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  By: HTK

My best friend met a girl at a rave and started seeing her regularly. She was a tall, thin Eurasian girl, Swedish and Korean, and very cute. Long, slender legs and ankles, but I didn't know that at the time as she never wore skirts or shorts. How I came to find out, well, scroll down.

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She was staying with some wierdo and wanted to get out. She said she was 19 but I suspected she  would latch on and stay with any dude who would take her in. My friend wasn't real ambitious at the time, he had no job and he lived with his mom. I, however, had a place and the means to keep it. So after about 2 weeks of seeing this girl, they decide that they're in love and officially become an item. My friend calls me one day and says he has a favor to ask. His girl hates where she's staying and wants to move out, but he and his mom live in a one bedroom apartment so his place wasn't an option.


So, he asked if I could put her up for a while. I agreed, and said lets get the move over with tonight. She had a job and he supposedly was going to get one and within a month they would be able to get their own place. Well, that didn't happen that way exactly...


After moving her in, we quickly became friends. We both liked to drink, smoke pot, and pop pain pills. We were kinda bad for each other. My friend started spending more time at my place, even more than before, so we became an inseperable triangle. Times were good. And then...I fell for her. Don't ask me how or why, but I just did. I kept it to myself, though, as I'm a loyal friend. But while living with her, she became very comfortable. That meant that she thought nothing of walking around in nothing more than a t shirt and underwear. That's how I fell in LUST with her legs and feet. They, to this day, were the sexiest things I've ever seen. I have a thing for legs and feet, but that's not all. I also like to see pretty, young women tied up at their wrists and ankles. I used to jack off every night dreaming about wrestling her down and tying her up...and then taking her sweet little anal cherry.


But, that was just fantasy. I kept it inside and we became closer and closer. One day, she woke me up as she usually did. She came into my room and moved her fingers through my hair "whispering wake up sleepyhead"...yeah, she could be a bit of a tease. We were going Christmas shopping and it was on this day that I discovered something very interesting about this walking wet dream. She was a clepto. She stole stuff, everywhere she went. She was terrible, but of course I let her do it because I was blinded by lust. Sure enough, someone caught her and I got in between her and the store clerk. I hit the guy and allowed her to make a get away. I broke the other way and met her at my car. She was hugging me and was very appreciative. I was a little shaken, but I had learned an important lesson: Don't go shopping with cleptos.


Anyway, time goes by and my friend starts spening less time at my place, and with her. He was woring on becoming a DJ and was doing a lot of parties while she and I had to work. Even though it couldn't be helped, she took it personally. Whatever, I've wasted enough space explaining the situation...I'll get to the good stuff.


So, this chicks a clepto. And I've been putting her up, rent free, for going on 5 months now. She's constantly got me having an erection and I'm going out of my mind with desires of raping her while she tied up. My mother asked me to keep her jewelry in m a safe I had just got for work. I agreed. I had given the combo to this chick because I let her borrow money out of it, at will. I never asked any questions, and I knew she took out more than she needd. But I'm a sucker for beauty, what can I say.


But one day, I caught her stealing my mothers jewelry, to pawn. She was caught red handed and she look back at me, and started crying. I tore into her about how she could betray me like that. She cried and begged me to forgive her. I had just gotton off of work and wasn't feeling real compassionate, and I saw an opportunity...so I grabbed her by her hair and slung her on my bed face down. I took my belt off and smacked her across her theighs twice and stuck my knee on her back. She cried out in pain and it gave me a sadistic thrill. I tied her hands with my belt and set off to find something better to tie her up with. I told her that I had wanted to do a lot of things to her sexually, and now she owed me.

She tried to talk me out of it but I told her I was going to do whatever I wanted now, and if she told anyone I would press charges for everything she had stolen which after I added it up and made new discoveries came out to about 30 grand. She would have did more time than me. So she accepted it, and I began the greatest week of my life. I found some telephone cords and tied her hands behind her back. She was just wearing a shirt and underwear, so as I got on top of her my cock was right up against her almost bare ass. I was rock hard and she felt it. She asked if I was going to rape her and I said of course. She cried the whole time I was tying her up, which just turned me on even more.


Then, as if I was ascending to heaven, it was time to tie up her feet. Tie her ankles, yeah...mmm. As I tied her feet I was fondling her feet and legs. She though feet were disgusting, so anyone who liked them must be the same. I could see the disgusted look on her face which again, just turned me on even more. I bit her toes and finished off the knot on her slender ankles. I told her she was going to be my captive for a week. I told her I was going to whip/spank her, fondle her, fuck her pussy, ass, and if I wanted to, her mouth. I told her that I may even use wires hooked to a car battery as I laughed maniacally and roughly grabbed her little tits. I shut the light off and closed the door. Then I went and had dinner.


Later, I came back in to find her struggling. She screamed at me that she would tell if I did't let her go. But I was in absolute bliss with this struggling little vixen on my bed. So I said go ahead. I assured her I wasn't going to torture her, as I said I would But her ass WAS going to be mine. And there was someone else who had to know before I went through with it. That's when my friend came in. He smiled and patted me on the back. He knew about my little fetish, and he even helped me tie a few girls down. I told him what happened and he told her if she told, he would brek up with her. She loved him so she agree to take what was coming to her from both of us.


That night, we hogtied her real tight. We fondled her for about 2 hours until my dick was about to burst. Then, we took her cleave gag off and she sucked my friend's dick. Then, I untied the rope that connected her feet to her hands and pulled her underwear down. She tensed up immediatley and screamed out NO as I felt her sweet ass up. We liked that, but decided she needed a few lashes from my leather belt. She cried out in pain as I tanned her ass. I whipped her until tears were streamng down her face. Then, I spit on my dick and started gently probing it into her ass, slowly. I could see her face of aguish and disgust as I worked my cock in, and when I finally broke through she cried out "NO NOT MY ASS...OH NO". It was so good.


I hogtied her and regagged her and shut the light off. I slept with her like that, my hands on all over her and my tongue on her face, nibbling on her ear, all throughout the night.


To be continued...

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dan560 way to go
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sounds like fun

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