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Good Morning Master… I wanted to share with you the fantasy that was with me last night as I fell asleep…

You had called and arranged a meeting together and you told me to be ready at 9pm exactly and that you would be picking me up at my home. I was egger and excited to meet with you again. As always I was to wear no undergarments but this time there was more directions. I was to wear a long trench coat, a colored garter belt, black sheer thigh highs, and black heels… I followed your instruction to the very detail. You arrived at my home exactly at 9pm. In a dark car with black tinted windows. The car door was open slightly so I could let myself in. You didn’t say a word as I sat down. I closed my door and took a long deep breath. I could tell from the look on your face it was all business tonight.


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The Naughty Meter

I closed the car door and went to put on my seat belt, but before I could get it into position you stopped me and demanded that I open my coat so you could inspect my attire. You looked me up and down and slid your hand up my inner thigh just high enough to make me want to grab your hand and put your fingers inside me, deep inside me… My stomach muscles contracted tightly at the very thought of that pleasure, all along never revealing my deep desires. You approved my garments and told me to button up my coat. We drove in silence until we arrived at a loft downtown.

It was an old deconstruction style flat that was on the 20th floor and was all windows from the floor up. It was dark inside except for the city lights that came through the windows in every direction. You led me into the foyer and took my coat from me. I stood in front of you so that you may inspect me once more before moving on. You gave me a slight nod of approval to ease my nerves a little.

We moved on to the living area of the loft. The room was filled with the pungent smell of cigars, alcohol, and men. It was a group of 6 men sitting at a large round table playing cards. At that point you informed me that these men were associates of yours and I was to behave accordingly. I quickly realized these men were also Masters and I was not only to prove myself worthy, I was representing you, my Master. I was instructed to do as I was told by any one of them without hesitation. I was not to speak or have eye contact with anyone. My sole purpose there was to be a servant. My mind was racing at the anticipation of the night’s events unfolding before me. I stood silently awaiting my first order.

Everyone continued on as if I wasn’t even there. That seemed to go on forever. My mind scrambled to come up with some justification for my exclusion. Was I not good enough or was I not desirable enough? My self-esteem was taking a beating and I had to do everything inside of me not to let it show. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I almost didn’t hear the first demand for my service. I quickly came to but not before you noticed my slightly missed queue. I looked at you and I knew I would be punished for that one. I quickly made my way to the first caller and stood before him. I was ordered to bring a round of Gin and Tonics to the table. I efficiently did my task, and then he ordered me to service his cock right there at the table.

I quickly positioned myself and began to worship the first of many cocks I’d hoped for that evening. I took him into my mouth and throat with a confidence that I had not felt that evening until that point. I was beginning to get carried away in the moment when I heard “whore get your ass over here” I moved swiftly to the next Master awaiting my service, and as the first, I was to worship his cock. My mood had shifted now. I felt used I felt like a slut I felt wonderful. I made my way around the table stopping at each Master for as long as he wanted to be pleasured then on to the next awaiting cock. When all had be given attention I was told to go into the bedroom and to get on the bed face down and to await the one on one attention I was to provide.

I was face down so I did not see who was coming in first. I strained my memory to remember the order at the table but it was a blur. I was not to know who was using my body at any given moment.

The first Master had entered the room and asked me if I enjoyed being a dirty slut and if I was ready to endure more self-indulgence at the hand of his group. I nodded my head yes. He grabbed the back of my head of hair and told me to speak. I answered, “yes Master” He then dropped my head back down into the pillow and began to move his hand over my ass. His fingers began separating my cheeks and feeling around for my hole. I quivered as I awaited the sting of my ass being penetrated. He hovered over my hole and spit on me 2 times before plunging his finger in my ass. My only lubrication was his saliva. I wined ever so softly and that earned me a harsh slap across my ass. I was told to keep my filthy mouth closed and to take what I was being given without objection. My ass was fingered and stretched to his satisfaction. He said to me as he was leaving my hole was not all that special and it didn’t thrill him at all.

The next participant moved on me with out any words at all he too fingered my ass and then slid a finger in my very wet pussy. I was pulled open and probed deeply. He too left when he had had accomplished what he needed to do.

