Awakening.. oh brother   added 7 years ago    

  By: naida

I live in Hemel Hempstead, England. Its a small town in the outskirts of London. Our family home is by the farm and about 2min drive from the road.

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My brother and I had a great relationship, as we were on our own and did not have many friends, we would play football in the yard or play other games.

One day we were watching wrestling and I started fighting with him, he responded and after a bit got me down on the carpet. I couldn't help but feel his manhood rubbing on my stomach, he was rubbing it slowley while holding me down with his upper body, I was noticing his musculer body in a differnt light and it was the first awakening thought i felt. He kept rubbing against me and I could feel his warm touch between my legs. He kept saying do you give up? and i kept saying no, no way so he kept pushing harder and harder until he came. I felt the wetness and he jumped and ran to the toilet. I didnt know at that time what happend but I was feeling very loving and just wanted to hold him. After he came back from the bathroom, he layed down next to me and kept rubbing my shoulder. I was laying down and i couldn't move my eyes away from his manhood.

After a while i mustered enough courage and put my hand on his manhood. He didnt say anything but he started getting bigger. I kept stroking it until it was kind of inverted banana shape.

My instincts were telling me to open it up but i was sacred also but i went ahead anyway I pulled his pajama up to take a peek and it was really red and it was leaking at the tip. It looked a bit like honey and i just wanted to feel it. I looked up and he was watching the TV completely ignoring what i was doing, so I proceeded further and pulled the pajama off, the pajama was now stuck by his balls and i could see his pinky throbbing. It was like it was beating with his heart.. more stuff ozzed out of it so i touched it. He looked a bit embarrased but said nothing, i tasted it a bit and it had a bit sweet taste which i liked. I smiled and looked up, it was so odd of him not to say anything but he kept looking at the TV, so i pushed myself down a bit further and got close to it.

I was feeling an itch there and my legs were trembeling and I was quite wet also so I moved up on him and layed down on his leg rubbing myself to his leg and started kissing his pinky. It felt nice and i wanted more of that sticky stuff so I kept sucking at it until he came. There was so much cum that i found it hard to keep it in i had his cum coming out of my nose by the time he finished and I had come very violently also.. It was a great experience.

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Comments for Awakening.. oh brother

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unknown    (2009-09-06 00:03:36)    Flag as inappropiate
Short and sweet, so damn hot.
dreamerboy    (2009-01-15 13:38:48)    Flag as inappropiate
dreamerboy ... almost sounded like it was real. Was it?
dreamerboy    (2009-01-15 13:38:07)    Flag as inappropiate
dreamerboy got me really steamy !!!!!
easypeasy    (2008-12-14 16:49:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Very hot! Loved it, thank you! :)
CanadianCasanova    (2008-12-09 15:53:41)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Nice story!

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