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Right after dinner I went to check my Email. There was one from her. Just seeing I had a note from her gave me a warm feeling. Peggy has got my attention in a way I haven't felt in a long time. Her Email read, "Another meeting has been set for 7 o'clock tonight with Trix, Roger and Tony. I will give Trix my demands and what I expect from her. I feel really nasty but in a good way. Maybe Tony is right, sex for the fun of it may be a good thing. I will let you know how everything goes in another note later tonight or first thing in the morning. BTW, thank you very much for this afternoon. Things went a lot faster than I had planned but I am really happy they did. You made me feel very good. Thank You!"


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The Naughty Meter

I sent a reply, "I'm very glad you enjoyed yourself. It was beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn't have even imagined anything so hot just a few days ago. I am most thankful for the taste of Honey you let me have. She is really one of the sweetest that I have ever tasted. I hope to have many more lunches with her. Thank You!"

About 10:30 I logged on again to see if I had another from her but no luck. I was feeling pretty damn horny again just thinking about everything so I was disappointed that she hadn\'t sent another note yet. I woke up around 6:30. I went into the kitchen and made myself a pot of coffee and as it was perking, I checked my Email. There was one from her. When I opened the note I was pleasantly surprised it was a long one, almost a short story. Before reading it, I went to get my first cup of coffee. By the time I got back I had a second note from her. The first Email read, \"The meeting went very well indeed. All three of them apologized over and over. They begged me not to take it all out on Tony because it wasn\'t all his fault. I let them know it was Tony that broke the trust with me the most but I was also pretty upset with Trix for breaking the friendship trust she had with me. Then I told Trix, if it was all just for fun then she should be willing to fuck anybody I told her to fuck. I said I wanted her to prove to me it was just a fun fuck. Roger jumped in and wanted to make sure it would be safe for Trix. I guess he really does love her. That is when I said I had an older friend in mind that probably hadn\'t had any in several years. Trix said she would do it. I added, if you liked it, she would have to do you every now and then or there would be no more Tony fucking her ass. I made her understand she was my slut on demand. I told her she would have to give you exactly what you wanted, exactly the way you wanted it. She agreed and I said I would try to set it up. Then just to be nasty and because I was curious I said I wanted to see Tony fuck Trix and Roger eat her out after. So we had a small orgy last night. I watched the wimp eat the sloppy seconds. The final agreement is, Tony can still fuck Trix for fun. I am free to have a lover if I want and when I want. Trixie\'s ass belongs to me when I want and for who ever I want her to service. And as an added bonus, they are my slaves for what ever I want from them. I was quite surprised all in all. I really think all three of them really liked my demands. Now Pops, I\'m really horny for Happy I can\'t believe how I feel. I hope to see you this afternoon with my slut slave. Send me a note on the time we can come over.\" I sent her a short note. \"How about you coming for lunch, 12 o\'clock, my house? Bring Honey. I would like some desert after lunch and you can get some face riding practice. Then you can bring Trixie for your revenge. Okay?\" Now I had a monster hard on in my pants. I needed relief but I didn\'t want to do anything about it; I need to save it for this afternoon. Before opening the second Email I went to refill my coffee. That quick there was a third Email in my in box. The second note said, \"I really need to see you soon. Please set up a time and place, preferably today. We can talk about when you want Trix after Happy and Honey get together.\" The third note said, \"Better yet, lets skip lunch and I meet you at your house at 12 o\'clock or earlier. Then 2 o\'clock I\'ll go get Trix.\" I sent back, \"Okay, my house anytime after 10:30 today. I\'ll see you when you get here. Happy is very anxious to see you again.\" Right at 10:30 she pulled into my driveway. I let her in the house and as soon as I closed the door behind her she got me in a lip lock while her hand checked out Happy. Happy was very happy about her visit so she was quite pleased. We walked into the living room and she said to me, \"Any way you want it, I\'m all yours. Tell me what you want and I\'ll do it.\" \"You are really anxious aren\'t you? Not even a hello, how are you? I haven\'t felt this important in a very long time. As you can tell, Happy is very happy that you are here. He is really anxious to get loose but don\'t mess with him too much or he will make a mess. I\'m personally also very happy to see you again.\" \"I don\'t know what it is, maybe because it is naughty and I shouldn\'t be doing it but what ever, I want to have sex with you. I need it really bad.\" \"In that case, how do you feel about riding my face? Now, I\'m nearly ready to go off so go very easy on Happy because I would like to last at least a few minutes. I really enjoyed Honey yesterday and I really want to have more of her today. But I also will need to let Happy release some pressure.