A perverse girl with a snug hole... Part 3   added 7 years ago    

  By: Sancho_DMarco

With both of our faces now covered with juice, I climb off the bed. I point and gesture “get on your stomach.” ‘I might as well roll with it’ I think to myself.


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The Naughty Meter

With those two gentle eyes looking at me, with that wet mouth, she comes to a crawling halt. Her head now over the side of the bed, laying down on her stomach and hands gripping the edge of the bed, she says “What are you doing?”

I’m lost in the moment. I’m thinking for myself at this point. I stuck my tongue in her ass and now I’m going to fuck her throat. “Stick your tongue out ‘cause I’m going deep” I now say in a demanding voice.

As soon as I grab her hair, she looks down at my cock and readies her mouth.

At first I slowly glide in right over the top of her tongue. I feel each little bump on her tongue. Tickles run on the veiny bulge on the bottom from my urethra. My head pokes the back of her throat.

She takes it gently, only tensing a little.

After the reflex to pull back to get her used to this, I slowly ride my cock over her tongue again. Guiding its way into a tight and cramped mouth, I hit the throat again. Holding a second, I pull her towards my hips with hands clenched to her hair.

“Kaaa” she briefly gags with a light muffled cough.

This time, instead of pulling out, I push further; Just enough to feel my cock enter her throat. Feeling that tight, warm tissue, hug my head makes me want to cum.

She then makes a deep chest sound, like a gag, that you could almost believe it was coming from another room in the house because she's silenced by my thick head in her throat.

I think it’s been enough. I pull out completely.

To my surprise, her mouth is hanging open, a stream of clear saliva, is stretched to the base of my cock. Her tongue lunged forward, her mouth opens even wider, as if to gag, but didn’t. One of her hands reliefs itself from the clenches of the bed to stroke my cock.

“Do you like fucking my throat” she asks with her face still in complete chaos.

“Fuck yea” I say with confidence.

While pulling her hair forcefully into my hips, I thrust my cock straight into her throat again. “Oh god” I shout while repeating the thrusts. I feel her body tense up every other time, barely holding on, preparing to gag. I pull out with one quick jolt.

Coughing, her tongue goes limp and starts to hang out of her mouth. She wipes her mouth off, which was again drenched with her saliva. Using her newly lubricated hand, she forcefully strokes my cock violently. “Are you going to ram this thick cock in my pussy?” Still with her innocent eyes and tone, she asks in a vulgar demeanor.

“If you want this cock in your pussy, you’re going to be doing the fucking.” I say with my continually domineering voice. I then walk over to the largest area of my bed room and lay on the floor, on my back.

With sexy moves, she slides off the side of the bed. Swaying her hips, she slowly walks towards me. Passing me, she stands above me, feet above my head, looking at my cock; she spreads her legs a little. Swirling her ass in rhythmic circles above my face, she lowers herself.

‘Oh god I want her to smother me with her wet pussy’ I think to myself while seeing these lips get wider and wider. She must be about two feet off the ground when she put her hands in front of her. Now her crotch is spread wide open. Her pussy lips are dancing to the rhythm and her swollen ass hole is swishing with her bubbly cheeks. ‘Oh fuck she is amazing’ I think.

As soon as I notice that raw sex scent coming from her knelt position, she stands straight up, moves aside by stepping over me, looking at my cock, she walks. Hips swaying, she reaches her destination. Slowly placing one leg over my hips, ready to straddle, her backside exposed to my sight, she continues with the same sexy dance and swing. Lowering herself slowly I gaze at her spread ass. She then lunges forwards until her ass is spread in air, she’s now standing still.

On her toes, knees bent, chest forward, one hand holding her up, I can see her look towards her pussy for a perfect insertion. This only lasts for a second when I realize her hand is now gripping the base of my cock ready to guide it in.

“Fuck me hard!” I say calmly.

“I want your cock deep inside me.” She says with a confident voice.

Feeling the lips dangle over my cock, I start to notice how wet her pussy is. It slowly slides right in. While
looking at her ass cheeks spread, I think ‘Perfect fit.’ After going half way down, she pulls my cock nearly completely out; only to fill her pussy up after sliding back down again.

“Oh fuck” I grunt from the pleasure of feeling my cock hit her cervix.

She moans loudly after I tense up and pulse my cock’s head. She continues to stroke my cock with her pussy, every time landing hard on my hips so my cock can reach her pussy’s limits.

I spank her ass again where there is still a vibrant red hand print from earlier.

She yells briefly. Then she returns to panting and occasional grunting after a good thrust and poke at her cervix.

“Stop! I don’t want to cum.” I don’t want to cum.

“Does that feel good?” She increases her pace. The thud and slapping sounds are now echoing the room. “I.. love.. your.. cock.. in.. side.. me..” She says pausing in between thrusts then moaning with the pitch changing every time her ass cheeks smack against my hips.

“Keep fucking me!” ‘Oh god’ I think to myself. “Keep fucking me!”

