The First Time   added 7 years ago    

  By: Slayzee

The storeroom at work had provided the setting for our first encounter. You had walked in under the pretense of looking for computer stock. You knew I was there and you knew what I wanted.

We stood in the aisle furthest from the door and our kiss began. The passion was unmatched, our hands did whatever exploring they could without exposing too much skin. The last thing we wanted to be semi naked and have someone walk in on us. Our kiss was a firm representation of what we really wanted.


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We stayed in there for what seemed like a long time. In reality, it was probably only a few minutes but we were both satisfied and more frustrated by the end. We had to make plans to take that encounter further.


My wife had the occasion to work one Saturday morning and this presented the ideal opportunity for us. We had agreed that you would arrive at our place at around nine in the morning. My wife would already be at work and she would be there until one when her shift ended.

I had already told my wife that I had invited you for lunch so she knew you would be there…only…she didn’t know you would be there four hours before she was expecting you.


Shortly after eight thirty, you phoned me to get directions. You had taken a wrong turn and needed help getting to my place. Within a few minutes, I watched your car roll into the driveway and you emerged.

We walked into the house where you put your manicure kit down in the entrance. You had told your husband that you were going to see a client. We had both got our stories straight.

I offered you some coffee and, after making it, we sat down on the couch in the lounge.


I couldn’t wait any longer.


I reached for you and you moved closer to me. Our lips met and, straight away, our mouths opened to receive each others tongues. Our arms wrapped around our bodies as the levels of passion got higher. Our mouths crushed against each other as our tongues slid over each other. My hand moved to your leg. You had worn a loose flowing skirt, just like I had asked. I wanted something I could take off easily and you had chosen perfectly.

Your legs opened for my hand, knowing where it wanted to go. Feeling this invitation, my hand slid up your thigh towards your waiting pussy. My fingertips touched the lacey material of your g-string, a nice red one, just as I had asked.

Immediately, my fingers moved underneath the barrier and found your heat. Without hesitation, I slipped a finger inside you and began to fuck you very slowly. Our kissing became more passionate and more urgent as I fingered you.


When we broke, I told you to sit on the couch facing away from the bedroom and I got up and went in. I brought back a blindfold. With your back to me, you didn’t know what to expect until you felt the item cover your eyes. I tied it off at the back and lifted you to your feet. Moving to the center of the lounge, I switched on the CD player that had Enigma already loaded up. After this, I lit a few sticks of incense to add to the mood. I was going for a sensory overload. Your sight, hearing and smell were all taken care of. All that remained was touch and taste. My mouth would take care of the one, my hands would see to the other.


As you stood there, I kissed you in various places, your face, neck, shoulders…bit by bit, removing items of clothing from your body. As you lost one item, I removed the corresponding item from my own body. The more skin I exposed, the more I kissed you.

Once your top and bra were off, I took a soft yellow rose from a vase on the lounge table and began to softly and gently caress your naked skin with the head of the rose.


I started at your back and stroked up and down your skin. Moving over your shoulders, the rose moved across the tops of your tits and down the sides, over your stomach and back to the sides of your tits, shoulder and your back. The rose completed this journey a number of times before being gently introduced to your stiff nipples. Already hard and waiting, the feel of the rose petals made your nipples look as it they would burst at any point now. After the rose, my tongue followed to your nipples. Your mouth was open in a perpetual gasp. Even over the music, I could hear your breathing, ragged and raspy.


I moved the rose back to your stomach again, this time dropping to me knees to undo your skirt. I let it fall to the floow exposing the g-string I had felt a little before. The rose traversed your legs, top to bottom and back up again, over your hips and on to your ass. I had thought about how firm your ass was, now I could see it for myself. Following the rose, I would gently bite your ass, causing you to yelp a little. I discarded the rose and grasped your underwear. Pulling it all the way down to your ankles, you gingerly stepped out of the garment.

You were now completely naked before me.


I moved behind you, placed my hands on your hips and pulled you into me. My hard naked cock pressed between your ass cheeks. My hands moved up the front of your body to grab your tits. Squeezing gently, I pressed myself harder into you and felt you press back against me. The time was now.


I guided you back to the couch and helped you sit down. Removing your blindfold, I leaned forward to kiss you once again. I traced a thin trail down our body with my tongue until I came to your pussy.

I saw the long strands of your own lubricant stretching from your pussy to your inner thighs. You were wetter than I had hoped.

Placing my mouth over your pussy, I began to lick and suck your beautiful wetness. You lifted your legs up and spread them wider apart giving me unrestricted access to the pussy I wanted so badly to feel you cum.


My tongue flicked against your clit while two of my fingers found their way inside you. My fingers fucked you once more and I sucked your clit hard into my mouth, causing you to let out a little whimper.

My fingers stroked in and out of your pussy, my mouth not stopping what it was doing. I needed your orgasm, I wanted your pussy to flood my mouth, I wanted to feel your body contract around my thrusting fingers, I wanted to hear you cum.


I listened to your breathing patterns change the closer you came to your orgasm. The ragged breaths spoke of a powerful climax closing in. I sucked harder on your clit, moved my fingers faster into your soaking pussy. I raised my eyes and watched you as your orgasm began.


Your head was flopped back on the couch, your arms lay above your head, your eyes were half open looking at me, your mouth was wide open emitting beautiful orgasmic sounds as I felt your pussy tighten around my fingers.

I felt your juices flow around my fingers, the extra lubrication was plainly evident. I could taste your juices more so now, like someone had turned on a tap.

I felt your thighs shake, I watched a deep red flush move across the skin around your pussy.

The contractions slowed as your orgasm petered out. You opened your eyes, gazed at me and smiled. I slid up your body, pressing the head of my cock up against your dripping little slit. I opened my mouth and kissed you while my cock slid all the way into you.


We shared your pussy juices as I began to fuck you slowly but firmly. Your juice was making this such an easy fuck. Your body held up no resistance to me, it just opened up and let my cock in. The feeling of your body was something I cannot describe but something I long to feel again. Our mouths remained together, locked in a passionate kiss. My cock had never felt quite so hard as it did that morning. Your pussy was very sensitive from your orgasm so the feeling of me inside you was amplified by this. You wrapped your arms around my neck and pulled my into your body. My hips thrust against you and your hips mimicked those movements.

My cock hammered your wet and willing pussy, you moaned into my ear. I wanted to fuck you from behind.


I pulled my cock out of you and instructed you to get onto all fours in the couch. You obeyed and I knelt behind you. Spreading your ass cheeks I pressed my cock into your pussy once more. I reached around your body and began to rub your clit while I thrust into you. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for much longer. I was about to cum and there was no way I was going to try and control my orgasm. This one needed to come out now. My balls were aching to shoot their cum all over your body or inside your pussy, inside your mouth…wherever you wanted it.


I grabbed your hair and pulled your head back. I saw your mouth gaped open in ecstacy. The look of pure lust on your face was enough to push me over the edge. My orgasm hit and I shot stream after stream of hot cum deep into your waiting pussy. I let loose a guttural primitive sound while my cum flowed into your body.

As my orgasm ended, you pulled away from me letting my cock flop out of your pussy. You turned around to kneel in front of me. You leaned forward and kissed me once more as globs of cum dripped from your pussy onto the couch.


We kissed for a long time like that, our hands gently caressing our bodies, savouring the afterglow of the sex we had both ached for and now, finally, had experienced.

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easypeasy    (2008-11-22 16:37:50)    Flag as inappropiate
That was really good! The oral and the fucking were both super hot. Thanks! :)

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