How I turned my wife and sister-in-law into sex fiends. I   added 7 years ago    

  By: EroticSammy


It all started over a simple conversation. My wife would tell me stories about my sister in law and her husband’s sex life or lack thereof. How her husband was a minute man and was done the minute he shot his load. My sister in law is smoking hot her and her sister my wife could have been twins except they are six years apart in age. Both blondes and both have had two kids. My sister in law is the trophy wife not to say my wife isn’t pretty just her sister has had some help. She has had a nice pair of 38DD’s installed and a size 5 waist to go with them. Tight and tone they both are but my wife has the sex drive for them both, THANK GOD!

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My wife has told me several times that her sister just isn’t interested in sex and could you blame her when it’s over as soon as it starts. She convinced her sister to get a couple toys and of course she had to tell me about it. Her sister had her first orgasm in years and my wife felt it necessary to tell me all about it. Not complaining but with the history you can’t blame me for fantasizing about getting to have her. We go over to her house and swim she comes to ours and swim. She helps us around the house we help her. She wears a tiny little bikini to lay out tanning they both do I swear they do it to drive me crazy. I came home early one afternoon to catch them sun bathing by the pool in the buff. I watched them from the second story window for a while before letting them know I was home. They are very much alike; both are clean shaven and curves in the right spots. It may sound sick but I could picture the two of them together a little sisterly love. Both blonde hair with blue green eyes. They do the whole suburban thing manicures pedicures massages all together. They are best friends so why not play a little together. I know they would never go for it the three of us together but the fantasy is still fun.


I have recently seen a doctor for sleep problems or that’s what I told her. She gives me a prescription for sleeping pills a high dose works really well and puts you out completely for 10 hours. Takes about fifteen minutes for them to start working and the great thing is you don’t feel drugged when you wake up. I did some trial runs I know what you’re thinking but damn they are to good together to pass up. I slip a quarter of a pill in my wife’s coffee to see if she notices it the taste and all. She drinks her coffee and by the time she is done she is out like a light. I am able to do whatever I would like with her. I take her in ways I have only dreamed of to this point. I was to use toys in her ass, while I pound her pussy. This would not be something to brag about except the size of the toy was double anything I have ever used with her before. I was able to turn her roll her jar her from ramming my cock in her and she is out like a light. With one quarter of a pill she is mine to do with as I please for 3 hours. When she wakes up she is totally unaware of the events no soreness and no evidence of the deed. After three trial runs with coffee with alcohol and with caffeine over the next three days I determine how much time it takes with each drink for the drugs to kick in and how much time I have to play.


So it’s set. We are all going to be together today swimming and hanging out. The girls get their suites on and head out to the pool. I go up stairs so I can get ready, and that’s just what I do get ready. I get our bag of toys out and pick several out. I get my suite on and hide the toys down stairs. I fix us all drinks I melt the pills and mix them in. The girls have been in the pool and are out laying in the sun when I come out. It’s so hard not to get a hard on just thinking about it. The fact that the threesome that would never be is about to be. With the help of pharmaceuticals but it’s going to happen. I give the girls their drinks and thankfully it’s a typical summer day in the desert. They waste no time in drinking them down. I dive in the pool and give them time to take effect. I swim around for a few minutes and decide it’s time to check. I get out of the pool dripping wet and go over to see if they need more to drink making sure to drip on them. I reach down and shake them. They are out like a light. I go in and gather the toys then go out and bring my sister in law in first. I take her suite off and go get my wife. I lay them down side by side both fully naked. I start playing with my sister in law. I get one of the dildo’s starting small six inches long about an inch around. She was always asking my wife about anal so I slip it in her beautiful tight virgin ass. I climb on top and slam my throbbing cock in her surprisingly wet pussy. I hammer away on her then slide over to my wife she gets it in the ass she likes it I think as much as I do when we do it. I go from one then the other over the next hour and a half I put my dick in both their pussies then their ass. I finish with my sister in law I cum all over her belly. I wash them off and put all the evidence away. I move them back to the lounge chairs putting them on their bellies for about a half hour then rolling them back to their stomachs.


Over the next week I am able to do this four more times. One afternoon I was sitting on the bed with my wife when she asks what I would do if the offer was made to have a threesome with the two of them. Of course my answer was if that would make her happy I would do it. She didn’t buy that. Seriously would you have sex with me and my sister? I know you like her I see the way you look at her and she is very interested in this. I am the one that thought of it and suggested it to her. She is very interested in it and since you have already fucked us both we might as well be awake for the next time. What do you mean? I wasn’t quite asleep the time you moved us so don’t deny it. You’re mad? No we deserve it I guess. Telling you the stories and adding you in our sex talks I’m surprised it took this long. Does your sister know? Let’s just say she jumped at the suggestion. After I told her about all our toys and the swing oh and the fact that you normally can go for an hour at least, she was ready to go then. You are okay with this? She slides to me and slides her hand down my shorts and starts slowly stroking me. I think this says I’m okay with this.

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hotbody2    (2009-06-16 11:46:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh shit, what a story. Do you have a story of your fucking both of them seperartly or at the same time when they are awake? If so, I want to read it.

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