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by Vulgus***

A young couple are offered a chance for the husband to


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advance at work, but in exchange the wife must make
herself available to the executive's on demand. (MMF,
FF, wife-exh, reluc, husband-voy, oral, bi, gb, rom)


It kind of started yesterday. Brad came home from work
and it was obvious that there was something on his
mind. He was distracted and at times he almost seemed
like he was mad about something. He kept insisting that
there was nothing wrong, nothing bothering him, but
there was.

Brad was my first and only boyfriend. We grew up next
door to each other in an older, quiet neighborhood in a
medium sized town in the Midwest. We really pissed off
both sets of our parents when we got married. I was
only sixteen and Brad was eighteen and just about to
leave for college.

We had been friends since we were infants, but we had
fallen in love when I was fourteen and he was sixteen.
We were not allowed to date, of course. I was not to be
allowed to date until I was sixteen, and the boy that I
wanted to date was two years older than me, so even
though my parents knew and liked Brad, dating him would
have been out of the question.

But we spent all of our time together and as long as we
didn't call it a date our parents didn't say anything.
Long before we became sexually active, I used to give
him little "shows" at night. My bedroom window faced
his across our driveways and I would frequently
"forget" to close my blinds at night when I got ready
for bed. Every time was exciting, but I will never
forget that first time.

I had gone to my room to get ready for bed and as usual
I went towards the window to close my blinds. I saw
Brad in his room across the way and the idea just hit
me. I have no idea where it came from even. I will
admit that I sometimes played with my eager little
pussy at night and thought of what it would be like to
be seen naked by a boy, especially by Brad. But I
didn't think about really doing it!

But this night I moved around my room and thought about
what it would be like. I avoided looking at my window
or even moving close to it. I made believe that I
didn't see Brad across the way, watching me. I fiddled
around in my room, trying to work up the nerve, and
finally I started undressing. I didn't undress like I
was doing it for him. I attempted, as much as possible,
to undress the same way that I did every night.

I took off my t-shirt and tossed it on the bed. Then I
took my shorts off and walked around in my underwear
for a moment. I finally got the nerve to take off my
bra and stood with my back to the window and reached
behind my back and unhooked it. When I turned around to
drop it on the bed I saw that Brad had turned his light
out and I knew that he was sitting in the dark watching
me. I dropped my bra on the bed and massaged my
breasts; they always enjoyed that first moment or two
of freedom when they were released from captivity.

I could almost feel Brad watching me as I slid my
plain, pink, nylon panties off and dropped them on the
bed with the rest of my clothes. Then I went to my
dresser and bent over and pulled out clean underwear
and pulled them on and finally I dug out a sleep-shirt
and put it on. I put my clothes in the hamper and then
got on my bed. As I lay down my panties were exposed
and I lay there like that for a little while, making
believe that I was reading. But I couldn't concentrate;
I was much too excited to read.

That was the first time. After that I did it every
night. I used to get so aroused, slowly undressing in
front of that window, knowing that Brad was watching
and imagining what was going through his mind, what
affect watching me was having on him. I would take off
my clothes and move around my room, dragging out the
time I spent naked as much as possible.

I knew that he was watching, and he knew that I knew.
And it was terribly exciting for both of us. I don't
know if that is why now we are both still so fond of,
and still enjoy my exhibitionism. I really can't say if
I was putting on those shows because I am an
exhibitionist, or if I became an exhibitionist because
I so enjoyed putting on those shows for him. Whatever
the reason, exhibitionism is still a part of our sex
lives now, nearly eight years later.

We didn't mention those little shows at first. I was
too embarrassed to talk about them the first few times.
But after that first show, when we met outside to walk
to school together the next morning, Brad was all over
me. When we finally did start to talk about it, it
seemed like I was more embarrassed talking about it
than actually doing it. But once the initial
nervousness was gone, we enjoyed talking about it too,
joking about it, kidding about how hot it made us, and
reliving it as we walked to school.

It was months later, after Brad finally got a car, that
we started moving towards the inevitable sex act. First
there were the many evenings spent kissing and
touching. I found that I loved being touched. It was
every bit as exciting as I had imagined that it would
be. And I loved touching him. I knew a lot of girls
that were put off by a guy's dick. They didn't want to
see it or touch it or they were really intimidated by
it. I had only seen Brad's, and I loved it. I loved the
way it looked and the way that it felt, and before long
I loved the way that it tasted. I felt sorry for those
girls that didn't know what they were missing.

It was months before we actually had intercourse in the
back seat of his car. We were both eager, but nervous.
He didn't want to hurt me, I didn't want to be hurt,
and neither of us wanted me pregnant, at least not yet.
We both hated the idea of rubbers, so I found out what
I would have to do to get on the pill and I went to a
family planning clinic and they tried very hard to talk
me out of it, since I wasn't even fifteen yet, but in
the end they gave me a prescription without notifying
my parents. For the next year and a half we put that
poor little pill to the test, big time! Every chance we
got we had sex. If his parents weren't home we used his
bed, if my parents weren't home we used my bed, but
mostly we used his back seat, which is probably the
worst place in the world to have sex, so you know it
was true love.

Shortly after Brad and I were married, he went away to
Notre Dame on a full scholastic scholarship and I
finished high school. After I graduated, two years
later, I went to Middlebury College, also on a full
scholarship. I did all of those things necessary to
work my way towards a degree. I suppose that I rounded
out my education. But since I had never actually
planned to have a career it served no other purpose,
except I suppose to better prepare me to hold my own in
a conversation with the new circle of friends that Brad
and I began to accumulate as time went on.

When he had graduated, Brad had been hired by J.A.M.
Aluminum. He had taken the job, in part because it was
a wonderful job with a lot of potential for
advancement, but mostly because he would be near to me
in Middlebury and we would, for the first time in our
two year marriage, be able to live together as man and

It was a very exciting time. I was a good student and I
had always liked school. So I was able to do very well
without putting too much time or effort into it. We had
a very active social life. His office seemed to have a
lot of executive parties and get-togethers, formal and
informal, and they were a nice bunch of people. We
enjoyed them a lot. According to Brad, I made a very
good impression on his co-workers.

