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Am at home relaxing after a long day work, no food in the house. I slump in my armchair and lose up my tie thinking what I should have to eat. I decide to get up and go out and see if I fancy eating anything from the shop.


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I pass the fish and chip shop didn't really fancy that I walk pass an west indian shop I was tempted because I hadn't had any of my mum cooking for a while......mmmmmmmmm some jerk chicken and rice and peas would go down well, as I was thinking about the food I pass a corner shop so I decide to go in and get myself a drink.

As I went in i saw two beautiful indian woman jet black hair down to her bum dress in a traditional gown, I was lost for word, I walk straight into a stack of tin off bake beans that was on offer.
I walk into it so hard that I manage to knock myself out.

When I awoke I had the worse headache ever I felt a bit daze but also cold when I look down I had no clothes also I was in a dark room with food around me, all off a sudden the indian woman that was at the counter walk in with a smile on her face ask if I was ok, I mutter back yes, but I asked where my clothes where she turn around and said you won't be needing them because me and my sister is going to fuck you silly, I reply is this a joke she didn't say a word she called for your sister then she walk up to me and started sucking on my dick like nothing I have never felt before. Then her sister walk in and said you started without me, I always wanted a big black dick and she lifted up her gown and sat on my face, her jucices tasted so good and it dripping down my face.......................................

Has her sister was sliding up and down my face I felt my dick being rock from left to right up and down it felt so good, my black dick all off a sudden went rock hard like I eat a box of blue pills.
The sister who was rocking my dick was like hmming like a bird saying how good my dick felt in her hand.
Then the sister started licking my dick like a ice cream on a cone. it felt so good even thou I couldn't see anything because the other sister was sitting on my face.

The sister who was sitting on my face got up and look down at me with a big grin on her face like the cat whom eat the cream but really it was me who eat her cream.
Then she joint her sister licking and sucking my rock hard dick. I really couldn't believe what was happening to me it was my perfect dreaming coming through.

I had to stop the sisters from sucking anymore because I was about to cum all over them like a shaken can of coke.

They both stop and look at each other and strip there clothes off right there and then.
They both stood there under the light with there beautiful golden brown skin they pussy bald shaven and they long jet black hair over there round peak breast.

The first sister who I decided to call veejay was shorter her breast was about a c cup about an size 8 but the other sister who I decide to call vee was slightly bigger an size 14 but with the biggest breast I have even seen on indian woman.

I told them both to stand there, as I look at them all I wanted to do is eat them out because I didn't want to cum yet.

I both told them to lay on the floor with there legs apart......................

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