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Campus Tramps

Chapter Six

Cum Counsellor

One of the potential drawbacks to teaching at a small college like Pattison was that you often had to do double-duty. That's how Jane Robbins ended up not only coaching the girls' basketball team, but serving as a counsellor as well.

But she loved it. For the more traumatic problems the kids came to her with, she had the real feeling she was helping them put their lives in order. And as for the ordinary run-of-the-mill complaints and concerns ... well, they mostly had to do with boys. And what better way to pass an hour or two than listening to college girls tell her all about their make-out sessions, love affairs, and first fucks? It made her feel downright nostalgic.


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The Naughty Meter

This time it was Tamara Castro sitting in her office. The Grade Eleven student was nervously smoothing out the wrinkles on her skirt, shifting tensely in her seat ... but that was how they all looked when they first arrived. Miss Robbins had a way of putting them at ease.

Jane sized up Tamara, not for the first time -- she had the Cuban girl for gym class as well, and she'd marvelled at the youthful energy packed into that slender, sexy physique. Tamara was a show-stopper, with her long dark hair, flashing black eyes, and brown Latina complexion.

"What seems to be the problem, Tamara?" Jane Robbins asked the young girl.

"Miss Robbins, I don't know how to tell you," said Tamara, keeping her eyes glued to the floor. "You know I've been going out with Sam Morris for a few weeks now. I feel like it's getting pretty serious, and ..."

It was hard to tell, but Miss Robbins could swear Tamara was blushing under her brown complexion.

"I've seen you two in the hallway," said Jane, smiling. "You make a nice couple. You can hardly keep your eyes off each other."

"I ... I think I'm in love with him, Miss Robbins," Tamara admitted. "And I think he feels the same way. The thing is, I know he wants to get serious ... physically ... and -- I've never done it before. I've never done much at all before, let alone having a guy ... inside me.

"I'm sure Sam's way more experienced, but I'm embarrassed to show him I don't know what to do. We're going on a camping trip this weekend, and I think he's going to make a move. I want to be ready."

Jane Robbins touched her fingers together pensively. "Is that what you want, Tamara? To have sex with Sam?"

Tamara finally found the nerve to look Jane in the eye. "More than anything, Miss Robbins. It's like I can't stop thinking about it. I get ... so hot at night, when I'm by myself. I've never felt like this before."

"Tell me honestly, Tamara," said Jane, leaning forward on her desk. "Do you make yourself cum, thinking about Sam?"

Tamara blushed again. "Yeah. Boy, do I ever."

"Good," said Jane Robbins matter-of-factly. "Then I don't have to explain anything to you in that department. Tamara, you're not the first girl to come to me with this problem, you know."

"I'm not?" said Tamara with surprise.

"Of course not. Now, with your permission, I think the easiest way to tell you what to expect from sex is to show you. But there's one thing: this is kind of out-of-the-ordinary, and it could cause a lot of trouble for me if word got out. Do you understand?"

Tamara nodded gratefully. "Just between the two of us, Miss Robbins."

"Very well," said Jane. She went over to a cabinet in the corner of her office and opened the doors. There was a TV set inside -- and a video player.

Tamara looked confused.

"We're going to watch TV?" she asked hesitantly.

"In a manner of speaking," said Jane Robbins. "Now pull your chair nice and close, Tamara."

Jane reached into the bottom drawer of the cabinet and pulled out a video tape. She inserted it into the machine and flicked the switch on the TV.

"Watch carefully," Jane said.

Suddenly the screen came to life, and Tamara found herself looking at the first cock she'd ever seen.

"Holy God!" she gasped at the image on the screen. The thing was huge -- and as the hand of the person off-camera stroked away at it with long, tender fingers, it got huger.

"Don't worry, dear," said Jane, patting Tamara on the shoulder. "They're not all that big -- although I can't vouch for Sam; he seems pretty well-endowed in his gym shorts. You'd better be prepared for the worst -- or rather, the best! Now watch. Do you see how she touches it? Lightly but firmly, and cupping his balls?"

Tamara was too fascinated to blush at Jane's explicit language. The whole screen was filled with the hard prick and stroking hand.

"Yeah," she said, as if in a trance.

