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  By: bogli_ako

This fantasy of mine came almost into reality.

I woke up one morning and wondering where is my husband. I could not find him in the house. Instead I see my ex-boyfriend cooking. I am in my house but what is happening?

I slap my face and felt that I am not dreaming. Damn my ex-boyfriend. The one I let away.


He did not notice me so I run back to the bedroom. I am in our bedroom but where the hell is my husband.

I can't remember anything. It's like I am hit with selective amnesia.

"Oh you are awake. breakfast is serve honey!"

I got surprised. He can in suddenly while my mind was wondering what happened.

I did not show any sign of confussion although I was shivering inside with some chills brought by the situation.I know this is just a dream.


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The Naughty Meter

"Do you want some appetizers honey?"

Before I could say anything he was already kissing me. His hands caressing my breast and slowly going down on me. Until he reached my pussy. He slowly kiss my lips my neck and down to my breast. He slowly pulled my dress down alittle bit exposing my small breasts.

He kissed me while caressing now my little pussy.

Then he started kissing my breasts. He sucked my nipples alternately. Left... then right... Tsuppp tsuppp.


Ahhhh.... Honey!!! Suck it more ...


"Say please and I will suck it!" he said.


PLEASEEEE.... Fuck me!!


It was very different feeling. A diffrent excitement! Although he is my ex-boyfriend, I never felt so good about fucking him.

I slid one of his finger inside of my pussy. Ohhhhhh ,,, ooooohhhh!

It felt so good! Until I remembered my husband! Fuck where the hell is he and what happend!

I was about to say something to ask him about my husband when he roughly slid two fingers in my pussy.


Ouch!! "slowly honey!!" are the words insdetead came out of my mouth.

Ahhhhh. Then he fingered my asshole! Ohhh my virgin asshole.

He then carried my to the bed.

He removed his robe revealling his athletic body. His built was even made better when he joined the army.

Hi dick was huge. REally big. I was scared of it!

He told me to turn around. Ihaveno idea what he wanted to do.

Suddenly his dick was in my mouth! Oh my gosh!! Its so huge.

His tounge was licking my pussy. Ohh it was so nice.

More!!! Please lick me more!! Honey!!! Lick me more!!!

I even forgot that he is not my husband.

What the... Please lick it more! I loved it!


He licks better thatn my husband I must say.

He did not stop. I reached orgasm three times already just by her tounge.

Ohhhh please. My knees was so weak.

I dont know what devil came into me. I was sucking his dick. I suck and suck. He is fully erect!

Hick cock was hot and hard.

It was coming in and out of my mouth. He said please suck it. suck it!

It was like imhaving a huge icecream cone in my mouth.

I'm tired! Please let me rest. I beg you.

"No.We will fuck until next morning honey!" This is something I am waiting for a very long time.

We changed position and now his cock is aiming at my pussy.

Please slowly. slowly. I dont want to destroy my pussy.

Don't worry my honey. Yu will reached orgasm like never before. I promise!

He entered my pussy. He slowly rimmed my pussy.

Oughh! Ouhhhh. Honey!!! It hurts!!

He did not listen. Instead he contineu fucking my pussy. After a few minutes I feel weird sensation.

Pleasure replaces pain. It wsa wondeful feeling.

My pussy was aching but pleaseure is more.


Fuck me! /honey fuck me!

He fucks me! it was real pleasureee..

Ahh.. ohhh. Ouuhhh .. more...

I cummed. And cummed...

He cummed. I reached orgasm.Reachd again. and again.

I can't remembr how many times. I reached heaven like never befre with my husband. I felt so happy and yet so tired.

We fuckagain and again. And again. We ate luch and breakfast combo. That was our rest. Then we fucked again and again.

It was more than we fucked with my husband for the longest time we were together.

I fell asleep.

When I woked up it was late midnight. My ex-boyfriend was standing next tome.

He said, "Now you know what you missed."

Comeon take a shower. We will go out.

Questions. Questions. I wanted to ask questions but it seemed that after the long fucking it seemed I have no choice but to obey.

I took a shower and my boyfriend was waiting at the door. He handed over a very releaving red dress.

I ws searching for my panties and bras.

"You dont need any of those where we are going tonight".

I was even puzzled.

My conscience were bothering me but no force to object.

Hurry up. We will miss something special.

I feel so naked wearing that dress. I never wore anyhig reaviling like that before.

The dress barely covered my breast.IT has a very big slit on the side.

We went out of the house went to the car.

Where are we going? I asked.

