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Several weeks went by and I didn't hear from Heather. My thoughts occasionally drifted back to that afternoon we spent together so I was not unhappy when she finally contacted me again. When I saw her before, she had mentioned that she wanted to hire me to come by for her husband's birthday and she told me that it was coming up soon.

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But there was a catch. He had already invited several of his buddies to come over that day and she didn't want to tell him to cancel his birthday party just because she had gotten a call girl for him.

"Where does that leave us?" I asked her via instant messenger.

"I still want you to come over," she said.

"And ...?"

"I was thinking we could put on a show for the guys. I would make you cum for them," was her idea.
"They'd never be okay with that," I said. "They're going to want to cum, too, once they see that. If you want, I'll let them cum on me."

There was no response for a minute, then "okay, I didn't think of that." I was glad to be able to surprise HER for once.

We chatted for a bit more, agreed on all the details, and that was that. When the evening of her husband's birthday came around, I tried to dress cute and sexy for them so I put on a black and white top with red bows on the sleeves, a black skirt with red and white stripes, white knee-high socks, and red heels. To complete the effect, I tied my hair back into pigtails with red ties and put on a red barrette. I could hear a party going in the basement with several loud voices and it sounded like they were already drunk. This was going to be interesting at the very least. I went in the back door and met Heather and her husband, Jack, there. He was surprised to see me and Heather explained the birthday present. I could tell that he was definitely into it and I was pleased to see the undisguised lust in his eyes. We all had a few drinks together upstairs before Jack decided it was time to go back to the party.

Heather and Jack trotted me down to the basement where the party was going on. It was a big place and I was impressed. There was a full bar, a large TV, and a computer room off to the side. They even had a heater down there so it was nice and warm. Heather explained to everyone how this was going to go and they all cheered and congratulated Jack for having the coolest wife ever. I was glad that my friend was getting the credit for this, she deserved it.

There were about ten guys in the room, including Jack. The way this was going to go would be that I would lie down on the couch and Heather would make me cum with the vibrator. When that was all over, the guys would be allowed to cum on me. There was a round of applause as I laid down on the couch and pulled my panties down and took them off. Heather undid the front of my blouse and opened it up, exposing my breasts to the party. She knelt down next to me and started to kiss my breasts and rub my thighs. She knew how to get me excited and she did, and then she started to lightly finger me until I was really turned on. I could hear the guys cheering and making bets about who would cum the most.

Heather got me really turned on. When she turned on the vibrator, I tried to lose myself totally in the feeling so that I wouldn't think about the fact that nearly a dozen guys were going to watch me have an orgasm. As she brought me closer I started to squeeze my own breasts and run my hands along my body. It was over quickly and I came. It wasn't a really strong one, but it was definitely an orgasm. I thought we were almost over, but Heather had other things in mind. As my body started to cool down, she lifted my skirt again and started to kiss my trimmed pussy. I jumped when she first did but relaxed and let her continue after that. She alternated between licking me and rubbing me with her fingers and I came again, much stronger than before.

She didn't stop there. Heather clearly wanted to wear me out so she kept teasing me into full excitement. The third time she used the vibrator on my clit again, the fourth time she pushed it inside me and made me cum again. Then again, this time pushing it in farther while licking my clit. I lost count at the seventh orgasm and I really have no idea how long I was there. The evening was a blur. Looking back on it, I only have recollections of short flashes of that time ... asking someone to hold my arms down at one point, clutching Heather's body to me as she fucked me with the vibrator, biting her neck and holding onto her shirt for dear life as orgasm after orgasm wracked my body, and I think I even made myself cum once while she fondled me.

I couldn't give you the details of what happened that night except to tell you that it all happened in a rosy haze of lust, extacy, and white wine. It was like I was drugged. Maybe I was, but if so it was the best drug I've ever had. My brain literally failed me from everything I was feeling that night.

By this point my top was off and lying on the floor. My hair was matting to my cheeks and neck. My pussy had cum so many times it felt sore, raw, and barely able to stand another minute. It was almost painful to even put my legs together. Sweat glistened in the light making the golden skin of my breasts and chest almost glow. My skirt had dark spots where it clung to my thighs, and somehow my shoes had stayed on through all this. I lay back in the couch, sitting upright with my legs slightly apart and my arms splayed out to the sides, completely drained and exhausted. I couldn't have moved if I wanted to. Sitting there helplessly, I was totally and utterly spent and couldn't even talk.

