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Paige was not the kind of girl that anyone ever took notice of. She lived across the street from me with her mother, who appeared to be more concerned about her string of ever changing boyfriends then her daughter. Most people would say there nothing special about this girl, but I can’t get her outta my mind. I stand at my bedroom window watching her across the street and my cock aches with desire. I lie in bed at night stroking my cock to the thought of tasting her sweet flesh. From the way she keeps to herself I’m pretty certain that Paige has never been touched, and that makes my cock ache all the more.


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I have put a lot of thought into how I could get close to her, and I’ve finally come up with the perfect plan. I told my sister I would baby sit for her next weekend. I figure my nephew will be the perfect way for me to get closer to her. After setting everything with my sister I walk across the street to find Paige sitting on the front porch reading, as she always is. I start up the walk and say “Hi” she peers over the top of her book and eyes me very warily; she’s such a smart girl. I give her my most charming smile and casually ask if she has a minute. She sets her book aside and looks at me very skeptically.

We’ve never really spoken before so I know I have to be very careful here. “Hi, I’m Mike from across the street.” She returns a weak smile. “I was hoping you might be interested in helping me out. You see my nephew will be staying with me some and I was wondering if you might be willing to help me keep him entertained. I’m really tied up with this research project I’ve been working on, and could really use someone to help keep him outta my hair.” Well I’m not sure I’m the right person,” Paige replied. “I don’t think my mom would like having any extra kids running around here, and I haven’t really done much babysitting, maybe you should talk to Amy, she lives on the corner.”

I never expected her to say no, but I’m not giving up that easily. I tell her not to worry about her mom, it would actually be better if she came over to my house to sit with him, and that I would be upstairs working most of the time so it would be great practice for her. She still seemed unsure, but then I tell her how she will really be helping me outta a bind, and I will pay her enough to make it worth her trouble. I can see she is starting to come around. I feel my cock beginning to rise at the thought of having this sweet thing so close to me. She says she will check with her mom and let me know tomorrow. The next day Paige knocks on my door and says she will sit for my nephew.

I felt like a little boy waiting for Christmas morning to come. I didn’t think Friday would ever get here. For the past four days I’ve laid in my bed at night thinking of all the things I want to teach sweet Paige. I bet she’s never even seen a cock let alone tasted one or felt one stretching her out. I can’t wait to be her teacher. I lie here stroking my throbbing cock and imagining how wonderful it is going to be to take that sweet pussy. I imagine the look of excitement that will be on her face when I spread her legs and inhale her sweet scent. And then when the times is right for me to sink all eight inches of my throbbing cock into that hot tight pussy she will be begging me for it.


My sister brings my nephew by around two in the afternoon. I have been fighting an erection all day long; but I know that I won’t have to wait much longer now. Paige knocks on my door around four o’clock. I can feel my cock straining against the seams of my jeans, be cool I remind myself. I open the door to see Paige, my Paige, with a book in her hand, and clothes that looked like they’d been handed down one to many times. But her face looks so sweet; her hair is long and dark and shines like the mane of a well tended thoroughbred, and her eyes, my god I could get lost in those eyes. She gives me a nervous smile and looks past me to Brian who’s playing with his cars in my living room.

I tell her to come in and make herself at home. I introduce her to Brian, and she instantly warms up. I quickly show her around the kitchen, and then tell her I have a lot of work to do and that I will be upstairs if she needs anything. She seems to be letting her guard down now. I excuse myself and head up stairs leaving Paige to entertain Brian, and me as well. I bought several “nanny cams” and placed them throughout the first floor in order to always be able to watch her.

I position myself to be able to peek down on Paige. She looks so sweet and innocent, playing cars in the floor with this cute little boy. I wait, and watch for a while. When I feel like I’m about to go stir crazy I head down the stairs. The two of them are laughing and playing in the floor when I walk into the room and ask “Who’s hungry?” Brian immediately jumps up and yells “Me, me!!” Paige gives me a smile and says she will be happy to feed Brain some dinner. I tell her that I need an hour away from my research or I’m gonna go crazy. She gives a nervous laugh and follows us into the kitchen. I make some pasta and offer Paige a soda. I catch myself staring at her, and quickly remember to play it cool, the last thing I wand to do is scare her. So I keep myself busy preparing dinner. We sit down at my small table and eat together, Brian chattered the entire time. He was actually starting to make my head hurt with his non-stop noise, but I just smiled, I knew Paige was watching, and I didn’t want her to know how much he was annoying me.


