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Campus Tramps

Chapter Nine

Shauna Gets Caught

Shauna Phillips' pussy was warm and creamy. Oh, she loved that feeling -- sliding a glistening finger between the slippery lips of her cunt. She toyed with the crimson nub of her clit, running her other hand over her swelling young breasts.


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The Naughty Meter

How could she get so horny over something she'd written? But wasn't it a turn-on, to see one's own fantasies there in black-and-white on the page? Her deepest desires laid out for her eyes only? The operative word there was "only." Because one thing was sure -- she wasn't going to let anyone else read this!

In the privacy of her bedroom, Shauna turned the page. The Virgin and the Buccaneer, Chapter 3:

... "God in heaven," murmured Eliza. The pirate's prick stood out hard and throbbing, inches from her lips. She had never imagined a man's tool could be so big! But what did he want her to do? Surely not ...
"Fasten your lips to it, young lady," Blackbeard commanded her. "I will teach you how the women of the Dutch East Indies have learned to please their men. Suck it!"
When she'd been kidnapped, she'd imagined all manner of violations and degradation. But this? After all, she was a twenty-year-old English girl, as yet unmarried, with an aristocratic lineage that she could trace back through the most distant mists of English royalty. It was inconceivable that she would take a rude pirate's erection into her virgin purse -- let alone the tender tightness of her mouth!
She turned her head from him, but he held her tightly by the hair.
"I will not ask you twice," the pirate said threateningly.
She knew he was not a man to be teased. Had she not already seen him run two men through with his sword, and then sit down to dinner with their corpses still cooling in the room?
"I ... I cannot! I will not!"
But Blackbeard's prick was moving inexorably toward her, and now it brushed against her plump young lips. She could smell his musk; she felt the burning heat of him against her face.
She looked up. Damn him, he was grinning -- that twisted, contemptuous smile of his. One day she'd wipe it off him with a dagger!
But that day would have to wait. For the present, it appeared there was no alternative.
As though of its own accord, her mouth opened. Blackbeard, sensing the collapse of her resistance, thrust forward -- and suddenly her mouth was full to bursting with his pulsing man-meat.
Eliza drew in a sharp gasp of air through her nose. She would choke! But no, he wasn't going to push it down her throat. Somehow, in a way that horrified her, she found the sensation manageable -- even if her lips were stretched to the utmost to accommodate his cruel thrusts.
Blackbeard was making harsh grunting noises as his enormous cock worked against her tongue and the wet, imprisoning walls of her cheeks. Her jaw began to ache. But it was working -- she was pleasing him! Perhaps her plight was not as desperate as it seemed!
And, God help her, there was something exciting about the urgency of his stabbing motions between her demure, ladylike lips.
"Stroke it," he ordered her harshly. "Caress my balls, girl!"
Eliza did as she was told. Her slender fingers traced up and down his bulging length; her hand cupped his pendulous testicles. She began to suck more ardently on his prick, running her tongue over and around the crown.
"By all that is holy, your talents exceed those of the damsels of the East Indies," Blackbeard marvelled. He clutched her long blonde tresses and pushed into her now-eager mouth.
"Now you will have it all," he gasped, and shoved forward.
He couldn't -- he wouldn't dare! thought Eliza -- but suddenly his cock was a tumult of twitching and jerking between her lips.
Great God, he was spewing in her mouth! Extravagant jets of sticky, salty fluid gushed down her throat, almost before she could think to swallow them. His spasms were so explosive that they rebounded from the back of her mouth and burst through the seal of her lips, splashing back down his prick and foaming over her pert chin. Dimly she felt warm droplets drip onto her breasts -- or at least the ample area of her bosom which was left exposed by the shameless dress the pirate had given her to wear.
She was behaving like the most common whore -- if even whores did such a thing for their clients. And as his throbbing jets slackened ... as the pulsing flow of sperm into her mouth became a stream and then a dribble ... she realized she was as hot and slick between her thighs as she had ever been in her life.
"You are a discovery, Eliza, and that is God's truth," breathed Blackbeard, withdrawing his softening cock from her mouth. Bubbly tendrils of his cum were plastered over her lips and chin. Again without thinking, she licked her lips, lapping the last of the salty sperm.
"A genuine discovery," Blackbeard repeated. "I do not see how I could possibly let you go. But I might, young lady. I just might -- if you're able to turn a few more tricks like that one!"

