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After a long week at work all I wanted to do was go home and relax. I’d been working on this one account for two weeks non stop now and my body and mind felt stiff and tense from all the over time and having to deal with this one difficult client. I was supposed to go out tonight and meet my regular fuck buddy but he flopped me at the last minute, I guess something came up or he got a better offer.

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I arrived home and opened a bottle of wine that was out on the kitchen counter. I had been meaning to open it the night before to help me relax but got so caught up in my work that I forgot about it. I sat down in my large living room and switched on the tv, it was some reality show that I knew nothing about. My body really was feeling very tense so I decided to roll a joint to help me relax.

I unbuttoned my shirt and loosened my skirt a bit and set about building the fattest doobie to congratulate myself on making it to the end of the week. As soon as I took the first hit I instantly felt better, a kind of calm relaxation took over my mind and my body also felt less tense. I took a couple more sips of wine and decided to put on some porn.

Smoking always made me feel real horny and this reality show wasn’t getting any better. I crawled over to the DVD player taking my shoes off on the way and had a look over my extensive porn collection, I was in the mood for some shemale action so I popped it in the player and pressed play. I crawled back over to the sofa but decided to stay on the floor so I moved my joint and the wine down beside me and sat up on the sheepskin rug.

I forwarded the film to a scene where the shemale was fucking some woman doggy style but the camera was positioned behind them so you could see the muscles in his ass clench as he thrust into her hard over and over, the woman was also sucking off another man at the same time and he was really giving it to her fucking her throat deep and fast. It wasn’t long before I could feel my pussy twinge so after taking another long drag I moved my hands up to my chest and moved my bra down exposing my titties.

I played with them for a while cupping them with both hands and teasing my nipples with my thumbs, stroking them up and down over and over and over again. My panties were soaking now so I slid my hands down my body and quickly removed them. I then moved back to my tits, I really loved playing with them and having them played with by one or more people. I squeezed and pinched them as I leaned back and shut my eyes letting a low moan escape my lips.

On screen the man was now fucking the woman doggy style while the shemale was about to enter the man. The man pretended he was unaware of this and was playing with the womans titties as he fucked her. I mimicked his actions pretending it was me in the scene and this just made me wetter. I snaked one hand down my body and started rubbing on my pussy lips, I dipped into my hot wetness then wiped my drenched fingers all over my clit, massaging it firmly in a circular motion.

I spread my legs wider as I continued to work my tits and clit, my eyes never leaving the screen. I carried on pinching my nipple pretending my fuck buddy was biting down on it, he loved biting on my nipples and it drove me wild. While I was doing this I hastily stuck a finger deep into my pussy and pumped it in and out a few times. I was really wet so it wasn’t long before I added another finger to my soaking cunt and then a third, I was pumping hard and fast but my long fingers weren’t really filling me up the way I wanted to be filled so I went upstairs (practically running) to get my rabbit.

He was there in my bedside drawer waiting for me, my trusty friend who never let me down. I sat on the floor again, with my back to the door and spread my legs pulling my knees up to my chest as I shoved him up my hot wet pussy. As soon as I turned it on I was lost in my own world, closing my eyes, moaning and crying out in ecstasy. I turned it up and could hear it squelching as I slid it in and out of me at alarming speeds, I was fucking my pussy hard now and the wet slapping sound of me thrusting it in and out was getting louder.

I suddenly opened my eyes as I thought of something. Somewhere on the edge of my consciousness a new thought had crept into my mind. I’d fucked myself a million times like this but I’d never actually seen it. Sure I knew what it felt like but what did it look like? Keeping my rabbit buried deep inside my pussy I crawled over to the nightstand and pulled my mirror down from the top of it, then I moved back into position and put the mirror on the floor in front of me. I had to twist it up and down a little to get the best angle of my pussy but soon I had it right where I wanted it.

I spread my legs wide again raising my knees high up to my chest and almost came right there as for the first time I caught sight of my huge rabbit fucking my little pussy. Although it was dripping wet my pink pussy looked so tight and small as again and again I pulled the rabbit completely out of me before shoving it back up inside. Watching the head go in was turning me on like nothing I’d ever seen before as it looked as if my cunt was too small and tight to take it all even though I was shoving it up there with wild abandon.

I loved the way it felt and the way it filled my pussy up completely but the way it looked was simply out of this world. I turned it up to the highest setting before making myself take it all at once then sliding it in and out a few times before sticking it all the way back in again. The visual accompanied with the sensations was driving me insane. My breathing was out of control now and as I fucked my pussy with one hand I moved the other one back up to my titties and alternated between squeezing and rubbing each one.

I pinched my nipple hard as a wave of electricity moved over my body, my eyes never leaving the reflection of my soaking wet pussy being pounded again and again as I came hard, almost violently, I couldn’t take my eyes off my own pussy as my orgasm coursed over me and I wondered in amazement how I was managing to take all the girth of this thick toy. My orgasm seemed to last for ages and I squirted suddenly before collapsing back against the door and pulling my rabbit out of myself. The weekend was off to a great start I thought as I stumbled downstairs almost in a trance like state to re-light my joint and take another hit, and after taking a few minutes to recover I couldn’t wait to get back upstairs and watch as I fucked my pussy again.

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easypeasy    (2008-09-30 21:31:39)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice. Super, super hot. I've been using my digital camera to take short movies of myself fingering my pussy and fucking my pussy with my vibrator, and you're right, it's SO HOT.

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