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This is one of my many fantasies... I put it in a story that is ongoing and here are the first 2 pages... Enjoy!


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She walked towards the restaurant where she had agreed to meet him for dinner; they had been casually dating and playing with each other. This time his voice had sounded a lot more serious then she had gotten used to from him. Freya pulls her dress straight and smiles at the appreciative looks from the valets at the restaurant entrance. As she enters the lobby the maitre greets her and asks if she has a reservation. She answers she is expected by Mr. David Maverick, the maitre suddenly changes his attitude totally. He straightaway apologizes for having had any doubts about her and guides her to the main hall and opens a door on the side and guides her to a private suite, and then he knocks on the door and announces her.

As she goes into the suite she sees David sitting in the salon, the Maitre asks if he can get her something to drink. Maverick answers for her and says: “Maurice the young lady will have a Margarita and I will have my usual”. With a respectful bow of the head the Maitre retreats and closes the door behind him. Freya looks around and notices a box on the table; it seems to be handcrafted from an expensive wood sort. He gets up and kisses her softly on her cheeks while he lightly embraces her. She sits down as he tells her to do, feeling her stress levels rise.

“There is something different about HIM” she thinks but is unable to put her finger on it... They engage in some small talk for a short while, when there is a discreet knock on the door and David says: “Come in”. Their drinks are brought in and served and the waiter withdraws as discreet as he came in. She doesn’t know what to think about this all, something is going on but she still doesn’t know what is causing her uneasiness. Her eyes wonder off to the wooden box once again, but this time he catches her and looks deep in her green eyes and smiles at her. There is this strange look in his eyes, or isn’t there? She is not sure, is she imagining this? Here she is a successful PR rep for a Fortune 500 company, who has dealt with multi million dollar accounts for several years now. And a simple dinner is making her nervous and jittery; she tries to look controlled and comfortable.

She sips from her drink and looks into his deep brown eyes and feels like a rabbit that is being hypnotized by a snake… or wolf in his case… He reaches for his folder and takes out some documents and hands them to her, Freya doesn’t look at them in stead she focuses on his face and sees that determined look on his face. She feels how her stomach contracts as she starts to scan the documents… She looks up a bit confused and asks him what it is. He stands up and looks out of the window and asks: “What do you think it is, Freya? You are a very intelligent lady…” She takes a deep breath and starts to read the documents again; do they really say what she thought to have read? “Wha – a – what is this?” She asks once again. He turns around and sits down in his chair, and looks deep in her eyes once again and says: “Freya I want you to come in my service as my submissive. As you see the contract is legal and my plights towards you are clearly described in it. As are yours towards me. Should you want an attorney to have a look at, I could give you the names and an address of some attorney’s who are considered to be amongst the best in this matter.

The voluptuously curved Strawberry blond beauty took a deep breath and hears herself say “No there is no need for that, I trust you have taken my interest at heart… If you would not have done that, we would not be sitting here now would we?” He cannot suppress a chuckle and agrees with her. He takes a sip from his orange juice and says: “Freya you can take the documents with you to read and think about it, I want your answer a week from now. We will meet here again at the same time in exactly 7 days.” Again she surprises him and herself as she says: “There is no need for that either, I will sign right now. Do you have by any chance a pen for me that I can use to sign the documents?” He hands her his 24 carat Gold Fountain pen and sees her sign the documents with a steady confident hand. This meeting has gone easier then he thought it would, he had not expected her to sign the agreement this easily.

He orders the maitre‘d hotel over once again and orders a bottle of Krug champagne of a good year to toast on their future together. As the maitre leaves the room, he says: “Freya I want you get up and take your clothes, jewelry and watch off and put it in this bag (he hands her a white lace bag), you can do so here in the lounge or in the bedroom, also from now on you shall address me at all times as “Sir or Master”, unless I tell you different!.”. She gasps for breath as thought run through her mind; “Why does he require her to be naked? Why can’t she wear her jewelry and watch?” Freya stands up and decides to give him what he wants and undress in front of him. She carefully kicks her high heeled pumps out and turns around and asks if Master would be so kind to unhook her necklace.

She hears the linen from his suit ruse as he gets up and suddenly feels his hands around her neck carefully undoing her necklace. She turns around and looks to the ground as she has read sub missive’s do towards their Dom or Domme. She then feels how he lifts up her head with his finger under her chin and feels his lips softly gracing hers and he mutters under his breath: “Don’t do things I haven’t asked you… starting from now that will only be rewarded with punishment my dear Freya”.

She then precedes taking off her clothes while still savoring his kiss on her beautifully shaped slightly pinkish lips. First she zips her dress down and moves the straps over her shoulders, as she feels her dress fall to the floor she hears soft knocking on the door. She quickly grabs her dress and goes into the bedroom. She hears the lounge door open and the maitre enters with the champagne, then her heart skips a beat as she hears her name being called by her Master. “Freya, where did you go? Did I give you permission to leave the room? You choose to undress in the lounge, so get back here instantly and continue undressing. Oh and by the way this will cost you 12 of the best straps in front of all staff members…” Whilst shivering from fearful anticipation for her punishment, and the humiliation to undress in front of the maitre.

She returns to the lounge remembering his words from a few moments before to keep her head high, and says hardly audible: “Master I am sorry for disobeying you”. He lets his usually warm Brown eyes gaze into her Emerald Green eyes and simply says: “Apologies accepted but for speaking without my permission I will add another 6 of the best to your tally and now continue undressing. But do it slowly and sensually so that the maitre can have a good look at your gorgeous body and beautiful face”. She feels the maitre’s eyes roaming her crème white flesh and she feels a blush creep up on her cheeks. Slowly she turns around as she lets her dress slip to the ground once again.

When she hears the silk hit the floor she bends over to pick it up. Giving both men a good view of her juicy rear end that is clad in silk panties bordered with lace, she feels her blush intensifying while she picks her dress up. She disposes of the dress in the bag that her Master handed her and she continues with her bra.


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christina09 me too!
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Nice..........wanna hear more

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