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Campus Tramps

Chapter Eleven

Truth or Dare?



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The Naughty Meter

"Truth or dare?" Mercedes Melendez asked the handsome boy sitting across the table.

"Hmmm," said Glen Draper, looking at the Spanish girl and smiling. "Truth, I guess."

Mercedes looked around the group of friends assembled at the table. "I will take some suggestions," she said. "I don't think I'm very good at this game. My mind is not enough dirty."

"Oh, sure it isn't," said Robyn Wilde.

Robyn was sitting next to Mercedes . Two other Grade Twelves rounded out the girls sitting in the kitchen. One was Heidi Harris -- a real stunner. Heidi was tall -- tall enough to play on the Pattison College basketball team under Miss Robbins. Her gorgeous breasts would bounce around with her all over the court, turning every male spectator almost purple with lust.

Now, Heidi sat puffing on a joint. She was risking her basketball career by doing so: smoking a cigarette was enough to get you booted off the team, let alone a stick of California's finest.

But there were no such rules in the company she was keeping at this moment -- no rules at all, in fact, except those for Truth or Dare.

The bottle would spin on the kitchen table. Whoever it ended up pointing at would have to give a true response to a tough question -- or accept a "dare" from whoever had spun the bottle.

Heidi passed the joint to her friend, Rebecca Savage. Despite her last name, Rebecca was a quiet girl, best-known as a whiz in math. But there was another Rebecca underneath, a much more "savage" one -- as Heidi had discovered.

They'd gone out on a double-date with two guys from the basketball team, Bill Conrad and Dave Stone. They'd parked Bill's "fuck-truck" -- a customized van -- at the drive-in. Heidi and Bill had got it on before. Heidi knew she'd shortly be in the back of the truck, her panties down round her ankles, with Dave licking up a storm between her thighs. But Rebecca and Dave -- well, that was tough to figure. After all, she was such a reserved girl, and Dave was a notorious sex-maniac.

It turned out Heidi needn't have worried. Before the first movie had ended, Rebecca and Dave had adjourned to the back of the van. With total confidence and impressive expertise, Rebecca had unbuttoned Dave's pants, withdrawn his hard cock -- and sucked him off to a groaning, sticky cumshot.

By the time the second flick was halfway through, all four of them were a tangled heap in the back of the van. Heidi was helping Bill get his proud prick into the creaming slit between her legs. Rebecca was rubbing and kissing Heidi's beautiful breasts. And Dave was pushing his cock, still spermy from his last orgasm, into Heidi's eager mouth.

Now Bill and Dave were with them again -- sitting across the table, in fact, and looking at their buddy Glen expectantly. This was the first question of the game, and they were wondering what Mercedes would come up with.

"Bueno, Glen," said the Spanish girl, with a twinkle in her eye. "Let's see ... Why don't you tell us the most horniest fantasy you have about one of the teachers at school?"

Robyn Wilde clapped her hands together. "Great question! And we want it straight, Glen. Those are the rules."

"Shit!" Glen was blushing. "How can I talk about something like that?"

"Perhaps I can make it easier for you, no?" Mercedes said sympathetically. She got up and walked around the table. Then she sat down in Glen's lap, and ground her pretty Spanish ass into the young man's groin.

The others at the table cracked up laughing.

"Now that should be some kind of incentive!" said Heidi. "Just close your eyes, Glen."

Glen did, and the blush began to recede from his face.

"Well, I guess it's like this. You know Miss Hoskins? The American history prof?"

"That gorgeous black babe," said Bill. "Yeah. I've had the hots for her, too."

"She's always going on about how the blacks have got such a raw deal in this country," said Glen. "She gets real worked up and passionate about it. And it's true, you know. She really makes you think. But sometimes when she's on a roll, her ... her nipples get hard. You can see 'em shining like headlights underneath her blouse. And she always wears that blouse undone just one or two buttons more than she should."

"Mercedes ," Robyn said, "maybe you should unbutton your blouse a little, too. Just to help Glen with his story."

Mercedes giggled. Since the encounter with Mr. Peters a couple of weeks earlier, she'd become a real demon when it came to things sexual. Her main victim so far had been Robyn, who had to run her tongue through Mercedes' dripping little snatch on a regular basis. Well, it was Robyn's fault for giving Mercedes her first delightful taste of girl-on-girl lovemaking! But this was the first time she'd been around a man since that afternoon with Mr. Peters. And here she was in one guy's lap, while two other hot young studs looked at her with definite longing in their eyes.