\" \"It all sounds good to me. Tell me what to do.\" \"First, let Happy out. He needs more room. Then strip for me. After that, ride my face.\" She took down my shorts as I took off my tee shirt. My boxers were down by the time I got out of my shirt. I stepped out of the shorts and boxers as she started to remove her jeans. She lifted her tee shirt and surprised me, no bra. She stepped close to me and said, \"Why don\'t you take care of the panties for me?\" She didn\'t have to ask twice. I really wanted to see that beautiful shaved snatch. I spread out on my back on the floor and she positioned her self above me. She was more than ready. Her crotch was dripping wet. Even before I licked her with my tongue, I could sense the treat I was in store for by the hot, sweet scent of her honey. I pulled her hips to my face and went right to enjoying what I had missed for so long. She really has one hot, sweet, delicious pussy. I don\'t know how many men enjoy eating pussy as much as I do. I doubt any enjoy running their tongue in and out and all around a honey pot like hers more than I do. Her pink pearl was out of hiding. I wrapped my lips around it, sucking gently as I flicked my tongue across it. That did it for her. She started into a full blown, out of control orgasm. I love the way she gets off. There is no doubt she has lost all control and is flying high. I think it lasted for more than a full minute, maybe even two minutes before she dropped flat across me totally spent. She was panting like she had just finished running a marathon. As she recovered, I kept giving her little licks and pokes with my tongue which brought quivers from the muscles in her upper thighs and butt. A slightly thick clear juice was dripping from her wide open pussy onto my chin. Then all of a sudden she regained her strength and composure. She turned to me and said, \"Now it is my turn.\" She buried Happy into the back of her mouth and began to suck as hard as she could. Then her head started to move up and down, massaging Happy with her lips. I couldn\'t hold out long. Before I could warn her in any way, my balls shot a full load into her mouth. She didn\'t stop sucking and Happy gave her several more shots. At this point I felt like I was in a free fall from outer space. I may have even passed out for a second. The feeling was far more intense than I remember from previous orgasms that I had experienced. When she finally let Happy drop from her mouth, he was still semi hard but totally spent. She turned to look at me with a big smile on her face. She very obviously swallowed what ever she had in her mouth. With one hand on Happy, she asked, \"Didn\'t he get enough? He seems to be strong enough for more.\" \"He got enough. He got more than he has in a very long time. That was one hell of a blow job. That wasn\'t the first time you did that. You are truly an expert.\" \"Thank you. I wanted it to be extra good for you. Actually, I don\'t put that much into it when I blow Tony. He doesn\'t put any real effort into doing me so why should I go all out for him? He would just want me to do it like that every time. You on the other hand, put a lot of effort into doing me. I really appreciate the extra effort and wanted to show you how much I appreciated your effort, talents and extraordinary skill.\" \"Well you certainly have some talent and extraordinary skill. That was absolutely fantastic.\" \"Now what are we going to do about Happy? He doesn\'t seem like he is ready to go to sleep.\" \"If you want you can ride him like a cowgirl but I don\'t think I have the energy to do much with him right now.\" \"I can do that.\" \"Just don\'t expect him to give you any more cream. I\'m certain you drained him completely. It will be a while before he is ready with another load.\" As she rolled around to get into position to sit down on Happy she said, \"I\'ll just take it nice and slow just for the feeling. His next delivery will be down Trixie\'s throat.\" Happy slipped right into her wet honey pot. She feels so good. I had to ask, \"What does a young beautiful girl like you see in a man twice your age? I\'m not rich so it isn\'t money. I don\'t think I\'m ugly but I\'m not really handsome either. So what is it?\" \"I\'m not sure totally. One thing is how sweet you are. You didn\'t have to help me. You didn\'t ask anything of me when you offered your help. That felt good when I was feeling really bad. One other thing, you made my fantasy come true. You make me feel sexy. I really need that.\" \"You are sexy and very desirable. There is no reason that you should feel any different.\" She was slowly pumping her hips, rubbing back and forth, massaging Happy in a very pleasurable way. I was spent but it still felt oh so good. Her smile let me know she was also feeling pretty good. Sex is so much better when both people are truly enjoying it. Then she asked, \"Do you really think I am desirable? I mean, Do you think I am sort of like a sex object, like some of the movie stars?\" \"Desirable? I think you are asking if I think you are physically attractive. Being completely honest, I find you as attractive as any Playboy model I have ever seen in print and truly more attractive as the two that I met in person.\" \"you met two Playboy models?\" \"A couple of years ago I was in Las Vegas and there was a thing at one of the casinos where they were showing off and signing autographs on pictures of them selves. I still have them if you would like to see.