Shauna gasped, and her orgasm rocketed through her.

She frigged her clit mercilessly and pinched her nipples. She spread her legs wider on the desk as the spasms shook her, and arched her back against the chair. "Ohhhhhhh," she groaned -- too loudly, but she couldn't help it.

"Shauna? Are you alright in there?"

She jerked up in her seat. It was her mother!

Thank God she'd remembered to lock the bedroom door. "Fine, Mom, fine. Really. I'm just doing my homework. I realized I made a big mistake on one of the math problems. I'm gonna have to do it all over again."

She could almost see her mother smiling through the door. "It happens to the best of us, darling," said her mother's muffled voice. "You come down when you're finished, and I'll make you some milk and cookies."

"Thanks, Mom. You're the best," said Shauna, and rolled her eyes up in her head.

Milk and cookies? Jesus Christ, her mom still thought Shauna was twelve years old. Sure, in some ways she was still a girl. But damn it, she was eighteen. And just because she hadn't been able to find a guy to pop her cherry yet didn't mean there wasn't a woman raging around inside her, dying to get out!

What would dear Mom think if she knew her young daughter spent her spare time conjuring up scorching, X-rated romance novels? What would she think of the thoughts that raced through her daughter's head ... visions of rough and raunchy pirates unloading their spunk into young girls' mouths? Or -- God forbid -- those same young girls seeking out big black slaves who would cater to their every perverted whim?

The slave thing: that was Chapter 18 of The Virgin and the Buccaneer. Shauna had written it that very afternoon. She turned the pages of the manuscript quickly, her body primed and ready for another jolt of forbidden masturbatory pleasure.

... "You need fear nothing, Caleb. You suppose Blackbeard will have your head if he catches you in my chamber? Well, this innocent young English girl has shown him more than a thing or two. Now he is eating out of my hand. I have forbidden him to knock at my door after the clock has struck eight hours of an evening."
Caleb's eyes were still wide with fear. "Madame, je ne sais pas ... c'est impermis ..."
"Caleb!" Eliza said sharply. "You are under my orders as well, are you not? Blackbeard has commanded you to obey me?"
The slave lowered his eyes. "Oui, mademoiselle."
For a such spectacularly-built young man, he seemed utterly lost and powerless. Eliza liked him that way. She wanted to peel away his layers until she discovered the boy in him. Then she would build him back up into a man -- after her own fashion.
Now, at last, Caleb the boy stood before her. He was dressed only in his pantaloons. His muscular, glistening upper body was trembling with agitation.
"Very well. Then follow my orders. Caleb, look at me!"
Caleb raised his eyes uncertainly. They burned like coal. What was it in that heated gaze? Anger? Or suppressed desire? What would the slave do to her, if she did not have the delegated power of Blackbeard to hold over him like a curse? Would he tear her apart with his bare hands -- or throw her onto the bed and push his ebony tool inside her, so quickly she would scarcely have time to part her thighs?
"I'm going to undress for you now, Caleb. You will stand still for the time being and watch me. If you wish to become aroused, you may do so."
Slowly, keeping her eyes locked on his, Eliza slid the elegant dress from her shoulders. She tugged it down, past her breasts, which sprang out slim and tempting into the muggy air of the chamber. She shook her head and her blonde curls cascaded over her bosom, almost hiding her pink young nipples.
Down further -- and the elegant blonde triangle of her pubes was revealed for his eyes. The shadow of her pretty slit was barely visible through the golden fluff.
Caleb breathed more heavily now, and -- yes, it was unmistakable -- there was a stiffness rising in his pantaloons.
"You like me, don't you, Caleb? Naked for you like this?" said Eliza.
A hot flush rose to her cheeks, but it was excitement, not shame. "Perhaps I would like to see you similarly disrobed."
Caleb took it as a command. He tugged at the length of rope which served him as a belt. His pantaloons fell away to the floor -- and, dear Christ! There stood a prick that was every bit as formidable as Blackbeard's, but infinitely more smoothly-crafted, curving away from the slave's stomach like an ebony bow.
Eliza felt her nipples harden at the sight. "You look much as I had imagined you," she said quietly. "Now do you know what you must do for me, Caleb?"
"Dis-moi, mademoiselle."
"Very well, I shall tell you. I will lie back on the bed and open my legs for you. I want to feel your tongue licking me as you have never licked a woman before. Then I am going to spread the lips of my pussy as wide as I can, and I want that marvellous rod of yours in me up to my belly."

