A perverse girl with a snug hole... Part 2   added 7 years ago    

  By: Sancho_DMarco

Now with her sitting there I reached over to pet her stomach and slide my hand past her navel. To her trimmed pubic region and down to her clit, I pet. She instantly twitched and quickly removed my hand.

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The Naughty Meter

“It hurts” referring to how her clit was overly sensitive after such an orgasm. It was so hard to resist with her leaning back the way she was, her pussy lips spread perfectly to where I could see a soaked spot on the sheets from where she had just pressed that pink pussy after twitching.

“My god. I now know how much of a dirty girl you are.” I say thinking back on all those hints that she’s made about how perverse she really was; her holding back because of embarrassment.

“I didn’t know how to tell you what I wanted without you thinking I’m weird”.

“Weird! Why would I think this is weird?” Saying as if it was an obvious question. “I could have done this to you a long time ago if you had just once asked me. I would and could do anything that you ask of me. All you have to do is ask”

“Really?” growing a slight grin.

“Yes” knowing full well that I have some boundaries. “I just want you to feel comfortable. I always thought you would feel that this is too taboo since you’re worried about peeing when I fuck you in the ass.”

“I know” with a sound of sadness.

“I will do anything you ask of me; anything. Just say the request and I will follow you.” Again, just wanting her to feel alright with her sexual desires, I tell her.

She leans forward again and starts to kiss me gently this time. I’m worried that she’s going to be turned off by the smell and taste of her ass still on my face that has dried out to a thicker and near crusty hybrid residue of saliva and ass.

‘My god, she really must like this’ I’m thinking. All of this being so new to me, I don’t know what to do or say. Should I ask her to do it to me? Should I ask if I can fuck her in the ass? What about having her stick her finger in my ass while sucking on my cock? All of these things, which are so new to me, I don’t know where to go from here.

She slowly pulls away with a final lick from the tip of my chin to the base of my nose; almost seeming like she wants to taste her ‘nastiness’. “Can you make my pussy feel better?” She says while leaning back again, legs spread open, pulling up on her labia lips so her inner self protrudes with an already excited clit.

Without hesitation I slowly crawl through the waves of comforter and sheets, kneeling over while she puts her hands around my head to allow herself to lay flat with those amazing legs spread open.

I start with running my lazy and soft tongue from the middle of her throat, down into her bosom, allowing enough saliva to leave a slippery trail. I continue; past her sternum, over her stomach, leaping over her pierced navel, storming through her small amount of hair until I reach that small hood that covers her now troubled clit. I deviate from course and turn right, still moving south leaving a drenched trail of spit. Past her lips, I turn in and tickle her perineum with the now stiff tip of my tongue.

“Oh god yes” she exhales with a sound of relief.

Again, I return lower to the recently explored asshole; but not to insert. I’ve already ravaged her enough with that. This time I quickly vibrate my tongue on those minuscule folds that I’ve come to adore. I pull my head back, and lift her ass up so her hips are raised high and spit on her hole.

“Get it wetter.”

I can tell she loves it.

“Tongue fuck my ass again.” Begging, she wants more.

“Not yet.” I respond with a harshness and forceful tone while staring at her asshole. Looking back down at her pussy, I noticed her pussy had excreted some white fluid. “Not until I’ve tasted some of your” sweat and tacky “pussy juices.”

“Oh fuck.” Again she pulls my head towards her pussy. I restrained and lowered myself back to her asshole.

Flicking my tongue over her little squeezed shut hole some more, I decided to continue moving back up to her pussy. Still not wanting to insert my tongue, I glaze over her tense perineum, which is now housing her dripping juices. Latching on to the tip of my tongue, I can smell her pussy fluids, but I can’t taste them yet. Now continuing north over her left labia, I feel the juices have already run out, so I left some saliva fall from my mouth, over my tongue, on to her lip.

“Mmmmm…” she grunts while clenching my hair in a fist. I now realize how dirty she can be.

Once I’ve reached her hood, I ran my tongue up to the base of her shaved hair, pulled back, and gazed upon what I’ve done. Wetness, bitter sweet wetness is all that I can see and taste.

I gently blow on her clit.

“Oh fuck!” she becomes more tense and excited again. The time of relaxation is coming to its end.

I erect my tongue to its perfect probe like manner and start at the upper ring of her anus, which is now covered with a mixture of my saliva and her bitter juice, run up her tense middle ground, even wetter than before; until I reach the bottom of her wet open pussy.

It isn’t open enough. So he uses both hands and pulls her crotch towards her pelvic bone again, exposing her pink and glistening clit and inner lips. I slowly glide my tongue, through her lubricating juice, into her steaming pussy.

“Stop!” She lets go of her pussy and pulls the back of my hair to remove me from her moist box. “Stop! I have to pee!” She says whimpering.

I don’t care! Hearing her say this again makes me bothered since she’s always said this while giving her a hard fucking. I’m tired of that excuse! I want to fucking get her off! I want to be a man and ravage her in every way at this point; piss or no piss.

“Oh no!” She gives up and pulls my head in to her love triangle. “No, no, no…” She’s confused and doesn’t know what to do. She ponders in confusion.

My tongue swirling deeper inside her, feeling her juices all on my face, I think to myself ‘I love this pussy’. ‘Fuck do I love this taste!’ I continue thinking. All mixed together I taste a good ass and wet pussy fuck. Smelling all of these stale scents makes me want to be an animal and jam my cock into her mouth; make her gag; get violent. I am a man with hormone driven thoughts and ideas, but I fight the urge and continue with my oral fucking.

My upper lip has been massaging her still sensitive clit, like colliding mouths on passionate kissing scenes.

It brings her closer.

“Oh god!” She trembles and tenses up. “Oh god!” on her continued path to pleasure.

I continue pushing inward. I must continue. As deep as I can go; it feels like my chin is about to enter her now loose and self-lubricated pussy.

I then begin to tickle her g-spot with the tip of my tongue; indentifying it by its asshole like texture, I push harder on it.

“Stop! Please!” she reverts back to her fear of what is the unexpected.

I continue.

“Oh fuck!” Pushing me back even harder, but I restrain and persist. “Awww!” She screams.

Now feeling her pussy clench on my tongue, my mouth feels drenched with fluid. ‘What the fuck?’ I think to myself. It isn’t much, but I feel this slime covering my entire mouth. ‘I love it’ I think to myself, tasting raw pussy, I love it.

Her pussy now pulsating, I act in conjunction and push on her g-spot with the tip of my tongue. Slowly coming to a halt with a final twitch, I pull out and look at the disaster that I had created. A dripping wet pussy, covered with a white film, drenching down over her asshole, down her crack, leaving a final resting place which is now a large wet spot on my bed.

Whimpering I hear her mumble “I’m so sorry” out of embarrassment.

“I loved that.” I respond, with the lingering taste of her juices in my mouth and the still present scent of ass in the air. Looking at the mess, I move forward to look into her eyes.

She grabs me by the back of my head and pulls my face towards her, again, kissing me passionately and sucking her juices from her mouth. ‘Oh my, I wish I had known’ I think while I feel her tongue swish around like a drunk Saturday night kiss.

As she pulls back, I notice a drip of saliva and juices that melted off of my face onto her chin. She must notice it because she takes her index finger and wipes it off. Looking at it for a second, only to then suck it right off.

‘Oh my god, I can’t fuck her now. I’ll come too quickly.’ I think in paranoia.

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easypeasy    (2008-10-19 19:31:21)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoah, that got reeeally dirty! I'm hoping there's another part coming with some fucking. :)

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