Brad is very handsome, and I am not just saying that
because I love him. He is also very intelligent, and an
extremely personable young man. He was very highly
thought of at work and he was obviously on the fast

For the first two years we had two sets of friends. We
had his friends at work and my friends from school. We
had very few friends that crossed over. Our friends
from J.A.M. were a bit older and more mature. Our
friends from school were, well, let me be generous and
say slightly less mature.

But we enjoyed being with both sets of people and our
social life was pretty active. There was something that
we did, twice actually, with my school friends, that we
never even considered with the people from Brad's job.
We had threesomes. Well, we did it more than twice, but
we only did it with two people.

The first time it was sort of an accident. We had
thrown a party at our house. As usual, I had been
wearing something sexy and revealing and flirting with
all the guys all night. Brad was so horny from watching
me, and I was so horny from doing it, that we couldn't
wait for the party to end and all the guests to leave.
We had snuck upstairs and we were making out on our bed
while the party was still going on.

It was several minutes before we realized that we were
being watched. A good friend of ours, Bob Usher, had
been unable to wait for the bathroom downstairs to open
up, so he had come up to use the upstairs bathroom.
When it, too, had been occupied, he had come down to
our bedroom and used our master bathroom. We had rushed
into our bedroom and started going at it, not realizing
that anyone was in our bathroom.

When Bob opened the door after he finished in the
bathroom, he saw Brad and I doing some serious making
out. My breasts were exposed and my skirt was up to my
waist and Brad was eating me out, only minutes away
from getting on top of me and giving me the good
pounding that I really needed right then.

I saw Bob before Brad did. But for some reason I didn't
freak out. In fact, I just smiled at him. Brad saw my
reaction and then he saw who I was smiling at. He
stopped eating me long enough to smile at Bob too. Bob
took that as permission, I guess, because he didn't
leave. He moved closer and stared at my exposed body. I
can't explain why we all did what we did next, so I
won't try. I will just try to describe it.

I was already very excited from flirting and showing
off all evening. And now Brad was eating my sopping wet
pussy and we were both getting off on the idea that a
friend of ours was standing at the edge of the bed
watching closely.

I reached out and took Bob's hand and pulled him closer
and he bent down and started kissing me and touching my
breasts. It was the first time anyone but Brad had
touched my breasts, or seen them close up. I
immediately had an orgasm from all of the stimulation,
but Brad just kept on eating me.

Bob kept kissing me and soon he was kissing and sucking
my nipples and without even thinking I reached out my
hand and started rubbing his cock through his pants. I
had never touched any cock but Brad's, and the very
idea of it was extremely exciting. I was holding a
friend's cock in my hand while he was kissing my tits
and my husband was eating my pussy and watching me! How
fucking hot is that!

There was no plan. Neither of us knew that this was
going to happen. It was just happening and it was
exciting and we were thinking with our sex organs and
just going with it.

I started struggling with Bob's zipper, trying to get
his cock out, and without removing his lips from my
nipple he reached down and unfastened his belt and his
pants and slid them out of the way, his shorts along
with them.

I reached down again and put my hand around that hot,
soft flesh of his steel hard cock and using it as a
handle I pulled him up onto the bed and guided him
close enough that I could see, and then taste him. He
straightened up, but his hand never left my breasts and
I hungrily took him into my mouth. While I sucked the
first cock I had ever sucked that was not Brad's, I was
looking my husband right in the eyes and I saw that he
was just as excited as I was about it, although I was
so fucking turned on right then that I probably could
not have stopped if he had looked upset.

But he wasn't upset, he was very turned on. He stopped
eating me and quickly wrestled his pants and his
underwear off and then he got back on the bed and
lifted my legs and started fucking me violently. And it
was fantastic!

I came as soon as his cock entered me, and I kept
cumming while he was fucking me and I was sucking Bob's
cock like a crazy woman. Bob was picking up speed in my
mouth and Brad was squeezing one of my tits and Bob was
squeezing the other and I was looking up at the two,
strong, handsome men that were fucking me and having
one wonderful orgasm after another.

Bob came first. He filled my mouth with his cum and I
was surprised at how much different it tasted than
Brad's cum. But it didn't taste bad and it was very
exciting. I like it when Brad cums in my mouth. Cum is
not the most delicious thing in the world, but the idea
of having a man cum in my mouth is almost enough to
make me cum just thinking about it.

I was moaning around Bob's cock while he emptied his
balls into my mouth and he was holding my head tight
with one hand and squeezing the hell out of my tit with
the other and then, after I swallowed. I just held his
cock in my mouth until Brad came in my pussy a minute

After Brad had filled me with cum he stayed buried in
my pussy until he was soft and then he stretched out
beside me and Bob stretched out on the other side of me
and Brad pulled my face close and kissed me
passionately while Bob ran his hands lightly over my

When we broke the kiss I looked him in the eye, looking
for any sign of regret, jealousy, whatever. I saw none
of that. He relaxed beside me and his hand joined Bob's
in gently teasing my body while the three of us talked

None of us was stone sober, but none of us had had so
much to drink that alcohol could take the entire blame
for what had happened. But as we talked, it became
obvious that there was no blame. We had all enjoyed it
and there were no hard feelings or even any discomfort
or embarrassment. It had been an accident, but a very
exciting one. We had all enjoyed it.

I was starting to get turned on again and I tried to
tell them that if they didn't stop what they were doing
with their hands that I would not be responsible for
whoever got raped next.

The guys laughed and Brad said, "I don't think it would
be fair to let Bob leave here without trying out some
of that hot pussy of yours. I would hate it if he got
the impression that I was a bad host."

I had been holding both men's soft cocks in my hands
while they caressed my breasts and my dripping pussy
and both were getting hard again.