"I will do more than that," said Mercedes firmly. She unbuttoned her blouse and opened it completely, so Glen could see the shapely mounds of breasts under the lacy black covering of her bra.

"Now, Glen," said Mercedes in a matter-of-fact tone. "What is your fantasy about Miss Hoskins?"

"I imagine her telling me to stay behind after class," said Glen -- his lips suddenly dry at the sight of Mercedes' milky cleavage inches from his eyes.

"She tells me she knows I've been watching her. 'I want to know if I make you hard', she says. 'If these make you hard' -- and then she undoes her blouse and her big breasts just spill out, you know. She's not wearing a bra."

"Wow," breathed Heidi. "So? Do they make you hard?"

"They get me bursting, just looking at 'em," confessed Glen, closing his eyes again. "They make me want to ... I mean ..."

"Do what, Glen?" Mercedes whispered into his ear. "Caramba! I can feel you getting hard talking about it!"

Gently, the Spanish girl took one of Glen's hands and brought it to her chest. She pressed his palm against the lace covering her soft breast. Glen squeezed her breast, rubbing the nipple with his thumb, and Mercedes sighed.

"They make me want to plant my cock between 'em," said Glen, eyes still closed.

Heidi and Rebecca shared a smile; under the table, Heidi's hand moved to Rebecca's thigh, causing the girl to shift forward in her seat. "God, they're so big and soft," Glen continued, mesmerized by the images in his mind. "She's got 'em wrapped around my prick, and I'm moving it up and down, back and forth ...

"She's breathing hard, and every so often she leans down and puts the tip of me inside her mouth, you know. Sucks on me a little. My balls are getting tighter and tighter. I'm lookin' down and seeing this gorgeous babe tit-fucking me, and I just know she's going to let me get off wherever I want to do it ..."

"Where do you want to do it, Glen?" Mercedes whispered.

"All over her tits, maybe. Or in her mouth, so she eats every drop. Or ... or on her face. Yeah, that'd be nice. Dripping everywhere. Shit."

Glen paused and opened his eyes. He looked a little embarrassed. "Well, that's it. God's honest truth. I guess I'm off the hook."

"But I feel as though I'm on the hook," Mercedes said petulantly. "Your hook. Glen, you are so hard it feels like you're halfway inside me already. I can hardly move!"

Rebecca laughed. "Glen, spin the bottle. Next."

Glen reached out and gave the vodka bottle in the middle of the table a hearty spin. Around and around it went, and when it slowed it pointed to ... Heidi.

"Truth or dare, Heidi?" Glen asked, with a gleam in his eye.

Heidi felt the warm rush of the pot she'd smoked, making her heart beat faster and her impressive chest swell.

"Dare. Go ahead, you bastard, do your worst." Everyone laughed.

"Okay," said Glen. "But first I have to ask you for a little 'truth'."

"That's not fair!" protested Heidi.

"Okay, I'll give you the option of answering it or not before I get to my dare. How big are your tits?"

Heidi burst out laughing. "Well, I guess I can tell you that. 37-D. They're pretty big. My sports bra is industrial-strength, let me tell you."

Glen leaned forward, his hand still caressing Mercedes' smaller, but quite perfect breasts.

"How do you think that compares with Miss Hoskins?"

"More or less the same, I suppose," Heidi said, thinking it over. Then light suddenly dawned in her mind. She knew what Glen was up to!

"Glen, you wouldn't."

"Wouldn't what?" said Glen innocently.

"You wouldn't ask me to take off my shirt, come over there, wrap my tits around your hard dick, and let you get off wherever you wanted ... would you?"

There was a very wicked tone in Heidi's voice.

"I certainly wouldn't ask you," said Glen, equally mischievously. "I might dare you, though. I thought that was what the game was all about."

Mercedes clapped her hands together with delight. "Magnifico! Stand up, Glen. I will unzip you."

Glen got to his feet -- a little unsteadily, hampered by the swelling bulge in his pants. Fast as lightning, Mercedes unzipped his pants. She slid her small, cool hand inside, and emerged with a very respectable but slightly angry-looking cock.

"Come on, Heidi," Mercedes called across the table. "It's a dare! You can't refuse."

