs, licking closer and closer to your center. When I finally taste you I find you wet and open. You taste of sex. My tongue finds your clit and I start to make circles around it. My finger inserts deep into your pussy and begins to stroke you. I feel your hips arch against my face and rock with the rhythm of the train. You climax with a long cry. I pull my head back and lick my lips, tasting your cunt. I tell you that I hoped that will ease your night and lie down on my bed.

You lay in languor for a few minutes and then decide to do something completely out of character. You slowly get up and come over to my bed. Kneeling in front of my bed you tell me that it’s only fair that you return the favour. I start to speak but you cut me off. You tell me that there is to be no talking. You slowly unbutton my jeans and pull my underwear down. My cock is rock hard. A moan escapes from you lips                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             . You take your hands and run them up and down my shaft. My hips buck into the air. You take your tongue and run it all the way up my cock. You take some time to such on my balls. I find myself lost in the pleasure of your mouth. You take me into your mouth and start to suck me off. My hands are on your head as you bring me to climax. I attempt to warn you as I come but your keep sliding my cock up and down in your mouth. I feel myself explode in your mouth and feel you swallow every drop.

As I lay on the bed, in the dark, I see you stand u and take off the rest of your clothes. Your hands quickly strip me as well. You join me on the bed and I can feel every inch of your sexy body. My hands run all over you. I can feel your breasts pressed against me. I cup your ass with my hands. I can feel my cock start to harden again. You tell me that your behaviour has been shocking and appalling and that you need to be punished. You sprawl yourself across my lap with my cock painfully pressed against your flat stomach. Your hips are raised in the air exposing your unbelievable ass. Your legs are spread just a little and I can see your wet and open cunt. You order me to spank you. I take one hand and start fingering you and with the other hand I slap your ass. The sound of the slap mingles with the sound of your cry.

I continue fingering and spanking watching your ass turn red. I feel like exploding all over you. I take great delight in cupping your ass at the moment of the spank. Just at the point of climax you climb off my lap and kneel on the bed and ask me to fuck you. I know I won’t last long but I stand up and approach you. Your hair is sprawled across your back and your ass is in the hair. I can feel my cock between your legs and your wetness. I slowly insert my cock deep into your pussy and feel your hips arch against me. We merge our rhythm with the movement of the train. You cry in pleasure as you come and I feel myself emptying into your tight pussy.

We spend the rest of the night exploring each other’s bodies. In the morning when you wake I am gone leaving you to wonder if it was a dream or reality. Either way it was definitely a train ride to remember.

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