"Now check this out," said Jane. Damn it, she was getting hot herself, though she'd watched the tape a couple of dozen times. Her heat was a reflection of the thrill of discovery written all over Tamara's pretty young face.

The camera pulled back, and the head of the stroking woman came into view. She was a cute brunette with a lot of lipstick. The actress parted her lips and moved forward.

Tamara gasped again. "She's gonna kiss it!"

"More than that," said Jane Robbins. And the stiff tool onscreen was swallowed up into the brunette's sweetly sucking mouth.

"Oh -- my -- I don't --" Tamara was speechless.

Jane leaned forward and turned up the volume so that the gurgling sounds of the blowjob would be audible to Tamara.

"Watch closely, honey," Jane urged her. "See how she's fondling his balls, moving her mouth down on him, running her tongue over the tip? But the most important thing is the way she's stroking him, up and down. That's what's going to make him cum. Her mouth is just providing a nice, warm, wet environment for what she's doing with her hand."

Tamara looked at her, wide-eyed. "Miss Robbins ... Have you ever done that?"

Jane laughed as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "Of course I have. All the time!"

Tamara turned her eyes back to the screen. The pace of the brunette's sucking and stroking was increasing now, and the actor's groans filled the soundtrack. Suddenly he pushed his cock forward deep into the brunette's mouth -- and pulled it out.

"Here he comes," Jane whispered. Sure enough, the cock on the screen twitched once, twice -- and then began spraying hot spurts of jism into the mouth and over the face of the pretty brunette.

"Wow!" said Tamara. Her mouth was wide open, as if in sympathy with the actress onscreen ... who was now rushing in to finish the job, licking and swallowing the love-cream that pumped from the actor's cock.

"That's one way to make a man very happy," Jane counselled. "Don't pull away at the last moment, but eat him all up."

Tamara looked both shocked and excited. "You've done that too?"

"Every last drop," Jane assured her, smiling at the memory of her recent encounter with Alistair. "Don't worry, it tastes nice. And best thing of all, it gives you every right to insist that Sam go down on you with his tongue -- but since you say he's more experienced, we'll skip that part of the tape."

"Wow," said Tamara again. "His tongue inside my ... my pussy?"

"How does that idea make you feel, Tamara?"

Tamara paused. "Wet. Wet inside."

"Like you want to touch yourself?" Jane asked quietly.

"Yeah," Tamara admitted.

"Go ahead, then," Jane said. "Right here in my office. I won't look. Do it while you watch the next scene. It's perfectly natural to feel turned on."

Tamara still seemed hypnotized, but she did as Jane suggested. Tentatively, then with greater assurance, her hand found its way under her skirt. Despite her promise not to look, Jane couldn't help sneaking a peek at the expression of naïve ecstasy on Tamara's face -- and the busy motions of her hand under her skirt.

The next scene in the film starred a young Asian woman and a big black stud. This was Miss Robbins' choice, for the simple reason that some of the girls who came to see her were worried about inter-racial romances. This scene was enough to lay their minds to rest about the acceptability of such relationships.

It certainly laid to rest what remained of Tamara's nervousness about sex. Her eyes were fastened to the TV screen, and her fingers skated with increasing passion over the wet lips of her slit.

In the film, the black guy guided his rigid prong toward the damp petals of the Oriental girl's sheath.

"Baby, fuck me," breathed the actress.

"Oh yes ... fuck me," whispered Tamara, totally immersed in the action onscreen.

The picture was filled with a hard-core insertion shot. Even Jane watched with mounting excitement as the Asian actress's small, tight cunt clung to the dark tool that probed and pushed into her. Then the camera pulled back, and the actress climbed up onto the black guy's cock, reaching down to guide it into her moist depths.

"Watch her here, how she moves her hips," said Jane. "She's moving around to get the man's penis rubbing against her clitoris. I assume you know where your clitoris is, Tamara."

"I've found it," said Tamara, who was touching it at that very moment.

"That's the key," said Jane. "Just don't expect Sam to make all the moves. Take your own pleasure in hand. He won't mind -- look how the guy is getting off on what his partner is doing."

Indeed, the black actor's face was a mask of pleasure as the Asian girl bucked and jounced around on his tool.