I looked at Brad and asked, "Honey, are you sure? The
blowjob was a wonderful accident. If I fuck him it is
going to be on purpose."

Brad smiled and said, "I just learned that I love
watching you in action. But you have to promise not to
hurt him."

Bob was fully hard now and he said, "I'm not afraid. If
you would prefer though, I can make it look like an
accident. I could pretend to fall down and make believe
that I didn't know that she was there."

I grinned and pulled him closer and kissed him and then
pulled him up on top of me. I reached down and lined
his cock up and it was so exciting, having a cock that
wasn't Brad's enter my pussy for the first time. I was
already turned on from all of the touching and I had my
first orgasm almost in just a few short minutes of
violent thrusting.

Brad started kissing me while Bob was fucking me and
both of them were teasing my breasts again and it is a
good thing that one of them was kissing me at all
times, because I was screaming into first Bob's mouth
and then Brad's mouth and the people that were still at
the party would have been running up the stairs,
looking for the woman being murdered, if they weren't
suppressing my screams with their lips.

Bob came again, surprisingly quickly since I had just
sucked him off, and I had several more orgasms while he
fucked me. As soon as he pulled out of me and rolled to
his side I got up and sucked Brad to a second orgasm,
which was also very quick in coming. I guess there was
no denying that he enjoyed the show.

We all rested for a moment after I sucked Brad off.
Then I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up
while the guys went back to the party. After I had let
two men's cum drain out of my pussy into the toilet and
washed myself off and brushed my teeth, I went back out
and sat on my bed to rest for a minute to get my
composure back. I could smell the sex in the room. And
I was not getting myself much more composed as I sat
there smelling the smell of cum in the air and
picturing what had just happened, replaying it in my
dirty mind. I wished that Brad had waited for me; I was
ready to go again!

I finally got up and went downstairs. I found Brad and
Bob together having a drink and as I approached Brad
handed me a drink that he had all ready for me. I
sipped the drink and thanked him. Then I kissed both
men and started circulating through the remaining

It was starting to get late and some of the few
remaining guests were pretty drunk so I arranged for
them to either get a taxi or camp out somewhere in the
house until they sobered up enough to drive back to
campus or where ever they lived. It was another hour
before things were quiet and everyone was either gone
or down for the night. The only people left standing
were Bob, Brad and me.

I knew that Bob was not too drunk to drive, and I
wondered if he and Brad had decided to go for a
rematch. I didn't have to wonder how I felt about that
idea. It was late and I was tired. But I was not too
tired to try to recapture the excitement of what we had
done an hour or so ago.

I saw Brad and Bob put their drinks down and Brad went
to the door and locked it. Then they came over to where
I was starting to clean up and Brad put his arms around
me and said, "Leave that for tonight. Bob has agreed to
stay and help us clean up in the morning."

I kissed Brad and then I grabbed both of them by the
belt and pulled them to the stairs. I didn't have to
pull hard. As I climbed the stairs, a step in front of
them, I felt each of them put a hand on my leg and work
it up under my dress until each of them was holding a
cheek by the time we got to the top of the stairs. It
was a wonderfully sexy sensation.

This time, when we were safely locked in our bedroom,
we all undressed and did it right, although I think the
first time was the most exciting. The first time for
everything is usually the most exciting, isn't it?

The next day, true to their word, the two guys helped
me clean up, as did one of the girls that had passed
out in one of our spare bedrooms. It only took a couple
of hours. Trust me; a couple of hours to clean up after
twenty drunken college kids, that's making good time!
Then I made breakfast for the four of us and then,
finally, everyone had gone, it was just Brad and me.

We didn't know quite what to say to each other. We both
realized that we had enjoyed it tremendously. We both
knew without having to say it that there were no hurt
feelings, no jealously. What we didn't know was where
do we go from here? Did we want to do it again? Did we
want to do it with someone else? I know it is wrong,
but I had serious reservations about doing it with
another girl. I know, that was so not fair to Brad. But
not only did Brad understand, he insisted that he was
happier with the arrangement that we had last night. He
claimed that he didn't want all the pressure of having
to satisfy two women. But we both realized that I was
the more exhibitionistic, and he the more voyeuristic.
And we knew that that was a large part of the enjoyment
we got out of what had happened.

This all took place near the end of my sophomore year.
We had another threesome later that year with Bob. But
then he started getting serious about a girl he had
been dating and didn't want to screw it up. We are
still friends with Bob, and still see him and the girl
who is now his wife, Karen. But it is strictly a
platonic relationship now.

It was almost a year before we had another threesome.
This time we had invited a friend over to watch a DVD
one evening. We had dinner and a bottle of wine, but no
one was under the influence. The movie had been pretty
hot and the conversation started getting kind of sexy.
Brad and I had seen where things were going, but I
think that it came as a big surprise to Jim when it
started to go beyond the flirting stage.

He was nervous at first, not as self assured as Bob had
been. Maybe because he was more sober than Bob had
been, or maybe because he was almost a virgin. But he
learned a lot that night! I had moved into his lap and
started teasing him. He had been afraid that Brad would
get upset and kick his ass, but when it finally sank in
that Brad was a willing audience, things moved along
pretty fast. He was not as good as Bob, not at first. I
think because he lacked the confidence. But by the time
he left that evening he had gained a lot of confidence.

After that night he came back several times to watch
DVDs. Whether there was one to watch or not! And each
time it was better.

Still, even though we enjoyed the hell out of what we
were doing, we had to be careful, especially with Brad
working his way up the corporate ladder. My reputation
was pretty important. And I suppose we were both afraid
that if we did it too often it would lose its thrill.
At least that was what we told ourselves. So we only
did it with those two guys. We didn't do it at all in
my senior year.

