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  By: ora_lee

I have always loved men (their broad strong shoulders, the hair on their backs, their taught round bums and muscular thighs, their fat long fingers and inquisitive tongues.. and cocks – I just love cocks!)


I digress - I have never questioned my thoughts about other woman before, never been aware of any bi tendencies until recently…You see I noticed an obsession developing when a friend of mine first met my Husband. Something about her just pressed every one of his subconscious sexual buttons – his perfect fantasy vision! I couldn’t quite see why, at first (I knew that he had always loved older woman, the large, pendulous natural breasts tipped with huge erect nipples were icing on the cake! but it was more than that and it made me wonder..)


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Kelly and I hadn’t known each other long, she was a very open character who oozed sensuality and I found it very easy, after a couple of drinks, to bring the subject up. She confessed her love of women and attraction to me, which took me by surprise, but left me very flattered, even more curious, and just a little turned on! My reaction must have shown in my eyes (or was it my nipples that gave it away) because she quickly asked if I would like to explore the subject further! It took me a moment to think; Phil isn’t due back for a while… I’d love to know what it is about this woman that has him transfixed… actually I’m feeling pretty randy now..“I’d love to” I replied!

She immediately pulled her tight T-shirt dress off, and I, instinctively, steadied her huge breasts as they bounced free from the material.. they were warm and soft to hold, much heavier than mine.. my fingers began to circle her nipples, pinching at them as they hardened - setting my clit ablaze! I had to taste them, flick them with my tongue, tease them with my teeth - I just know that makes me feel ooh so desperate! She took them from me, continuing to Squeeze and pull at them and moaned “there’s more to explore down there”. I needed no more prompting; my tongue tasted a sweet line along the length of her belly, whilst my hands traced the soft curves of her waist, hips and peachy arse. I held onto those cheeks feeling the weight and bounce of them – how good they would look riding astride phils cock and bouncing on his tight aching balls! I could just make out the damp soft petals hidden between her thighs from here as I pressed my nipples against her belly and felt the slight scratch of her neatly trimmed pubes against my breasts.

She lay back on the sofa, spreading her legs for me, wrapping one around my neck, pulling me in.. I could smell her creamy sweet musk as I opened up those beautiful petals with my tongue and admired every delicate fold with my fingers. My sopping wet pussy pulsated as my fingers slid into her gaping hole, enveloped by the soft cushion of her hot – soo hot, creamy cunt.

I heard a soft groan from behind me and turned to see Phil, his cock in his hand, harder than I had ever seen it, the shiny red head looked ready to burst – I pulled him closer and guided his pulsing cock into that gorgeous rippling feathery gash just in time… He came instantly, gently milking every last drop of cum into her, and fell back on his knees, leaving me to watch his lust drip from her opening. She smiled at me as I lapped up the sticky mess, the familiar spunky taste mixed with her luscious musky juices, made my pussy ache for that filled stretched feeling only a cock can give.

“Now it’s your turn” she said stretching over and taking a strap - on from her bag. ”Oh God Yes” we both cried!!

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biscuit    (2009-09-01 15:04:50)    Flag as inappropiate
biscuit i almost came without even touching myself. phil is one lucky man.
Soohard08    (2008-10-02 12:16:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Nice, i think everyone have the right to have a tresome once in lifetime, hope i get my tresome soon, with 2 hot n wild women.

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