\" \"I\'ll bet that was hot. I know Tony would have been drooling like an idiot if he was there. He used to have a subscription to Playboy. He likes the tit shots and the jokes but I doubt he ever read an article. Did they show their tits?\" \"No, they couldn\'t in public in a casino. They were dressed in bikinis so there was no doubt they had nice tits.\" \"Do I have nice tits?\" \"Your tits are great. I\'m not really a tit sort of guy. I\'m definitely a crotch guy. And, you should never ask a guy a question like that. What can he say? In this case, I can honestly say you have a beautiful pair but I really like your lunch box.\" \"Tony is a tit guy. He can spot a girl a block away that doesn\'t have a bra on. If I want to give him a treat, I leave my bra at home when we go out. He likes that. In fact if he finds some guy starring at my chest, he will casually cop a feel a try to make my nipples pop up.\" I said to her, \"With that comment and Tony\'s suggestion that you have sex for fun, he may be a little like Roger. Do you think he has a desire to share you?\" \"He isn\'t like Roger. Roger is a wimp. Roger is almost feminine in a way but not really like a queer. Tony is far more macho.\" \"That isn\'t what I was asking. Do you think he might like the idea of you getting laid by other men?\" \"Well, maybe. He was awfully willing for me to go out and have sex for fun. I was thinking it was his way of trying to get off the hook for what he did but now that you mention it, he might like the idea of me getting laid.\" \"They have a term for that kind of fetish. The term is cuckold. It isn\'t all that rare by what I\'ve heard. In fact, an old girl friend\'s husband might have been like that. She said more than once that he seemed to know she was fooling around but didn\'t seem to care. She was thinking it was because he might be screwing around too. And then there are a lot of swingers out there. They have to be like that to be able to do it together under full knowledge of what is happening.\" \"You might be right but I doubt Tony wants to do things like Roger does after Trix gets laid. That has to be way out there kinky.\" \"To find out, tell him you might have a lover lined up and see if it turns him on.\" \"I\'m going to do that. Now I\'m really curious. I wonder if you are right. I\'d like to know what might be going on in Tony\'s head.\" \"Another thing to ask yourself, what did you feel watching Tony and Trix last night? You don\'t have to answer that out loud. It is a question you need to explore yourself.\" \"That is a good question. I actually did get somewhat turned on but I don\'t think it was because Tony was screwing Trix. I think it was more a feeling of power and control over the three of them. I enjoy a feeling of power. Actually watching Roger eat Trix out was kind of disgusting.\" She went on, \" I was amused by Roger\'s hard on. He was definitely hard but definitely small. Tony brags his hard on is eight inches. I might put it at seven but I never measured it. If Tony\'s is that long, then Roger\'s is under six inches long.\" \"Okay, lets see how good a judge of length you are. When you were giving me head, how long would you say mine was?\" \"Happy and Tony\'s are just about the same. I would say Happy was seven inches long and just a little heavier than Tony\'s.\" \"On a good day like today, Happy will measure out at six and a half inches.\" \"In that case, Roger\'s is less than five inches. Maybe that is why Trix needs a little on the side from time to time as Roger said.\" \"That could be true especially since she does have quite a bit of experience and fully knows what some guys have. There are guys with over ten inches out there.\" I changed the subject, \"So you like a feeling of power?\" \"Oh yeah, I like it. It is a turn on.\" \"But here you seem to want to service me. Whats that about?\" \"Okay, you asked. You know how much I like riding your face? Well, that gives me a feeling of power and control too. I also like this cowgirl style ride now because I am in control. But, since you give me a really hot time I also enjoy returning the favor. Men seem to really love a good blow job and so I\'m making you feel good for making me feel good. And, I\'m pretty much in control when I have Happy in my mouth. I hope I\'m not coming across as some sort of a bitch. I just like the control. I like it when you have no say over Happy getting hard because of me. I like the way you watch me here when I\'m naked. Your look tells me I\'m special and I feel like I\'m in control of that. Actually Lucky, you are just about the perfect lover for me.\" \"Wow, I never thought of myself as being a perfect lover. Thank you. I can see how you feel in control but I don\'t feel quite that way. In a way I feel a bit lazy and I\'m making you do the work. I guess it works out for both of us pretty well.\" Peggy was still rubbing back and forth across my groin. Happy wasn\'t up to full size but he was hard enough that we were both getting pleasure from it. I could feel Honey\'s muscles contracting and relaxing on each forward and back cycle of her hips. Peggy went on, \"Lets talk a little more about what Trix will have to do. First, Trix doesn\'t drive so I will have to bring her.\" \"Now when you bring her, don\'t drive straight here but drive around a bit like you are looking for my house. That way she won\'t think you have been here before.