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  By: Nathalie

A few weeks ago, back when there still was some heat in the air, my master told me he had called one of the guys who had left their phone number on my back. That had happened a few months before, so I had not thought about it for a while. But I didn’t imagine he had called just to chat. My master added:


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The Naughty Meter

— I asked him what he would want you to do. He had one very precise idea, and I liked it, so tonight, we will do something new. Go get dressed.

As usual, my master had laid out an outfit for me. So to speak. A necklace that ended in two loops that slid around my nipples, a G-string – which was new, and surprised me – and high-heeled boots. A long coat to cover myself up, so I knew we would go outside somewhere.

And true enough, we took the subway. It was close to the end of service, and there was practically nobody around. The first few stops we travelled, we were the only two people in the car. My master had me bend over on a seat, and slipped a long vibrator inside me, and turned it on. The g-string held it in place, and I could feel my body respond at once. He made me open my coat, and even drop it completely in between stations. When one coupple came on at one point, he made sure they were sitting with their back to us, and made me crawl on all four to get my coat back. All the while, he took pictures of me.

After a while, we got out, and walked a few minutes. I noticed he was looking at the cars. When he finally stopped, he showed me one in particular, and told me this would be it. HE bent me over on the hood, made me spread my legs and slid the vibrator out of me. After wiping it on my breast, he put it away.

From his bag, he took out a small tripod and afixed it to the camera, which he put on the roof of the car. He then took a videocam, and finally a big dildo with a suction cup at the bottom. This, he stuck to the hood of the car, and took a step back.

— Fuck yourself, Nathalie. Open your coat and fuck your pussy on this dildo.

I opened my zippier, positionned myself and pulled the panties aside to let the artificial cock slide inside me. I was wet already, and its relatively large widtch wasn’t a problem. It just slid on and on, until I could fit no more inside. So I began bobbing up and down on it, feeling more and more aroused as my master was taping me. I kept at it for a while, so much so that I asked for his permission to come. He denied it. I kept fucking myself on the dildo, keeping the orgasm at bay as well as I could.

Finally, my master made me stop. He lowered the video camera, and put it on the tripod instead. It was a small tripod, articulated, with suction cups at each foot. He placed it on the windscreen, told me to bend over on the hood, and pointed the camera at my face. When my master came back behind me, I felt the vibrator return at once inside my pussy, and resume its vibrations. My muscles clenched around it, and I moaned aloud, apalled at having been told not to come. The worst of i twas yet to come.

I felt my master’s cock press on my anus. And press, and press, and slide in. I yelped in pain, but did not move. The pain soon faded away under the pleasure, as his cock pumped slowly against the vibrator. I was almost barking, I was trembling hard, so difficult i twas to keep control on my orgasm. Then my master slapped m yass, hard.

— Whore, look at the camera and say that your master is fucking your ass.

I did.

— Again.

I did.

— Say your master is assfucking you hard on some car.

I did.

And I said everything else, too. That I was grateful to Bruno for asking my master to assfuck me on the hood, and videotaping me getting fucked in the ass there, naked, on the street. That I wished Bruno was there too so that he could fuck me again.

Then, my master gave me permission to come. I howled, probably very lourd, as I felt my body spasm, and then felt him squirt all his seed inside my ass.

— Thank Bruno, and tell him your master just came inside your ass. Then take off your panties and leave them on his wipers.

I did.

Straightening up again, I watched my master take the video camera back, take my coat and beckon me to follow him. He walked backwards while I walked around the car and walked on, filming me all the while. I walked past him when he gestured me to, and kept on walking. Hearing his footsteps behind me, I felt confident, and felt no shame at all – easy, since we didn’t walk into anyone.

He ended up giving me back my coat. We walked home, and all the way I could feel his sperm ooze out of m yass and down my thighs.

Once home, he sent me to bed, and said he had to edit the video, so that I could take it to Bruno the next day as planned. I went to bed with butterflies in my stomach, because surely, it couldn’t be that simple. It wasn’t.

The next day, around noon, my master called me to the bedroom. I noticed the outfit on the bed. Slutty, bordering on whorish, but at least i twas fully clothed.

— Dress up while I explain to you what you’ll do.

So I did, amazed at how short people will cut skirts these days. The deal was simple: I was to meet Bruno at one of the biggest porn shop in Paris, one that has video booths. Then walk up with him to the clerk, ask him if he could play the ddvd in one of the booths, then blow Bruno while he watched it.

Contrary to what I had expected, my master denied me my coat, and said I had to go there by foot. I spent half an hour on the street, looking like some whore searching for a John, and certainly some of the men I passed by were wondering if they had the time to be that.

At the store, Bruno was late, and since I was supposed to meet him outside, in front of it, my outfit definitely got me some interesting proposals. I replied that I was waiting for someone, and finally saw him coming. He got a good eyeful of me, and smiled. I understood it must be him from the way he was looking at me and smiling, but I had never seen his face. So this was one of the men who had fucked me inside the restroom of the Sorbonne? Seeing his face somehow made all the others seem realler too, and I felt a very erotic shame burn through me all over again.

— Glad to see you again, Nathalie. Shall we go in ?

I nodded, and walked in before him.

The store clerk wouldn’t, at first, play a video that wasn’t from the store, but a little bonus fee smoothed this over. Bruno walked into the booth, that opened directly on the store area, and I got in after him. He didn’t close the door until I was kneeling in front of him.

As the door closed, the video started, and Bruno took out his cock. I began sucking him off, and he was hard instantly. Then I heard the voice on my master on the video. And my own moans. It was very weird, eerie, hearing myself moan, groan, beg and say all those things while sucking someone off. I felt so pornographic, being in a movie for someone to wank to – although right now, I was providing on-screen and real-life entertainment for him. I was just a wanking apparatus for a man whom I didn't know at all, and yet was having sex with for the second time.

As his breath got faster and faster, I began jerking him off, and made him cum on my breast, as my master had ordered. Still as ordered, I only pulled my top back down to cover my breasts, and let the cum soak the white fabric. Then I got back up on my feet, and thanked Bruno for his cum.

He just smiled and opened the door, then left without a backwards glance to get the video back from the clerk. As for me, I walked all the way back home with cumstains on my top, and a few drops if seed running down my stomach.

My master was very pleased. He made me masturbate to orgasm as soon as I was home.

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Margaritha    (2012-06-03 16:18:10)    Flag as inappropiate
I love this, I wish someone would make me done this.
unknown    (2008-12-29 22:53:57)    Flag as inappropiate
I love it!!!
Slowdive    (2008-12-09 06:37:54)    Flag as inappropiate
you are such a slut and an obediant slavegirl. I thank your master for putting you to write these sotries online.
fuckinslut    (2008-12-01 09:08:56)    Flag as inappropiate
fuckinslut my master loves this story and has got an idea from it he will have his whore posted for all to ready... thank you for a wonderful story

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