Still feeling her cervix poke my cocks head, it starts to hurt but feels so good. I continue looking at this perfectly shaped round ass. The strings from the crotch less panties are pulled completely to the side as if they were holding her ass cheeks in place. Her wonderful butthole is moving in waves, up and down, up and down. ‘I want to stick my tongue back in there again’ I think to myself from its pure beauty. ‘I want to gape that asshole open’ thinking how I want to ram my cock violently into her tight sphincter and feel her body shiver in pain. I am an animal. I run on pure hormonal drive at this point.

She stops bouncing and starts to circle her hips. Allowing my cock to grind into the deepest regions of her pussy.

“God that feels good” I say in relief after the hardest pussy fucking I’ve ever felt.

She turns her head to the side to speak to me. “Do you like my pussy?” in an innocent tone. She comes to a complete stop, puts both hands in front of her, and peals her ass cheeks off of my hips. Leaning forward, her crotches panties slip into her crack appearing to now be a tong.

‘Such a perfect ass’ I think to myself.

She stands to one side. Looking at me with her desperate eyes, kneels down, grabs my cock at the base again, opens her mouth wide, and drops her head completely down. Again I feel my cock’s head slip into her throat. She coughs, but she doesn’t move.

“Oh fuck” I say strenuously.

She pushes even further down, forcing her lips into my pubic bone and the base of my sack. Gagging again with my cock in her throat, she maintains depth. Seeing her tongue stick out over her bottom lip, she starts to pull out. Salvia oozing out of her mouth, dripping all over my throbbing cock. She grabs my dick and strokes violently. “I love your fat cock” she says in a vibrating voice from rapid cycles of shafting. “I want you to cum in my throat” she starts to whimper. “I want to feel you shoot your hot cum straight into my stomach” now turning into a plea.

I lean forward to get up with her still stroking my cock as hard as she can. Once I get to my feet she starts massaging my cock’s head with her hand; squeezing and rubbing like she’s polishing my cock. ‘Oh that is amazing’ I think, but fighting the urge to cum on her face. ‘Fuck it would be so hot to cum my massive, opaque load all over her face. See it drip from her nose and chin’ I start to imagine.

She slowly opens her mouth, dropping her jaw, letting her tongue lay limp over her lower lip, and slides my cock straight past her mouth and into that hot and tightly-soft throat. She pulls back, and forces herself to back down. After the first few thrusts past her teeth, she starts to gag; but this doesn’t stop her. She persists with more, and more, clear oral juice dripping off her chin, pouring to the base of my cock, and streaming off my sack to create a puddle beneath us.

‘That’s it’ I think. Feeling a buildup of pressure below my bladder, knowing that I’m about to shoot my hot cum in her mouth. I grab her by the back of the head with one hand, and pulling her hair with the other, I force my cock straight into her throat.

She gags and gives a quick exhale which instantly forms bursting bubbles of oral fluid to explode around her mouth. I violently pulse my cock in and out of her throat, making sure I don’t pull out past her molars. Her back arches with a full body twitch leading to another gag. This time, saliva sprays from the base of my cock.

“I’m cuming! I’m gonna cum!” now shouting in excitement.

I feel a quick release of fluid that barely exits my cock. I pull back a little again, only to ram my cock deeper into her oral cavity. This time when I feel the warmness of her throat, I shoot my first load. With a pulse from my hips, she gags again. I see the cum ooze from her mouth. She couldn’t help it. It was too much.

This time, instead of pulling back and then forcing my cock in, I continue to pull her hard. My second shot of cum goes straight down. Not a cough, gag or twitch to be seen. I start to shiver. Continuing with my excretion of fluids into her stomach, I feel vibrations on my cock from her muffled moaning.

“Oh my god.” I say in exhaustion. Pulling my cock out. Fluids galore pour from her mouth, over her chin, to her bosom which flows down to her pussy.

She wipes her mouth again, runs her hands down her throat, over her perky little tits, over her stomach, and then grabs her crotch as if to push the cum into her pussy. “Did you like that” she asks satisfied.

Now realizing how horny I am, I say “you are such a perfect little fuck whore.” ‘Oh my god, did I just say that’ I ask myself. What have I done to this sweet and charming girl? The guilt starts to ravage my thought process like a sinful masturbation or post-ejaculation remorse.

She slowly strokes my cock. Kneeling forward she sticks her tongue out, pushes my cock towards the ceiling, and carefully starts to run her tongue from the top of my sack, to the tip of my cock. It starts to drip.

“Oh” she says, almost shocked that she missed it; she places her mouth over my head and sucks with an intense vacuum.

“Oh fuck” I twitch and shout out loud.

‘All of the possibilities. They’re endless.’ I think about all of those wonderfully perverse tasks we could have performed. ‘I could have fucked her in the ass. I wanted to cum in her ass and watch my gism pour from her ‘dirty’ hole’ I think to myself.

“You didn’t get to fuck my ass” she says in a childish like manner while massaging my cock again.

'Did she just say that' I ask myself in amazement.

To be continued…

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