"I guess not," said Heidi, not exactly unwillingly.

Bill and Dave let out a cheer. They were almost as anxious as Glen to see Heidi's fabled chest exposed to the light, after all those times in the stands, watching her bounce around under her basketball uniform.

"Just for you, Glen," said Heidi, with a real note of lust creeping into her voice.

She stood up, and Rebecca rose with her. Heidi raised her arms, and Rebecca lifted her friend's T-shirt out of her jeans, drawing it up and over the magnificent peaks of Heidi's breasts. Then Rebecca unhooked the bra from behind. Finally, Heidi -- who'd kept her horny eyes on Glen the whole time -- stood topless.

"Jesus Christ," said Bill and Dave, simultaneously. Glen just gawked.

Heidi's incredible breasts, with their stiff, strawberry-coloured nipples, seemed to leap across the table at them. Heidi shook her dirty-blonde hair down over her shoulders. Her breasts trembled and shimmered, like water at the rim of a glass that was just about to spill over the side.

"Do you like them, Glen?" Heidi asked. She cupped her hands underneath the warm, heaping mounds of breast-flesh, and proffered them for Glen's eyes.

"Awesome," Glen said. His cock stood out even stiffer and straighter than before.

"Then fuck them," said Heidi simply.

She walked round the table and dropped to her knees in front of Glen.

She flicked out her tongue and dabbed at the end of his prick, making him twitch in the air.

She reached up a hand and grabbed his shaft, stroking it mercilessly until a single drop of cum appeared in the eye of his tool. This, she kissed away.

Then Heidi leaned back and proffered her breasts for him once again. Without further ado, Glen slid his hard-on into the tight, imprisoning channel between her luscious young melons.

Christ, he'd fantasized about Miss Hoskins, but he'd never imagined this!

"Do they feel good?" asked Robyn from across the table. All eyes were now firmly fixed on the amazing scene unfolding in front of them.

"Great," Glen gasped. He let his arms dangle free as Heidi did the work for him: holding her breasts together and moving herself up and down on his straining shaft, turning the head of his cock even darker than before. Soon she'd worked up a fine sheen of perspiration in her cleavage. Mixed with a couple more pre-cum drops from Glen, it oiled the channel nicely.

"God, what a turn-on," said Rebecca. She was remembering that night in the van, running her hands across those same beautiful breasts, as Bill shoved his cock into Heidi's hot, streaming purse.

Glen was breathing hard now, glorying in the feel of this romp between Heidi's breast-flesh! And Heidi was really getting into it, breathing harder herself, humping her boobs up and down on the energetic prick between them, feeling Glen's balls slap against her sensitive skin.

"I'm gonna make you cum, baby," Heidi said. "All over my pretty tits."

"Here I go!" gasped Glen.

He pushed forward, and an epic gush of juice burst out of him. Then another -- splashing up over Heidi's throat and back down over her chest. Heidi milked him expertly as the rest of the crew leaned forward for a close look.

"Fuck, I'm coming all over," yelled Glen. Without warning, he grabbed his still-spurting prick from between Heidi's breasts and brought it up to the level of her face. Heidi took him into her mouth eagerly, and he spurted a few last exquisite blasts over her tongue, feeling the spasms in her throat as she swallowed his cum. Then it was over.

"Way to go, Heidi!" Rebecca said, as Heidi mopped up the spunk on her breasts with a towel from the kitchen. Glen was now glazed-eyed, sunk back in his chair, his dick wilting. But everyone knew he'd be up for more action soon enough ...

"Next!" said Robyn. "How do you expect us to watch all this and not get turned on ourselves? Jesus, next!"

It was Heidi's turn to spin -- and it was Robyn that the bottle ended up pointing at.

Heidi smiled her wicked smile again. "Truth or dare, Robyn?"

"Are you kidding?" said Robyn gleefully. "After what happened to you? Dare, of course!" Everyone laughed.

Heidi sat back in her chair, her breasts still sticky with Glen's wad.

"Let me see," she said, pretending to think deeply. "Seems to me we have one guy out of action, for the time being anyway. That leaves Bill and Dave, who seem to me ready for something more than spectator sports."

"Yeah!" Dave grinned.

"I guess I have to ask you for a 'truth' first, Robyn. Um, how many 'orifices' do you have below the level of your waist?"

