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This story is about what happened on my birthday a few days back when I came back from work. It includes a friend of ours, a French girl by the name of Danielle who we have attended "parties" together with. Danielle is dark haired, about 5.10 and has a 36D chest. My wife Elle, is built similarly but with a slightly smaller 36C chest. It seemed like a normal day after work except that it was my birthday. I got home and Elle was already there to greet me. She was wearing a robe and she asked if I would like my present straight away and I said why not ? She led me up the stairs to our bedroom and told me to strip off. Hey, do you turn these sort of "orders" down ? I was naked as the day I was born in 30 seconds. She then tied me to a chair that was placed in the middle of the room. Elle told me to sit tight and wait. She then left the room.


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Then Danielle walked in looking like a first class hooker. Make up, hair and a red dress that had a deep neck line and her tits were half on show. It was short enough to see the tops of her stockings. White stockings and three inch heel stiletto shoes. She stood in front of me with legs spread and said "want to party ?" and then turned on the stereo and started to dance in front of me. My dick twitched here and Danielle swayed her hips and shook her tits at me. Then she mounted me with legs spread on either side and started trusting her crotch at me. By now her skirt had ridden totally up and she had red thong panties on. She kept trusting her crotch at me getting higher and higher and then started rubbing her pantied crotch on my chest, up and down. Man, her crotch was damp and she put her hands on my shoulder and rubbed her crotch even harder against my chest. I think she started to get off here as well and my dick was a pillar of steel. Every time she rubbed down, her ass would touch my dick who poked against her ass.

Then Elle walked in dressed as a cop ! The only difference from the English police women was her skirt. It was pencil thin and tight and very short. She had sheer black stockings on with black high heels. The blouse was blue with the striped police scarf. She had the black ten inch dong on a string like it was a truncheon. Danielle stopped dancing and looked at Elle who was twirling the dong around. Elle called Danielle a cheap hooker and slut and said she was under arrest. She grabbed Danielle by the hair on the back of her head and told her to get up against the wall and assume the frisk em position. Danielle did it and Elle was behind her and kicked her legs apart and Danielle's ass was on show with the dress riding all the way up. Danielle had the garters holding up her stockings also. Elle told Danielle that she was a cheap tramp and so she had to frisk her.

Man, it was the best frisk every. Elle reached around Danielle's body and cupped both her tits through her dress. She started squeezing Danielle's tits and asking what they were and if they were real etc. Elle massaged Danielle tits for a long time and Danielle was getting off on it. She had dropped her head and was groaning as Elle continued squeezing and massaging Danielle's tits. Then Elle ran her hands down Danielle's sides up and down and dropped her hands down to Danielle's bare ass cheeks and squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks. All this time, Elle had the language going calling Danielle a whore, slut, tramp, hooker etc Elle then grabbed hold of the thong and pulled it up, half lifting Danielle's feet off the ground driving it up her cunt. Danielle squealed and Elle pulled the thong back and forth, rubbing it up and down Danielle's cunt.

Elle then reached round and plunged her hand down the front of Danielle's panties and Danielle moaned as Elle put fingers into Danielle's cunt. Danielle moaned and Elle's hand played around under her panties. Elle then told Danielle that she would have to do a full search and put the dong against Danielle's mouth and told her to wet it. Danielle sucked on the dong and licked it wetting it. Then Elle pulled Danielle's thong aside and kneeling down behind Danielle put the dong against her cunt and pushed it upwards into her cunt. Danielle's legs buckled and she moaned against the wall as Elle started pushing the dong in and out of Danielle's cunt, Danielle's juices flowing down the insides of her legs and down the dong onto Elle's hard. Danielle told Elle not to stop and cried out again as she came. Elle grinned at me and looked at my dick which was twitching by himself and leaking. She pulled the dong out of Danielle's cunt and it was all wet and shiny and she fitted it against Danielle's ass hole and pushed without warning, pushed the dong in and Danielle screamed out in pain, throwing her head back and stood on her toes as Elle forced the dong up her ass. Danielle still had her hands against the wall and had her head hanging down.