"Now here's his orgasm," said Jane calmly, and Tamara pressed close to the screen. It wasn't a standard porn cumshot -- the guy actually kept his prick in the warm insides of the actress, which was another reason Jane had chosen the tape. As Tamara watched enraptured, the black guy's cock began to pulse, and a thick stream of jism escaped from the seam formed by the actress's cunt. White cum flowed down and over the actor's taut, bulging balls.

"Beautiful," said Tamara, from the depths of the dream she was immersed in. She gave a high moan -- almost a squeak -- and her own thrilling orgasm raced through her.

"Do you think you have the idea now?" asked Jane.

"Oh, Miss Robbins. How can I thank you? You've been so wonderful. I can hardly wait to get at it! There's only one thing that bothers me."

"What's that, Tamara?"

"That however much we make love, I'll never be able to catch up to Sam -- 'cos I'm sure he's done it a million times already! But," she added, "you'd better believe I'm going to try!"

At that very moment, Sam Morris was in a very strange place. And he was feeling more nervous than he could remember.

"I don't even know how to start," he admitted to the buxom, red-haired hooker sitting on the edge of the bed.

"When I called the service, I didn't give them many details," Sam told her, looking at his shoes. "But the fact is ... I've been going out with this girl. I know we're close to making it. I'm sure she's done it a million times before, but -- I haven't. Somehow it wasn't right. And I don't want to make a fool of myself with her. I need you to show me, ma'am."

"Call me Fanny," the hooker said.

He had asked the call-girl service for someone older, but still attractive -- and even through all his nervousness, he could see that Fanny more than fit the bill. She was about 35, somewhat less than average height, but incredibly full-bodied. In fact, sitting for him in just her lacy black bra, panties, and stockings, her body seemed about to spill out all over the room.

"Honey," said Fanny with a smile, "do you think you're the first guy to come to me and ask to pop his cherry? It's a real pleasure for me, babe. In fact it's about the only thing in this job that regularly gets me off like a rocket."

"Really?" Sam asked uncertainly. "I mean, it's great if you could enjoy it too, but ... I mean, I'll do anything for you, you know. I want to learn."

Fanny grinned. This sure wasn't how her husband talked -- which is how she'd got into this line of work in the first place. Old Freddie just wasn't keeping her happy in bed -- and besides, she wanted some money of her own, to feather her own nest in preparation for the moment when she up and dumped him. And every so often, there were moments on the job like this one -- which got her as hot and goddam horny as the teenager who stood before her now.

"Honey, remember, you're paying me," said Fanny. "That means I get to do whatever you want, remember? Now come and sit over here, Sam baby."

Sam did.

Fanny put her arms around him. She kissed him warmly on the cheek, and he could feel her soft, heavy breasts pressing against his arm. God, did that feel good! He'd told Fanny he'd never fucked a woman before -- little did she know he'd hardly ever even touched one!

"Mmmm. Feel my nipples getting stiff?" said Fanny softly in his ear. "Put your hand on my breasts, Sam. Squeeze them as hard as you like."

Again Sam did as he was told. Uncertainly, he cupped one of her massive breasts in his hand, and instinctively his thumb reached up to touch the hard nipple. Fanny was kissing him on the earlobe and the neck. His heart pounded like a little kid.

"Sammy, you're making my pussy all wet," Fanny breathed. "You do it so easily. How can you be worried? Your girlfriend's going to be begging for it if you treat her like this!"

"Your tits are amazing," said Sam breathlessly, running his hands all over them.

"They're all yours, honey. But what I want to know is if your sweet prick's getting a little hard."

He felt her practised hand slide down his front, unbuttoning his shirt as it went, and then -- oh, Jesus! She had her hand on his aching bulge. And here he'd been worried that he wouldn't be able to get it up! Now he was more worried about not being able to get it down when he had to walk back out to the street.

"Oh, that's beautiful, honey," said Fanny. "That's so beautiful. Stand up for a second, Sam. Let me get your pants off and see your lovely prick."

His knees quavering with lust, Sam stood up. Fanny fumbled with his belt buckle, pulled his jeans down, and reached eagerly into his underwear. For the first time, he felt a woman's cool hand on his burning tool. God help him, it was worth the wait!

"Your lovely prick," Fanny repeated. "You're so hard. Sam darling, stroke yourself for a moment. Like you do at night under the sheets. Let me get undressed for you."

