Campus Tramps - Chapter 7   added 7 years ago    

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Campus Tramps

Chapter Seven

Sam and Tamara: The First Time

When Sam's hand made its way slowly down from her neck, ... across her throat ... to the top button of the lumberjack shirt she was wearing, Tamara's heart leapt up almost into her mouth.


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The Naughty Meter

It was going to happen! Was she ready?

The quick spurt of juice that came from somewhere deep inside her, flowing down her inner channel to the petals of her young cunt, left her in no doubt. It was her body that was doing the talking now, and goddam it, she was going to listen. Thank goodness she was with an experienced guy who knew how to take the initiative ...

As for Sam, his own heart was pounding like a jackhammer, and he was devoting all his energy to making sure his hand didn't shake like a spastic's. What would Tamara -- cool, experienced Tamara -- think if she knew that hardly two days earlier, he'd been a virgin?

At least the setting was perfect. They sat side by side on an old log by a mountain lake, the last of the sun just disappearing over the hills. Swallows were racing and swooping over the lake surface, feasting on the gnats and midges that swarmed up to celebrate the disappearance of the day.

It was early summer -- the end of the school-year was only three weeks away -- and it would still be chilly up here at night. But they had warm sleeping bags, a hi-tech tent Sam had borrowed from his father ... and all the body heat in the world, or so it seemed.

Sam undid the top button of her shirt. "Darling," he said, his voice trembling a little, "tell me if I'm doing anything you don't want."

Tamara sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. "I like everything you're doing, Sam. Will you kiss me?"

He turned to her and their lips touched. Hers were so dry, he could swear she felt nervous too. Even after all she must have done with boys!

The thought gave Sam some confidence. He slid out his tongue and they shared a long soul-kiss. Another button on her heavy flannel shirt slipped free, and ... oh, wow. His hand was inside her shirt and -- she wasn't wearing a bra. As easy as pie, his hand skated over her smooth skin and cupped her slim, beautiful breast.

Tamara gave a little hiccup and their mouths parted. She had her eyes closed as if in pain.

"Are you okay?" asked Sam, worried.

"Perfect," Tamara said dreamily. Almost involuntarily, she pushed her chest forward so that her breast pressed harder against his palm. "You're ... you're getting me pretty hot, Sam."

A wave of delight rose up inside him. He was turning her on! If that wasn't a clear go-ahead, he didn't know what was.

"You're not wearing anything under your shirt," said Sam, stating the obvious.

"I didn't want anything that might get in the way," said Tamara, with a mysterious little smile. She turned her face toward him and it seemed to glow in the last light of the sunset. Man, she was so lovely.

"I want everything to be right, Sam," she said softly. "Just tell me what you want me to do."

Sam grinned. "I -- I was hoping you'd tell me."

They laughed together. "Okay," Tamara said. "Let's tell each other. But you start."

Sam gulped and felt the sweat on his forehead. "Maybe ... maybe you'd open up your shirt all the way. I'd love to see your ... your ..."

Tamara felt another spurt of juice make its way into the flooded delta of her cunt. Oh, man, if this kept up she was going to be leaving a damp patch on the log.

"I'd love to show you, Sam," she said -- and the sound of the words sent the tiniest twinge of an orgasm through her. Hastily she unbuttoned the rest of her flannel shirt so that it hung loosely open. Then, seductively, she opened it wide.

Sam looked at her and gulped. His eyes tried to take in the sight of her gorgeous breasts, small and high and firm, and the long tan-brown stretch of her belly down to the hem of her blue jeans. He couldn't help staring, and the open desire in his expression made Tamara's hard little breasts ache with longing.

"Touch me, Sam," she pleaded.

They kissed again and his hands began racing all over her, tweaking her nipples, rubbing warmly over her belly. Then -- so quickly she didn't have time to feel nervous -- he was probing down between her legs. She was so hot there! He could feel the damp of her pussy right through her jeans. As he pushed against the sponge-like flesh, he felt the lips underneath give a little, parting to his touch.

Tamara was writhing like a snake against him, and her own hands were doing their share. It wasn't long before they settled on a certain part of him that felt like it would explode at any minute.

"Oh, you're hard. You're so hard, Sam," she said, rubbing the heel of her slim hand over the first cock she'd ever touched. It was frustrating not to be able to feel the shape and length of it through the thick fabric of his blue jeans.

Sam was breathing hard. Tamara was experienced, all right -- she'd gone for his crotch with as much gusto as Fanny.