"You mean love-holes?" Robyn asked innocently. "Well, two, I guess. My cunt and my tight little ass."

Heidi laughed. "Two! What a coincidence. And we have two men just sitting here!"

Robyn took in her meaning, and her jaw dropped open. "Wow. You want me to take 'em both at the same time? I've never done that before."

"First time for everything," chimed in Rebecca. "Mercedes , can you help her a little bit? Go get us some suntan oil from the cupboard. Robyn's ass might need a little assistance."

"Of course," said Mercedes , and headed off.

"I guess I can manage it," said Robyn, obviously getting warm at the idea. "How about you two, boys?"

Bill and Dave were already up, pulling at their belts. Their eagerness spoke volumes.

"Okay," said Robyn. "But you know what? Let's spin the bottle again now. That way, if the person it lands on accepts a dare, maybe we can get a couple more people involved."

Everyone agreed with that idea. Robyn spun the bottle and it pointed -- at Rebecca. A blush rose to the quiet girl's cheeks.

"Ha!" said Robyn. "Rebecca, I saw how you were looking at Heidi's sweet boobs. You're hot for her, aren't you?"

Rebecca lowered her head and said nothing, but a small smile played across her lips.

"Well then, if you'll accept a dare -- show us how hot! Let's see you lick up all the cream from Heidi's cunt!"

This was in fact at the top of Rebecca's list of alltime fantasies, but she said nothing.

Heidi leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Would you like to do that, Rebecca? I could do it for you, too."

Rebecca nodded shyly.

"Then it's settled!" said Robyn. "Alright, goddamn it, I want to get naked now. Bill, will you give me a hand, please?"

In a second, both Bill and Dave were all over her. Robyn leaned back and shivered as she felt their hands run over her breasts, undoing her blouse, probing into the secret places hidden in her jeans. Jesus, was she wet!

Through the mist of excitement that covered her eyes, Robyn looked over and saw Heidi, already nude. The big-breasted girl was sitting in an armchair, her legs hooked up and over so that her wet cunt was displayed for all to see. Rebecca, for her part, seemed almost paralyzed by the beauty of Heidi's snatch. Finally, Heidi took the initiative. She unbuttoned her quiet friend's blouse, fondling Rebecca's small breasts. Then Heidi drew her down, down, to the warm honeypot between her thighs.

The two boys' hands had succeeded in stripping Robyn down to her panties by now. But before she turned all her attention back to them, she saw Rebecca bury her face in Heidi's dripping snatch -- and heard the long, sexy groan that escaped from Heidi's lips.

Bill was kissing her now. Robyn tasted the tang of the California grass on her partner's tongue as it probed and twined around her own. Dave, meanwhile, was on his knees. He was pulling down Robyn's panties, clutching the tightly-flexed cheeks of her ass, and hungrily attacking the frothy, juice-drenched lips of her cunt with his mouth and tongue.

"Ahhhhh!" Robyn threw back her head, breaking the kiss with Bill. She ground her cunt into Dave's face, marvelling at how well he was finding her hard clit between the lips. She let her snatch ride up and down over his mouth and nose. The first of her orgasms burst through her, and Dave struggled to drink up the flow of her love-juice.

"You're almost as wet as a man when you cum," Dave gurgled, his face glistening with her fluids.

Lovely Mercedes was at her side now, holding the suntan oil. "Do it, sweetheart," Robyn begged her.

Mercedes may not have been the most experienced girl in the world, but somehow she knew what Robyn was asking. She poured some of the suntan oil over two fingers and slid them into the crack of Robyn's ass, pushing in until she found the tight rosebud of her friend's asshole.

"Stick your finger right in," said Robyn, her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation. Mercedes did.

"Now why don't you go and find out if Glen is ready for some more action?" Robyn suggested. "You two seemed to be getting along pretty well earlier, what with you in his lap and your tits hanging out into his face!"

Mercedes smiled. "I will ask him if he would like some pleasure," she agreed, and wandered off toward Glen.

Then Robyn dropped to her knees. Bill and Dave stood in front of her, and she grasped their proud pricks, one in either hand.

"I'm gonna suck on you two for a little while," she murmured.

Dave's cock was the first to disappear into her warm mouth. He tangled his fingers in her hair as she sucked sweetly, infuriatingly, at the sensitive head of his prick. As for Bill, she had to work to stretch her mouth around his fatter, more impressive love-rod. Both the pricks tasted great -- but she wanted to make sure they did their explosions elsewhere.

