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  By: hotrebel

My wife had just finished getting dressed to go out to the local county bar and I was thinking to myself “Damn she looks hot tonight.” She was wearing skin tight blue jeans with cowgirl boots and a tight white shirt that shows off her cleavage. We jumped into the truck and took off. On our way over she slid next to me, put her hand on my thigh and started sliding it upwards. She finely reached her target and felt my cock getting harder as she rubbed it. She looked over at me and didn’t say anything, she didn’t have too, I already knew she was horny and I was in for some kind of treat tonight.


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We got to the bar and made our way inside; it was a typical Saturday night and the place was busy. I made my way to the bar with my wife in tow and ordered us a couple of beers. My wife told me she was going out on the dance floor until we got our drinks; I nodded and watched her walk away. Our drinks finally came and I stood there watching her dance from the edge of bar. I noticed another guy checking her out and making his way closer to her. I stood there and watched as this guy came up behind her and started dancing with her. I know she didn’t care that it wasn’t me dancing with her because she is just there to have a good time. About that time I realized that guy was putting his hands on my wife, but I couldn’t help but watch. First his hands were just on her stomach and he just thrusting her from behind. Then his hands started to move upwards and slid over her breast. He had hands both rubbing and squeezing on my wife’s perky C cup breast and yet all I could do was just stand at the edge of the bar and watch. It was when I realized my wife’s nipples were getting hard that I noticed my cock was starting to throb. I actually enjoyed watching some other guy pleasuring my wife.

I started to look around the dance floor so my wife wouldn’t notice me staring at her and her new found friend. I noticed this cute little redhead with nice firm tits looking over my direction. I smiled at her to see if I could get a response. She waved me over, but before I could take a step my wife was in front of me. She asked for her drink and I gave it to her, she asked who I was smiling at and I answered just some redhead over there. Oh really, my wife said, point her out to me. I did and my wife said well she’s pretty cute. My first thought was if this is turning into a fight I’m going to use what I saw on the dance floor as some ammunition. Much to my surprise, my wife went up to the redhead and whispered something in her ear. I figured it must be something along the lines of, that’s my husband and don’t even think about wanting to fuck him. But it must have been something else, because the next thing I knew I was watching my wife take this redhead out to the dance floor.


They started dancing facing each other, and then the redhead turned and started grinding her ass into my wife’s pelvis. My wife started thrusting back making it look as though she was screwing her with a strip on. Both of them looked like they were enjoying themselves pretty well when my wife started to rub on this redheads chest. The redhead leaned back and my wife started kissing her on her neck, you could see the pleasure and excitement come over the redheads face. At this point I am so hard and horny I felt as though I was going to bust out of my pants. What a night it had been so far, from that guy rubbing on my wife to my wife rubbing on this girl, could this get any better? I watched as my wife and her female friend continued to tease each other, back and forth.

They finally came over to me and said we need to get out of here and go back to our house. Hell yeah, I thought, I finished my beer, grabbed the keys and headed straight for the door like a freight train. The girls made sure they stayed right behind me and got out to the parking lot. I unlocked the doors and the girls jumped in the back seat of the truck, I figured they wanted to be back there to enjoy themselves since the windows were tinted and you couldn’t see back there unless you were inside the truck.

I fired up the engine and got out on the road and away from traffic in time to have a shirt thrown up front. I looked over and realized it was the redhead’s shirt, so I adjusted the rearview mirror to see the back seat to notice that my wife and just taken her shirt off too. I tried to drive home and watch as my wife and her friend kept licking and rubbing each others tits. We were about 2 miles from home when I felt a set of hands reach around the seat and grab my dick. I looked down and realized it was my wife’s hands, she asked if I was horny. I answered, “Like never before.” And with that statement she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants in one motion. She pulled my dick out, started stroking it and said “Do you want to suck on it?” I heard a “hhumm” come over the back seat and next thing I knew the redhead had leaned up front and was getting ready to suck my dick. She took it in both hands and said, “His big”, my wife just giggled. Then the redhead just slid my dick in her mouth. Wow, was it so warm and wet. I pulled into the driveway about ready to explode in her mouth. As soon as I put it in park her head stopped bobbing up and down. I zipped up while the girls throw their shirts back on; we quickly jumped out and hit the front door.

Our dog greeted us with an angry bark, I got him into the kitchen and told my wife I would walk him really quickly and then leave him in the back yard. She came over to me grabbed my dick again, squeezed and said; “Don’t take too long or we will get started with out you.” I took the dog and left looking over my shoulder at the front windows as I saw my wife closing the blinds. The thoughts almost immediately poured into my head of what could be going on at my house. I could see my wife pushing the redhead down on the couch, ripping her shirt off and sucking on her tits again. As soon as the redhead started to moan, my wife would slide her hand down the redheads pants and start trying to find her pussy. She would rub her outer lips first, before rubbing her clit. Just before the redhead would orgasm my wife would stop, leaving her wanting more.

Next my wife would take her to the bedroom where she would pull out all of her toys. The redhead would grab a dildo and start licking it while staring at my wife like a little slut that craves sex. Then she would go over to my wife, take the dildo and start rubbing my wife’s pussy through her cloths. My wife would get so wet and horny that she would have trouble getting her pants off. As soon as she did the redhead would bury her face in my wife’s pussy and starting licking her clit well sliding the dildo in and out of her. My wife’s legs would get so weak that she would need to lay on the bed, once there the redhead would relentlessly lick her clit and push that dildo farther and farther into my wife until she would cum. My wife would scream and shake as she would orgasm time and time again to the redheads tongue and toys.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to get home. I ended up running with the dog to get back as soon as possible. All I could think about was what I was in store for when I got back into the house. I gave the dog a bone and put him on his runner in the back yard. I opened the door and walked into a dark living room. Yes, I thought, already in the bedroom, this was going to be great. I slowly walked to the bedroom, hoping to hear the sounds of them playing with each other and screaming from their orgasms. But I heard nothing, just silence and me breathing. I opened the bedroom door and hoped that they were just laying there waiting for me and being quite. I was right! They were lying there, only they had passed out… I stared at them, hoping that maybe it was a trick. After about a minute of no movement or sound I went back out to the living room, flipped on the TV, put a porn in the DVD player and continued to think about the night that could have been.

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