"Do you want to go to the tent?" he whispered in her ear.

"I've got a better idea," said Tamara. "Let's go for a skinny-dip, and take a blanket down to the beach."

"Great," Sam enthused. He ran over to grab a blanket from the back seat of his Dad's Buick, which was parked on the little logging road almost no-one else knew about.

Tamara had headed off without him, her heart palpitating like a hummingbird. She shucked off her shirt and fumbled with the buttons of her jeans. By the time Sam came down to join her, she stood there buck-naked -- softly glowing in the light of the rising moon.

"Oh," said Sam.

Tamara stood there for a second, letting his eyes play all over her body. Her legs were slightly parted and, as she'd expected, he zeroed in on the dark, neatly-trimmed triangle of her pussy. Thank God there wasn't enough light for him to see how embarrassingly wet and sticky she was down there!

"Last one in's a rotten egg," she yelled out, and waded into the lake.

He caught a last glimpse of her tightly-muscled ass cheeks and the spill of her black hair down her back. Then she was splashing full-length into the water, breaking the mirrored surface of the lake into a thousand fragments.

He stood there as if rooted to the spot -- until she surfaced, her hair a damp, matted tangle around her face. She was maybe twenty feet from the shore.

"Come on, chicken!" Tamara called out. The fresh chill of the lake water filled her with exhilaration, and seemed to break down the last of her inhibitions. "Take 'em off, Sam. I've got eyes too, you know!"

Well, that's only fair, thought Sam. He got his shirt off cleanly enough, but the pants were a bit of a problem: there was an impediment down there, sticking out at roughly a 45-degree angle. Finally he was naked. From her vantage point floating on the surface of the lake, Tamara suddenly caught a long-distance glimpse of his stiff prick, standing out firm and proud.

Sam felt her eyes on him and, his nervousness notwithstanding, gave her a few seconds to look him over. No doubt about it, it was quite a turn-on, making someone horny just by how you looked. Then he too was racing down to the lakeshore and diving into the cold, clear water.

They came together standing on the pebbled lakebed, the water up to their chests. Unbelievable, to feel their long bodies pressed tightly together, goose-pimple to goose-pimple. Sam felt his still-hard cock press against her belly, and then her hand was down under the water, clutching his cock, feeling all its stiff length.

"I've waited so long for this, Sam," said Tamara, kissing him. "This is going to be the night, isn't it? I ... I love you, Sam."

"I love you. And I don't think I could let another night go by without being inside you, Tamara."

His fingers found the oily warmth of her cunt -- such a contrast with the cold water -- and she gave a gasp as he probed easily into her slippery pussy-flesh. Her hand stroked him more insistently. Then he noticed her teeth were chattering.

"Do you want to go back to the beach?"

"Yeah," said Tamara. "Your ... thing feels so nice, Sam. Will you let me -- suck on it a little."

Sam's eyes widened. "Really? You'd do that?"

Tamara smiled, a bit uncertain. As if a dozen girls hadn't done that for him before!

"Of course," she said happily. "I love you, remember? Won't it make you happy?"

"God, yes," said Sam, hoping he wasn't letting on just how new all this was to him.

They lay on the blanket on the beach, shivering a little, holding each other for warmth. The sound of crickets filled the forest.

Tamara stroked his cock, but she hardly needed to. Just the feel of her long naked body against him was making him feel like spurting off right then and there.

"I want to taste you now, my love," she said. She was thinking: Jeez, I hope I remember how to do this from the movie. All she knew was she'd never wanted anything so much as her boyfriend's erection between her lips.

She kissed down and over his chest and licked his belly. Suddenly his tumid cock-flesh was against her cheek. Tamara gave another little hiccup. It was finally happening, right there! Without a second thought, she closed her eyes and slid her mouth down on his rod.

"Ahhhh!" groaned Sam, and lifted his hips off the blanket, pushing against her face.

Tamara moaned -- "Mmmmm" -- and began working in earnest on her lover's sweet-tasting prick. She remembered Miss Robbins' advice, and kept her mouth as a warm backup for the teasing strokes she was delivering with her hand.

It was working -- Sam was gasping and twisting like he'd just been shot. She was sucking his cock! The idea sent a thrilling pang through her, and she reached her spare hand down to her tingling pussy. She needed to rub away some of the lust that threatened to rise up and overwhelm her.

Sam, through the haze of his desire, saw her. "No, baby. You don't need to do that. Come around, let me lick your pussy."