\" \"Good idea. Next, I will tell her that she will have to do whatever you want. I told her you like to watch strippers so she needs to be prepared to dance for you.\" \"Good, and I will lay it on a bit like she is some sort of a slut, but not too heavy. I\'ll ask you if I have to worry about health issues and need condoms. Maybe I\'ll ask just how many guys she screws. That will add a bit to the humiliation you are looking for.\" \"Next what I would like to happen, I would like to tell her to suck you off. I\'ll lay it on her tough. I\'ll tell her to take it in the mouth and swallow it without spilling a drop. At that point I will make it clear that I want to watch her do it.\" \"Okay, I\'ll act a bit surprised and a bit shy about you seeing Happy. We can go back and forth on that and then I\'ll drop the idea that she needs to go down on you. We\'ll settle it by you can watch her do me if I can watch her do you.\" \"You really want to see that? I guess it is no big deal to me but it isn\'t anything that I find a turn on.\" \"I think I will enjoy it and it will be that much more putting her in her place.\" \"Okay, we will do it. Anything else?\" \"Well, I do have one more little thing I would like to do.\" \"What is that?\" \"I would like to take a couple of pictures of the strip show. Do you think that is going too far?\" \"Hey, why not? Are you going to put them on the Internet?\" \"No, just for me. Kind of like a souvenir to go along with her panties.\" \"Then plan on doing it.\" Happy was now starting to fade. Peggy rolled off and turned around. She took him fully into her mouth before turning to me to say, \"Thank you. I really enjoyed myself but I need to go.\" \"It is still early. You can stay a bit and have lunch.\" \"I would like lunch but first I have to go. you know, like to the bath room.\" \"Oh, I see. What would you like for lunch?\" \"How about a PBJ?\" \"What is a PBJ?\" \"A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What did you think?\" \"In my dirty mind I was thinking something blow job.\" \"I\'ll do that for desert if you like but right now I have another priority. Do you mind if I use your shower?\" \"No, but the toilet works fine.\" \"I mean after I go, do you mind if I take a quick shower?\" \"Go right ahead. Make yourself at home.\" \"Would you like to join me? I\'ll wash you if you like and you can wash me.\" \"You talked me into it.\" We took a nice relaxed shower with random minor acts of sex. After we dried off we returned to the living room. She sure has a nice body and I like the way she is casual about being totally naked in front of me. She asked, \"Now about lunch, what would you like?\" \"It should be what do you want. If it is up to me, I want Honey.\" \"If that is what you want, that is fine, but I was thinking food. Are you up to any food? \"I wouldn\'t mind a little food and Honey for desert.\" \"I\'m good with that. Are you ready with more cream for me?\" \"I don\'t think so and if I have any it will take a lot of work to get it later. I think I would like to work on you getting off.\" We spent the next hour in a casual enjoyment of lunch. Peggy popped her cork twice before she had to go get Trixie. After she left, I hopped back in the shower just to relax. When she ends this, I\'m really going to miss her. Happy was very happy indeed. He was tired but very happy. I started watching the driveway about 1:30. I know it was too early but I couldn\'t wait. Right at 2 o\'clock she pulled into the driveway. I sure am glad she isn\'t one of those fashionably late type girls. I let the two girls in and tried to hide my excitement. Trixie was also a good looking girl. She was dressed in a very short skirt and a button down blouse. She had a small duffel bag and a boom box stereo. Peggy was dressed in shorts and a tank top. How lucky can one guy get? Peggy started, \"This is Pops, the friend I told you about. Pops, this is Trixie, the ex stripper I said I knew.\" Trixie said, \"Hi, I am glad to meet you.\" I answered, \"Likewise.\" She added, \"I expected a much older gentleman. You can\'t be much over 40.\" \"Thank you but I am well over 40.\" Peggy said, \"If that goes on we will have to shovel out the living room so you can dance. Pops is a gentleman and he is easily old enough to be your father but lets get going here. Pops, Trix owes me big time. I feel I owe you for how you helped me so I have her here to entertain you. To sum up what we talked about before, you told me that you liked to watch girls in the strip clubs so Trix will give you and me a private show. Do you have any beer for us while we watch her dance?\" \"Three bottles coming up.\" I headed to the kitchen to get them. When I returned, Trixie was setting up the boom box. Peggy was sitting on the couch. I put the beers on the coffee table and asked, \"Anybody need a glass?\" Peggy answered, \"The bottle is glass, and Trix usually drinks hers from a can.\" Trixie asked, \"Is there someplace I can change outfits?\" Peggy answered, \"How about right here in front of us? There is no reason to be shy, we are going to see everything anyway.\" I said, \"If you need to, use the kitchen. The doorway will make a good entrance way.\" Trixie answered, \"Thank you. the kitchen will work fine. Peggy will you be the DJ and start the music for me? I\'ll let you know when I\'m ready. What I have planned is three sets of three songs. I have them recorded in the right order on the tape so all you have to do is start and stop the music. I have three outfits so there will be a short break between sets. Any questions? Any special requests?