Then came graduation and we settled down. I became the
good little corporate wife. I did some volunteer work
in town. I had always been into gymnastics and dance,
and I continued taking classes and though I was a
little too tall to be competitive, I was 5'8" and 115
lbs and just barely a B cup, I enjoyed both activities
and kept at them. I have long legs and the exercise
keeps me limber and slender. I can still get into some
pretty exciting positions!

I have also volunteered to help out with company
functions and I had gotten to meet a lot of the senior
staff at the plant. I had received some pretty
interesting propositions from some of them too. So I
was aware that a lot of the senior vice presidents
where Brad worked were a bunch of horn dogs.

That brings me back to what was bothering Brad for the
last two nights. When he came home from work that
second evening and he was still obviously upset about
something I started to get worried. I knew that he
loved his job and it concerned me that something at
work was troubling him this much. I made him a special
dinner and we had a good bottle of wine and after I
cleared off the table we sat and talked while we
finished off the wine.

Brad and I had always told each other everything, and I
didn't want him to feel that he had to protect me from
whatever it was that was on his mind. Finally I
convinced him that whatever the problem was we could
solve it better together and then he wouldn't have to
worry about protecting me, a concept I wasn't that fond
of to start with.

Brad paused for a second and then he said, "I have been
offered a promotion and a very large raise."

I looked at him, really confused now, and said, "Yeah,
I can see where that would be a problem. You aren't
going to stand for that are you?!"

He laughed at that and took his last sip of wine. Then
he got up and said, "This is going to be a two bottle
of wine evening. Hold that thought."

He went to the cabinet and got out another bottle and
opened it. He set it down to let it breathe for a few
minutes and then he said, "I have been offered a junior
vice president's position. If I accept it my salary
will more than double, with bonuses and perks it will
more than triple. We will have a company Cadillac, a
new one every year, stock options, company trips, use
of the company jet. My salary will be more than we can
spend and the work, the job that they are offering is
so exciting that it gives me a hard-on!"

I waited for the "but" to come, because I knew there
was a big one coming. But it was obvious that he didn't
even want to talk about it. I finally had to ask. "That
all sounds wonderful baby, so what are you not telling
me? What is the catch?"

Brad took a deep breath and said, "EPOD is the acronym
that they use for it."

He was apparently going to make me drag this out of
him. But before I finally got impatient and asked he

"EPOD, Executive Pussy on Demand. If I accept the
position, you will have to agree to become a member of
a secret society of junior vice president's wives. You
will be more or less a call girl. Any member of the
senior staff will be able to have you, at any time and
at any place that they desire. They can call you into
the office and fuck you there, or drop by the house any
time, day or night and fuck you here. Not only that,
but there will be regular parties, well, orgies
actually, where you will be nothing more than a party
favor, you and the other wives. You would also be used
from time to time to sweeten deals with clients."

I was surprised to find that I had two immediate
reactions to what my husband had just told me. The
first, and more appropriate response, was shock,
dismay, maybe even anger. But I was embarrassed to find
that I was also aroused by the concept. I don't mean
panting, tear my clothes off horny, but as I listened
to him tell me what would be required of me I
recognized that little tingle between my thighs. The
concept, in the abstract at least, struck me as quite

I could just imagine being available to the half dozen
older senior vice presidents, and the company
president, as well as the occasional client. Imagine it
as in fantasize about it, not that I could imagine
myself actually doing it.

I gratefully accepted when Brad poured us each another
glass of wine. Finally I asked, "When were you going to
tell me about this?"

He looked at me as if to say, "That's a stupid
question!" But what he said was, "I wasn't going to
tell you!"

"What happens if you tell them no?" I asked.

Brad shrugged and said, "Nothing, I guess. I don't the
promotion, or the raise, and life goes on."

"But what about when some other position opens up? Will
you still be considered?" I asked.

He shrugged and said, "I don't know. Mr. Kennedy told
me yesterday that the primary reason that I had been
offered the position was that my work merited a raise
and I was more than qualified. I was not being offered
the job merely because all of those dirty old men
wanted to get in your pants. That was just a big plus."

"How many other wives are there in EPOD," I asked.

"Three," he answered, "Carol Mitchum, Madison Scott,
and Grace Davis. You have met Grace."

"Grace Davis! Are you sure? She has been married to Tim
for ten years but she still acts like a fucking

Brad nodded and said, "Yeah, I was surprised at all
three of them actually. I mean, they are all lookers.
Well, not as hot as you. And they are all at least ten
years older than you. And except for Grace I suppose I
can picture them going along with it, but not their
husbands. Jeff Mitchum and Carl Scott are two of the
biggest stuffed shirts that I know. Tim is kind of a
wimp. I suppose that I can imagine him going along with
it. I just can't imagine how he got Grace to go along."

I laughed and said, "Maybe she just wanted something
she wasn't getting at home."

Brad smiled and shrugged again.

I asked, "So you weren't going to tell me? Does that
mean you won't consider it?"

Brad looked shocked that I would even ask. "Do you mean
that you would consider it?!"

"I don't know," I answered. "To be honest, when you
were telling me what is required of the girls in EPOD I
kind of got a tingle out of it. Just the concept, mind
you, not that I actually considered doing it. It could
have been just the wine."

I could see that Brad had not anticipated this turn in
the conversation. He was studying me now, trying to
decide what I was thinking.

I said, "Don't look at me like that. I can see you
trying to read my mind. I don't even know what I am
thinking." I really didn't, either. I had met all of
the senior vice presidents. Several of them had made
passes at me, but in a friendly, flirty way, the kind
that you can say no to and just pass it off as a joke.
And I hadn't been offended. In fact, I had been kind of

"How much of a raise did you say?" I asked.

He looked at me in amazement. Then he answered, "My
salary would be $200,000 a year before bonuses and the
value of the other perks was added in. With stock
options and the car and bonuses it would be well over
$300,000 a year."

He looked at me and exclaimed, "You're really thinking
about this!"