After we finished dinner I asked her if she could help get Brain bathed and ready for bed while I cleaned up the dinner mess. She smiled and said she’d be glad to. I was just happy to have my cute nephew who never shuts up outta the room.



Now that Brain is clean, and dressed for bed Paige turns to me and says “Well I guess I will be going now, I don’t think you’ll be needing me anymore tonight.” “What?” I say a little shocked. “I thought you would be staying for a while longer. I really have a lot of work to do and it would really help me out if you could be here in case Brain wakes up, at least for a little while.” She seems reluctant, but takes the bait. “I guess I can stay for a little while longer, if you need me.” “Oh Paige, thanks so much, you just don’t know how much of a help you are to me,” I say with a smile. Then I return to my office so that I can listen to her with Brian. Her voice is so soft and pure as she reads him a bedtime story; I can only imagine how it will be to hear that same sweet pure voice begging me to please her.


She stays with him for about thirty minutes, and then wonders back out into the hallway. As she walks by my door I call out “Make yourself at home. Feel free to watch anything you like on TV, the remote is next to the couch.” She smiles and walks downstairs. She has no idea that I have the TV set to play my raunchiest porn when she turns it on.

I sit very still listening for the television to switch on, but nothing. I began to panic a little thinking maybe I didn’t plan everything as well as I thought. I switch on the nanny cam and see my sweet Paige curled up in the corner of my couch reading her book. God damnit, this is not what I had planned. I know I have to be patient or I will ruin everything. I sit back trying to decide what the hell I should do now. I jump up and began pacing around my office trying to think what my next move should be. Everything is silent except for my pulse thudding loudly against my own ears. And then I hear it. The television clicks on and the set begins to glow. I quickly move to the cam to watch Paige’s reaction. I’ve locked the remote so that she can’t change the channel; she either turns it off, or enjoys the show. I hold my breath waiting to she what she does.



I can see her nervously glance toward the stairs and then lower the volume some more. OH YES, she is playing her part perfectly. I imagine what she might be feeling right now as she watches such graphic sex played out before her eyes. I can see her eyes getting wide as she watches the slut on the TV sucking on a thick hard cock, she keeps looking up the stairs and then back to the TV. I stay where I am; I know I have to give her time, but fuck my cock wants to be unleashed. I ache as I watch her. The porn slut is sitting back in a chair, exposing her bare pussy to the camera, rubbing her fingers over her hard little clit, then dipping those long fingers into her hot pussy, and bringing them out to suck every drop of her own juice from them….

she is so wonton and trashy, she has no shame, she is pumping her pussy for the camera, and begging for a cock to fill her up. At first Paige is shocked by what she is seeing, but I can also see how quickly she is becoming aroused by it. She steals another look up the stairs and then starts to rub her own tight pussy through her clothes. I wonder as she does this how many other times she has rubbed on her hot snatch. I very quietly sneak down the stairs for a better view. I stand in a shadow in the corner and watch her. She never actually touches her hot pussy; she only rubs herself through her clothes. I’m certain now that she is every bit as innocent as I thought she was.

It is killing me to stand in the corner and watch, but I know that I must if I am going to have my chance to be her teacher. I hear a small moan escape her lips; this is what I’ve been waiting for. I quietly walk toward her from my hiding place. She is engrossed in her pleasure and doesn’t see me until I’m almost to the couch. She quickly jumps up pulling her hand away from her hot pussy and switching off the set. Her cheeks are flushed but I can’t say for sure whether it’s from sexual desire or embarrassment. I reach down for the remote and turn the TV back on, telling her there is no reason to be embarrassed and that everything she is feeling and doing is perfectly natural.

She seems ready to bolt, but I reach down and gently stroke her check, brushing her beautiful hair away from her face. She looks up and me with such big innocent eyes. My cock is about to explode, but I know I have to take my time. I ask her if I can kiss her. Her eyes grow wide, and then she parts her lips slightly and runs her tongue quickly around them half closing her eyes. I knew this was my cue. I bent down and kissed her very gently, not wanting to frighten her with my need. She lets out a soft moan. I feel my jeans growing warm as the precum oozes from the head of my throbbing cock. I softly whisper, “Can I make you feel good Paige, I promise you will like it.” She just looks at me shyly and then places her hand in mine.


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hotbody2    (2009-07-22 01:16:03)    Flag as inappropiate
A hell of a place to stop the story. Why didn't you finish it?
Kraid    (2008-11-02 02:57:05)    Flag as inappropiate
Argh need conclusion!
Kraid    (2008-11-02 02:57:05)    Flag as inappropiate
Argh need conclusion!

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