\" I answered, \"Sounds like you know what you are doing. As for requests, I have a couple. First, keep the dressed part of the set short. I like to see pink. Second, get close. I like it close enough that I can feel you up a bit. Last, I want to snap a few pictures for my own use later.\" \"Okay, First song of the set ends bare chested. The second ends fully nude and the third song is full nude all the way. I can dance as close as you want and a feel is fine with me. And, if you want I will pose for a few pictures any way you want if they are just for you and maybe a close friend or two.\" Peggy jumped in, \"Trix, remember what I told you. Anything Pops wants, you do it for him. If he wants to feel you up, let him. And if after the three sets, he wants something, give it to him. He hasn\'t had a girl friend in a long time so your act may leave him in need of a little personal attention but that is up to him. If I\'m guessing right, he wants the pictures for some personal attention but I think you might be able to do a better job.\" I responded, \"I wasn\'t expecting that. I didn\'t get condoms.\" Trixie answered, \"You don\'t need them, I can\'t get pregnant.\" \"I wasn\'t thinking that so much. Do I need them for my health? How often do you do this sort of thing? Are there disease risks involved?\" Peggy answered, \"No, she is a married woman. She doesn\'t normally give it up to strange men. This is a special deal that she is paying a big debt to me. I guess you could say, her ass belongs to me for what ever I want her to do. As far as health goes, I\'d trust her with my husband\'s health. But if you are worried, blow jobs are considered safer and I\'ve heard her brag about how good she is at giving them.\" \"Okay, I guess it is all right. Actually I think I would enjoy sticking my cock in that cute face and blowing a wad down her throat.\" Trixie added, \"I\'ll give you the best blow job you have ever had. And, if you are too quick with the first one, I\'ll suck a second load out of your balls.\" \"You are a little slut. Do you swallow too?\" \"I sure do. There is no reason to waste a good load of cum.\" Peggy said, \"You talk a good show but talk is cheap. I want to SEE just how well you can give head. Lets get the show started. Pops wants a good show to warm him up.\" \"Wait a second, you are going to watch? I don\'t know about that.\" \"Sure, why not? \"I don\'t know. I\'ve never done it with an audience before. I\'ve seen it live in the Philippines but I\'ve never done it in front of anyone before.\" \"Sure you have. Haven\'t you ever done it with two girls? That is almost the same.\" \"No I haven\'t done it with two girls.\" \"I thought that was every guys dream. Any way, look what I brought you. Couldn\'t you just give me this little favor?\" \"Since you put it that way, tell you what. You can watch but after she is done with me, you let me watch Trixie eat your snatch.\" Then I asked Trixie, \"Have you ever eaten pussy?\" \"I was a stripper. Half of the strippers are lezzies and well, things happen. Girls are okay but I really like cock. If you want, I\'ll eat Peggy for you.\" Peggy said, \"I\'m not into girls. I\'ve never tried it and I\'m not so sure I want to. I\'m for sure not going to go down on her.\" \"You don\'t have to. Just relax and let her lick you for a few minutes while I watch.\" \"Okay, but don\'t expect me to get off with a girl. I doubt I could no matter how long she did it.\" \"Then we have an agreement. You watch and I get a short show after. Okay?\" \"Okay.\" \"Good! Let the show begin.\" Trixie took her duffel and headed to the kitchen. When she was safely out of sight, Peggy planted a big lip lock on me and gave Happy a firm squeeze. She quietly said, \"That was perfect. I\'m going to enjoy this. Well, I\'ll enjoy most of it but the last part won\'t be too bad.\" After a few minutes, Trixie shouted, \"Start the music.\" Trixie entered in tight shorts and a tube top. Not too spectacular as far as stripper outfits go. In a couple of moves she was right in front of me. That is when I noticed it was quite spectacular. First, no boob sag or sway. They must be a nice pair. Mostly I noticed a perfect outline of her snatch in the tight material of her shorts. She must have painted them on. Both girls noticed my eyes were glued to Trixie\'s crotch. Peggy said, \"It couldn\'t have been that long ago. Did you forget what a woman\'s pussy looks like? You seem to be studying it pretty hard.\" Trixie just smiled and made sure I could see clearly what I was obviously interested in. When she spun around and bent over giving me a close back door view, I didn\'t even notice she took off her top. I grabbed the camera and snapped a picture. Trixie has nice boobs but I wanted to see the shorts come down. Obviously she knew because as the second song stated she started peeling them down. At this point I didn\'t know if she could dance or not. I was totally intoxicated with her body. During the last song she got very close and took my hand and put it on her chest. I ran my hands all over, checking the firmness of her boobs and of course, I let my hands go down, checking out her crotch. She stayed close and opened her legs letting me have full access. The second set was a new outfit. Trixie ended the first song taking it all off. She said in a low sexy voice, \"I know what you want to see so I\'m giving it all up early. When the third song was ending, Peggy asked me, \"Are you comfortable? It looks a little tight in your pants. If you want, let it out, I don\'t care.