I vaguely remember Jack standing directly in front of me with Heather behind him. She had his cock in her hands and was stroking him off, her fist slick with precum and her other hand cupping his balls. His pants were off and his shorts were pulled down to his thighs, and the rest of the men had stripped down to their shorts and most had their cocks in their hands. The next few minutes of my life were going to be very messy and I was looking forward to it.

I slid down off of the couch so that I was kneeling on the floor in between Jack's legs. He grunted once and put his hands on his hips as Heather stroked him as fast as she could. I lazily closed my eyes and waited and was rewarded a few seconds later when I felt a blast of warm cum hit my face. I was too tired to even think of moving out to the way so I just knelt there, letting his streaming ropes of seed take me as they would. As the second blast hit me, I savored the feeling of warmth as the cum started to slide down my cheeks to my chin. Another load hit me between my eyes and then Jack released himself one final time, streaking his cum down the center of my face.

Kneeling there, I felt used. A room full of men had watched me orgasm, watched this most intimate act. My sexual arousal and satisfaction was done only for their pleasure and now each of them, in turn, was going to stand over me with his cock in my face and release his satisfaction all over me. My final service to them was as a receptacle for them to paint their sexual dominance and to take out their sexual aggression. I had tried to make myself as attractive and feminine as I could and now I was going to let them degrade that in a most humiliating way. It turned me on.

Sensing my renewed excitement, Heather put the vibrator between my legs and then moved my hands down until they rested on it. She pushed it against me ever so gently and then put my thumb on the switch. We had only been together once, but she knew my body so well. I turned it on as I felt the heat from the next guy standing over me. A shudder went through my body and a few seconds later one went through his as he came on me. I didn't know who it was, I couldn't see what he looked like, I didn't know his name, but the powerful spurt of his seed landed on my face anyway.

I turned my face upwards as cock after anonymous cock stood over me. Some called me a slut. Some called me a whore. Some called me their cum dumpster. All came on me as I knelt there and took it, and they all wiped their cocks and hands off with my long black hair. By the third or fourth guy, I could feel the collected cum coating most of my face. By the sixth it was sliding down my neck and getting in my hair. By the ninth time a guy stood there, jerking off in my face, I had orgasmed again and could barely feel it as a fresh load of cum landed on my cumsoaked face. It was all I could do to avoid falling over because my thighs, crotch, and stomach were tense and sore and I was exhausted.

The last two men ejaculated on me. I was close to another orgasm. It could have been my thirteenth. Or fifteenth. I have no idea and I had lost count long ago. Turning the vibrator off, I reached between my legs and used my fingers to make myself cum one last time. My body shook as waves of orgasm rocked my already sore pussy. Still kneeling on the floor with my face turned up towards the ceiling, I felt the combined eleven loads of cum cooling on my body. I could feel it seeping into my hair, sliding down my cheeks and neck, hanging off of my chin, and I could even taste the cum that had found its way between my lips and into my mouth. As it started to cool, I could feel cum drying and solidifying on my face and the musty scent filled my nose.

I touched my chest and could feel that I was slippery with cum and sweat. It was all over me. I could even feel a rivulet tracing its way down my stomach and belly button until it soaked into my skirt. Wiping cum out of my eyes I was finally able to open them and look around. The guys had all gotten dressed again and were sitting around, spent. Even Heather was tired, sitting in between Jack's legs with her head resting against his knees. A rush of pride flushed through me as I thought about the fact that I had just satisfied eleven men. Eleven. My sexuality had turned them on to the point where they all orgasmed and I could feel the proof of that coating my face, my neck, and my chest. Even though I had submitted to them, allowed them to sexually humiliate me, and took their aggression however they wanted to administer it to me, I felt satisfied and content. Sexual service was my profession and I was very good at it, and that pleased me.

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outlawandy    (2009-10-14 09:32:22)    Flag as inappropiate
outlawandy Unbelieveable story! Sounds so good and you make me feel like i'm there!
dan560    (2009-01-05 19:22:35)    Flag as inappropiate
dan560 Great story, loved it !! your writing is great and your ablilty to immerse me in your story is amazing.
CanadianCasanova    (2009-01-04 20:57:56)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Wow! That was incredibly hot!
Nathalie    (2009-01-02 23:10:25)    Flag as inappropiate
Nathalie Oh god. I just loved this one!!! So good, so sensual, so completely lost in feeling. Thank you, girl, you've done it again! :D
unknown    (2009-01-01 15:47:26)    Flag as inappropiate
I hope you guys like this. I wanted to try to push things a little farther with this one.
sombra    (2008-12-31 09:10:33)    Flag as inappropiate
sombra I wish my birthday was coming up...

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