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Lana lay completely naked on top of the sleeping bag in the tent. Not our tent; we'd slipped into someone else's, at the next campsite over, and it was turning her on big time, because we had no idea where the occupants were or when they were coming back. Her pussy was dripping wet and the look in her eyes told me she was waiting rather impatiently for me to fuck her.

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"Not yet," I whispered, as I started strapping on the tall black stilettos, incongruous in this environment. She fingered herself as she presented each foot for dressing. As the last strap went into place, she reached down and started pulling me up onto her with the hand that wasn't rubbing her clit.

"Not yet," I repeated, pulling out two jumbo nylon zip ties. She looked at me in shock, but obediently raised her arms up above her head. I shook my head and guided her arms behind her back, then tightened the first tie around her wrists. I kept the second in my left hand as I slid down between her widely spread legs.

Kissing her mound and her lips, sucking vigorously on her clit, and fucking her dripping hole with two fingers got her making much more noise than she should have been. She was arching her back way up over her tied arms, digging the heels of her shoes hard into the floor of the tent.

I blew the first orgasm; she was way too excited. But just before the second, which was shaping up to shake the ground under us, I stopped abruptly. She looked at me in shock, and before she could figure out what was going on I had her ankles bound tight with the second zip tie. "We're going to need to finish this over at our tent," I said. Then I smiled, winked, and, still fully clothed, of course, walked back over to our campsite.

I walked past and nodded at the nine other people we were there with, who were sitting around the fire, toward our own tent. I sat there with the door open, looking out toward the fire and the site across the way. Lana was over there with basically two choices: lay there in someone else's tent until they found her there, naked, bound, and in black porn star heels, or walk back here to me.

Obviously, she chose the latter, though it took the better part of ten minutes. I heard the rustling around the same time as our companions. Two of them had flashlights trained on her within seconds. With everyone looking, and four guys hooting loudly on seeing her, she stood there with her eyes shut for the worst of it, then slowly made her way back toward our tent, in the spotlight and the subject of animated discussion the entire time.

"Close the fucking door!" she said as she rolled into the tent onto her back. I did, and she sat there for a minute just breathing heavily. I started thinking I'd made a huge mistake. Our friends didn't think of Lana as any kind of exhibitionist, at least not until now, and she looked pretty pissed off. I reached up and zipped the door shut.

"You fucking asshole!" she hissed. "Untie me!"

I reached down and cut the tie around her legs with my pocket knife, and she spread her legs open a bit. She didn't roll over, so I leaned over her body and reached around to cut the wrist tie. Before I could find it, though, she wrapped her legs around mine and pulled me over, squeezing tight as I tumbled onto her. Her lips were touching my left ear as she said, through clenched teeth, "Fuck. Me. Now."

Apparently I didn't react fast enough in my shock, because she asked me if I was deaf in a particularly nasty tone. I scrambled to get out of my pants, then plunged into her. Her shoes clacked together as she pulled on my ass with her calves and bucked her crotch up against mine.

As she moaned and shrieked, the chatter from outside got louder. "Are they fucking?" asked one girl. And then another, shortly after: "Is he fucking her?"

"Oh, you're damn right he is fucking me!" she yelled. At that point, whatever attempt she had been making to keep quiet was abandoned. Orgasm after orgasm, she screamed so loud the entire park was likely listening in. I had no idea how I'd lasted so long as I came into her and let out some rather loud moans of my own...

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