\" Trixie said, \"I\'ll be honest since she isn\'t quite. Take it out; make yourself comfortable. I would like to see that wood.\" Peggy responded, \"Yeah, you are right. From where I sit it looks interesting.\" \"If you ladies want to see it I guess I can show you.\" Peggy walked over and pulled me up to my feet while Trixie started taking down my pants. Peggy commented as Happy jumped free, \"That looks like a very nice one. I always thought guys had a problem getting it all the way up when they got older.\" \"I don\'t know about that. Mine always seems to work just fine.\" Trixie said, \"We will find out soon just how well he works. As nice as he looks, I expect a mouth full of cream from him.\" Peggy said, \"Enough talk, go down on him and show me what you call the best blow job he ever had. Suck his balls dry and don\'t spill a drop. I want to see you eat everything he pops into your mouth. If you screw it up, you will have to do it over until you get it right.\" Trixie said, \"In that case, I may have to screw it up so I can do it again.\" I asked, \"Do you really like to give blow jobs?\" \"It is my favorite sexual practice. I love the feeling of a man pumping my mouth. If I was a professional whore, it would be my signature service.\" Trixie pushed me back and dropped her face onto Happy. She wet him down by taking a few short strokes and then pushed all the way down taking every bit of him into her face. Man that felt good. She definitely has done that before. There was no gag and she was in full control. Her head started to bob up and down. Each stroke she pushed to the base of Happy. On the up stroke, she sucked as hard as she could. I could already feel the load building up in my balls. Then at the end of an up stroke she pulled off and said, \"Not so fast. Slow down a bit. I have a few more tricks to do.\" \"I can\'t slow down when you do that. You are pulling the load right out of my balls.\" She answered, \"In that case I will slow down.\" Trixie started to lick Happy all up and down his shaft and gave extra attention to licking all around his head. Then she dropped lower and took my balls into her mouth. I think the visual affect of that was more than the physical feeling but any way, I liked it. After a few seconds of sucking my balls, she slipped a little lower and started licking the area just behind my balls and in front of my ass hole. That felt really good. I think Peggy could sense my feeling and said to her, \"A little lower, lick his ass too.\" Without hesitation, Trixie licked all around my ass hole. I closed my eyes to take in the pleasure. After a few seconds she stopped. I opened my eyes to see her standing. She straddled my legs and sat right down on Happy. She said, \"Just a few strokes and then I will drain your balls.\" Her pussy was wet, sloppy wet. Looking at her nipples, they were sticking out at least a half inch and looked rock hard. Looking at her crotch, her pink pearl was popped out of its hood. I\'m quite sure she was enjoying herself. She only sat on Happy for a few seconds and then said, \"Now give me the cream.\" She slipped off my lap and went down on Happy again. There is something extra erotic about a girl taking cock straight from her pussy into her mouth without any hesitation. I could see Happy was coated with her juice but that only lasted a second or two because she went all the way down on him. Happy\'s head was deep in her throat and I could feel her throat muscles as she swallowed to take him all the way down. Then again on the up stroke, she sucked hard. I was at the breaking point. In less than a minute, the first hard shot erupted from Happy. She pushed down all the way and held while several more shots were fired straight down her throat. I don\'t know what happened for the next minute or so. The pleasure was so intense it was almost pain. I was flying high totally lost in my ecstasy. That was a blow job to remember. Peggy brought me back to life by asking, \"Was it good or do you want her to do it over and get it right?\" I looked at her and smiled, \"That was quite a blow job. I can only think of one other that was that good. That one was a married woman too. When it comes to blow jobs I guess married women get the most practice and practice makes perfect.\" Peggy knew what married woman I was talking about. She just gave me a knowing smile. I said, \"I\'m ready for a fresh beer. Anyone else want one?\" Peggy said, \"Trixie, go get us some beer.\" I told Trixie just how good she was as we drank our beer. Peggy asked her a few questions about her technique. I asked, \"Was that enough cream for you?\" \"Actually I don\'t know. The first squirt was big, thick and rich but all the others went right down my throat and I didn\'t get a taste. I usually take it all in the mouth. I don\'t know what happened. Did you like it in my throat or would you rather fill my mouth?\" \"At that point it didn\'t matter. It was great. I wasn\'t thinking at all where it was going.\" Peggy said, \"I guess it is my turn now. But before Trix gets started I need to use the bathroom. This beer is going right through me.\" Peggy returned from the bathroom with her shorts and panties in her hand, held right in front as if she was a bit shy. Damn she looks hot and Happy responded too. I know she noticed as she walked back and sat on the couch beside me. Trixie said, \"Don\'t be shy. We want to see the goods. Open your legs.