I got a little defensive and said, "No, I'm just
exploring our options. I want to know what you know.
What if I was considering it, how would you feel about

He looked at me strangely and said, "I don't know. I
never imagined for a second that you would consider it.
I thought you would be pissed and want me to go kill
someone for even suggesting it!"

"How long would I have to be in EPOD?" I asked.

The expression on Brad's face was starting to change
now. He had not even considered accepting. Probably
because he never believed that I would even consider
it. Now he could see that I was at least considering
it. It was, after all, a very large sum of money to
pass up.

He said, "I suppose that you would have to remain in
EPOD until I was promoted to senior vice president.
Most of the men holding that job now are in their mid
to late fifties or early sixties. But they might decide
to work until they are seventy for all we know. And
there are three other junior vice presidents in front
of me for promotion. You could be fucking those horny
old men for fifteen or twenty years!"

I thought about that for a moment and then I asked,
"But as long as we didn't fuck up, you would be pretty
much guaranteed a promotion to senior VP, right?"

"Yes," Brad answered. "I suppose so."

"What would you think of me if I said maybe we should
talk about it some more, maybe we should consider it?"
I asked him.

Brad gulped down the last few sips of his wine and
poured another glass for both of us. But he didn't
answer. He suddenly got thoughtful, actually thinking
about it for the first time.

After a few minutes he turned to me and said, "You know
that you would be nothing more than a call girl. The
client list would be pretty small, but still, Mr.
Kennedy could come by the house anytime, night or day
and tell you to undress and fuck you, right in front of
me if he wanted to. That doesn't bother you?"

I was embarrassed by my answer, but I had to be honest
about this now, or we would never come to a decision we
could both be comfortable with. I hesitated and then I
said, "You know what I was thinking about? I was
remembering our threesomes with Bob and Jim. I know
what you are thinking, this would be different. But
they were some pretty exciting times. And we didn't
have any regrets. You enjoyed watching me fuck both of
them. And that was just sex, just recreational sex."

"But to be honest," I continued, "even though the money
and the perks are exciting, that is not what made my
stomach flip when you were telling me about it. You
make a very good salary now. I wouldn't be doing it for
the money."

"We have to decide how you would feel about me if I
agreed to this before I can even begin to make up my
mind. If you can't still love me, then like I said,
your current pay check is just fine with me. We have
everything we want or need right now. If you thought
the idea was hot, and don't try to tell me you don't
get turned on by the idea of me fucking other men, I
have seen you watching when I was doing it! If you
thought the idea was hot and you could still love me
and respect me when this is all over, then I would have
a decision to make. If you have even the slightest
doubt, then I don't have a decision to make, you will
have made up my mind for me."

Brad was quiet for a few minutes and then he said,
"When Kennedy first called me into his office and made
the pitch, I was really pissed. I had to really
struggle to stay calm and not get up and rearrange his
face. We had that talk just before I got off work
yesterday. You noticed how upset I was."

I nodded.

"But last night," he continued, "when I was laying in
bed in the dark, and most of today when I was thinking
about it, it kind of turned me on. I didn't want to
feel that way. Today I was mad at myself for not being
mad at Kennedy. But I wasn't thinking about whether or
not to tell you, or whether or not to accept. I was
thinking about you being their sweet young call girl
and having hot, sweaty sex with you whenever they
wanted. And those parties I told you about, most of the
time the husbands are invited. I would get to watch
them with you. But I was thinking about it in the
abstract. I was thinking of the fantasy, not the real

It was quiet for a while. We sat and sipped our wine
and I don't know what made me do it, but I slid out of
my chair and dropped to my knees in front of Brad and
roughly pulled his light jersey lounging shorts down
and off. Then I gave him a loud, raunchy, slutty

He liked it. He liked it a lot! He came in about three
minutes, and that was a record for him. He usually
lasts a very long time.

As soon as he came he smiled down at me and said, "Get
your fucking ass up here slut!" He pulled me to my feet
and moved our glasses and the wine bottle and after
removing my terrycloth shorts he pushed me onto the
table on my back, put my legs over his shoulders and
returned the favor. I knew that I was sopping wet and I
was embarrassed at how excited the conversation had
made me. But then I remembered how quickly he had cum
in my mouth and I was starting to think that I was
about to become a call girl. And that thought pushed me
right over the edge.

He ate me to several more orgasms and finally I was
slumped on the table in front of him and he was staring
at my messy pussy and lightly moving his fingers over
my thighs and my stomach, all around the area. As he
caressed me he was watching my muscles tremble as I
came down off of the sex high. Then he bent down and
kissed my pussy and helped me back into my chair, after
spreading my shorts out so I wouldn't leave a spot. He
is so considerate!

I took another sip of wine and asked, "When would I

He chuckled and asked, "Are we really going to do this?
We are taking a big chance, you know. I love you so
much, and I would hate it if you changed. I have never
met a call girl, but I have the impression that they
are kind of cold and don't enjoy sex. I would hate it
if you became like that."

"Couldn't I just be a sexy housewife that is getting a
little on the side?" I asked.

After another pause I asked, "What if we agree to do
it, and then we decide we can't handle it?"

Brad said, "I don't know. It would be pretty hard to
take a demotion and go back to doing my old job. They
would probably fill my position right away. I suspect
that we would probably have to leave the company if it
didn't work out."

"That would be a shame," I said quietly. "I know how
much you love working there."

Brad looked at his watch and said, "It is time to go to
bed. Let's sleep on it and decide in the morning."

I nodded and got to my feet. My legs were still a
little wobbly; Brad does such a good job with his
tongue! I corked the wine and put it and the glasses
up. Then we grabbed our shorts and headed for bed.

But we couldn't just go to sleep. We were both too
wound up. We sleep in the nude and so there was nothing
to get in the way when he started touching me and
kissing me and in no time at all we were having our own
hot, sweaty sex. I came several times before Brad did,
and when he finally came I was too tired to go clean
up. I thought to myself, "Fuck it, I'll put clean
sheets on tomorrow!" I rolled over and we cuddled and
lay in the dark waiting for sleep to come.