How bizarre, to be standing in a cheap hotel room, rubbing his hard-on before the lustful eyes of a woman twice his age, while she slipped out of her clothes ... And that was a sight. Oh, that was really a sight. Fanny's huge breasts suddenly swung free -- the nipples, with their surrounding ring of crimson, almost the size of apples.

"You're gorgeous," Sam breathed, rubbing himself a little harder.

"Gorgeous for you," Fanny said. "Look at 'em, honey. Want me to touch them for you? Watch."

She stroked her big breasts, cupped them, pinched the nipples. "You can do whatever you like with me, Sammy. If you want to get off between these boobs later, we can do that."

"We only have an hour," Sam said between clenched teeth.

Fanny smiled. "Make it two, baby. Happy birthday. Now let me suck your cock."

Sam gasped. "Are you sure you want to?"

A laugh rose from Fanny's throat. "What, you think I've got something against your meat in my mouth?"

Tenderly, she took his hand off his prick and leaned forward to kiss it with her soft, rouged lips.

"Mmmm. Tastes good. Do you like that?" Without waiting for an answer, she slid her mouth down -- so warm and tight -- almost all the way to the root of his cock.

"Holy shit!" said Sam. She was eating him alive!

Fanny's mouth made warm sucking sounds as she drew up on his prick and slid back down, tickling his balls with one hand. Her other hand searched between her legs, seeking the clit between her dripping cunt-lips. She was loving sucking on this boyish prick. In fact, she was getting off on it almost as much as he was.

Sam tangled his hands in Fanny's cascading red hair. He'd never dreamed a chick's mouth could feel this good, or that a woman could suck his cock with such obvious enthusiasm. Wasn't it something girls only did out of obligation?

He looked down at the incredible sight of his hard-on disappearing between Fanny's sweet lips, and found her eyes looking up at him, enjoying the pleasure written all over his face.

It must have been something in her eyes that set him off. He was too close to the brink anyway -- all these overwhelming sights, sounds and sensations, one after the other. "Fanny, oh fuck, watch out! I'm gonna do it --"

He made to pull away, but no chance -- Fanny reached round behind and grabbed his ass, holding him tight against her face. Once again her lips were right down at the far end of his shaft, almost kissing his balls. And he exploded! Youthful shame mingled with an unspeakable joy as he felt his whole body erupt into the welcoming wetness of the hooker's mouth.

It was like an express train roaring through him and out his prick. Fanny, God bless her, was making grateful gurgling noises as his unstoppable flood of cum gushed down her throat. She stroked and sucked him and then pulled his cock out so he could watch the last few drops of his juice drip down onto her tongue. Then she swallowed that too, and smiled up at him with sparkling eyes.

"What a load, Sam baby. Did I do it okay for you?"

"I don't believe it," Sam said, beads of sweat standing out on his forehead as she kissed his wilting cock. "I don't believe it."

"Your first blowjob too, huh?" said Fanny with an almost motherly giggle. "Well, you make sure you teach your girl to swallow down all your cum, like I did. Bring her to me if she wants any tips."


"Yeah, Sammy?"

"Fanny, I want to lick your cunt. Show me how."

"Now you're talking," said Fanny, clapping her hands together before pausing to wipe a stray spatter of spunk from the corner of her mouth. "You're taking the initiative. That's what it's all about."

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She still had her panties and stockings on, but Sam could see the dark patch on her crotch where her fluid had seeped out to dampen her drawers.

"I'm dripping here, baby," Fanny said with a smirk. "Take off my panties and I'll show you."

With trembling hands, Sam took hold of her panties, feeling the warmth of her hips against his fingers. He pulled them down over her knees, and off -- and his eyes fixed on his very first cunt. Fanny's bountiful crimson bush didn't entirely hide the luscious pussy-lips, even with her legs mostly closed. But when she opened them for his eyes -- Fuck!

Her gash was pink and raw. "Let me open it wide for you, honey" -- and she pulled her cunt apart so he could see the mysterious, dripping depths of her hole. The musk of her juices rose to his nose.

Sam was drawn to her like a magnet. Down he went, and buried his face clumsily but eagerly in the honey of the hooker's snatch.

Fanny groaned and lifted her plush ass off the mattress, pulling his mouth against her. "Slowly. Slowly, baby. Take your time. Get to know it. Oh, it loves what you're doin' to it," Fanny moaned.

