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  By: easypeasy

It was really hot to write that fantasy about the cop seeing me masturbating my pussy in front of the window and coming to my house to fuck me. It really got me wet to write about it.


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My exhibitionism started when I was really young. I started masturbating in front of windows when I was just a little girl, in grade school. I used to go in the living room and leave the drapes closed, but I'd stand in between the drapes and the window. I'd pull my pussy open and rub my clit, fingering my hole a little or sometimes fucking it with a pen or a chapstick. Even then, I'd wait for cars to drive by and hope that they would see me fingering my pussy.

I masturbated so much. Once I rubbed myself off while sitting in the front seat of the car while my dad was driving us home. I had my coat over my lap, and I slipped my fingers up my skirt, pulled open a hole in the crotch of my tights until it was big enough to move my finger around, pushed my finger under the edge of my panties until I could reach my clit, and rubbed my clit lightly and as fast as I could, pretending to be asleep the whole time. When I came, I only let my breathing hitch a little, and I covered it by pretending to wake up a little and shift in my seat. I rode the rest of the way home feeling my pussy warm and wet and tingling, knowing my dad could have caught me so easily with my finger in my cunt.

In sixth grade, I went to the school bathroom and masturbated myself to orgasm quickly in one of the stalls. I was sitting on the seat with my legs spread, rubbing my clit so fast, panting and jerking my hips up, when the door opened and someone else came in. I froze and sat very still the whole time the other girl was in there, listening to her pee with my fingers still in my pussy, watching her wash her hands through the small crack in the stall door. I knew if she looked in just the right place, she'd see me with my fingers starting to rub my pussy again, circling and rubbing over my clit while I thought about her turning around and seeing me through the crack in the door.

My parents were hippies, so there were all kinds of strange men around all the time when I was a kid. I definitely liked to wear see-through clothes around them past the age when it was acceptable, and I hoped they saw my small, budding breasts under my shirts. I thought about them seeing my pussy, just growing a little hair, but so wet when I fingered myself thinking about them watching me. I knew about fucking, and even at a young age I liked putting things up my pussy, so I definitely thought about them catching me masturbating, and then fucking me.

I like to go to the laundromat or the grocery store wearing a skirt with no underwear underneath sometimes. I wonder if when I bend over, people can tell that my pussy is naked underneath. When I get kind of turned on, my hairy bush gets a little wet and sticky, and sometimes when I bend over, I can feel the material of my skirt catch on my cunt lips a little when I stand up. I always hope someone notices and it makes them wonder if my pussy is bare.

I've gone hiking and masturbated on the trail, halfway hoping another hiker comes along and catches me. I've fingered myself in the parking lot of rest areas, wondering if anyone else is doing the same thing in their cars. I've gone without panties under a skirt when I've seen a movie, and I've pulled my skirt up to expose my cunt and fingered my pussy until I'm dripping wet, with people sitting in the rows just in front of and behind me. I've unbuttoned my blouse while I'm driving, baring my big soft tits, and I've shoved my vibrator up my cunt, rocking my pussy on it while I drive, the angle keeping it hard up my cunt, squeezing and pinching my tits while I pass other cars on the country roads.

I don't know what I'll do if I ever do get caught. If a hiker stumbles across me with my fingers rubbing fast at my clit. If a movie theater usher comes down the aisle and sees me fingering my clit with my skirt up in my lap. I don't know if I'd freak out, if it would turn me on and make me come even harder. But I enjoy the risk, and I get off hard on the possibilities.

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Comments for I was a dirty girl, I still am

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easypeasy    (2011-04-24 12:03:42)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoah! Wasn't me, anonimusrick, but wow.
anonimusrick    (2011-04-16 11:13:14)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick I know it wasn't you I saw playing with herself at the Florida state park. She just kept playing when she saw me. We never spoke a word. I dropped my shorts and replaced her fingers with my cock. After I came, I got dressed and left her there.
anonimusrick    (2011-04-16 11:06:28)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick In my 55 years (43 years of sexual activity), I have known a few girls like you. 5 daughter's of friends would tease me as you describe. I fucked 4 of them. The 5th gave me a great blow jobs.
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 15:29:31)    Flag as inappropiate
Interesting, penetrator! Thanks for letting me know? ;-)
penetrator    (2009-02-28 08:08:14)    Flag as inappropiate
penetrator would love to lick your fingers!
easypeasy    (2008-09-01 12:51:53)    Flag as inappropiate
That's funny, CapitalL. I wonder sometimes what I would do if I was hiking and came across somebody masturbating on the trail. Would I watch from a distance, freak out and leave, approach them? It's pretty hot to think about, either way, I guess.
CapitalL    (2008-09-01 03:28:17)    Flag as inappropiate
CapitalL I feel kind of sorry for the people who've never caught you!

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