It took me a long time to go to sleep that night. And I
could tell from his breathing that it took Brad a long
time too. I know what was going through his mind
though. I lay there with the same images in my mind,
and his hard cock nestled between the cheeks of my

When the alarm went off in the morning I went down and
made breakfast while Brad showered and dressed. I love
to see him when he comes down in the morning all
freshly showered and shaved and wearing one of those
expensive suits. He looks so handsome and so powerful I
always just want to rip his suit off and fuck him half
to death.

He sat down and I brought him his coffee and toast and
cereal. We still hadn't said anything about EPOD, but I
think we had both already made up our minds. I can't
say that I wasn't nervous. The idea of being available
for any kind of sex with anyone who wants me and being
unable to say no is both very erotic, and very scary.
But there was a certain degree of humiliation that that
kind of sexual servitude necessarily brought with it
that I was surprised to discover was really turning me
on. I didn't think I was that kind of girl!

Brad ate his breakfast and we tried to act normal. When
he had finished he sat back and sipped his coffee and
asked, "So, we are going to do this thing?"

I smiled and kissed him and said, "It seems like it
turns us both on. It may be that a week from now you
will be looking for another job because we screwed up
though, you realize that don't you?"

Brad said, "I could stand to lose the job. I couldn't
stand to lose you. We have to promise that if it gets
to be a problem we will say something, okay?"

I said, "Okay, but if you don't leave now I am going to
be humping your leg in a few minutes. And you know how
that always stains your suits!"

Brad stood up and said, "So I guess that is not just a
yes, but an enthusiastic yes."

I stood up and we hugged and kissed and as he went to
work I went up to change the sheets on our bed. Then I
took a shower and dressed casually and started cleaning
house and doing all that housewifey stuff.

I am a very intelligent and well educated young woman
and people find it hard to understand that I enjoy
being a housewife. Most of them don't realize just how
hard it is to do it well. I love it. I love keeping our
house perfect for my loving husband and making him
great meals and just being there for him. The only real
drawback to the job for me is that I am alone most of
the day. It would be nice to have someone to talk to. I
need a friendly next door neighbor that drops by for
coffee every day.

And Brad appreciates what I do and doesn't hesitate to
show me. He brings me flowers and if he has free time
at work he calls me up to say "hi" and "I love you." I
could have had a job, but I never had a burning desire
to be anything in particular, and I get so much
satisfaction out of what I do, why would I want to do
anything else? We didn't need the money before; we will
need it even less now."

I was just about to go out and run some errands when
the phone rang. It was Brad calling to tell me that he
had talked to Mr. Kennedy and as of this moment his new
telephone extension was 1369. He was in the process of
moving into his large new office. He asked me what I
was doing and I told him that I was just about to leave
for the dry cleaners. He suggested that I stop by the
Cadillac dealer and pick out a new car.

Things were certainly moving quickly! I wanted to wait
until we could go to the car dealer together, but he
said that he would be pretty busy for the next week or
so, and he trusted me. Besides, it didn't really matter
what I got. He suggested that I just go around and look
for the most expensive one in the color that I liked.

I dropped off the cleaning and picked up what I had
dropped off previously and, as usual, flirted with the
nice old guy that owned the shop. I had planned on
going to the grocery store and picking up a roast, but
the Cadillac dealer was on the way so I drove in and
looked around.

I was pounced on immediately and the salesman showed me
around. I picked out a DTS in glacier white with every
possible option. I figured if all of those guys are
going to fuck me, it was only fair that I took this
opportunity to fuck them. I explained to the salesman
that my husband worked at J.A.M. Aluminum and that I
was picking out his company car. I was taken inside and
they were already expecting me. I was told that I could
pick the car up in an hour and the papers would be
ready to sign when I came back.

I walked out and went to the grocery store having just
spent a small fortune, and it had really been fun! The
sticker price of that car was very nearly what my
husband had been making a year until today.

I did my shopping and I put the meats and dairy
products in a cooler in the trunk. Then I stopped at a
store called Sweet Nothings to spice up my wardrobe. A
pretty redhead, her hair was almost the same shade as
mine, greeted me when I came in and I told her that I
need to change my image a little. She looked at my
figure and the way I was dressed and then she led me
around the store and picked out a dozen sexy outfits
and the underwear to go with them. I tried them on and
she approved enthusiastically of most of them. I tended
to like what she was picking out and I bought all of
the ones that she liked. She also helped me pick out a
couple of nearly obscene bathing suits.

I followed her to the register and I wasn't even phased
at the several hundred dollars that it all cost. I
would find out later that I would be given a credit
card to buy all of my clothes with. I probably should
have waited, but we were making so much money now that
it really didn't matter.

I went back to the Cadillac place and picked up the new
car after signing only a few pieces of paper and then I
nervously drove it home. I was planning on coming back
later with Brad to pick up our car, but not long after
I got home, someone from the dealer delivered it to my
driveway! You don't get that kind of service from the
Chevy dealer!

I took my groceries inside and put them away and I laid
my new outfits out on the bed and then I waited
anxiously for time to start supper. I had nothing else
to do and it was still early afternoon.

Well, I thought that I had nothing else to do. It
turned out that I had something to do after all. My
doorbell rang at a little before two in the afternoon
and when I opened the door, there was Mr. Kennedy!

My legs immediately got weak, but I smiled and stepped
aside to let him in. He put his arm around my shoulder
and led me into the living room and said, "Jan, I must
confess that I have been looking forward to this for a
very long time. I could not possibly wait another
moment. I was starting to fear that your husband would
say no to our offer. I assure you that I would have
been very disappointed."

When we were in the living room he stepped back and
looked at me, or I suppose leered at me is more
appropriate. He managed to raise his gaze up to my eyes
for just long enough to say, "That's a beautiful car
that you picked out. You have excellent taste."