"Lick your way up and down the slit, like an ice-cream cone. You don't have to stick your tongue in all the way, that'll just make you tired. Now find my clit. Can you -- oh, shit! That's it, there." The guy was a quick learner, Fanny thought to herself. Not exactly a pro yet, but he made up for in youthful enthusiasm what he lacked in technique.

Sam was having the time of his life. Whoever imagined these tastes, these textures? His tongue traced over Fanny's rubbery pussy-lips; his lips kissed and sucked on her engorged clit. Somehow, as she bucked her hips and thrust her bush hard against his face, he managed to hang on and move with her. He licked and swallowed all the juices that flowed from her love-channel. His hands sought out the ample globes of her ass and squeezed lovingly as he ate her.

"Great. Great!" gasped Fanny. "You're making me cum, oh, now!"

Her slippery snatch squirmed all over his nose and lips and face, and her body shook with the spasms of her orgasm. Sam pressed himself tight all the way, thrusting his tongue deep into her as she twitched and fluttered against him.

"Come up here, baby," Fanny said. He lay alongside her and she snuggled close, pressing her big globes flat against his chest. "That was wonderful. You don't have a thing to worry about. You're gonna make your lady very happy."

She reached down to touch his prick -- and found it hard and pulsing again. Why wasn't she surprised? It was hard to keep a young man down, even for five minutes.

"Now for the pièce de résistance," said Fanny softly in Sam's ear. "You're going to get that all the way up inside me, honey." And she climbed up and over him so her huge melons hung down. As he reached out to clutch them, he felt the burning kiss of her cunt on the tip of his cock -- and then the most amazing thing in the world.

Fanny lowered herself down and smooth as silk, his straining prick slid into the hot, clutching channel of her hole. He was watching it happen, but he still couldn't believe it. He'd done it! He was buried in her snatch right to the hilt, and he hadn't embarrassed himself by blowing off immediately.

Fanny's eyes were closed and her lips parted, her face full of warm joy. She felt Sam's young shaft burning inside her. Best of all was the look of sheer astonishment on Sam's face. All his Christmases had come at once!

"Just relax, baby. Let me do the moving." And she moved her cunt around on him, making sticky smacking sounds as his dick shifted inside her. Then, up and down. "Play with my tits, Sam. Lick 'em. You feel so good inside me."

Sam pushed his dick up against her, feeling the soft globes of her ass on his thighs, but glorying above all in the mind-blowing heat of her cunt. Fanny leaned down and they tongue-kissed -- at least he'd done that before -- and he felt her stiff nipples brushing against his chest.

Fanny was writhing and moaning now, sliding up and down on his tool, and he felt the lava building up inside him again, building, building --

"Fanny," he hissed in the hooker's ear. "I'm going to shoot it in your cunt!"

"Give it to me, Sam. Let yourself go, honey. Oh, I want it all!" And she clamped her cunt down on him tight so he couldn't hold back a second longer.

Another orgasm, sharper and even more intense than the one he'd unloaded in her mouth, ripped through him. He felt the thick jets spurting from him, bathing the inside of her channel with their sticky effusions. Fanny was coming too -- gasping, pushing the pillows of her breasts against him, grinding her ass down on the spewing tool inside her.

Afterwards, they lay curled up with each other. Fanny checked her watch. "Oops, we've run half an hour over, even counting the extra hour I gave you," she said. "You'll have to pay me a little more, Sammy."

Sammy nodded. "Sure. Sure I will."

Fanny laughed. "I'm kidding, silly! That's just about the most fun I've had in years. Keep your money, Sam. And come back and see me sometime, if things don't work out with your friend."

Sam smiled. He thought of Tamara. She was so different from Fanny -- tall and slim where Fanny was full and busty, brown-skinned where Fanny was creamy and freckled. What would it feel like inside her? Incredibly, he found his cock stiffening at the thought.

Fanny felt his hard-on, warm against her thigh. "Oh no, Sam baby, I've really got to go," she said. "You save that for your girl."

She gave his prick a loving pat, kissed him on the cheek, and stood up. He watched her as she got dressed, and he smiled at her. But his mind was already racing ahead -- to his camping trip with Tamara that weekend.

End of Chapter Six

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