I was told by my 3rd dominant to put on my blindfold next to me and to roll over. I was told to put my arms above my head. I complied he than began to caress my breast and feel them in almost a tender fashion… then out of nowhere I felt a quick sting as my nipples were slapped. That of course made my nipples react immediately. My nipples were now hard and erect. I had a clamp attached to each one and was rubbed with something soft all over the rest of my breast. I felt pain then relief as the softness came close to my swelling clamped nipple. He bent down and removed the clamps then took each one into his mouth. Biting at my swollen nipple then sucking hard and deep. I felt my nipples stretch. My nipples are my most highly sensitive area on my body. In the right situation I can have multiple orgasms just from the mere touch. I had to hold back so much I knew if I were to cum I would be severely punished.

My body still was trying to recover from that heightened sense of pleasure when my next Maser came in with a large vibrator. I was to stay blind folded and on my back and to fuck myself with the toy. I was to use it on my clit and brig my self to almost orgasm but not to let myself. I was to do that several times over and over. He stood over me. I could feel his eyes and his breath close to me. He was watching my every move. I was doing fine until he stared to tongue-lash from every aspect, everything including my uselessness, my appearance, and my abilities as a submissive. He said he understood why Master Marty gave me away to you. He really let me have it. The meaner and more abusive he got the closer and closer I came to unloading my suppressed juice everywhere. My body was in convulsions as he continued. I didn’t think I could hang on for a minute more… when he stopped and left the room. My heart and my swollen pussy were throbbing in sync. I started to sweat everywhere.

The 5th man in line pulled me off the bed. I was shoved into the shower and was told to wash in cold water blind folded and to clean my cunt and my ass thoroughly. He waited outside the door until I was done. He led me back to the bed and put me face down again. My cleansing job was inspected inside and out. I was freezing cold and shaking from the chill in the open loft air. When I passed inspection I was told to wait patiently for the next round.

The next person entered the room and shut the door behind him. He was the first to do that. I lay there motionless, exhausted, but with great anticipation for my next round of borderline torture. I was enduring. He paced around the bed almost not knowing what to do with me. I listened closely for any hint. I listened to his breathing his patterns as he moved back and forth from my head to my feet. I felt a calm come over me as I picked up on something very familiar. Something I recognized. It was a combination of confidence and entitlement I sensed. It was you. It was my true Master my teacher and my disciplinarian and also my most deserving recipient of every desire building inside me from the moment you picked me up. You removed my mask and kissed me deeply. You then open my legs and buried yourself deep inside of me. You pumped harder and deeper each time without mercy with no regard to my comfort. I tried to satisfy you, but you wanted more something greater than that.

You wanted total submission from me. You had to have complete submission from me. I wanted to give myself to you fully. I wanted you to ravish my body and leave nothing behind. I knew what I was in store for… I wanted it to. You pulled me up on to my feet and took me to one of the surrounding windows in the room and pressed my body against the cold plate glass. I was exposed to everyone that happened to look at the right place at the right time. You pulled my hips slightly toward you and opened my legs again. You stood behind me stroking your cock. I felt your hand on my ass and then a finger inside my hole. I got nothing more than my own juice a wet spit from you and a glob of your warm precum to use a lubricant. My hair was wrapped around one of your fists and your other hand was guiding your fat cock to its destination. You entered my ass slowly but with purpose. I tensed at first but gave into your dominance. As you fully pushed yourself in all the way I was without air. It was as if the air was sucked from my lung. I felt a pain so pleasure full it was all I could do to keep from cumming all over the place. I stood firmly and took your pounding. I grew more and more confident with each thrust. I was doing it I was in total submission. You pulled my hips tightly and held me still as your throbbing cock unloaded a burst of cum go great it filled my insides.

You pulled out and made me clean you completely with my mouth. Taking every last drop in my mouth and leaving no evidence of our most recent accomplishment. You led me back to the bed and handed me the vibrator. You said I was a fifthly whore and I was to finish myself off own my own. Then to get showered and dressed with what you had brought for me already left in the room beforehand. Then to come out to the living room and have a drink. You kissed me on the forehead and praised me for my obedience throughout the training. I was hugged and uplifted then left on my own to finish my instructions you carefully laid out before me.

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