I smiled and thanked him. I asked him he would like
something to drink and he declined. Instead he asked me
if I would lead the way to my bedroom.

I said, "Right this way sir," and turned to go to the

As I did he said, "When it is just the two of us,
please call me Gene."

I smiled and took his hand and said, "Okay, right this
way Gene."

He paused at the foot of the stairs to let me precede
him. I fully expected feel his large hand on my ass or
my thighs as I led him up the stairs. But he was the
perfect gentleman.

I led him down the short hallway to my bedroom and he
smiled when he saw the new clothes on my bed. I said,
"Just getting ready, I have a pretty conservative
wardrobe. I thought that I would need something a
little spicier now."

While I was clearing the bed off he told me about the
credit card I would be getting. Then he took the
receipt for the clothes I had just bought and said that
he would see to it that Brad was reimbursed today or

I thanked him and then I waited for some sign of what I
should do next. Gene pulled me close and we kissed and
he ran his hands over me for a few minutes. I was
nervous, but I was excited too, and I tried to let it
show when I returned his kiss.

He broke the kiss after a few minutes and ran his hands
down over my hair and said, "I have always had a thing
for redheads."

I said, "That's good, because I have always been a
redhead. Would you like to see?"

"I would like that very much, my dear, very, very

Gene sat down on the side of my bed and I stood in
front of him and slowly undressed. I was wearing a
short, silky wraparound sundress that had a simple
knotted rope for a belt. I struggled for a moment with
the knot, my fingers were shaking.

I finally got the knot out and let the belt hang loose
and the dress just fell open. I had gotten out of the
habit of wearing a bra. Brad preferred me without, and
once I got used to it, so did I. I shrugged my
shoulders and the dress slid down and I dropped it onto
a nearby chair. I was wearing only a thong now. I
usually wear a bikini or briefs, but I had been feeling
sexy after last night and the thong seemed to fit my

I stood in front of Gene in my thong and turned around
slowly. Then I slid the thong off and tossed it on top
of my dress. I moved closer and it was obvious that
Gene approved of my body. He was grinning like crazy
and he had a very large looking tent in his pants.

He moved his hands over my body greedily. I was a
little afraid that he would be disappointed in my
breasts, but he obviously was not. He was a little
rough, but it felt good.

I waited to see what he would want to do. Mr. Kennedy
was the most senior of the senior vice presidents, but
he was not the oldest. I would estimate his age to be
between fifty-five and fifty-eight. He was about 6'2",
maybe 200 lbs, and in pretty good shape. He had what
are normally referred to as "rugged good looks." His
hair was silver and he was very distinguished looking.
I found him to be quite attractive. He was one of the
men that had made a pass at me earlier, and when I had
said no it was because that was what I was supposed to
do. I was attracted to him.

It occurred to me that this would have been a lot
harder if we had not had those threesomes with Bob and
Jim a few years ago. I had really loosened up a lot
thanks to those two guys. And then I thought how sad it
was that Brad couldn't be here to watch us now. But
then, when he got home I would tell him everything that
happened, in graphic detail, so that it would be as
much like he was here as I could make it.

As Gene continued to explore my body I stepped closer
and put my arm around his neck and said, "This is a
first for me, Gene. You are going to have to tell me
what you want me to do."

He leaned forward and took one of my nipples into his
mouth, and after gently biting down he did the same to
the other. I felt the shocks travel through my stomach
directly to my clit and I shuddered in excitement.

Then he pulled back and said, "I like your attitude. I
suspect you are going to be very good at this, and I
look forward to many more of these little get-

He gently moved me back a step and stood up and started
to undress. I took each item of his clothing from him
as he undressed and I hung them up on a nearby rack
that Brad used when he undressed at night. As he took
off his clothes he said, "I was going to hurry over
here and get a quickie blowjob and then go back to
work. But I am afraid that you are just too
irresistible. I have got to fuck you and I can't wait
another day."

I smiled and said, "I am honored. But there is no
reason why you can't do both, is there?"

He chuckled and said, "Yes, you are going to work out
just fine. Not to be too crude about it, but do you
have any idea how long it has been since I stuck my
dick into a twenty-two year old woman? No, silly
question, of course you don't. I don't either to be
honest. But it has been decades. You are obviously
beautiful and sexy, but what you probably don't realize
yet is how sexy youth is once you begin to age. The
older I get the sexier youth is. Your soft skin, your
firm body, even your scent is youthful. I can assure
you, young lady, that for the near future at least, you
are going to be very busy. It is going to take longer
than it might normally for your "newness" to wear off."

I had put the last of his clothing aside and I dropped
to my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my hand
and I was very impressed. It was very nice looking, and
very hard. I kissed the tip of it and licked my lips
and then I looked up and said, "I'm in no hurry. New
sounds pretty exciting to me." Then I took him into my
mouth and he grabbed my head and groaned loudly and I
started sucking his cock.

After a moment he stopped me and sat back down on the
bed. I stood up and pushed him over onto his back and
he slid up and got comfortable. Then I got on the bed
with him and took him back into my mouth and gave him a
blowjob every bit as enthusiastically as I had for Brad
last night.

He cried out, "Sweet Jesus! God damn girl! I don't know
who taught you how to do that, but you are fucking

I took my lips away from his cock long enough to look
back at him and say, "Self taught." Then I took him
back into my mouth. I had my legs up by his shoulder as
I sucked him and his hand was moving over my ass and
between my legs, almost as if they were moving of their
own accord. His eyes were closed and his hips were
moving up to meet my lips and I was soon taking his
cock into my throat. His cock was no longer than
Brad's, and slightly thinner, so it was pretty easy for

He started squeezing one of my ass cheeks very hard and
swearing a blue streak and I could tell that he was
about to cum. I pulled my lips back to the head of his
cock and used my hand to finish him off.