"God, go for it, Eliza," Shauna said imploringly.

She was totally caught up in the story, and again her hand was working busily in the wet flesh of her cunt. She was covered with perspiration. But that was alright. Because Shauna was Eliza, and Shauna's muggy bedroom was Eliza's chamber -- and Eliza was getting fucked for all she was worth.

... Caleb's magnificent tool filled her to the bursting point. Eliza almost screamed. Her love-slick nether-lips opened for him like a flower in springtime. He sought her moist, secret depths with the blind instinctiveness of a bee digging into a blossom for pollen.
"Ah, you're killing me," gasped Eliza. But if she were to die, it would be from pleasure.
"Do it! Faites-le!" She pushed her willowy English body against every crevice of his muscular, rippling form. His breath was hard as he bit angrily on her earlobe, sending little rockets of pain through her. They lent a sharpness to the pleasure that engulfed her.
Their bodies made slick sucking sounds as they rubbed and writhed against each other. Eliza bucked her hips and spread her legs wide for Caleb's thrusts. She clawed his back and kissed him hard on the mouth, running her tongue over his perfect white teeth.
"You're doing it ... Oh, dear Caleb, you're making me spend!"
Again she had to swallow another scream as the tide of pleasure rose up to drown her. She held on for dear life, and the orgasm shook through her. Her breasts trembled as the spasm subsided.
But Caleb -- Caleb was nearly there. He bore down hard and pushed into Eliza's love-channel, until his balls smeared themselves against the creaming lips of her gash. She grabbed onto the rock-hard muscles of his ass and held him there.
His face was a rictus of joy as his lava erupted, filling her to the brim. His sperm flooded out over her buttocks, and it seemed this sensation alone was enough to bring her to the peaks of pleasure once again ...

Shauna raced out of the photocopying room before anyone else arrived. What a stroke of luck to be able to copy her entire manuscript early in the morning, without having to worry about one of her friends sneaking up to look over her shoulder.

Old Bat Springfield had cancelled Chem class for that morning, so she had plenty of time to herself. Now she had to go over to the library and check the indexes of publishers, to see who might be interested in her steamy tale. Wouldn't it be great to be a published author -- even if she couldn't, of course, use her own name? Besides, coming up with a pen-name was another bit of fantasy come true. She'd settled on Rebecca. "Rebecca LeGrande." It had just the right romantic mystique.

She was hunched over the index in the library when the earthquake hit her.

Holy shit! She'd left the last page of the manuscript in the photocopier!

All the color drained from her face in an instant. Panicked, she gathered up her things and raced back down the hallway to the photocopiers. If only no-one else had come in the last half-hour --

Almost out of breath, she pushed open the door to the copy room. Thank God! There was no-one else there. She ran over to the copier, lifted the cover, and ...

It was gone. Her page was gone.

She stood a moment to collect herself.

There was a bright side to everything. The bright side here was that she had the copy of the last page in her bag. And as far as she knew, no one had seen her copying the manuscript. So whoever found the page in the copier would just have to wonder for the rest of their school days who'd left it there. Fuck 'em!

She turned to go -- and almost walked straight into Henry Dyer, who was coming in the door.

Henry was a strapping sophomore student -- a good-looking guy and also a bit of a brain, from what she'd heard. She was a year behind him, so they didn't have any classes together. In fact, he hardly knew her. Good thing, too.

"Shit!" Shauna yelped. "Um, excuse me." She was blushing crimson, and didn't want him to see it.

"Are you looking for something, Shauna?" Henry asked gently, a mysterious grin on his face.

Now she was really blushing.

"Um, no, just took a wrong turn. Gotta get to class. 'Scuse ..."

"You wouldn't be looking for this by any chance, would you?"

He held up the page of manuscript. Through the haze that covered her shocked eyes, Shauna could see her typing, with a big "THE END" at the bottom of the page.

