My lazy Saturday of nonstop masturbation   added 7 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

Hmm, boring rainy day around my house today, so this afternoon I decided to spend some quality time masturbating. I watched a little porn to get myself in the mood--mostly men fingering and eating out women this time, with a little women fucking women with toys mixed in. That got my pussy wet, and then I got dressed up in these tight red lace panties that are cut so they ride up my ass and into my cunt really easily, and I put on this black lace bra that I cut holes out of for my nipples. I walked around in the panties for a while, letting them work between my cunt lips until they were pressing on my asshole and my cunt hole and rubbing over my clit. I left the curtain drawn in front of the window so cars on the street outside might see me if they looked up as they drove by.


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My cunt was really throbbing by then, so I stood right in front of the window facing the road, put my leg up on a bookshelf so my cunt spread open, and started fingering my pussy over and around the crotch of my panties. It was really hot to feel them rubbing on my cunt as I rocked my pussy onto my fingers, so I started pulling on them, pulling the fabric harder against my cunt, grinding my clit on it as I pulled it up hard and rocked my pussy forward, over and over. My cunt was so wet, hot cunt juice soaking the panties as I pulled and rubbed the crotch over my pussy and moaned. When I ran a hand up to start pinching and twisting my nipples, making them hard points in the black bra, twisting them hard like I like it--my cunt spasmed, and I started coming on my fingers, fucking my pussy forward onto my hand and pulling my panties hard on my cunt while I rubbed and rubbed at my clit. I came so hard, and I had no idea who might have been driving by, who might have seen me. Mmm, I love it, it's one of my favorite ways to get off.


Later, I smoked a little weed, and I was still feeling kind of horny, so I decided to make a day of it. I had never taken the bra off. I liked the feeling of it squeezing my nipples out into hard points too much, so I had been lounging around naked except for the bra. I lay back on my bed and started pinching and rubbing my nipples again, feeling my pussy get wetter and wetter as I twisted and pulled and squeezed them, each bite of pain in my nipples sending spasms of throbbing hot WANT down into my pussy. I knew my fingers wouldn't be enough this time--I'd have to get out the vibrator.


I ran my hands down into my cunt just to feel it a little, feel how slippery and hot and wet my cunt lips were, slick wet pussy juice sticking to the curls of dark hair on the outer lips. My clit was hard and my whole pussy clenched when I rubbed over my clit a few times.


I got out my favorite vibrator, a big pink silicone thing that vibrates really hard on the highest setting. I decided to go over to the window again--I can't get enough of hoping/fearing someone will see me getting off. This time I put my leg up on the bookshelf and started running the vibrator up and down my cunt, just barely pushing on my pussy lips, letting it work slowly in between them until it finally buzzed right over my clit. I groaned loud and slid it right down over my hole, pushing it halfway up my cunt in one hard shove. My cunt throbbed and clenched around it, and I started fucking it hard up my pussy, grinding and thrusting my cunt at the window, changing the angle sometimes so the vibrating shaft rubbed hard over my clit while I fucked it faster in and out of my hole. I knew I could come like that, but it didn't feel like enough somehow. When my ass squeezed hard as I fucked the vibrator deep into my pussy, I suddenly knew what I needed.


I kept the vibrator buzzing on low deep in my cunt and reached a hand around to feel between my ass cheeks. I rubbed a finger over my asshole, and I felt a throbbing deep in my cunt, my pussy squeezing hard around the vibrator. I kept squeezing my cunt on it rhythmically while I pushed a fingertip in my asshole and rubbed around it a few times. God, it felt so good, but it still wasn't enough.


I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and pushed it back between my ass cheeks, trying to find my asshole with the buzzing head. I did, and it made me gasp and push back, trying to get it in my ass. I moved over to my bed and held it down under me, lowering my ass onto it and pushing my asshole on it. It felt so good, but I really wanted that buzzing hardness back up my pussy, and I knew I needed the vibrator for that. I pushed it back up my cunt, and fucked myself a little, feeling it slide easy and slick in and out of my cunt hole. I could feel my asshole, all sensitized from my finger and the vibrator. I wanted something up my ass so bad, and I didn't know what to use!


I looked around and saw a candle on my dresser, new, not even out of the plastic yet. It was about an inch and a half in diameter, a good eight inches long, rounded head--perfect! I grabbed it and decided to leave the plastic on since it made the head so smooth. I went back over to the bed and put one leg up, spreading my cunt open and taking the vibrator out. I pushed the head of the candle on my cunt, feeling my pussy stretch to take it when I started fucking my cunt down onto it and forcing it up my pussy in hard little shoves. It felt so good to take something that big and hard up my pussy that I got a little lost in it for a while, grinding and fucking my pussy on it while I pumped it in and out steadily. Finally, I remembered what my plan was, and I pulled the candle out of my cunt, pleased to see it glistening wet with cunt juice.


