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  By: Jacepk

Ashley the age of seventeen awoke in a simple sky blue sheeted bed. She felt rather tied down.
Both her feet and hands were infact tied down. She just at the moment had a flash back.
She shut her eyes as she remember the other day..or maybe it was a week ago. Either
way she remembered being at a bar of lesbians and bisexuals. She wasn't much into the guys.
She had taken a drink off the bar haphazardly. She took a huge gulp looking about the
dancing dykes. Her eyes darted feeling rather anxious.

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The Naughty Meter

Later Ashley vaguely remembered being in the back alley. She couldn't remember why.
She recalled two females in lovely latex outfits. The air was rather crisp and it smelt of
sterile medical equipment. She would gasp as one of the girls in a tight corset of a
black and with a red medical cross sign had a hold of her mouth. She groaned as she slowly
lost conciousness. Her body stripped and strapped to the medical bedding in the middle of
a well lit, and well equiped what looked like a medical room. She had then watched at her
side seeing a large heavy set lady. She couldn't make out what she was saying because she
must have had something plugged in her ears. She couldn't tell at the moment. She watched
the lips move. It had looked like the large one was giving orders.

Soon two females in all white latex with a red cross across their arms and over a simple nurse hat. They had a long
gazed down at her swollen nude slit. One of them was holding something up. Ashley gave a
squint seeing it was a rather small dildo. She had no idea where it was guna go but it was
small what damage could such a small thing do. Ashley let out a large squeel even she heard
through her plugged up ears. She watched between her legs as they were spread wide.

Another female with the same attire walked over held her cunt lips wide open. They didn't even have
the odacity to lube the thing up. She wiggled about as the rather small dildo was forced
into her urethra tube. She wiggled in agony as it stung so bad. She was rather wet so it
slowly went in smoother. Obviously these girls in nurse outfits weren't very forgiving.
Ashley felt a suction against her labia and it was then dried. They did the same dildo
pushing process over and over till she bled. Her eyes watered and the ear plugs removed.
She poped her own ear drum to hear better. She couldn't move her head much due to it being
strapped down.The pain in her vagina was so unbareble that she passed out.

Ashley reawoke from her nightmare and looked about the sky blue bedding. She thought
of it as all a dream. She was saddly mistaken as she looked down at her bruised nude body.
She went into a laps. The nurse came running in calling the doctor. Ashley awoke from some
smelling salts above her nose. Was this past or present? She wondered as she lay there on
cold medical table with the straps still on. She could move her head about though. She
stared at the one in charge or what looked to be the one in charge. She leaned down and
kissed the girl on the head. Ashley pulled away from her kiss or atleast tried to. She shut
her eyes and listened to one of the captors speak.

"Ashley...wake up hun...SLUT WAKE UP!"

she felt a harsh slap to the face. She winced and looked at the one talking.

"Now that i have your attention were choosen out of many lesbians."

The nurses eyes focused on her chest.

"Clamps please..."

she was handed the clamps and she clamped down on each of her tender nipples. The nurse
laughed as well as the girls between Ashleys legs. She whimpered softly as the nurse spoke
once more.

"as i was out of three hundred were choosen for a experiment."

The nurse rubbed the girls tender nipples then slapped them each one at a time. One of the nurses spoke out of turn giving Ashley a name of one of them.

"Mistress Toby here will help you she did us.."

The one known as Mistress Toby gave the one that spoke out a heavy slap to the crotch. The other nurse gave a yelp and Ashley watched as her crotch tented. Ashley gave a long gasp.
She spoke up.

"you..your not so confused.."

Mistress Toby grined.

"But of course they are see your our next test subject."

Ashley let out a loud cry.

"no you cant do this to me!"

she writhed about in her bonds. AS Ashley writhed about in her bonds she was struck over the

"Quiet SLUT! You have no choice in the say."

Mistress Toby rubbed against the other experiments chests. Then they became rather hard from the current action taking place.

"Now Ashley...if you do not comply I will make your life a living hell here at the clinic.
All my slaves are and will be highly trained nurses. As i said the choice is not up to you

Ashley groaned as they forced a tube over her mouth. Slowly she began to fall asleep. Ashley awoke back up in the sky blue bedding. She groaned as her slit hurt so much. She thought maybe this was the future? Unfortuantly she saw the same female nurse named Mistress Toby enter her room. She gave a soft whimper. Mistress Toby came up to her bed as if playing some sort of
mind game with her.

"wake up sweety..ashley darling..."

She lightly tapped her shoulder.

"hunny we need to relieve your catheter."

Ashley groaned abit but turned over still feeling rather in pain. Something was odd. Ashley had more scars. She also felt slightly heavier for some reason. Ashley could move her arms and legs. She moved her hands over her crotch feeling a buldge. She gasped all of a sudden it made perfect sense. She was infact in the present. She whimpered knowing just what happend. She had become a female with a cock!

"Aaron wake up hun....time to get your duties done on time."

Aaron awoke like every day. Shi made hir mistress breakfast. Shi made sure everything was ready for hir mistress' bath. Shi did everything like shi had every day for the past three years here at the clinic. Hir life was much, much different now. Every now and then a small piece of when shi was Ashley had seeped into hir dreams. Little from the first time shi was taken to the clinic. Shi oddly enough couldn't remember hir old name. Mistress Toby had done something to hir over the years. Her feelings had changed. Shi was rather submissive as ever. Shi no longer struggled except for those milking periods. Shi shut hir eyes then remember vivid issues the first milking day...

