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The company I work for does a lot of business in Florida so, they have a condo there for the people from the home office that go there. Its really nice on the beach with a nice balcony. I like to lay out on the balcony nude and sun myself. This one Monday I walked into my office and was greeted by the boss who told me to get my papers ready I was going to Florida the next day to meet with a new customer. Oh and by the way I was going to take our intern with me. That was a pleasant surprise; he was a tall fine looking young man in his very early twenties. I thought that this could be a dream come true.


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The next morning we were on our way. When we got to the condo I showed him where his room was and we both settled in. After getting a little rest I suggested we change and go get something to eat. He remarked that he had something I could eat. I just looked at him smiled and said we can talk about that later now I want some real food.

We both changed and met in the living room. I could see that I wasn’t the only exhibitionist here he was wearing a white pullover shirt with no tee shirt so his nipples were making an impression in the shirt. The tan slacks he was wearing were loose fitting and his dick was making an impression when he walked. I had put on a loose fitting top with plunging neckline. You know the kind if you bend over to far your tits fall out. I also put on one of my shorter skirts. We headed down the block to a nice little place with great food.

When we got back to the condo after a nice walk on the beach we settled in for the night. I went in my room undressed and put on my short dressing gown. When I returned to the living room he was sitting there wearing a silky pair of boxers. We both knew where this night was going to lead we just didn’t know how it was going to play out. I sat next to him on the couch and we started talking.

He told me how he had been watching me at the office. He told me how much he liked the blouses I wore especially when I didn’t wear a bra. He would imagine what it would be like to suck on my pink nipples. I looked down at his lap and could see the purple head of his cock peeking out one of the legs of his boxers. Based on where the head of his cock was I knew it had to be huge. Then he told me how he had looked up my skirt one day and got so excited that he had to go in the bathroom and masturbate.


That really excited me because I love to watch men masturbate especially when they are doing it for me or better yet when they are doing it on me. I love the feeling of hot cum on my skin. I asked him if he would take his boxers off so I could see what was there after all he had looked up my skirt and seen mine. He was amazing 9 and ½” or 10” long, very thick and his balls hung low in the sack. His balls were so hard I was afraid if I put to much pressure on them they would explode.


I guided his hand to the bow that held my dressing gown closed he pulled and it opened. I slipped the gown from my shoulders and let him have a good look at me. Then I guided his head so he could suck on my tits. As he suck my tits and played with my wide open wet pussy I stroked his very hard cock. I started sucking his cock and before long his creamy cum was pumping into my mouth it was wonderful. A little while later he was on top of me with his cock deep inside me. He asked if he could cum inside me and I told him he had better. The next morning he did me again in the shower.


We were there for a week and never missed a chance to have sex. While we were in the condo we were always nude and I am sure that we gave some of the people on the beach a pretty good show when we would go out on the balcony.


Three weeks later we went on another trip and it was a repeat of out trip to Florida.

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