With my other hand, I fingered my cunt a little and then pushed my fingers back to my asshole, fucking in a little and spreading my cunt juice around it. I put the candle down on the bed and lowered my ass over it, feeling it push blunt and huge and hard on my tight asshole and wondering if I can take it. God, I wanted to take it so much, wanted to feel it fucking huge and hard up my ass. I started imagining it was a cock, some stranger's cock, some guy holding me over his huge thick hard dick like that, pulling my ass down onto his prick, making me take him hard up my ass. My cunt was throbbing again, so I grabbed the vibrator and buzzed my clit a little thinking about some strange guy holding me there and forcing his hard cock up my ass. Fuck, it was so hot, and my pussy was so wet. I started rocking down onto the candle, and letting gravity pull me down harder, and I felt it slip inside my ass just a little, my asshole stretching and burning around it, my cunt juice not enough to ease the friction more than just a little as it pushed inside me.


I wanted it, though, wanted it so hard up my ass, so I kept pushing down, kept fucking my asshole down hard on the candle until it slid in another inch. I could feel it hard in my ass, burning, and I was so ready to get fucked. I grabbed the vibrator and started buzzing it over my clit, and I groaned and fucked my cunt up, forcing the candle deeper in my ass when I dropped back down. It felt so good, so hard and thick up my ass, and I thought again about a stranger fucking me up the ass, making me take his cock like that, so hard and thick, forcing my ass open on his cock. Fuck, it got me so hot, and I started fucking the vibrator into my pussy, just a little, and I could feel it then, two cocks in me, two cocks fucking me open, the candle big and thick and hard, pushing deeper and deeper into my ass every time I bounced and fucked my asshole down onto it, my cunt fucking the vibrator faster and faster.

God, I wanted it, I wanted two fucking cocks pounding into me hard like that, making me take it hard and fast and deep, over and over until my cunt exploded in hard spasms, hot come flooding out over my vibrator and my hand, running down to my ass, hot and sticky where my asshole was stretched tight around the hard smooth candle. I came and came, fucking and bucking and grunting and trying to take those cocks so hard up my pussy and up my ass. Jesus, it was so hot.


So that was a while ago. Since then, I've been taking a few pictures of my pussy, fingering myself a little now and again, and I started writing this. My cunt is still pretty wet from coming twice already, but I put new fresh panties on, black ones that ride up between my pussy lips a little, but nothing like the red ones from before. I'm thinking about getting my vibrator out again, but it kind of feels good just to play with my pussy a little, let myself stay hot and wet for a while like this. I took some video earlier with my digital camera of me fingering my pussy and fucking my pussy onto my vibrator, and it was pretty hot to watch that. Maybe I'll take some more video if I feel like fucking myself again. We'll see.


I keep thinking about my brother coming home. He's visiting this weekend, could be arriving any time, and his room is right across the hall from mine. I always have to be so quiet when I masturbate when he's home, and I think sometimes about him masturbating, too, wonder if he's being quiet across the hall while he pulls on his dick. It gets me hot to think about that, and I wonder what his dick looks like. Because of my wacky counter-culture family, I saw his dick a lot when I was a kid--lots of skinny-dipping as a family. But I don't remember it. He's a lot older than me, so I was pretty young then and probably more self-conscious about my own naked body than paying attention to his. I have a vague impression of pale skin on his stomach, a really dark bush of hair around his prick, and it was sort of long and skinny, maybe? It makes me kind of hot to try to imagine it hard, flushed and wet...ready to fuck me.


I've had a lot of fantasies about him walking in on me masturbating, especially catching me masturbating in front of the window like I do and finding out that I like to let people watch me. Sometimes I imagine that he fucks me, right there in front of the window, letting the cars see him ram his cock up my pussy. Sometimes I imagine that he makes me suck his cock, down on my knees in front of the window with his dick pumping in and out of my mouth. Sometimes I imagine him eating me out and then fucking me, spreading me open and licking my pussy until I'm screaming, and then bending me over and giving it to me hard, fucking me until I come on his cock and he shoots his jizz up my pussy.