It hadn't occurred to Tamara that they could eat each other out at the same time. But the idea sounded delicious. "That would be so nice, Sam," she murmured, taking her mouth off him briefly. "How do we do it?"

Sam wasn't quite sure himself, but together they figured it out. She swung herself up and over his face into the classic sixty-nine. All of a sudden Sam found himself staring straight ahead at his girlfriend's gorgeous pink pubes, glistening and streaming in the moonlight.

When his lips and tongue fastened themselves to the very center of her being, Tamara had to stop herself from screaming. Sam was eating her alive! He licked all the flowing juice from the swollen folds of her purse, fastening his mouth expertly to her throbbing clit and nibbling it delicately. There was no doubt he'd done this a thousand times before, though Tamara.

"Oh God," she said, pushing her cunt against him. "I'm coming. I'm coming right now. All over your face."

Her whole body stiffened and the jolts of electricity shook her senseless. Sam stayed with her for every last spasm, overjoyed at the feel of her slick cunt bucking against his mouth and chin.

"That was the best," said Tamara with amazement. Whoever would have guessed it could feel so good? Sam, for his part, felt a surge of confidence at her compliment. Of all the guys she'd been with, he was right up there with the select performers.

"I'm going to do you too," said Tamara. "You can ... you can do it in my mouth and everything."

She bent back to her task, licking and nibbling at his bursting tool. Now it was Sam's turn to groan and gasp. "I'm there, Tamara! I'm coming! Oh, be careful, baby --" He pushed up and into her warm mouth, and ...

It was the moment Tamara had been waiting for. She'd seen it done on film, and she wasn't pulling away, no sir! The cum gushed out of him and spattered the insides of her mouth, flowing over her tongue. How it tasted was something she'd only think about later. What was amazing was the feeling of his prick exploding, so that she felt every spurt and spasm through her own body.

"Oh! Oh!" she heard Sam almost yelling, and she stroked him fiercely, pumping the sticky cream into her mouth, swallowing the gooey flow with perfect aplomb.

When his orgasm had ebbed, she moved back up to him, smiling, his spunk still shining on her lips and chin. They shared a long kiss, humorous expressions on their faces as they tasted their own juices on each other's tongues.

"It's a cum cocktail," said Sam, and they giggled.

"It feels so good when you make someone you love happy," said Tamara quietly, holding him close.

It wasn't long before Sam felt himself getting hard again. "Are we really going to do it now?" he asked the beautiful girl lying next to him.

"Absolutely," she said firmly. "I couldn't wait a moment longer."

It was all so easy. She lay beneath him and spread her legs, reaching down to hold her slit open for his stiff cock. "Take it slow, Sam, slow and easy," Tamara said, her lovely breasts heaving with anticipation. "Rub it over my ... my pussy a little first."

He obeyed, sliding his hard-on through the oozing folds of her pussy-hole until it was shining and slippery with her juice. Then up, in -- an inch inside her -- God, it was glorious!

Tamara moaned and pulled him on, a couple of inches more -- still there was none of the sharp pain she'd expected. She pulled him on, right up to the hilt inside her -- a quick stinging twinge, and that was it.

"Oh, darling," she moaned, and hugged him close as he started to push and pump into her vitals. Electric shocks passed through both of them as their bodies joined.

"I'm going to cum againnnnn," Tamara gasped, and pushed her breasts up against his chest, wanting to feel every inch of him against her. "Oh, God!" -- and that set Sam off too. His cock leapt and spurted its spunk into the heated gash of the girl he loved.

It was only the beginning of a sticky, sleepless night. As the moon traced its path through the clear sky, their desire carried them down paths they'd scarcely imagined.

"Tamara, let me ... let me put it in you from behind."

"Oh -- do you think it would fit in that other place?"

"We can try."

It fit!

"Darling, can I suck you again? Let me do it so you can watch this time."

"Would you -- could you play with yourself for me?"

"I'd love to. Let me bring my pussy right up to your face so you can see it close."

"God, I want to feel it between your tits."

"Yes. Yes. Make it cum out all over me!"

When the sun came up, the lay close together, feeling raw and exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time.

"Tamara, it's great that you've had enough experience to know what you're doing."

Tamara smiled a secret smile. "That makes two of us, I guess," she smiled.

In her mind, she was planning her next visit to Miss Robbins' office. She was sure the counsellor would want to hear a report of how things had gone -- better than she'd even dared to dream.

End of Chapter Seven

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