Aaron was strapped into a odd pen that looked like a cows milking station. It was slightly fitted of that for a human though. Shi heard voices from behind her bottom.

"all set Mistress!" shouted one of the girls from below Aaron.

"good good come out from under there. Those "cows" can excrete plenty while their being milked."

Mistress Toby grinned ear to ear as she herself turned a knob which suctioned poor Aarons large cock between hir legs. Shi gave a loud moo like sound as it sucked harder each tim e shi fidgeted.

"quit moving cow it only gets worse the more you move."
"oh by the way like the new voice i gave you?"

Mistress Toby just laughed as she had told hir this. She cleaned her latex skirt she always wore.

"you cows always produce so much..yuck...and your going to get a good punishment for getting it on me.."

Mistress Toby looked cross yet sadistic. Poor Aaron felt the now hard on cock between hir legs being pumped as if some strong male influence was holding it tightly. Shi felt so humiliated as shi was milked. Hir eyes watered as it tugged tightly on hir dick.

Aaron flashed back to hir moment of current state and shuddered. Hir Mistress slapped hir for not moving fast enough.

"you know slut todays a big day for you.."

Aarons eyes lit up. Shi wondered what the big day was, usually it meant something awful but there are times when it wasnt so bad. Of course Aaron could not say anything due to no voice box at all now. They had a special tool to fit any voice they please and since the technology was more advanced now they need only a small chip slipped between the tongue for those slaves that are given the right to talk freely. Most were not allowed to talk freely however. Aaron noticed a new room that was recently built. It was a off limits room. Shi gave a heavy gulp. Hir Mistress snapped her fingers and Aaron came running along as if on a invisible leash.

"Slut sit down on that chair over there"

Aaron sat down in the chair in the small new room. Aaron was allowed to look about the room which shi did. Shi noticed a medical bed off to the side a cabnet above a sink to the right. Shi noticed some of her possessions as well were in the room. Slaves were allowed some personal items they bought from the slave traders shop. Slaves were allowed to browse for items of personal reason or for fun with the slave cash they were given for good jobs. Aaron had some unmentionables because the slaves were rarely allowed to wear anything at all. Shi had some other things such as stuffed animals and perfum. Shi looked up at hir mistress confused.

"Slut ive decided to give you a new room. This is permanent place for you. You may roam as you please. But i give fair warning now that you live in your own place slaves may also do as they please as well as all my guests.."

Aaron was ecstatic shi wasn't sure what to say. Shi finally got to say after years of no voice. Shi was fitted with a young female with a slight male accent to the voice. Shi smiled and giggled childishly.

"thank you mistress!"

Mistress Toby shook her head.

"you my dear deserved it. In all my years ive never seen such a obedient slave girl. For this you deserve."

Aaron started to cry, where to start was the question. Shi was free to do as shi pleased. All those years of training hir to be the way shi was. Shi smiled softly.

"Aaron you may not leave the clinic. I shall keep you forever as a trophy."

Mistress Toby left the room so Aaron could get equated with hir new room. Shi always had a fantasy of living in a medical room. Yes it was very odd to have such a fetish. Aaron put away hir things and set out able to roam freely.

 Aaron stepped out of her new room. Shi looked about the area in awe. It was a sight to see. There were many rooms and a open atrium like room. It almost reminded her of a sect, a nunnery even. Aaron heard some foot steps coming close


Shi turned to see a very beautiful young lady about 5'7 dressed up in a black dress with a small red cross pattern, black high heels, as well as a dark black and red nurse hat, with dark long hair and dark finger nails. She appeared to be classified as "goth". She had a soft yet dominant bounce to her steps.

Aaron smiled politely.

"Hello," Shi said as the young girl cleared her throat.

The young girl advanced forward with a soft voice soon after getting closer up to Aaron.

"Hello slut, I heard of a new trophy...the last one died of old age."

She had lied but its not like Aaron knew that. The young girl cleared her throat again.

"my name is Nurse Maggie, I am the daughter of a high ranking nurse."

Aaron extended hir hand and the young nurse slapped it away.

"i dont want that filthy thing!"she shouted at Aaron.

Poor Aaron shi was just being friendly. The girl leaned forward grabbing Aarons flaccid cock. She dragged her off to her own private quarters. She undressed and swished her lovely blonde hair.

"you know..i heard about you from the moment you stepped in i wanted to tap that..."

she winked

"yes..i said tap that..i didnt want to sound like a softy so i played the mean harsh card."

Aaron gave a soft nod. Maggie sat down at her bed and pointed infront of her.

"now, i and you both know what i really want from you. Get to it girly."

Aaron did as shi was told. Aaron set hir hands next to each side of maggies thighs. Shi took hold of her skirt and pulled it off. To Aarons surprise she was actually a shi.



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sissyfit-boi i always wondered where those so called "shemale" creatures came from... Are girls the only worth while subjects... suppose some hapless male happened to run across these diabolical doings? Please continue to write.

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