Summer Heat   added 7 years ago    

  By: creamqueen

It was hot – that’s for damn sure, It’d been hot like this for over a month now and the heat showed no signs of letting up. I sat in the kitchen with the back door open willing some breeze to come in cool me down but the air was still and thick. I was wearing just a black lace slip – no point getting myself hotter by putting on more clothes I thought, but even so I could feel beads of sweat forming on my upper lip. I was stirring a fresh jug of lemonade I had just made when I heard a knock at the door.

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I took my time getting up and walking through the house to answer the door. Damn repair man was already an hour late, it wouldn’t do him any harm to wait on the step for a few minutes. After walking slowly from the kitchen to the living room and taking a few moments to straighten a few things up in there I sauntered casually to the front door and opened it. ‘You’re late’ I said by way of greeting. I thought it was a damn good greeting too seeing as the fucker was late. ‘I’m sorry Ma’am, I had some trouble with my truck and…….’ I held my hand up to silence him – I had no time to listen to his excuses, the heat was making me dizzy with impatience. ‘This way’ I called back over my shoulder as I led the way down to the basement.

Once we were down there he decided to pipe up again, ‘What seems to be the trouble Ma’am?’ I told him what was wrong with the washer and he seemed to think he could fix it. After going back up to get his tools (I don’t know why he didn’t bring them with him in the first place?) he got to work. I stayed in the basement to watch him, ain’t no repair man gonna take breaks and lounge around on my watch, I was paying this guy top dollar after all.

As he worked I leaned against one of the beams in the basement to get a better look at him. This heat was making me horny and I reasoned there was no harm in enjoying the view seeing as we were both stuck down here, and all, until he fixed the damn washer. He was a few years older than me and not the kind of guy I’d usually go for, but he had a good body – sturdy shoulders and a nice broad back with a firm tight ass, he was a few inches taller than me too. Well I must’ve really been getting affected by the heat ‘cause even though he wasn’t the kind of guy I’d usually fuck I started to get turned on watching him handle my machine. Every time he bent over I imagined he was bending over me as he fucked me from behind, and watching his strong rough hands (this dude was no pretty boy I can assure you, he had hands almost like sandpaper) twiddle and tinker with the parts inside the washer, well, you can imagine what I was hoping he would twiddle next.

Almost without realising it my hands were up at my breast massaging my nipples through the thin fabric of my slip. This guy was a quiet worker and didn’t make much conversation so my imagination was running riot thinking about what I would do to him. I slipped back further away from him to lean against another of the long beams that ran from the ceiling to the floor, watching his body as I fondled myself, those big strong thighs, the way his ass moved as he bent over – I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I was still working my nipples with both hands, almost in a daze as I fantasised about all the positions we could do and what he would feel like inside of me. He turned suddenly to say something and I dropped my hands down quickly – almost too quickly. He hesitated for just half a second too long before he spoke, ‘Do you wanna come over here and check that it’s all working ok?’

Shit! Had he seen me? Not that I gave a fuck anyway, as I said he wasn’t the type of guy I’d normally do, but still it would be pretty embarrassing if he had seen me. I quickly got my head together and walked over to survey his work. He switched the machine on and we both stood there facing it waiting to see what would happen next. ‘It seems to be working ok’ I said after a few seconds. The sooner I got this guy out of the house the sooner I could get back to pleasuring myself. For a few moments all that could be heard was the sound of the washer, then he spoke, ‘I saw you over there playing with your titties’, he said it low and casual as if he was asking me what time it was. I switched off the washer, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’, I shot back just as casually, you know, as if I was telling him the time.

I turned to walk away and lead him back up the stairs but he grabbed my wrist to stop me. His hold on me wasn’t aggressive, just very firm. ‘I know what you were thinking’ he said in that same low voice - he had a smooth Southern accent that was authoritative but sexy. I said nothing in reply but just waited for him to continue. ‘You were thinking, what would it be like to have that fine ass repair man come over here and fuck the hell outta me’ I looked up at him but before I could say anything he had backed me up against a beam. He pressed his body against mine and took his time letting his hands roam all over me. ‘Mmmmmmmmm, I like that’ he almost whispered as his hands moved across my slip, over my breasts and down between my thighs. I closed my eyes and savoured the moment.

Before I knew what was happening his lips were on my neck, biting and sucking on my sensitive skin. He grabbed my slip and pulled it up above my waist, then I felt his rough chapped hands roaming over my thighs and stomach. He was using his body to pin me against the beam as his mouth moved lower down to my breasts. He sucked hard on each fleshy mound making my skin red and raw before swooping down to bite down on each nipple in turn. I winced in confusion as pain radiated from my tits but at the same time as my pussy got wetter. ‘You’re enjoying this aren’t you?’ he growled in my ear as he brought his face up to mine. I didn’t answer him and instead focused on my breathing which was becoming fast and ragged, I may have even smirked at him a bit. ‘Oh, you want to play games?’ he hissed as he caught the end of my smirk and took it as encouragement. ‘Well I got a game for you, Princess’.




He practically tore my slip off me and threw it to one side, leaving me standing there before him exposed and vulnerable. ‘You still want to play games, duchess?’ he asked me menacingly. I shook my head, ‘I don’t know what you mean’ I breathed back at him. ‘I don’t know what you thought you were playing at’ he began grabbing my breast roughly, squeezing and pulling them. ‘Standing over there playing with your titties’ he had each nipple between his thumb and forefinger now and was pinching them hard and without mercy, ‘Teasing me’, he continued, ‘Making me want you’ He looked up at me and I did my best to look as if his actions and words were having no effect on me. ‘But I know you want this, and I’m gonna make you say it’, he finished. I shook my head stubbornly as he brought his mouth down to my titties once more.