"I think you'll fit nicely up my ass, Dave," Robyn said, looking up at him. "And Bill, if I don't feel you fucking my cunt in about twenty seconds, I'm gonna be mighty angry."

"Say no more," said Bill.

He lay down on the ground and Robyn clambered over his hips, aiming his big thing at the slick center of her body. Then she lowered herself down on him, gasping as she felt him slip between her lips and push deep inside her channel. When her ass-cheeks brushed against his swollen, cum-laden balls, she knew he was in as far as he could go.

"Touch my tits, touch them!" begged Robyn.

Bill obligingly grabbed hold of the jiggling mounds in front of him. Without needing to be asked, Dave had come round behind. Robyn leaned forward, pressing her chest flat against Bill's. She felt Dave tugging the cheeks of her ass apart, felt the cool air on her exposed rosehole -- and then Dave's slim, longish prick was knocking at her back door.

"Fuck me in the ass," Robyn pleaded.

Dave thrust forward into her greased channel, almost too quickly -- but Robyn could hardly blame him for an excess of desire at this point. She flinched just a little. But the pain was quickly replaced by the wonderful sensation of two men filling her up, stretching her love-holes to their utmost. The sensitivity was incredible. Only the thinnest membrane of flesh prevented their two cocks from scraping against each other. Nerve-endings were being stimulated that she hadn't even known existed.

Across the kitchen, Rebecca was guiding Heidi towards her third orgasm -- or was it her fourth? Rebecca had lost count. Her face was a happy flood of Heidi's musky love-juice. Heidi had her hands clamped firmly over her own large breasts -- stroking them, pinching the nipples as Rebecca's tongue worked its magic in her creaming muff.

But what about Glen and Mercedes?

As if in a pleasure-soaked dream, Heidi looked over and saw Mercedes on her knees, paying tender homage to Glen's resurgent cock. Her mouth was so small she could hardly fit her lips around the tip of his prick, but somehow she was managing. Whenever her jaw began to ache, Mercedes would remove her mouth, and run her lips and tongue down his glistening shaft. She nuzzled his warm balls with her pert little nose, smiling at him all the while, and stroked him with her gentle hands.

Heidi saw it was going to be too much for poor Glen, having this petite vision of Spanish loveliness sucking him off in her sweet, girlish way. As Heidi watched, Glen took hold of his prick, withdrew it from Mercedes' lips -- and jerked himself over the edge.

Mercedes pressed close, and welcomed the warm jets of Glen's cum that spurted onto her face and into her mouth. Her lips formed themselves into an open "O" just below the spewing eye of Glen's cock. A sticky flood of spunk welled up, out, and into Mercedes' waiting mouth. Robyn had told her how much this turned men on ... and she gave Glen quite a show, swallowing his sperm with gusto, using the shaft of his prick to rub the cream over her lips and cheeks.

Without doubt, the most noise in the kitchen was coming from the corner in which Robyn was taking on the two studs. Both were fucking hard into her two juicy holes, and Robyn was off somewhere else entirely, transported onto a higher plateau of pleasure than she'd ever known.

"Yes! Yes!" she goaded them on, grinding her breasts against Bill's chest. She could feel her cunt-juices drip out of the seam with his cock and flood down over his balls. Dave was somehow managing to hold back, driving his prick into her ass, pulling it nearly all the way out and then thrusting hard back in. His prick was slim enough that such rough motions caused her no pain -- quite the contrary.

"I'm going to cum," Bill gasped beneath her. "Oh, it's happening -- all the way up in your beautiful pussy!"

With her other hole also filled to bursting, every spasm and spurt of Bill's coming in her cunt seemed magnified to Robyn. Each twitch of his grinding, spewing dick sent Robyn off on an earthquake of her own. "Godddd -- " she groaned, bucking and writhing in the saddle. That was enough for Dave. He pressed forward once more, hard, and long jets of cum ripped out of him, gushing deep into Robyn's tight young ass.

Somewhere in the dim conscious reaches of Robyn's brain, a thought glowed. They were all coming at once! She felt like metal in some alchemist's cauldron, melting and fusing together with this hot, molten liquid that filled her ass and cunt.

It seemed the spasms that shook her would never --



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