Elle then started shoving the dong in and out of Danielle's ass. Elle by now also had her skirt riding up showing her stocking tops and that she too had garters holding them up. Elle pulled the dong out of Danielle's ass and put her face against Danielle's ass and started eating her. Danielle moaned and groan and then she cried out throwing her head back as she came again. Danielle now had her full body resting against the wall as Elle ate her, her arms not holding her up anymore. Elle stopped eating Danielle and looked at me and her face was wet with Danielle's juices.

Elle stood up and with her skirt up around her waist stood with her legs apart and stared at me. Then she reached up and clutching the front of her blouse ripped it apart sending buttons flying and her tits in a black bra spilling out. She then turned and grabbed Danielle by the hair again and told her to come and eat her. Elle lay on the bed, resting on her elbows with her groin off the side of the bed looking at Danielle who crawled over and knelt in front of Elle. Danielle pulled her dress off and her tits spilled out loose and she knelt there in her panties with the garters and stockings and heels on and she dropped her face into Elle's groin and Elle moaned as Danielle started eating Elle through her panties.

Elle still resting on her elbows dropped her head back and closed her eyes as Danielle pulled her panties aside and munched her. Reaching up, Danielle unhooked Elle's bra which had a front clasp and her tits spilled out and Danielle grabbed them massaging them and pinching her nipples while eating Elle out. Danielle unhooked Elle's skirt taking it off leaving her in her panties and garter and stockings and blouse and bra. Danielle stuck fingers into Elle and munched and ate and Elle rubbing and cupping her own tits cried out coming on Danielle's face and falling on her back. Danielle crawled up and French kissed Elle, pressing their tits together. As they hugged each other, they tuned to look at me with my dick twitching and Elle asked if I enjoyed that. She then turned to Danielle and called her a whore and told her to suck my dick.

Finally! And Danielle on her knees came and held my dick which was wet as he was leaking like crazy and then she dropped her head and mouth down and swallowed it. Almost blew there and Danielle with her hands on my thighs bobbed her head up and down. Elle watched while lying on the bed, rubbing her own tits and then got up and took off her blouse and bra and panties leaving herself in just the garter, black stockings and heels. She cupped her tits and shoved them in my face and I licked, sucked, bit her tits and nipples. She then grabbed Danielle by the hair pulling her up and said "fuck him" and Danielle mounted me, her panties still on but pushed aside showing her wet cunt with juices trailing down the inside of her leg and put my dick against her cunt and sat down, both of us groaning as my dick pierced straight up into her.

Danielle cupped her own tits and started bouncing up and down on my lap while I sat tied in the chair. She shoved her heavily perfumed tits in my face as Elle got behind Danielle and cupped Danielle's tits as Danielle bounced up and down. Danielle had her eyes closed and mouth open groaning and Elle grinned while standing behind her. Elle then asked me if I would like to "fuck" Danielle and I said yes and Elle came round and untied my hands and whispered in my ear "fuck her hard".

I grabbed Danielle's ass and with my dick still in her and stood up picking Danielle up. Two steps and I threw Danielle on the bed and jump on the bed in front of her, spreading her legs and shoving my dick all the way in to her cunt and Danielle cried out at my forced entry. Danielle groaned out again and holding her thighs open I started slamming my dick into her. Danielle cried out moaning and groaning and yelping loudly as I fucked her hard. Wet squelching sounds and slapping sounds as I entered her and Danielle had her arms thrown out grabbing the sheets as her tits went round and round on her chest. Elle came up to me and we started trading spit and tongues as I continued slamming into Danielle's cunt.

She was giving out "URGHHH" sounds every time I hit bottom and Elle was encouraging by telling me to fuck her hard. Couldn't hold it long and pulled out and as Elle held my dick and jerked him and I blew loads all over Danielle's panties, cunt and stomach and a few shots hit her in the tits. Big load and both girls started rubbing it into Danielle's skin as I collapsed next to her and the two girls started laughing and kissing each other while rubbing each others tits. I could just grin as I looked at the two girls, both with hair in a mess, Elle still in stockings and garter and heels, Danielle in garter, stockings and heels and panties pushed aside showing her cunt and my load drying out on her stomach and tits. Elle and Danielle then said Happy Birthday together and laughed.

