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  By: Rider

I once had a friend who was a quadraplegic. I used to go and visit, read to her and give her Mom a braek....... just chat. She was 28 at the time, very friendly and never gave in to self pity.


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Once when I was reading to her she stopped me andstarted talking... clearly she wanted to have the human contact of just talking. She gently guided the conversation to sex. She often did this and I understood. Imagine no sexual outlet at all. We talked about sex in generl and she also wanted to hear about my xperiences.

This time was different. She stammered and stuttered and finally she ask if I found her disgusting. I answered quickly and without reserve... No, I did not. Then she asked. Would I touch her there.... I was shocked, but tried not to show it. She went on quickly in a great flow of words. she had desires, curiousities. She wanted an orgasm.... she needed to be touched like the woman who was inside her.

My mind raced. Should I? would this be a good thing or a bad thing. Would I be taking advantage? What would this do to her? Should I?

I asked what she wanted. She said she wanted me to touch her like I would any other woman. I asked if she was sure..... she was she said... she was....

I tentatively touched her breasts through her light shirt. Her nipples hardened immediately. I stroked them. Played with them, pinched them a little. Her breath quickened. I continued. She just munbled, Ohhh God, Ohh God...

Do you want me to go on? All she said was ... pl,ease, please.... What do you want me to do? Touch me there.... Please...

I slid up her gown.... I felt like I was taking such advantage... like I was doing something wrong..... But I pushed her legs apart.... I paused.... she saw my hesitation... Please she wimpered.

I likely touched her pussy around the edges of her pussy lips.... she moaned which encouraged me.... slowly I parted them and I could feel her wetness. I told her how I liked her pussy, how it was so soft and how her scent was very arousing.... Telling her how wet she was.... I know she told me... it happens all the time when she thinks about sexual things or when there is a sexy scene in a movie or on a book on tape.

I slid my fingers between her lips and up to her clit. When my slick fingers touched her swollen clit she made a loud moan, long and sensual. I traced around and around it.... touching it, then not, then touching it again.... over and over. All she could managewas... Do it more, touch it more.... I did, not letting up on clit and going a little faster... then faster again. As I went faster, she moaned louder, breathing harder.... face red.... eyes closed..... Then suddenly she opened them and said loudly..... over and over, Ohh God, Ohh God...... when she stopped... I stopped. She cried.

Then she asked me to kiss her. she was so hungry. She made me promise to do it again anther time. I promised.

I washed her gently and straightened he clothes..... and we talked..... She was a little sh, but I could see that the Genie was out of the bottle.

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