Just as ferociously as the first time his mouth met my tits he got to work biting and tugging on my nipples with his teeth. I wriggled against him but he just used his large hands to hold me in place firmly and carried on roughly working my nipples. He brought one hand up to my breast to kneed it as he sucked and bit down on the other one. The hard skin on his hands and fingers was grazing the thin skin covering my breasts and his touch was making my titties almost too sensitive. My pussy on the other hand was soaking wet and begging for some attention. When he felt me relax my body against the beam, resigned to my fate at his mercy for the time being, he loosened his grip on me and moved his other hand down my body.




His calloused hand found the opening of my wet slit and he began to finger me harshly thrusting his fingers in and out of me so violently that my pelvis jerked up with each insertion. I always loved when a man took control of me and pretty soon I was moving my hips to his rhythm as his thumb circled my clit over and over until it was almost raw. He hadn’t let up on my tits either and was still biting and pinching at my nipples, sometimes using his free hand to tug on them.


I felt myself nearing the point of no return and arched my back, spreading my legs wider in preparation. He kept on fucking my pussy hard with his fingers but brought his mouth up to my ear again. I was grinding my cunt against his hand and panting like a wild animal. I felt my body begin to loose control and then, he stopped.


‘I want you to say it darlin’ that smooth tone was back again. I looked at him in confusion. ‘C’mon, Princess you can admit now that you were teasin’ me’ I couldn’t believe that he would finger fuck me to within an inch of my life and then start this nonsense again. My pussy tingled and my nipples felt electric as I stood and looked defiantly at him. He circled my nipple with his finger and my whole body convulsed, although I styled it out as if I felt nothing. ‘You can’t cum until you say it’ he playfully informed me.



‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ I told him again with a twinkle in my eye. He dipped his thumb into my pussy and wriggled it a few times, ‘You sure about that?’ he asked as he pulled his thumb out and wiped it on my clit. I almost broke down right there. I hesitated for a second………‘Positive’ I answered regaining a bit of control over myself . ‘Alright darlin’ if you want to do this the hard way then I guess we’re gonna do it the hard way’. He turned and walked away from me leaving me somewhat confused. When he was on the other side of the basement he spoke. ‘Turn around’. I stood looking at him in defiance. ‘Turn around!’ he commanded and my pussy twinged again as I obeyed. I stood facing the wooden beam as he rummaged in his bag.




Pretty soon I heard him walk back towards me. He bent me forwards and instructed me to hold my hands out in front of me. Then he took a thick rope and tied my wrists to the beam. He moved quickly back behind me and I heard him unzip his pants. He took hold of my hips and shoved my ass back against his groin. I moaned softly but still loud enough for him to hear and began grinding my ass against his dick. He leaned forwards and grabbed my tits, I was getting used to his roughness by now and moaned loudly as he fondled me, mauling my nipples with his hard hands. After a while he took hold of his stiff cock and teased me, rubbing it against my soaking pussy again and again. I tried to arch my back up and push my pussy down onto him but the way he’d tied my wrists made it difficult and he laughed scornfully at my attempts.



After what seemed like forever he suddenly plunged into me in one fluid movement. My pussy instantly went into spasms sucking his cock up until he had buried it inside me completely. ‘Is this want you want, Princess?’ he asked me tauntingly, ‘You want my hard cock to fuck your tight little pussy raw?’ I moaned out loudly indicating that it was. He held his dick there inside me not moving an inch. ‘Well let me show you what I want’ he smirked.

He slid his cock out of me just as quickly as he had shoved it in and I felt his hands on my ass pulling my cheeks apart, after only a moment to take in what was happening to me I felt him spear my ass with his huge cock. I winced as he made me take it all and struggled to acclimatise as he began thrusting in and out of me. ‘Oh yeah’ he moaned as he rode my ass like I was a horse. His hands began to paw at my tits again, grabbing and squeezing and occasionally he would grab my hips and force my body back towards him impaling me on his dick. As he began to fuck my ass harder one hand snaked around and began to massage my clit, while the other reached forwards and grabbed my hair pulling it until my head was tilted back.




My body was a mass of contradictions as I felt the pleasure of my clit being stroked and teased at the same time as the pain of my ass being fucked hard. He was really giving it to me now and I was jerking forwards every time he thrust into me. Finally the sensations in my clit took over my whole body and I found myself screaming as I came hard.

Almost as soon as I finished cumming he took his dick out of my ass and walked around to face me. He instructed me to get on my knees which I did willingly. My body had still not recovered from my orgasm and my head was spinning. He stood over me and guided his fat cock into my mouth. I sucked hungrily as if I had not eaten for days. Pretty soon he grabbed hold of my hair again, wrapping it around his hand to hold me in place as he forced his cock deeper into my throat. I tried to time my breathing in unison with his strokes as he fucked my throat but couldn’t keep up with his pace. His eyes looked straight into mine as he thrust harder and faster. I could taste my pussy and ass on his dick as I sucked harder and harder. After what seemed like an age his strokes got more fervent and he grabbed my tits squeezing them as hard as he could. Almost simultaneously he shot his load down my throat, making me swallow it all.

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Prem    (2010-03-30 13:18:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Prem awesome! keep up the gud work!
ora_lee    (2009-07-29 11:45:59)    Flag as inappropiate
ora_lee very, very horny reading this... will have to go and relieve the tension you have built!
easypeasy    (2008-10-24 22:22:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Holy shit, very hot! I definitely have a "big rough fingers" kink, and I love reading about rough nipple play, too. Very, very nicely done. Lots of great sensory detail. :)
Slowdive    (2008-10-24 17:37:39)    Flag as inappropiate
beauriful...keep up the good work! kiss
Sancho_DMarco    (2008-10-21 20:51:33)    Flag as inappropiate
Is there another part being posted soon?

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