Just An Innocent Visit?   added 7 years ago    

  By: theadman

Just An Innocent Visit?


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You came round my house, you often do, we're friends, why wouldn’t you come round. We're in my bedroom, deciding what DVD to put on when, out of no where you grab my top and pull me towards you, you kiss me on the cheek and push me onto the bed, you climb on top of me and kiss me, you're holding my hands down and just kissing me, then you stop, and get up, you go to walk off, but I grab you and pull you back onto the bed, this time I’m pinning you down, I look at you as if to ask if its okay, you just look back at me, I lean in and kiss you anyway, I slowly move my hand up your top, and grab one of your breasts, we kiss as I grope away.

I stop kissing and look at you, I lean in again, and you move forward to kiss me, as you do, I pull back, just to tease you, I look at you as I slide my hand down your jeans and slowly start rubbing your pussy, you grab my head and kiss me, we kiss for a few minutes, then I unbutton your jeans, and pull them off, I rub you through the lacy underwear you have on, you rip my top off and run your fingernails down my back, it sends a shiver down my spine, I slide down the bed, kissing your body as I do, and kiss your pussy through your underwear, I can feel how wet you already are.

I pull your underwear off, and move towards your pussy, I kiss it gently and slowly begin to lick; I work my way up and down, spending just enough time on your clit to keep you wanting more. I slide two fingers inside you, you let out a groan of satisfaction, I softly probe your vagina with my fingers, whilst still licking your pussy up and down, I can feel your body shiver, I know I’m doing something right.

I stop for a moment, and take your top off, along with your bra, then I lick your pussy some more, flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue, each flick brings a deep breath from you, I begin working my way back up your body, again kissing as I go, I kiss your neck, and work my way back to your mouth, we kiss as I rub my hands up and down your now naked body, you stop me and push me onto my back, you unbutton my jeans, and waste no time taking them off, and we’re both naked, you kiss me and work your way down my body, I’m already hard by the time you’ve worked your way down to my cock. Without any hesitation you wrap your lips around my cock, and slide up and down, getting slightly deeper each time, licking around the head of my cock each time. I know if this continues it wont be long until I cum, so I stop you, grab you and throw you down next to me.

I know you like it rough every now and then, I climb on top of you and hold your arms above your head, I kiss you as I slide my cock up and down your pussy, getting you that little bit wetter, then I slowly slide my cock inside you, if feels so good, we both let out groans of pleasure.

I fuck you, slowly at first, but the pace quickens and its not long before you’re pinned down on the bed and I’m fucking you hard, fucking you fast, you look down to see my cock sliding in and out of your pussy, I release one of your hands, but I’m still totally in control, with your free hand you rub yourself, as my cock slides in and out of your wet pussy, you whisper in my ear “don’t stop” and I’m not about to. The feel of your breath sends another shiver down my spine. I release your other hand and fuck you faster, and harder, I feel you fingernails run down my back again, harder this time, I go faster, and harder still ,with each thrust you let out a little scream, you pull me close and hold me tight as you reach orgasm, I can feel your body shaking.

You tell me to keep going, but, I pull out and tell you there’s other ways of making me cum, I move up your body, and you know exactly what I want, I rest my cock between your tits, you push them together and I start thrusting, its my cock slides between your tits, and its not long before I reach climax, I release my load all over your tits, that was amazing. We clean up, and rest for a few minutes then we start over again, and for the next six hours, we explore some of our darkest fantasies....

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