"Huh? No, sorry. That's not mine." Again she tried to push past him.

"Oh, but I think it is," said Henry. "I came to the door here earlier and looked in just a peek. Saw you using the machine. Quite a bunch of pages you were copying there. A novel, huh? Sounds like a pretty hot one, too. At least, it goes out with a bang."

He lifted the page and started to read it out loud -- in low tones, but audibly.

"Eliza let the pirate's wilting prick slip from her mouth as she gamely swallowed the last of his juice. The Arab, his hard cock boring into the tight channel of her rectum, was almost at the peak of his pleasure now. She clenched her bum-cheeks tight around his rampaging ..."

"Stop!" Shauna nearly shrieked. "Are you crazy? Someone else could come down the hallway ... Give me that page!"

Henry shook his head. "I don't know, Shauna. I kind of like it. Maybe I'd like to keep it under my pillow. Of course, I'm not the sort of guy who would run out to share it with my buddies, and tell them who wrote it. At least, I don't think I am. Why, that would make you the most sought-after chick in school overnight."

"God damn you, you wouldn't dare," Shauna hissed.

"I might dare," Henry replied smoothly. "But I won't ... on one condition. No, make that two conditions."

Shauna's heart was pounding almost out of her chest. "What do you want?"

Henry smiled. "It sounds like a good story, Shauna. I want to hear the rest of it."

"You bastard!" said Shauna, the colour rising to her pretty face once again. "You want me to give a copy to you so you can read it? My most private writings? You fucking blackmailer!"

"You didn't get me, Shauna. I said I wanted to hear it. I want you to read it to me out loud."

Shauna's mouth dropped open. "You've gotta be kidding."

"No. It would kind of turn me on. Don't worry, I'm not going to molest you or anything. That's not my style. I just want to hear you read it."

Shauna fought back her rage. "What else? You said there were two things."

"Yeah. The other thing is that I think you're really beautiful."

Shauna looked at him, stunned. Suddenly, there was something almost like tenderness on his face. "Well, thanks," she said, and dropped her eyes. She still felt Henry staring at her, though. "So what does my being beautiful have to do with it?"

"I want you to read it to me with some of your clothes off," said Henry.

Shauna died. She just died.

"Oh, my God. You're crazy."

"Like I said, I'm not going to molest you. And you can choose what it is you take off, I don't mind. It would just make it sexier."

Shauna said miserably, "I won't fucking do it."

Henry shrugged. "Maybe you'd like to see your first fiction effort published in the school newspaper instead?"

She lifted her face to him, and he saw her blue eyes flashing with anger.

"Alright, Henry, goddamn you. But you get two chapters. Two chapters, not a sentence more. I'm not going to sit around all night reading for you, turning my throat hoarse."

Henry considered that. "Perhaps I am being a bit unreasonable," he agreed. "Two chapters, then. The hottest ones, if you please."

"Where do we meet?" asked Shauna grudgingly.

Henry took out a pen and scribbled something on the back of the manuscript page he held. "This is my address." And he handed the page to her.

Shauna took it, surprised. "Why are you giving me back the page? Isn't this your insurance that I'll follow through? Or did you make a copy for yourself?"

"No copy made, and no insurance needed," Henry said. "I think you'll stick to your word. A deal's a deal, right?"

Shauna stuffed the page in her purse. "How the hell did you come up with this idea, anyway? You must be a little twisted."

Henry laughed. "You think you're the only person with a twisted fantasy-life? See you at nine." And he strolled off down the hall.

Shauna stood against the wall a few moments longer, breathing hard. She'd never been so embarrassed in her life. For fuck's sake, what if she just didn't show up? Henry said he didn't have a copy of the page, and for some reason she believed him. So what was holding her to her promise?

Her word, of course. And something more than that, Shauna realized. She had to go to the bathroom immediately. A guy -- and a pretty good-looking one at that -- had just seen into the deepest, most secret corners of her mind. What he'd found there had turned him on, and he wanted more.

It was this idea which was sending her to the bathroom. Because suddenly, Shauna Phillips' virgin cunt was drenched with dew -- and she needed to do a little mopping up before English class.

End of Chapter Nine

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