A very GOOD night for the mistress....   added 7 years ago    

  By: Jacepk

A peaceful night would be me in my bed with the girl of my dreams..aka any girl haha. Well this story is just about the a arden the slave not doing as he was told.. The point of view will be the "mistress."


Mistress Alice was heading home from her Dungeon, Dungeon Noire{black}.Alice was a cute 5'5 Chinese,hispanic desent. She was a skinny mistress as well. She usually wore black because it went with everything plus no blood stains or such. This night alice wore a budice and corset. She had on black pants and some black leather gloves with black matching High heels. Alice had a very delicate looking complexion in the night skys.Tonight she thought was just another night. She was going to come home to her slave who she knew was going to cook a excellent dinner and make her happy.


{Always more to come} :D 


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Alice finally got home. It took much longer then usual. She was kind of upset that she had to walk quite a distance. Everything seemed to be out. The bus wasnt work the taxi's were just no where to be seen. Mistress Alice huffed and puffed as she got her huge mansion which all her slaves paid for. They worshiped her after all. Alice took the key and turned the key in the lock. She head it snap open like usual. She entered her Mansion. It two stories of a amazing rooms. Alice whistled and one of her slave girls stepped forward. She kissed alice's feet then took off each high heel. Alice kicked her back after she was done and the girl whimpered. Alice leaned down and kissed her slave on the cheek and spoke in a delicate femine voice. "and hows my girlfriend tonight?"she smiled and lifted her chin with her elligant leather gloves. The girl replied "it is a fair night Mistress Alice."she said as she giggled. "Slave boi Arden is being a pain in the ass tonight." Slave girl pulled away and lead Alice into the living room.

Alice sat down on the couch. One of the other live in slaves sat down in front of her feet and Alices girlfriend set down a glass plate on his back. Alice pushed her feet onto the glass rather heavily then sighed. "So where is Arden right now?" The girlfriend replied "hes on his treadmill, Mistress Alice." Alice pushed her heel into the makeshift table. She sat up and stood up after a couple of minutes of reflection. She sighed again then walked into the fitness room. She stood there watching ardens hard toned body move with such finesse. Mistress Alice cleared her throat and arden jumped off the treadmill. "I heard you werent doing as you were told arden.."Alice said as she held her hip and leaned against the door frame. Arden quickly bent down and sat down in front of his mistress.

Arden was now on his hands and feet, Mistress Alice focused on his face but couldn't help but
stare at his sweaty toned body as well as his hard on between his legs. She shook her head clearing her thoughts of him on the bed. She growled angrily as she noticed he was hard. She  cleared her throat and Arden looked down at her feet. She knelled down and wrapped her hands around his hard cock. She let go briefly then moved to his back side. She grabbed his balls and pulled him to his feet. She then dragged him by the balls to the cold hard steel table. She let go of his hard cock and pushed him against the table. She then worked him onto the cold steel table. Arden with his knees and hands on the cold table. Mistress Alice grabbed a steel tray and set it on top of his back. She roughly pushed him so he was now laying on his stomach his hard cock pressed against the steel table now. She took off her leather gloves and then dawned a pair of medical grade black gloves. SNAP, SNAP, each glove was on now.

Alice was glad he was relatively obedient and did not need to be tied to the table.
Mistress Alice whistled and slave girl came running in. slave girl was wearing a new outfit. She seemed to always know what Mistress Alice wanted. It was actually rather disturbing how well she knew her. slave girl  was also holding a enema bag and nozzle. Her face was beaming with joy. She loved making her Mistress Alice happy. Mistress Alice took hold of ardens now slightly flaccid cock and started stroking it, without lube. slave girl now nurse slave girl was looking to Mistress Alice. Mistress Alice saw in slave girls eyes that she wanted to do something more to arden. Alice nodded and the nurse slave girl grabbed a pair of black laced panties. She pressed them against her wet crotch and rubbed them over and over against her wetness. She licked them and bundled it up. She took ardens mouth easing it open and pushing those wet soaked panties into his mouth. Arden gave a soft moan as Alice stopped stroking and pushed her slightly wet gloved fingers against his puckering asshole. Mistress Alice smirked as she teased him over and over between his semi hard on and puckering hole. Nurse slave girl put on some blue medical gloves and pulled out some pin cushion needles and some cleaning solution.

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