\" Peggy said, \"I guess it isn\'t all that bad, okay.\" Peggy pulled her shorts aside and opened her legs. Trixie went right down on her and started to lick. Unless I\'m really mistaken, I think Trixie was enjoying the tongue bath she was giving Peggy. She sure seemed to know what she was doing. Once Peggy was really wet, Trixie inserted a finger and did a lip lock on Peggy\'s clit. The look on Peggy\'s face seemed to indicate she was enjoying it far more than she said she thought she would. Trixie worked her finger faster and was pulling a lot of pussy juice out of Peggy. With a quick removal of the finger and a full mouth cover over Peggy\'s pussy, Trixie lapped up all of the pussy juice except the drips between Peggy\'s ass cheeks. Raising Peggy\'s legs and butt allowed her to run her tongue up between the cheeks and lick up the remaining juice. Peggy let out a little moan and said, \"More! lick my ass more!\" Peggy raised her legs even higher and Trixie\'s tongue went for the hole. Trixie was tongue fucking her ass hole fast and furious as Peggy slipped over the edge into a loud, verbal orgasm. \"Don\'t stop! Lick my ass you little slut. Shove your tongue as far up my ass as you can! Don\'t stop! Keep it up you cock sucking whore! Oh gawd that feels good... \" I was standing where I could get a good view of the action. I had another nice hard on watching the two of them. Peggy looked over at it and took it in her hand. She started to pull me toward her like she was going to suck me but stopped. As she regained her composure, she stood up and said to Trixie, \"Slut face, suck him off again. He has another boner. You must not have done a good enough job the first time. Do it right this time, drain his balls.\" Trixie was on Happy in a flash. She has a very powerful suck and is definitely an expert at deep throat. Peggy put her hand on the back of Trixie\'s head and pushed her face into my crotch. With Trixie in a position that she couldn\'t see, Peggy slapped a lip lock on me. Her tongue went wildly deep into my mouth. I couldn\'t believe it. Another load was building in my balls and about to explode into Trixie\'s mouth. Peggy sensed it too. Peggy stepped back just as I started to fill Trixie\'s mouth. I was off on another rocket ride to the stars. As I started to regain my composure and looked up at both girls looking at me with grins from ear to ear. I don\'t even know how I ended up on the floor. The last I remember I was beside Peggy with my cock deep in Trixie\'s mouth, pumping out a wad of ball cream. Peggy said, \"Why don\'t the three of us take a quick shower together and then I need to take Trixie home.\" In the shower both girls washed me off all over. After they rinsed me, Peggy pushed me out and told Trixie to wash her. After her rinse she stepped out so Trixie could finish her shower. Peggy asked me, \"Did you get the pictures you wanted? Why don\'t you shoot some of her before she dresses?\" Trixie stepped out of the shower and I handed her a towel. Peggy said, \"Don\'t get dressed just yet. Pops wants some pictures of you in your birthday suit.\" We headed back to the living room. I slipped on a pair of boxers. Peggy started to dress as I started to shoot pictures. Trixie posed just the way I asked her to pose and with a nice smile. I got several of her pussy up close as well as a number of shots of all of her. Peggy was all dressed and asked, \"Did you get all that you wanted?\" I looked at the counter on the camera and said, \"I have 35 shots. That should be enough, of her.\" as I smiled at Peggy. Peggy said, \"Don\'t look at me like that. I\'m not going to pose naked. I wasn\'t even planning on you seeing as much of me as you saw. Trixie is a slut. It doesn\'t matter what you see or have on camera of her but I\'m not like that... Hey, do you have a sharpie marker?\" I said, \"Yes, red or black?\" I handed both to Peggy. She took the black one and handed it to Trixie saying, \"Sign something sweet on you panties and give them to Pops. I think he may like a souvenir to remind him of this day.\" Trixie wrote, \"To Pops, one of the best cocks I\'ve ever sucked, XOXOX, Trix\" Trixie handed the panties to me and said, \"And I mean it too. You have a very nice cock.\" Peggy and I watched Trixie dress, minus her panties. Her short skirt barely went mid way down her thigh. Peggy reached behind her and lifted her skirt and said, \"She does have a pretty nice full ass. Pops will you do me a favor? Write something on it with the marker. Use the red one for color.\" \"What do you want me to write? And what about her husband?\" \"I\'ll tell you what to write and as for her husband, she can work that out with him. Her ass belongs to me and will for quite a while into the future.\" Peggy led Trixie to the back of the easy chair and bent her over it so her ass was up. She pulled her skirt up and said to me, \"Write, \'Pops was here.\' Make it big enough to read.\" As I wrote it I said, \"But I was in her face.\" Peggy answered, \"That is true but I don\'t think I\'m mean enough to have you write it on her face.\" As Trixie gathered up her things Peggy said, \"It looks like you really did enjoy yourself today Pops. I have to admit, I had a good time too. Would you like to do it again sometime?\" \"That is a foolish question. Damn right I would like to do it again.\" \"Okay, I\'ll bring her back in a week or two. Trixie, did you have a good time?