Silence came out of his lips.

I feel alittle bit nervous now. First I don't know where my husband and now I am with my ex-boyfriend having this slutty dress and don't know where am I going to.

I am not familiar with the road we took. It was 1 hour drive from the house but I havent been here before.

We passed a subdivision entrance. Guards stopped the car and check identification. They;re looks were burning on me like I am a naked.

Then after a few blocks the car stopped.

Don't worry. We have some party to attend to.

"At 3am?" Honey please is this a sick joke or what?

Come on. Let go inside.

We were greeted by lots of people. Dressed in a formal attire.

Everyone was wearing black except me. I feel awkward. Please tell me what is this place.


Then a man went to grab a microphne and annouced.

"The main guest have arrived. Please arranged your chairs and have a drink.

Curtain falls and the staged reveals.

Twelve military soldiers came into the stage. Bring here the prisoner. They exclaimeD!

Two ladies wearning black military fatigue uniforms drag a man with his head covered.

"This men betrayed our organization" HE knows very wel the punishment."

I was sitting next to my ex-boyfriend. Still curious what kind of show is this going on.

One men hit the man in hood in the head.


"Please enough of this!" the man said in a very soft scared voice.

Damn! that was my husband!!!


HEy released him! Please never hurt him! What did he did?

My boyfriend grab me to sit.

Quiet! please. You are here as a guest. You must keep quiet!


Ahh miss! you wanted to take his place don't you?

Haaahahhahahaha! everyone was laughing!

She wanted to take his place!! They all shouted.

No!! Please let us go!

It's too late. Tie him up in a chair.

My ex-boyfriend grab my head and kisssed me.

They uncovered his head and he saw me while my ex was kissing me.

"Pleasseee don;t!"

I am still so weak yet the sensation and pleasure from his tounge and from his caress were so powerful!"

"You will live tonight. But you have to tell your wife that she will be our slave toniht. She has to make everyone and all of us reach orgasm. Non-stop. If she failed to do this tomorrow your gonna die.

I was so shocked. What the hell is he talking about. There were about 500 people in that hall.

Man and women. I thought he was joking.

My ex-boyfriend told me well better make it good.

I't feels like I am loosing my head. What should I do?

Everyone took their clothes off. They dimmed the light. A spotlight is focused on where I am sitting.

They cleared the chairs to the side and put a small bed.

They made a circula line. In the middle was my husband tied and his head fixed on my direction.

My ex-boyfriend said you better be good honey!

One big black guy was the first in line. He grab me immediately.

He forced his dick in my mouth. It taste funny. I resited but he pushed my head in. He deep thoated me and has orgasm in a minute!


NeXT! The annoucer said.

A thin man with long dick was next. He started kissing me. Sucking my tounge. Then he asked me to suck his dick. I was so tired and horny for no reason. Reason was not working anymore. I did what he asked.

He cummed into my mouth and some went to my hair.




Then four guys came to me. Every hole has a dick. I cummed also while they cummed.

I can see sometime my husband was crying.

Then six guys alternately fucked me.



Then six ladies with dildos played with me. They forced me to lick them, They fingered me. I suck their breast and sucked their mouth until I satisfy all of the,m.


Please let me rest... I am too tired.

More men cam e to me. I don't know how many more.

I can hear announcemnt counting ....


My pussy and asshole was so numb. I was covered with cum all over.

There were black guys, huge cocks white guys small dicks, huge dicks fat dicks, big black boobs, white, blondes, asians , africans and so many people there goes into me.


I passed out and woke up and there are still some dicks humping me.

They fed me with cum and drink piss.

Til I hear ..

1 left.

He fucked me and fucked me. IT was aching even more. I was cursing that day. It was opposite of what I experience last night with my ex-boyfriend.

He fucked and fucked, but he never cummed.

HE said, "Hey slut. You better make me cum or your husband dies."

I tried to do everytricks I know. I suck his dick, do anal everything but still he is tough one.

I lick his arse hole and told me that his is cumming. IT was already around thrity minutes and still he is not cumming. HE said if I stop it will start again so I lick and lick and lick.

I masturbated him while lick ng his balls.

Then he said stop! Your are not doing anything to make me cum. Now suck my dick!

I was deepthroated.

I gag several times and then he said "I will cum but you have to make sure no spill!" You knwo what is the consequences!"


I was forced to swallow everysingle sperm from his cock.

I passed out.

When I woke up the next day, I was smelling cum and my husband sleeping next to me tied up.

I was crying for that experience. I don't know if it really happened.

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