Maybe today I'll wait until I know he's here, and then turn some porn on with the volume up loud. Let him hear the sounds of women getting fucked hard and raw, men taking it up the ass, women eating each other's sloppy wet pussies. Or maybe I will get out my vibrator again and let him hear the sound of it buzzing as I fuck it in and out of my wet hot cunt, keeping my legs spread open when he walks in and letting him see me fuck my pussy fast and hard with my pink buzzing cock. That would have to make him fuck me, right? He would have to hold me open and make me take his cock hard, it would be inevitable. It sure makes my pussy wet to think about it.


How's your day been? ;-)

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Comments for My lazy Saturday of nonstop masturbation

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easypeasy    (2011-10-23 14:37:49)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, thatperv! Glad my getting off turned you on! ;)
thatperv    (2011-07-24 02:02:38)    Flag as inappropiate
thatperv Favorited! great story glad i found it
easypeasy    (2011-04-24 12:01:50)    Flag as inappropiate
Ha, thanks, anonimusrick! Hot to imagine it! ;)
anonimusrick    (2011-03-26 07:16:11)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick All I can say.....
I wish I were your brother. You would have far fewer fantasies and more memories.
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 22:07:37)    Flag as inappropiate
You're welcome, steve4play, so glad this story was well-timed for you. :) Hope you've had some good wanks since!
steve4play    (2009-09-12 11:32:35)    Flag as inappropiate
steve4play ave jus had a lazy saturday playin with myself and readin your fantasy..amazin..thanks hun
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 12:43:35)    Flag as inappropiate
You're too kind, hotforit. :) So glad my fantasies turn you on, really! And, mm, the candle still makes my asshole throb to think about taking it up my ass like that. :)
hotforit    (2009-05-03 20:06:40)    Flag as inappropiate
I like the way you added the candle into this. I would also lOVE to see that video of you cumming! You get me so wet!
magictonic    (2009-03-15 02:23:20)    Flag as inappropiate
magictonic *Jaw drops* That would be the ultimate porno flick!
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 14:08:27)    Flag as inappropiate
Hee, thank you, magictonic! I'm so glad this worked for you. And, yeah, the videotaping is pretty hot--nothing like watching your own pussy come! ;-)
magictonic    (2009-01-25 00:47:11)    Flag as inappropiate
magictonic Simply amazing! Picturing you masturbating all over the place put me into a trance that I never want to snap out of. The part where you are video taping yourself is so imaginative and naughty! Easypeasy, you are amazing!
easypeasy    (2009-01-10 15:45:34)    Flag as inappropiate
dan560, that would be incredibly hot. Reading your comment made my pussy throb just thinking about it--thanks! ;-)
dan560    (2009-01-05 19:06:45)    Flag as inappropiate
dan560 Incredibly Hot, has me hard imagining it! I would love to be a person walking by glimpsing you out of the corner of my eye, then turning to get an appropriate view of your orgasim in full swing!
easypeasy    (2008-11-30 18:31:11)    Flag as inappropiate
Hey, sexy, no sorries necessary--I'm so glad this one turned you on so much. It got me super wet to write it! :) Thanks for letting me know you liked it.
sexy    (2008-11-26 13:10:22)    Flag as inappropiate
i have a fantasy similar to this... sounds so hot. you made me hard and i cant find a porno like it lol... i just wanna watch a girl like you fuck yourself hours on end... cumming all over. oh im sorry, ur fantasy really got me off.
easypeasy    (2008-11-19 20:21:23)    Flag as inappropiate
Ha, oops on the multiple posts! :) But, hey, thanks again. I'm so glad my stuff gets you so hot.
Overboard    (2008-11-13 04:18:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Sorry for posting so many times! Oops !
Overboard    (2008-11-13 04:17:02)    Flag as inappropiate
My day's been fantastic thanks, mmmm your story has made me so hot perhaps I'll stay up all night thinking of it... ;-)
Overboard    (2008-11-13 04:17:01)    Flag as inappropiate
My day's been fantastic thanks, mmmm your story has made me so hot perhaps I'll stay up all night thinking of it... ;-)
Overboard    (2008-11-13 04:17:00)    Flag as inappropiate
My day's been fantastic thanks, mmmm your story has made me so hot perhaps I'll stay up all night thinking of it... ;-)
Overboard    (2008-11-13 04:16:56)    Flag as inappropiate
My day's been fantastic thanks, mmmm your story has made me so hot perhaps I'll stay up all night thinking of it... ;-)
easypeasy    (2008-10-18 15:32:59)    Flag as inappropiate
You're very welcome, glad it worked for you. Let's just say it's some mysterious combination of imagination and reality.... ;-)
Rider    (2008-10-08 17:00:27)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow.... great imaginations.... or did it happen like that? :-) Love it when you masturbate with toys and household objects! Thanks.

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