\" \"Oh yes I did, and a week is better than two. Pops is a fun guy to please.\" We said our good byes and they left. I sure was feeling good. I took the camera and headed to the computer to down load the pictures. I checked them all out and did a little minor editing on a couple of them. I went and got myself a drink and looked through them again before logging on to my Email. There was one from boop424, posted only minutes before. I opened it and read, \"Tony and Roger will be here in a few minutes. Trixie is naked in the living room. Roger will see the writing on her ass and she will tell him you had her twice just the way you wanted her. We want to see if Roger will eat out her ass hole. Trixie thinks he will. Then I\'m going to tell Tony to go and spend the night with them fucking her any way she wants for being such a good slut today. I don\'t want Tony to even come home at all tonight. He can sleep with them and go to work from their house. After they leave here I will check my mail. Tell me if I can come see you tonight. Please say yes.\" I answered quick and simple, \"YES! I will leave the front door cracked open. Just walk right in.\" I was on the computer close to 8 o\'clock when I heard Peggy say, \"Hello, anyone here?\" I walked to the living room. Peggy was standing there in tight white shorts and a tube top. She had a small duffel with her. Damn she looks good! Even after the afternoon sex, Happy was reacting to her. Peggy said, \"Tony won\'t be home until after work tomorrow. We have as much time as you can put up with me tonight. I told him I was going out to eat and maybe check out a bar. I made it clear he shouldn\'t come home at all until tomorrow afternoon just in case I bring a guy home with me. I think that actually got him a bit excited. You might be right that he is turned on thinking I\'m getting laid by some guy.\" \"And hello to you too. Just kidding. Damn you look hot. I can\'t believe after all the sex this afternoon, I\'m still hot. Come here and check Happy. He is really happy to see you.\" Peggy came over, gave me a hug with one arm, a big warm kiss and her other hand went right for Happy. \"Mmm, he does feel pretty happy. Now what I would like but it is up to you, lets go get a bite to eat. I\'m thinking Italian but I\'m open on that. Then I\'ll drive my car home and leave it in the garage just in case Tony sneaks around to see if I\'m home. Then you bring me over here to spend the night.\" \"That sounds pretty good. How about Ricky\'s for dinner? Are you familiar with them?\" \"Yeah, Over by the Target store? I like that. They are a nice quiet place. Not totally Italian but they have great pizza.\" \"Thats it. After dinner I\'ll follow you home so you can park your car and we will come back here. I think that will work for me.\" \"Good, In the morning we can go for a walk and I\'ll walk home from there. It isn\'t far from the cottonwood tree to my house. I wouldn\'t want nosy neighbors guessing why I came home with you and just in case Tony might be hanging around it might be better.\" We went to Ricky\'s, got a semi private corner booth and ordered a pizza. While we were waiting Peggy filled me in on what happened after they left. \"First, Trixie told me she really liked being my slut. She thinks you are hot and she is ready any time to do you again. She said it was a little like when the gang was being good to her. They told her what they wanted and how she should do it but treated her pretty good. She really thinks you are pretty nice. She told me since Tony told me to go get laid, I really should think about letting you have me. I told her I didn\'t know but I agreed that you were very nice.\" \"Well thank you very much. I think you are very nice too.\" \"She might be smarter than I gave her credit for. She said the way you looked at my pussy, she is sure you wanted to eat me. I just said guys don\'t do that unless they have already had you and usually not until after you suck them.\" \"Well she was right. I did want a taste of Honey.\" \"I\'m sure. Trixie said not true. When she was turning tricks, that was all some guys wanted. They paid to eat her pussy.\" \"I like pussy as much as anyone but I would have to draw the line at a hooker. That sounds pretty risky.\" \"Let me go on. She also said she liked eating my pussy and was glad I enjoyed it too. I told her I just imagined she was a guy. Just to set the record straight, it did feel really good. I didn\'t think she could but she got me off.\" We ate our pizza and dropped off Peggy\'s car. On the way to my house she asked, \"By what you said a few days ago, is it a problem if I spend the night with you?\" \"What do you mean? I would love for you to spend the night.\" \"You said you liked it that your married girl friend went home at night.\" \"That was just a manner of speaking. Actually she spent several nights with me when he was out of town. I was saying I liked that we didn\'t have a lot of strings tying up our relationship. We were both happy with our relationship but we both had our own lives as well.\" \"Good. That is exactly what I want. I want to enjoy you and your company but I want to still have my life.\" \"I think we are on the same page. You fill a void in my life and I hope I am making your fantasy come to life.\" \"That is exactly what you are doing. You are a dream come true.

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anonimusrick I sure do wish there was a Part 4.......

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