Thought this was the end but they still had some more to go. I was lying on the bed while the girls were cuddling rubbing hands over each others tits and stomachs. Rubbing lead to kissing and then frenching and Elle pushed Danielle onto her back and got on top of her, kissing her deeply while rubbing her tits against Danielle's. Elle got up and swung around, laying her cunt over Danielle's face while she faced Danielle's cunt. Danielle reached up grabbing hold of Elle thighs and pulled her cunt down to her face and Elle yelped out as Danielle started tonguing her. Elle soon returned the favor and the girls were slurping each others cunts.

My dick started waking up again but I stayed aside to watch. Both girls were grabbing the others thighs now pulling the others cunts into their faces. I got up and went to Elle ass and Danielle's face and joined Danielle in eating Elle and at the same time kissing Danielle. Felt Elle grab my dick and slowly jack him up and down but I decided that wasn't a good idea and pulled away. After awhile, Elle got up and walked out of the room leaving Danielle and me to trade spit and I grabbed and sucked on her tits.

Elle came back in still in her stockings and garters and heels but with the strap on bouncing in front of her while she walked. Danielle lay on the bed spread eagle and stroking her own cunt as she watched Elle come to the bed. Danielle got to the edge of the bed and sat there sucking on the dong as I got behind Elle who was standing and cupped and grabbed her tits while my dick poked against her ass. She pulled away and pushed Danielle back and Danielle lay back and open her legs while taking off her panties leaving her in heels, stockings and suspenders like Elle. Elle rested the dong against Danielle's cunt and then pushed in and Danielle threw her head back, thrusting her tits out and yelled "FUUUCCKKK" as the dong slid in. I stayed behind Elle as she started fucking Danielle and I continued grabbing and cupping her tits from behind.

Elle was holding onto Danielle's ankles and fucking her hard. I thought it was a great sight to see Danielle's legs still in stockings and heels. Elle kicked off her own heels and left Danielle's ankles and grabbed Danielle's thighs and hugged them to her tits and ploughed into Danielle who had her head thrown back and was grabbing Elle's ass and clawing it and crying for Elle to fuck her harder. Elle kept pumping until Danielle jerked violently and orgasmed.

Elle was perspiring slightly here and it was great to run my hands over her sweaty body. Elle was still standing by the bed and Danielle sat up, the dong still in her and she started sucking Elle's tits while I rubbed Elle's ass and reached under to stick fingers in her wet cunt. Danielle and I worked over Elle this way for awhile and then Danielle unhooked the dong from Elle and put it on. She then went to the middle of the bed and lay down, holding the dong up, the dong still wet and shiny from Danielle's cunt. Elle got on the bed and mounted the dong, holding it against her cunt and sitting down on it with a groan. Danielle had one hand steadying the dong and the other on Elle tit as Elle rode up and down. Elle juices were dripping down the dong down onto Danielle's ass and the bed as she was fucked. I got up on the bed next to Elle and stuck my dick in her face and she swallowed him whole as she continued riding. Once my dick was lubed up, I got behind Elle and pushed her down so her tits were against Danielle's.

Stuck my dick against her asshole and feeling rather violent, pushed him in and she grunted and groaned loudly and cried out "ARGHHHHHHH OH SHHHIIITTTTT" as my dick went in. After a few tries, my dick was in fully and I lay on Elle's sweaty back crushing her between Danielle and I. Elle started bucking in between us and I sat up, grabbed her hips and started pumping her ass. Elle was loving it and cried out "ARGGGHHH" every time my dick pushed into her ass. She sat up and Danielle sucked her tits as I fucked her ass, the dong still in her cunt. She asked for me to fuck her harder and I slammed into her ass with my thighs against her ass giving great slapping sounds. Couldn't hold it and let myself blow into her ass. I pulled out and sat back and she started slamming up and down hard on the dong.

As she bounced, her ass started to spill my load which trickled down into her cunt and the dong down onto Danielle's cunt and the bed. Danielle started fucking upwards with the dong and it was hard shafting and Elle orgasmed hard on the dong and collapsed on Danielle. She kissed Danielle and while still having the dong in her, she turned to me and smiled and asked if any birthday present could top this one!

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