Once he had filled my mouth with cum I straightened up
and smiled at him and showed him that he had, indeed,
filled my mouth with cum. Then I swallowed, noting that
this was the fourth man that I had sucked off, and no
two of them had tasted the same yet. I wondered if
pussies had as wide a variety of flavors as cocks did.

Gene watched, and the pleasure was evident on his face
as I swallowed his load. Then I bent down and licked up
the few drops that had leaked out of his cock as it
went soft. I was surprised when I looked down to see
that he was not circumcised. I hadn't realized it when
his cock was hard. Now I saw the big flap of skin that
covered the head of his cock and I explored it, curious
about the difference. I thought that it was kind of
sexy. And as I explored and teased his cock and watched
it get hard again I watched the foreskin disappear.

"Isn't that neat," I thought, "a cock that does

Once he was hard I turned around and straddled his
thighs and, with a little difficulty I sat up and took
him into my very, very wet pussy. I slid down on his
cock and sighed with pleasure at the sensations of a
nice hard cock filling me. It is a wonderful sensation
and I doubt if I will ever get tired of it.

I paused for a moment, once his cock was buried in my
pussy, and then I started moving up and down, slowly at
first. He watched my face, and my breasts, but mostly
my breasts, as they began to bounce up and down with my
movements. I had to slow down twice; I even stopped
once, as I had a violent orgasm on his hot cock. But
soon I was fucking him hard again and I could see that
it would not be much longer. He started swearing again
and at the last minute he grabbed both of my tits in
his hands and squeezed them and used them to guide my
movements as he thrust up into me and came yet again.
His orgasm, and the pressure on my tits, set me off and
I came for the third time.

When we had both cum, I collapsed down onto his hot
sweaty body and he held me there for a moment while he
went soft in my pussy. When I finally felt like my arms
and legs were no longer made of rubber, I got up and I
leaned down and kissed his very slimy cock. It twitched
at the touch of my lips and, I felt is eyes on me,
waiting to see what I was going to do.

I don't know why I did it. I had never done it before,
not even with Brad, but I started licking his cock
clean and finally I took it into my mouth and sucked it
until all of our juices were gone. Then I kissed it
again and got up and pulled him to his feet and led him
to the bathroom.

I said, "You can't go back to work smelling like me,
let's take a quick shower."

He chuckled and said, "I wish I could keep this scent
on me all day. I would go from office to office and
taunt my fellow workers."

I shook my head and turned the shower on and waited a
minute for the hot water, then I pulled him into the
shower and I washed him, thoroughly. And while I was
washing him "thoroughly" he got hard again, and I
dropped to my knees and sucked him to a third orgasm as
he sat on the bench in the shower with the hot water
running over him.

When I had finished he said, "I'll be a son of a bitch!
I have not done that in many years young lady. The
first thing that I do when I get to the office will be
to give your husband a bonus. You have earned it

I pulled him back to his feet and licked and kissed his
nipples and said, "That's okay Gene, I enjoyed it as
much as you did. Buy your wife something nice instead."

Gene shook his head in disbelief. Then I rinsed him off
and we stepped out of the shower and I dried him off
with a big, soft fluffy towel.

I helped him dress, and then I led him to the front
door, I was still naked, and I told him how much I
enjoyed myself and I thanked him for being so nice,
because I had been really nervous.

He pulled me close and kissed me and said, "I have no
idea how I will be able to stand the idea having to
wait until I can be with you again. I have never been
with such a fantastic, sexual, sensuous creature in my
life, and I have been with quite a few wonderful women
over the years, as you might imagine. Your husband is a
very lucky man Janice. Goodbye."

I kissed him again, a quick goodbye kiss this time, and
held the door for him. He left, finally and I went to
the kitchen and made myself a drink and then sat down
and thought about what had just happened.

There could be no question that I had enjoyed the hell
out of it. It had been exciting and erotic and I had
probably had a half dozen orgasms. And I didn't feel
the least bit guilty. I was only worried about Brad.
His would be the important reaction. If I told him what
happened today and he became upset, that would be a
problem. Somehow though, I didn't think that was going
to happen.

I finished my drink and rinsed out my glass before I
finally had the presence of mind to check the time. It
was time to start the roast and I ended up preparing
the entire meal in the nude!

Just before it was time for Brad to come home I thought
about putting on one of my new slut outfits, or maybe
just some of the underwear, but I decided that he would
like me better this way. I watched the time and had
supper on the table and a drink ready to hand him at
the door when I heard him drive up.

I heard him on the front porch and I threw the door
open wide and greeted him with a smile and a drink and
a naked body. It never occurred to me until after I
threw the door open that someone might have been with
him. But they weren't, and he smiled and took the drink
and hugged me and kissed me and we went inside.

He hurried to the bedroom to change into some casual
clothes and I went with him to watch. He reached into
his breast pocket and handed me an envelope. "Mr.
Kennedy said to give you this," he said.

I didn't have to open it; I knew it was the money for
the clothes.

As he undressed, Brad said, "I have known that man for
several years now. I have never seen him smile like
that before. I think he likes you."

I was pretty sure that I already knew the answer, but I
had to ask, "What about you Brad? What do you think now
that it has happened?"

Brad took me in his arms again and said, "Let me have
your hand."

I held my hand and he guided it down to the front of
his pants and I found myself holding a very stiff cock.

He smiled and said, "I have been so anxious to get home
and find out what happened that I was running cars off
the road all the way home. I love you just as much as I
did on our wedding day. No, I probably love you a lot
more. I didn't really know you very well that day. I
know you pretty well now, and I love you. I love
everything about you. Now, if you don't tell me what
happened today, well, nothing, but quit teasing me, I
am dying to hear about it!"

"I'm not teasing you!" I exclaimed. "I was worried that
you might be sorry now that it has actually happened.
Now hurry up and change you fucking pervert, supper is
ready and I will tell you over supper."

He swatted at my butt, but I ducked and ran back
downstairs and sat there, naked and excited, ready to
tell him everything that happened.

He was only a minute behind me and as he s

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