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  By: hotrebel

My wife has always enjoyed watching porns that involved 2 guys and a girl. You could see the excitement come over her as she watched one guy pound on the girls pussy and the other guy continuously shoving his dick in the girls mouth. While watching these movies I would feel my wife’s pussy and notice that it would get extremely wet. I finally asked her one night if she ever wanted two guys to fuck her at the same time. After thinking about it for a few moments she said “It wouldn’t bother me.” Since I had been with my wife for 5 years I knew this was her way of saying “yes” without coming out and saying it. I asked more questions like, if it could happen would you want two other guys, me and other guy, where would you want it to take place, here or some where’s else? After getting the answers I had kind of an idea of what she wanted, she wanted two other guys to do whatever they wanted to her while I watched.


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After searching some of the adult match sites I found two guys in the local area that I figured she would like. Both were fairly well built with average size dicks and pretty good to look at. Both the guys enjoyed the pictures of my wife I had sent them and agreed to manhandle her. I booked a suite at one of the nicer hotels in the area and explained to my wife I would be taking her out to dinner that night. Over dinner that night I told her the plan I had put together. I explained that I found two strangers, booked a room, and had everything planned for tonight. She leaned over the table and whispered in my ear “My pussy is so wet thinking about it already.” I smiled, knowing that I was making one of her fantasies come true.


When finished dinner and went to the hotel room. She opened the door and found both of the guys already in the room waiting for us to show up. She walked me over to a chair in the corner of the room, sat me down, and said “Hope you enjoy the show.” Next she walked over to the two guys, Mike and Tony, and told them she was all theirs for their liking. First Mike came up behind her and slapped her on her ass. Then Tony grabbed her shirt and ripped it off producing her black bra and tits. Mike undid the bra clasp and Tony finished taking it off. There was my wife standing between 2 guys with her tits hanging out for anyone to play with. I could feel my cock growing inch by inch as I watched Tony start to suck on my wife’s nipples. Mike started to undo her pants and then slid his hands down under her panties. He must of found my wife’s wet pussy pretty quickly because she all of a sudden she jerked upwards and moaned with pleasure. It was quite a sight watching Mike finger fuck my wife and kiss on her shoulders while Tony was sucking on her tits. My cock was so hard at the point that it could have exploded in my pants.

Mike finally took my wife’s pants off to show off her cleanly shaven pussy. He took her away from Tony, pushed her onto the bed, and pulled her pegs apart. As Mike started licking on her clit Tony started to take off his pants. Tony pulled her head towards his hard dick and forced it into her mouth. Mike continued to lick her clit and stick his tongue farther and farther into her pussy. I could hear her trying to moan but the dick in her mouth kept her moans to muffled sound. She must have been enjoying herself because she was grabbing Mikes head and forcing him to lick her pussy more and more. Mike then reached up and grabbed one of her tits while Tony was fondling her other breast. She started to shake and arched her back as she reached her first orgasm for the night, she was trying to scream during it but still wasn’t able to due to Tony continuously shaving his cock farther into her throat.

Mike quit licking her pussy and let Tony take a shot at playing with it. Mike dropped his pants and resumed Tony’s position with his cock in her mouth. Tony started off by simply playing with her clit but before she could react he slammed two fingers into her asshole. I could hear her muffled moan of pleasure again since she has always enjoyed her ass being played with. It didn’t take long before her back arched again and she shook with another orgasm. At this point Tony was done playing around and rammed his cock into her pussy. Her body jerked towards to the head of the bed with his continuous thrusting. It was such a perfect site, watching my wife be fucked by one guy while sucking this other guy’s dick. Her moans were still muffled but clearly getting louder as the night wore on.

Mike pulled his dick out of her mouth and motioned for her to get on top of Tony. She did it just as quickly as the porn stars did in the movies. It was like she didn’t want to miss a minute of pleasure. While riding Tony Mike pushed on her back to make her lay down on top of Tony. Once she did Mike got behind her, spit down onto her asshole and slid his dick in her. The look on her face was great, it was like instant pleasure. She looked over at me with this big old smile, saw me rubbing my dick through my pants, and said “You like watching me get fucked like this?” I was speechless all I could do was nod in approval. They continued to fuck her as hard as they could for the next 10 minutes; I think she must of cummed like 4 or 5 times. Mike pulled out of her ass, grabbed her hair, and yanked it backwards to make her sit upright again. He stood over Tony’s, pointed his dick at my wife’s face and started stroking it. My wife helped him out and he started to cum over her face. Shot after shot landing on her chin and cheeks, it started sliding down and landing on her tits. Next Tony flipped her over onto her back and pulled his cock out of her pussy. He could barely make up to her tits before he started to cum. One long hard shot managed to land on her forehead, but most of it ended up hitting the bottom of her chin and her tits.

The 2 guys grabbed their pants and made their way to the other room, but there laid my wife, exhausted from her adventure of fucking 2 guys at the same time. I walked over to her and asked if she enjoyed herself, she reached for my cock and said “You better fucking believe I did, I want to do that again.” She unzipped my pants and started sucking on my dick. I could tell that she wasn’t done yet and she still wanted more cum. I pushed her onto her back and started fucking her again. Thrust after thrust I watched as the cum on her body started to move around. She began to scoop it up with her hands and put it in her mouth. Every time she did she would swallow it and then open her mouth to prove that it was no longer there. When it looked like most of the cum was off her chest I started to lick around her tits to remove any that was left. It must have really turned her on because I felt her muscle tighten around my dick. I was about to cum so I pulled out and leaned forward; she took my dick in her mouth and stroked it until I came. I filled her mouth, but like I pro she swallowed it all, again opening her mouth and proving that it was all gone. We both collapsed on the bed and began to relax. The only thing going through our minds must have been, how are we going to top this?

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warmaniac    (2008-11-04 02:23:44)    Flag as inappropiate
awesome. I would like my wife to do the same

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